11 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Feel Body Confident After Having A Baby


It’s sad to hear that most new moms take 18 months till they feel happy with their body after giving birth. They worry about the excess fat around their stomach and hate the way their breasts change. But it’s normal for your body to change after you have a baby. After all, it’s gone through a traumatic experience, and you should be proud of what it managed to do when you look at your little one. Here are 11 pieces of advice you need to feel more body confident after having a baby.


You could buy a new wardrobe


It’s most likely time to go shopping for a new wardrobe as a way to feel more confident after giving birth. It can put a smile on your face and you will feel a lot more confident in a new outfit that fits your current body shape. There’s no point putting yourself under pressure by trying to fit in your old clothes. You will just feel disappointed when trying to wriggle into your small jeans. You may get back in them one day, but for now, you need to buy some bigger sized clothes. You can go for new styles which will fit your new figure well. Find something to flatter your new curves and show off your personal style. You will also need to buy some bigger shoes in most cases. Studies have found that pregnant women tend to go up a foot size which tends to stick after they have given birth. Therefore, splurge on some cute new heels in a comfortable size which will help you to feel more confident.




You should get a supportive bra


It’s common that your breasts will change after giving birth. They will be painful and will hurt if they are not properly fitted in a good supportive bra.  Therefore, a supportive bra is a necessity for new moms who have given birth. You will also feel a lot more comfortable and feel good in something which fits you well. Therefore, you should also consider getting a supportive nursing bra which will help to reduce your back ache and ensure you feel comfortable during these tender months of nursing or breast feeding. It’s easy to feel down because your breasts don’t look the same as they did before you gave birth. But you need to try and accept your new breast size, stretch marks or other factors resulting from the blessing of pregnancy and birth. You should probably throw away your old bras, and buy some new ones to help you feel happier and more confident about the future. If you do feel down about your body’s changes in the breast area and continue to have concerns, some specialists advise considering a breast lift if the breasts have sagged, or even a reduction if they are now too big. You can talk to clinics for more information such as info from Roxy Plastic Surgery, to see if surgery could be right for you.


You should stop comparing yourself to other moms


New moms often find themselves looking in envy at other mom’s weight loss after giving birth. We are surrounded by pictures of women on social media with their post-baby body. Celeb ladies seem to lose the baby weight within a couple of months. However, you need to remember every woman’s body is different, and you need to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to focus on losing the weight healthily over time. As this article says, you will feel a lot more confident about your body if you stop comparing it to other moms!


You need to watch your diet


You can feel a lot more body confident if you start watching what you are eating. If you are eating unhealthy foods, it will just make you feel worse about how you look. You should stick to eating healthy foods which will help you to lose weight and give you clear skin. Eat a high-nutrient diet which will make you feel and look good. With little time as a new mom to make breakfast, you should start enjoying fresh smoothies and juices every day. They will ensure you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins to make you look and feel good. Avoid fad diets which will just make you feel worse about your body when you don’t lose a large amount of weight quickly. Just start eating healthily to lose weight in a realistic way.


You should go for a haircut


You will be surprised to know how a haircut can make you feel fantastic after having a baby. You should book in for an appointment and get your partner or parent to take care of your baby. Getting a trim will ensure all dead ends are removed and you are left with luscious locks. You will feel a lot happier with your whole appearance if your hair looks beautiful. Even if you can’t afford to go to the hairdressers, washing your hair at home with a good quality shampoo and conditioner will help you to feel better. You should also ensure you have a good tub of dry shampoo at home. That way, you can give your hair a boost, before you have visitors to see your little one in your home.


You could consider a fake tan


Getting out in the sun will help you to feel a lot more body confident. You will get a healthy glow which will ensure your skin looks fantastic. But if there is no sun, you could consider getting a fake tan. As this feature explains, it will not only give you a glow, but it’s also excellent for covering your stretch marks. You will feel a lot more confident if you can’t see them when you are wearing clothes. You can head to a salon for a tanning session, or you can get a product which you can use at home.


You should get some skin care products


You will know that a woman’s skin gets a lot worse when they are pregnant. You can experience breakouts which just keep recurring during the pregnancy. After having a baby, you need to get some good skin care products to help boost your body confidence. You should get a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer which you can use to hydrate your skin and get rid of acne. You should also cleanse your face twice a day to help it glow. With healthy looking skin, you will feel a lot more confident after having a baby.


You should love your new features  


A lot of women dislike their body after they have given birth. They hate their new stretch marks and the size of their stomach. But you need to try and love your new features if you want to feel body confident after having a baby. Embrace your marks as they show that you have become a mother. You need to be in awe of yourself and proud of your new body. You might never have had the chance to have a somewhat larger sized chest before, so enjoy the new feature while it lasts!


