Little Things That Make A Big Difference With An Injury


Living with an injury can be very difficult, especially if your job is what’s caused it in the first place. The constant aches and pains can be enough to affect your sleeping pattern, and we all know that sleep is vital in enjoying a good work/life balance. Sleep is how we wind down at night, and if that is being hindered by a pain in your body, then we can kiss goodbye to feeling rested and relaxed. Here are some little things that will make a big difference to your repetitive strain injury and will hopefully allow you to sleep better at night.


Pain Killers:

This may sound pretty obvious, but are you using the appropriate pain killer for your problem? Paracetamol (acetaminophen) or Ibuprofen can have an enormous impact on your repetitive strain injury, or an injury in general.  Whether you need to target swelling or just pain overall, taking painkillers before bed should allow you to sleep soundly at night.

Hot and cold packs:

Again, this may sound a little obvious, but applying heat or cold to your injury will go miles in helping to heal the pain. Grab a heat or cold pad from the local pharmacy or online, and implement it where you feel the most pain. Apply it to the injury before bed and you should see a significant reduction in pain to aid in sleep.

Change your work environment:

This may be as easy as changing the layout of your desk. It may need to involve speaking to your employer to change some of the tasks you’re required to carry out. Talk to your occupational health representative, and ask them to assist you in improving your work environment. If you can’t change the task that caused your injury completely then try taking short, but frequent breaks from doing  the task. This should allow you the chance to stretch and move about.

Group Of Runners On Suburban Street


Some people find that exercise helps a lot with their injury symptoms. Incorporating a brisk walk, or fast run into your daily routine can help you get fit, and possibly heal faster. It will also contribute to taking your mind off of the pain caused by your injury. Don’t exert yourself, you know your limits and please don’t push past them! There are many benefits of exercise, and you can learn more about those benefits here. If you have an injury in your leg then running may not be of great benefit to you, but keeping that injured leg moving with a slow and steady walk should help to alleviate a bit of the pain.

Are you sitting correctly?

This may sound like a bit of a silly question, but trust me on this one. Something as simple as adjusting your posture when sitting can help to alleviate some of those injury symptoms. Is your back supported adequately? Is your chair at the right height for you? It should be at an appropriate height so you can use your keyboard with your wrists and forearms being straight and level with the floor. Is everything you frequently use in easy reach, without stretching? Place your phone, stapler, and mouse closer to your reach.

Some of these tips may sound small, and a little obvious. Following these tips should go a long way towards helping you relieve some of the symptoms of your injury and allow you to sleep much more soundly at night.



Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe With Add-Ons



Growing up among a host of great cooks, it’s hard to feel like I live up to the expectations. Dad went to cooking school at college to become a Gourmet Chef. Grandfather was a short order cook for the Coast Guard, and could make some amazing breakfast dishes. Grandmother was an award-winning cook and got her prized homemade Macaroni and Cheese recipe in the paper! (It really is amazing in both taste and texture – just right!) Mom learned from the best obviously, and she creates some “to die for” homemade meals all the time. Thankfully, I got some of Dad’s Gourmet flair and a lot of mom’s traditional cooking steadiness from her side of the family for a super combo that I get to play around with in the kitchen! Today I want to share one of my family’s favorite meals: Chicken Tetrazzini!

Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

(Serves 4-6 people)



1 – 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

1 Can of Cream of Chicken Soup

1 ½ Cups of Milk

½ Can to 1 Full Can of Chicken Broth

1 Box Angel Hair Pasta

1 Pinch of Oregano

1 Pinch of Thyme

¼  Tsp of Onion Powder

¼  Tsp of Garlic Powder

½ Tsp of Ginger (Powder)

1 can of sweet peas (optional)

¼ Cup Parmesan Cheese (optional)

¼ Cup Crushed regular Potato Chips (optional)





  • Prepare chicken in crock pot by filling crock pot ¼ way high with water.
  • Add chicken breasts to crock pot.
  • Add small pinch of Oregano, and a small pinch of Thyme. Add a pinch of Onion Powder, and a pinch of Garlic Powder.
  • Cook chicken breasts and spices on high for 2 ½ – 3 hours or until chicken is thoroughly cooked and floating on top. (House should smell delicious when it’s done!)
  • Once chicken breasts are cooked, start a large pot of water for cooking the angel hair pasta. Place water on high heat and wait for it to come to a boil then add the pasta for 3 minutes (double check pasta box directions for best taste).
  • While waiting for your water to boil for the pasta, scoop out cream of chicken soup into a separate sauce pan. Add milk and chicken broth. Cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes, stirring frequently.
  • Optional: Cook peas in small sauce pan. Follow can directions to taste. Add to casserole and mix in with noodles and chicken.
  • Chop up cooked chicken breasts into tiny bite size pieces. Set aside with cover over it.
  • Once water is boiling, cook pasta 3 minutes and drain water.
  • Add pinch of Onion Powder, pinch of Garlic Powder, small pinch of Oregano, small pinch of Thyme, and ½ Tsp of Ginger to cream of chicken mixture and stir until blended.
  • Pour cream of chicken mixture into drained pot of angel hair pasta. Stir until well mixed.
  • Add chopped chicken to pot of pasta. Stir until well mixed. Serve in a large casserole dish. Feeds four to six people.
  • Optional: Set oven on high broil. Sprinkle parmesan cheese and potato chips (or just the parmesan, or just the chips) to the casserole dish on top in an even spread. Bake under broiler for 2-3 minutes or until chips/cheese start turning slightly crispy or light brown on edges.