You should start some simple exercises


Doing some exercise feels impossible when you have a newborn to look after. But it doesn’t need to be strenuous to be impactful to your body. You should go for a walk around the neighborhood with your baby. You will be surprised that you will feel a lot more confident and happier with your body after. As this article explains, exercise releases good endorphins which will make you feel a lot happier about your body. It will also help you to lose the baby weight over time so that you can love your body again. You could even go to baby yoga which will mean you can exercise while having your baby with you!

You should listen to your partner


It’s a sad fact that nearly half of women feel less confident in front of their partner after having a baby. They try and hide their body when getting changed and ignore compliments from their partner. But to feel body confident after having a baby, you need to listen to your partner. They will love your new body and will be proud of what you went through to have their child. It can be a great boost for your self-esteem when you get compliments from them. So spend time with them and accept their compliments and you will soon feel a lot happier with how you look.


You could head to the spa or have some treatments at home


After having a baby, you are so worried about looking after your little one that you have no time to look good. Therefore, to help you feel a lot happier with your looks, you should arrange a spa day. Go with a family member and spend a few hours at the spa. You can have a quick facial and a massage. You will come out feeling like a new woman. If you can’t find a babysitter, you should complete some treatments at home. You could make a face mask which you can use at home to keep your pores clear.




Remember not to put yourself under too much pressure to look good after having a baby.

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A Few Of The (Many) Questions You’ll Have When You’re Expecting



When you find out you are pregnant, so many things rush through your mind. Along with the hormonal impact of pregnancy, this time will throw at you a lot of questions. There will be feelings of excitement, euphoria, doubt, anticipation, anxiety and more besides. It’s good news, obviously, but it does make you question things. And getting yourself ready for the birth and beyond looms large in your future.

It’s fair to say that no number of placatory words will stop this from being a nervous time. For good reason, doctors advise you not to tell anyone until you’re into your second trimester. And although that’s sound reasoning, telling it to an expectant mother is lighting a fuse. Then there is the fact that you have to consider everything you do – work, eating, sport and so on – in the context of the life that you are protecting.

Everyone has some questions when they know they’re expecting, ranging from the basic to the complicated. And while there will always be more questions, a few answers never go amiss.

How Should I Tell Everyone?

As noted above, the right time to tell people is when you’re into your second trimester. You may be bubbling to tell them now, but it’s good to follow that advice. Plus, waiting for the when allows you to plan the how.

Organizing a party for close friends and family is a good idea. Get everyone a little gift – browse around zoeyspersonalizedgifts.com for a few ideas or look into handmade trinkets. You can even craft something yourself if you’re feeling creative! When they open their gift, they’ll see inside that they’re about to become an uncle, a grandma, a big brother. Don’t use this method to inform the dad, though. That’s just cruel.


How Much Can I Really Plan?

As with other major occasions in your life like a big move or a wedding, planning is essential for a change like this. However, with a pregnancy you need to be prepared for the fact that some things cannot be completely pre-planned.

You’re going to have some physical reactions to being pregnant. Hormones will make you, at times, a little forgetful or scatter-brained. But you can certainly plan for appointments, prepare a bag for the hospital, baby-proof the house and so on.

When Should I Be Concerned?

During pregnancy, your body will react to the fact that you’re carrying a child inside you. Some things will happen, inevitably, that might make you feel really worried. Most of those things will in fact be completely benign, but it’s reasonable to seek medical advice on them.

The truth is that a lot of entirely standard symptoms can look and feel like something worse. If you have excessive bleeding, a fever, or a severe headache, call the doctor as you may have an issue that requires intervention. If you are worried, for any reason, call someone – midwife, family doctor, anyone – for more advice. It is better to be safe than sorry.


There is no point in denying that your pregnancy will take you on a rollercoaster ride, some of it blissful and some of it nerve-wracking. But be sure to ask for and accept the help of those around you and, before too long, you’ll be looking ahead to life with your little one. Enjoy every moment and be sure to share your special memories with the ones you love.


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I Am Not Ashamed by PureFlix In Theaters October 21



Time heals many things, but one of the most excruciating situations to heal from is having to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and find healing after the loss of a child. Some of you may remember the tragic events that took place many years ago involving Columbine High School. It is with passion and purpose that I try to bring you the very best in Christian entertainment, resources and tools to help you and your family walk in boldness and light in today’s world. One of these great ministry tools and entertainment is the new movie from PureFlix releasing in theaters this fall on October 21 titled: I Am Not Ashamed. Don’t miss the giveaway below for a goodie bag from the screener!

This film has an incredible message to share with the millions of unchurched teens that exist in America and around the world today. It also shares a message of hope, forgiveness, compassion, and purpose for all those who would join the new movement and rise to the call to say, “I Am Hope”. Let’s all be the HOPE that today’s world needs to experience by living with Jesus Christ shining from within our hearts and being His hands and feet to the masses.

“I Am Not Ashamed” shares the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott.  Rachel Joy Scott is portrayed by actress Masey McLain in the film. Rachel’s story unfolds through a series of life experiences revealing the struggles of an every day teen life in and out of school. Laced through these choices, struggles, and various experiences we soon see the beauty of her heart for Jesus come shining through as she realizes what she truly wants and needs. Somewhere towards the second half of the film is where it really starts to show us great examples of Rachel’s genuine love and concern for others as she eventually dared to “walk the talk” of a Christian life in front of her entire study body at Columbine High School before the tragedy occurs.

The various elements in this film to be leery of for younger audiences are those wrapped around the potential situations a teen could be confronted with such as smoking, drinking alcohol, the general party atmosphere, and other adult situations. “I Am Not Ashamed” is rated PG-13 and parents of children under 13 need to consider treating it as such due to both these elements as well as those involved with the short but necessary scenes showing the tragedy that occurs at Columbine High School.

This film is an excellent resource for teens to watch to help empower them to live REAL for Jesus and not to bend under the pressures of teen lifestyles and worldliness. Rachel’s choices in the film show how important being real and living for Jesus truly is and how much of an impact students can have on each other in school and with anyone they meet.

Because of how quickly today’s society is forcing our young adults into these difficult types of situations and environments, I would even consider recommending parents to potentially show this film to preteens. I would only do so with the approval of a parent who has already watched “I Am Not Ashamed” and is prepared to talk about the situations involved following the movie. You can learn more about this film and potentially find additional resources to help you with this at the “I Am Not Ashamed” website.


“I Am Not Ashamed” is a movie that will reach hearts and lives all over the world, and it is definitely something I believe is worth seeing and showing to teen student audiences and above.  I urge the churches, schools, and other organizations to strongly consider having the entire study body or youth groups watch this film together and have a discussion session following with administrators, teachers, youth leaders, and/or counselors on hand.


My 18 yr old son accompanied me to this early movie screener for “I Am Not Ashamed” and he thoroughly enjoyed the film and felt it will have a huge impact on teens.

In closing, I wish to applaud the courage of the family of Rachel Joy Scott , her friends, and the other families who’s children and teacher were tragically killed during the massacre at Columbine High School. This film is going to be a light to the world, and will hopefully honor the memories and sweet lives of those students and the teacher who lost their lives on April 20, 1999.  May God continue to use you with your own powerful testimony, and the testimony shared through this film to reach more teens for Christ. May God bless you richly.


Please share this post or the link to the #iamnotashamed film with others and help spread the word about this great Christian ministry tool for teens in the coming weeks before the release of the film. As a pastor, or business owner, you can reach out on Facebook to PureFlix Alliance for more info on how to become an alliance member and support this film.


Want to get involved in the “I Am Hope” movement to change the world for Christ? There are many exciting plans and activities leading up to this film where you can get actively involved and rally your church or organization to do the same. Get more info here. 


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DATE: ends on August 31st at midnight EST

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The Dos And Don’ts of Healthy Eating: Starting In The Kitchen


Living a healthy lifestyle used to be so simple. Plenty of fruit and vegetables, be careful what you drink and do so within limits, get a good amount of exercise every day. But with more information comes more confusion. And we are living in the information age. Research now leads to front page stories that are shared online in moments. All of a sudden, healthy living is a lot more complex than it used to be.

Barely a day goes by now without a story emerging to tell us which foods cause cancer. Which foods prevent cancer. Which foods you need to eat for your brain. Which foods you need to avoid if you’re trying to conceive. And it’s hard to check the detail on each of these stories, but some of them are accurate and some are anti-science speculation. Which is hardly ideal. The truth is, if you wanted to fact check them all, you’d never have time to eat.


However, there certainly are things that you can do in the kitchen to give your health a better foundation. Often it is as much about the basic form of what you eat and how you prepare it as anything else. As much as the media tries to sell us stories like magic berries that will make us live twenty years longer, some best practice methods are really all you need.

Do: Season Food Carefully

Herbs and spices can be a powerfully beneficial contribution to your diet if you know what to choose. Although there have been health scares connected to salt, they have been somewhat overstated. Particularly if you use a less refined type of salt like Himalayan pink salt as opposed to the fine white table salt you find everywhere. Good seasonings include garlic, chilli powder, cinnamon and sage.

Don’t: Overcook Your Food

There are very few foods that don’t have at least some beneficial nutrients, and at the same time some less helpful qualities. As with so many things, the key really is moderation. A balanced diet is the one thing that dietitians have  agreed on for decades. One word of advice is that the more you cook your food, the more it loses these nutrients. So if you’re boiling veg to within an inch of its life, or cooking meat so dental records are required to identify it, stop.

You don’t need to go raw (although with some foods in some diets, it’s an option). But if for example you like a good steak well done, try to get on board with medium rare at least. If you don’t like how it looks, a splash of pepper sauce will hide the worst of it.

Do: Snack On Nuts And Bananas

We all admit it, sometimes when we’re on the go we reach for a snack and suppress the guilt for later. Sometimes a chocolate bar or a packet of chips are the most convenient thing. And in moderation, that’s okay. Treats on special occasions are also no bad thing.


But habitually, you will be best served by reaching for something healthier. A handful of cashew or Brazil nuts is good for keeping your brain ticking over, and a banana is full of potassium. This gives you slow-release energy which will ward off those mid-morning crashes.

Don’t: Take All Your Fruit As A Smoothie

Full disclosure: in and of themselves, smoothies are no bad thing. You can get plenty of nutrients in one go, which is a time saver and good for you. But if that’s the only way you’re eating fruit and veg, step back. This takes almost all the fiber out of the ingredients. It means that some of the most important nutrients are going from your pulp tray into your garbage. Put some veg on your plate, too. It won’t kill you.

Do: Use The Best Utensils


Giving yourself the best health boost is about more than just eating the right things. How you prepare it, as we have seen, is important. Onions are good for you, but not as good if you’ve fried them for ages in salted butter. Similarly, the utensils you use can have an impact on how healthy the food you’re eating is. Much of the standard non-stick cookware on the market is coated with chemicals that aren’t great for you.

You are likely to be best off with – for example – a cast-iron skillet to cook your eggs in the morning. As long as it is well maintained, it will give you even heat. It is important to remember to clean it regularly, but not to use dish soap with it. It costs a little more, but paying for the safest and healthiest cookware is an investment as it will last longer. You won’t have to deal with the issue of the coating peeling off and/or contaminating the food it cooks.

Don’t: Keep Open Cans In The Fridge


The preference would always be to eat fresh food, but sometimes you will be time- or cash-poor and eat from cans for a while. If you have opened a can and not used all its contents, you may just put it in the fridge to have the rest later. However, this causes the coating on the inside of the tin to react with the contents, affecting the taste. As well as this, some studies suggest the contamination can be unhealthy. Empty any spare food from the can into Tupperware instead.


When it comes to choosing food to eat, it doesn’t do to pay too much attention to the latest front page stories. The advent of clickbait, in particular, has led to a lot of speculative stories about health. Sometimes there will be a grain of truth in them, but often it is distorted beyond recognition. It’s unwise to get any health advice from headlines.

Following some basic kitchen etiquette, and not indulging too much in any one food, is your best step. Your diet is the key to your ongoing good health, and making the right decisions is more about listening to good sense than to unproven theories.

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Why Are Good Teeth So Important?



Smiling doesn’t cost a thing, and there are so many reasons why we should do it more often. When you smile, you portray someone who is happy and friendly. People will be more drawn to you, and it can make you feel good too. Having a set of teeth that you’re happy with can give you the confidence to express yourself fully without embarrassment, and allows you to show the world your loveliest smile. Here are the reasons why good teeth and a nice smile are so important.


A Smile Says So Much About You

A simple smile can tell people about you without you having to say a word, and communicates a message that words alone cannot express. When you show a large, confident smile, it shows people that you’re willing to open up and share a part of yourself. It shows that you are friendly and approachable, and can even give the impression of sensuality, dominance or success. Smiling increases trust in relationships and sends the message to others that you are comfortable with yourself and more willing to accept others. This kind of non-verbal communication is incredibly important; it influences people’s opinion of you more than you could ever imagine. It will help you through every situation in life from a first date to a job interview. When you give off a positive vibe, people assume you’re friendlier, good-natured and accepting of others. As well as your mood and your approachability, smiling is a window to your health too. In many cases, the health of the body is linked to the level of inflammation in the mouth and so a healthy smile is an indication of a healthy body. In women, a good smile can even reveal their fertility.


Smiling Is Scientifically Good For You

Just like eating your greens and getting plenty of rest, science has found that smiling is good for your health too. When you smile it sends signals to your brain that are more likely to break negative thought processes- this can occur even with smiles that are not sincere. The more you smile, the more likely your brain is to make the mental shift to positive thoughts even in circumstances that would normally cause you fear or anxiety. This is the reason we smile in awkward or embarrassing situations, it’s a reaction that helps us to feel more comfortable. So whenever you feel uneasy, smile! It will make you feel more comfortable and confident.


Good Oral Hygiene is Important For Good Health

Good oral hygiene isn’t just important for your teeth, problems in the mouth can actually cause some pretty serious illnesses. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in the US, and a strong link has been found between the disease and gum health. The bacteria from gum disease is able to enter the brain through either nerve channels in the head or through the bloodstream. Scarily it might even lead to the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. To top it off, constantly breathing in harmful bacteria from gum disease can cause infections in your lungs too including potentially fatal pneumonia.


Good Teeth Will Reduce Pain and Dentist Bills

As if you didn’t have motivation enough by now to take good care of your teeth- making sure you regularly brush, floss and use mouthwash will reduce the likelihood of dental issues occurring. Cavities, sensitivity, enamel erosion, weakness causing teeth to crack, chip or break and even abscesses can be a result of poor dental care. This can cause some of the worst pain that a human can feel. A tooth abscess ranked 6th on this list (above animal attack injuries and childbirth!) and since it’s almost always preventable, it makes sense to avoid it whenever you possibly can. Seeing a dentist for regular checkups is also vital, a plan like Carefree Dental is a good option. That way you have peace of mind, knowing you are covered if you ever need any dental work.


A Nice Smile is Universally Recognized as an Attractive Feature

Everyone wants to look their best, it gives us more confidence and can make us happier on the inside too. If you’re currently looking for love, you might be interested to know that a study by Match.com found that thousands of singles stated teeth were the most valuable asset on a prospective date. Another by the Smile Survey found good teeth can help you leap the initial hurdles faster when you’re looking for love. Your smile is one of the features that people notice first about you when they meet you, and so it makes sense that it’s something that people would put so much emphasis on. But being attracted to someone who has good teeth is not just a matter of being shallow. Good teeth are associated with perceived health and genetic superiority, which we subconsciously see as a quality that would make for a better mate. So we are genetically designed to find good teeth more attractive. Interesting!


Lost Teeth Will Ruin Your Looks in More Ways Than One

With effective oral hygiene, today’s older adults are keeping their teeth longer than ever. This is a good thing for many reasons. You might think a couple of lost teeth as you age aren’t cause for concern, but actually even one lost tooth could cause a domino effect for the rest of them. When a tooth is lost, others shift and can move into the gap, and as they move they become looser and more likely to fall out. Lost teeth will not only age you, but unless you then wear dentures in their place it will also cause your face to sink and collapse aging you even further. A double whammy for your looks! Good teeth will never go out of style, and so rather than invest in fancy clothes and electronics that will last you a few years max, prioritize your pearly whites. They’ll keep you looking beautiful, youthful and give you plenty of reasons to smile.


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Kate & Mim-Mim: Must See New Episodes



Ready to treat the kiddos to some exciting new shows this summer? You’ll be in for a real treat as some amazing new episodes are launching this month from a preschool friendly brand that I’m sure your child will love!

During the month of August, young watchers from coast-to-coast can “Twirl Away to Mimiloo” enjoying some BRAND-NEW episodes of this hit preK series, Kate & Mim-Mim, which is premiering all month long only on the Disney Junior Channel, starting today – Monday, August 1, at 8:30pm!

This show was inspired by a real-life little girl and her beloved plush toy bunny, and was filled with all sorts of positive messages about the importance of being a really good friend, and the incredible power of “dreaming big.” This vibrant animated show centers on this young, 5-year-old girl named Kate and the unique bond between her and her purple “funny bunny” best friend, Mim-Mim. Thanks to Kate’s outsized imagination, in each episode the friends are transported to the exciting world of Mimiloo, where Kate’s little stuffed toy magically transforms into a larger-than-life playmate, and together they will embark on exciting adventures with their colorful cast of friends.

And, in even more Mim-tastic news, an adorable debut collection of Kate & Mim-Mim toys launches at retailers this August, too! The fun-loving new range of colorful and imagination-inspiring playthings from Just Play features everything from an irresistibly-soft Magic Twirl Mim-Mim that says over 10 fun phrases when a child takes it by the hands and twirls around, to a Kate doll that’s always ready for adventure, from collectible figurines of series favorite characters to surprise bags, and more. The new toys will have little ones ready to dream big and embark on their own amazing adventures, just like Kate! Be sure to “like” the official Kate & Mim-Mim Facebook page for all the latest!

Mon. 8/1/2016 at 8:30pm
Friendship Day” –  When Kate has trouble getting her kite to stay in the air, she looks for the answer in Mimiloo, where it’s Friendship Day! The gang in Mimiloo wants to deliver gifts to all of their friends, but when their delivery plans fly off course, Kate and one special little lemming help solve the problem. “Octo-Mim” – Kate and Mom have run out of bananas, but in Mimiloo, Gobble has the opposite problem—he has so many banana trees, he can’t pick all the bananas with just two arms. Tack offers his Octo-Pack invention to help—but it’s too hard to control, and soon bananas are flying everywhere!

Mon. 8/8/2016 at 8:30pm
Small Blunders” – Kate wants to build a block house. The only problem is that the directions are missing. Then, in Mimiloo, one of Tack’s inventions shrinks the gang down and traps them in Tack’s storage shed. The friends need to get back to the treehouse to return to regular size, but the tools they’d normally use are too big for them now! “Lunar or Later” – Kate and her family are on a picnic and looking for a new place to explore. In Mimiloo, Kate’s friend Rumbly also wants to explore somewhere new—the moon! So the gang boards their rocket ship and blasts off to the moon, where exciting new discoveries await!

Mon. 8/15/2016 at 8:30pm
Sprite Lights” – Kate is making a paper sea monster with Dad, only she doesn’t like the scary frown he drew on it. In Mimiloo, Kate and her friends help some lost water sprites return to the Singing Seas. But that means diving deeper than ever before, and legend says a sea monster lives down there! “Wild Boomer” – The power goes out and Kate is afraid of monsters in the dark. In Mimiloo, when Boomer eats a hopper berry that turns him giant, purple and wild, his friends mistake him for a monster and run away! It’s up to Kate to help them face their fears and discover the truth.

Mon. 8/29/2016 at 8:30pm
Grabby the Crab” – Kate is fish-sitting, but the fish aren’t getting along. In Mimiloo, Tack has a new neighbor—Grabby the crab! Tack wants to help Grabby build his house, but Grabby just does everything himself. But when a mishap puts Grabby’s house in danger, he and Tack will have to learn to work together! “Secret Superhero” – Tack is feeling down about his little muscles…until he’s mistaken for a superhero! Tack takes on the secret identity of Mimiloo Man, with super speed, super strength, and the power to fly! But it’s a lonely job, and Kate and her friends miss having Tack around.


5 Fun Rainy Day Learning Activities + Bonus



5 Fun Rainy Day Learning Activities + Bonus

If you have kids at home, you know rainy summer days are the worst. The kids quickly get bored of their toys, video games, and television. They start driving you crazy because they feel they have nothing to do. Of course, it is only natural to want to find something to keep their attention, but you don’t want their minds to turn to mush. Below you will find 5 of my top rainy day learning activities that the kids will actually ENJOY doing!!!

Make a rain stick

I know this sounds funny if it is actually raining, but this project is super simple and the results will keep them occupied.



  • 1 paper towel tube (wrapping paper tube will also work)
  • Construction paper
  • Uncooked rice
  • Tape (any type will work, but I recommend Washi tape or decorative duct tape)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, decorative tape (anything to decorate the rain stick)


1. Cut 2 circles out of the construction paper large enough to cover the ends of the paper towel tube with a little left over to fold over

2. Tape 1 circle over 1 end of the tube to create a bottom

3. Pour about a cup of uncooked rice into the tube (2 cups for a wrapping paper tube

4. Cover the other end of the tube with the other circle of construction paper and tape it on

5. Decorate the tube however you want

6. Tip the rain stick and hear the sound of rain as the rice falls down the tube

7. Have fun!


Make a mini tornado

Fun and educational! I had so much fun making these as a kid, and I am sure your kids will feel the same way!


Two 2-liter soda bottles without labels

Enough water to fill 1 bottle halfway up

Duct tape

Food coloring (optional)


1. Fill 1 of the 2-liter bottles up about halfway with water.

2. Put in a few drops of food coloring if you want the water to show more clearly (optional)

3. Put the 2nd 2-liter bottle upside down on top of the 1st bottle with the tops lined up

4. Duct tape the tops together. I recommend several layers of tape to keep the water from seeping out. You can also buy special connectors for the pop bottles for this project.

5. Turn the bottles upside down so the bottle with the water is on top. While holding the pop bottles, make a circular motion like stirring a spoon. The harder you stir, the tighter the tornado

6. Stop the stirring motion and watch the tornado

7. Have Fun!


Home-made play dough

Who doesn’t remember playing with play dough? Did you realize you can easily make it at home? This super easy project will result in fun for the kids (and yourself) for hours!


  • Large mixing bowl
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 cups flour
  • 2-4 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • 1 ½ cups of salt
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter (optional)



1. Pour water into a large mixing bowl

2. Add food coloring to create the color you want

3. Add the flour and salt to the mix. You can stir a little to start mixing the ingredients, but it is not necessary.

4. Add between 2 and 4 tablespoons of oil to the mixture. This keeps the playdough soft and not crumbly. If it seems to dry, you can always add more oil.

5. Add glitter if you choose

6. Begin mixing everything together

7. Knead the ingredients together to create a soft dough

8. Enjoy!

Home-made Silly Putty

Everyone loves Silly Putty. Creating air pockets and popping them is just so much fun. Not to mention the ooey gooey fun that is Silly Putty. This is a super easy project that will keep the kids entertained!


  • Multipurpose Liquid Glue (like Elmer’s)
  • Liquid Starch (I used Sta-Flo)
  • Food coloring


1. Mix the glue with the food coloring until the color is even throughout

2. Pour the liquid starch into the colored glue mixture

3. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes

4. Pull the putty out of the mixing bowl and set it on a paper towel

5. Knead the putty in your hands for 5 to 10 minutes

6. Have fun!


Homemade Lava Lamp

Educational AND fun, this project will add flair to any room. Plus, it gives you quality time with your child or children!


  • Flask or bottle
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Alka Seltzer


1. Fill the flask or bottle most of the way with vegetable oil

2. Fill the rest of the container with water. The water will sink to the bottom, under the oil

3. Add a few drops of your choice of food coloring. Since food coloring is water-based, it will sink to the bottom of the container and color the water.

4. Beak an alka seltzer tablet into a few small pieces and drop them into the container one at a time

5. Watch your lava lamp erupt into activity! As the reaction slows, simply add more Alka-seltzer

6. Enjoy!

Bonus Activity: Rubber Egg

This is a really neat experiment, but since it takes longer for the results, I decided to include it as bonus. Also, did you know you can write a secret message on the egg that will be there at the end? Before starting the experiment, just boil the egg for 10 minutes. Take the egg out and let it cool, then simply write or draw what you want on your egg with a crayon or small candle. Then complete the steps as listed below!


  • Uncooked egg still in the shell
  • Tall glass
  • Vinegar
  • Patience


1. Place the egg in a tall glass or jar and cover the egg with vinegar

2. Leave the egg in the vinegar for a full 24 hours (See the bubbles on the egg shell? That means it is working!)

3. Change the vinegar. Carefully pour the old vinegar down the drain and cover the egg with fresh vinegar.

4. Place the glass in a safe place for 7 days. Don’t disturb the egg, but pay close attention to the bubbles on the surface of the remaining shell

5. After the 7 days, pour off the vinegar and carefully rinse the egg with water. The outside shell is gone! The egg should look translucent!

6. You now have a rubber egg! Enjoy!


So, now you have all the fun projects and experiments to enjoy with your child (or children) on rainy days. Or even just on normal days. I hope you have fun and enjoy these moments with you kids. The time really does slip by too fast! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more ideas like this!


*This was a special guest post from Melleigha Nichols.


Melleigha “Mia” Nichols is the owner of Social Media by Mia, a social media management company specializing in helping owners of jewelry making and craft companies with their social media needs. When not working diligently for her clients or writing guest blog posts, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their many fur babies at home in Missouri. She also enjoys crafting and making jewelry in her spare time to keep her hands busy. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. Proverbs 16:27


Light Up Gaming Headset Great For Online Classes Too!



Hello my friends! We are thrilled to be able to share about an amazing gaming headset that we had the chance to review recently!


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This piece of equipment is the bomb! The price is very reasonable, the quality is top notch, and the cool design and light up features make it even more awesome to enjoy!


The cords are plenty long enough, easy to manipulate with the on/off switch for the lights that glow in the ears of the headset. The cusions of the earphones are extremely comfortable. Even my youngest son who is five wants to keep wearing them! He likes to use them to play his favorite games on Disney Junior and other fun PreK-K websites.


The microphone is fabulous and was one of the main reasons we picked up this opportunity to review the gaming headset. My oldest attends college and online classes and is currently taking Spanish II. He needed to do all his assignments using a headset with a microphone, but we didn’t realize this until he had already enrolled in the class.

This review came as a God-send to us as it was exactly what we needed to accomplish the goal of him being able to both comfortably hear the Spanish assignments and lessons online using the comfortable headset, but he can turn in his assignments by using the microphone feature in the gaming headset and enjoy the confidence of knowing he is coming through loud and clear to theteacher.


We are very impressed with this product and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who wants to try it either for gaming (we gave it a good run in that department too and it works like a charm!), or if you wish to utilize it for this new option of working online classes with the microphone and headset feature. My son not only enjoys it for his video games with his teen to twenty something friends, he also loves watching and listening to his favorite YouTube videos while wearing this headset! It has a ton of awesome uses!

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Do you like to play online games on the PC or take any classes online that would benefit from having a cool gaming headset like this? Share with me in the comments below!

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a free sample of the product in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. I only review items that are of value or interest to my readers. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own.


Little Things That Make A Big Difference With An Injury


Living with an injury can be very difficult, especially if your job is what’s caused it in the first place. The constant aches and pains can be enough to affect your sleeping pattern, and we all know that sleep is vital in enjoying a good work/life balance. Sleep is how we wind down at night, and if that is being hindered by a pain in your body, then we can kiss goodbye to feeling rested and relaxed. Here are some little things that will make a big difference to your repetitive strain injury and will hopefully allow you to sleep better at night.


Pain Killers:

This may sound pretty obvious, but are you using the appropriate pain killer for your problem? Paracetamol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen can have an enormous impact on your repetitive strain injury, or an injury in general.  Whether you need to target swelling or just pain overall, taking painkillers before bed should allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Hot and cold packs:

Again, this may sound a little obvious, but applying heat or cold to your injury will go miles in helping to heal the pain. Grab a heat or cold pad from the local pharmacy or online, and implement it where you feel the most pain. Apply it to the injury before bed and you should see a significant reduction in pain to aid in sleep.

Change your work environment:

This may be as easy as changing the layout of your desk. It may need to involve speaking to your employer to change some of the tasks you’re required to carry out. Talk to your occupational health representative, and ask them to assist you in improving your work environment. If you can’t change the task that caused your injury completely then try taking short, but frequent breaks from doing  the task. This should allow you the chance to stretch and move about.

Group Of Runners On Suburban Street


Some people find that exercise helps a lot with their injury symptoms. Incorporating a brisk walk, or fast run into your daily routine can help you get fit, and possibly heal faster. It will also contribute to taking your mind off of the pain caused by your injury. Don’t exert yourself, you know your limits and please don’t push past them! There are many benefits of exercise, and you can learn more about those benefits here. If you have an injury in your leg then running may not be of great benefit to you, but keeping that injured leg moving with a slow and steady walk should help to alleviate a bit of the pain.

Are you sitting correctly?

This may sound like a bit of a silly question, but trust me on this one. Something as simple as adjusting your posture when sitting can help to alleviate some of those injury symptoms. Is your back supported adequately? Is your chair at the right height for you? It should be at an appropriate height so you can use your keyboard with your wrists and forearms being straight and level with the floor. Is everything you frequently use in easy reach, without stretching? Place your phone, stapler, and mouse closer to your reach.

Some of these tips may sound small, and a little obvious. Following these tips should go a long way towards helping you relieve some of the symptoms of your injury and allow you to sleep much more soundly at night.



Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe With Add-Ons



Growing up among a host of great cooks, it’s hard to feel like I live up to the expectations. Dad went to cooking school at college to become a Gourmet Chef. Grandfather was a short order cook for the Coast Guard, and could make some amazing breakfast dishes. Grandmother was an award-winning cook and got her prized homemade Macaroni and Cheese recipe in the paper! (It really is amazing in both taste and texture – just right!) Mom learned from the best obviously, and she creates some “to die for” homemade meals all the time. Thankfully, I got some of Dad’s Gourmet flair and a lot of mom’s traditional cooking steadiness from her side of the family for a super combo that I get to play around with in the kitchen! Today I want to share one of my family’s favorite meals: Chicken Tetrazzini!

Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

(Serves 4-6 people)



1 – 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

1 Can of Cream of Chicken Soup

1 ½ Cups of Milk

½ Can to 1 Full Can of Chicken Broth

1 Box Angel Hair Pasta

1 Pinch of Oregano

1 Pinch of Thyme

¼  Tsp of Onion Powder

¼  Tsp of Garlic Powder

½ Tsp of Ginger (Powder)

1 can of sweet peas (optional)

¼ Cup Parmesan Cheese (optional)

¼ Cup Crushed regular Potato Chips (optional)





  • Prepare chicken in crock pot by filling crock pot ¼ way high with water.
  • Add chicken breasts to crock pot.
  • Add small pinch of Oregano, and a small pinch of Thyme. Add a pinch of Onion Powder, and a pinch of Garlic Powder.
  • Cook chicken breasts and spices on high for 2 ½ – 3 hours or until chicken is thoroughly cooked and floating on top. (House should smell delicious when it’s done!)
  • Once chicken breasts are cooked, start a large pot of water for cooking the angel hair pasta. Place water on high heat and wait for it to come to a boil then add the pasta for 3 minutes (double check pasta box directions for best taste).
  • While waiting for your water to boil for the pasta, scoop out cream of chicken soup into a separate sauce pan. Add milk and chicken broth. Cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Optional: Cook peas in small sauce pan. Follow can directions to taste. Add to casserole and mix in with noodles and chicken.
  • Chop up cooked chicken breasts into tiny bite size pieces. Set aside with cover over it.
  • Once water is boiling, cook pasta 3 minutes and drain water.
  • Add pinch of Onion Powder, pinch of Garlic Powder, small pinch of Oregano, small pinch of Thyme, and ½ Tsp of Ginger to cream of chicken mixture and stir until blended.
  • Pour cream of chicken mixture into drained pot of angel hair pasta. Stir until well mixed.
  • Add chopped chicken to pot of pasta. Stir until well mixed. Serve in a large casserole dish. Feeds four to six people.
  • Optional: Set oven on high broil. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and potato chips (or just the parmesan, or just the chips) to the casserole dish on top in an even spread. Bake under broiler for 2-3 minutes or until chips/cheese start turning slightly crispy or light brown on edges.

**Recipe by Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou.com**



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