**Recipe by Rebecca at**



Pokemon Go: Evolving and Powering Up Pokemon



Due to the overwhelming popularity of the new hit app called Pokemon Go, I’m going to be providing as a service to my readers the best tips I can learn through avid game play and research. We’ve been waiting for this app to release in the USA for months and we are thrilled it is finally here! We are not disappointed either! It’s awesome!

As a family, we have been big fans of Pokemon since it started 20 years ago and now we are looked upon as experts in the field from TCG card game, video games and now the Pokemon Go app. If you have learned special tips, tricks or hints you’d like to share – I welcome you to comment and bless our readers with your knowledge of the game too. It’s all for fun, and this family friendly app is something that is free and bringing friends and families together. I adore that it has managed to get them outside more too. It’s definitely something I promote highly as long as you use it with caution, and stay safe while walking, biking or driving.

Today’s post is to get you up to speed on the tips for Evolving and Powering Up your Pokemon! Enjoy!


Evolving and Powering Up Pokemon

Click on a Pokemon in your list. You will see two buttons, one for powering up and one for evolving. If you only see one button (Power Up), then that means the Pokemon has reached its highest available evolution stage. Each button shows what is required for its use. Powering up requires species-specific “Candy” and some “Stardust.” Evolving only requires the Candy. Above these buttons is your current inventory of Stardust and that species’ Candy. The Stardust total is all that you have to use on all of your Pokemon, so use this wisely. The Candy total is different for each species, so you will have to click on each Pokemon to see how much Candy you have for that Pokemon. [As an aside, the Candy is named after the lowest evolution stage, thus your Radicate will have “Rattata Candy.”] Note as you click in different Pokemon that the Stardust total does not change because it is shared by all your Pokemon.


If you do not have enough Candy to evolve your Pokemon, then there are three ways to earn more:


  1. Capture more of the same Pokemon. Each time you capture a Pokemon, you earn that Pokemon’s Candy (3 per Pokemon, as far as I can tell). This adds to your total Candy for that Pokemon. You also earn Stardust, so it is in your best interest to capture as many Pokemon as you can, even if you already have that Pokemon.


  1. Transfer your lowest CP Pokemon. At the bottom of the Pokemon’s screen will be a button that says “Transfer.” If you transfer your unused Pokemon, you will earn one Candy for that species each time. Be careful, though, since you cannot get a Pokemon back once you transfer it! This is also a good way to clear room in your inventory of Pokemon, especially if you have a dozen Pidgeys!


  1. Hatch your Pokemon Eggs. Hatched Pokemon also earn Candy and Stardust. In fact, I have found that hatched Pokemon sometimes have more Candy than wild Pokemon. Eggs are one of the best ways to get Pokemon that do not normally show up in your area, especially if the eggs require 5 km of walking (or higher).

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Beauty Hacks To Make Your Morning Routine Much Snappier



Feel like you spend way too long on your morning hair and beauty routine? Or think there is a part of it that you could speed up? Then you’re now in the right place! In this article, we’ll break down a bunch of beauty and hair hacks. Each of which, once mastered or learned, has the potential to make your morning routine much snappier. Hurrah!

Perfect easy hairstyles so they look complicated!

One thing that slows many of us down in the morning is our hair. Even if it looks great when we go to bed, we can wake up to something very different. So, instead of fighting with it for an hour each morning, learn some easier hairstyles. Want to curl long hair? Don’t do your whole head! Put your hair into to pigtails and just curl the section under your ear. Meanwhile, short hairstyles are a funny one. In some ways, they’re quicker to do, because you’ve got less hair to content with. However, the length can also reduce the amount of options you have. That is why it is such a good idea to perfect a few that work well for you. Just like anything, the more you practice them, the better you will get!


Swap out foundation for tinted moisturizer

Some foundations need a layer of moisturizer, then they need a few minutes of layering before you’re happy to start blending. Then, after this, the blending can take forever too! Cut out this five-minute daily rigmarole and switch to a tinted moisturizer. Because of its consistency, it can be rubbed into your face quickly and easier. Plus, because the colour is just a tint, you don’t need to worry about endless blending.




Clean your hair

If there is one thing that can freshen up your entire look, it’s freshly washed hair. Even put on a gorgeous dress but not truly felt right in it until you’ve styled your hair? It’s the same kind of thing! Invest in hair care products that actually help your hair, and not hinder it. If you are using the wrong ones, they may be making your locks prematurely greasy.


Pay a visit to your local salon

A fantastic way to cut down on beauty time in the morning is with semi-permanent beauty treatments. Don’t be scared by the word permanent. Most only last 2-4 weeks, so if you don’t like the result you don’t have to get it done again! One great treatment is an eyebrow tint. It acts like an eyebrow powder or gel, in that it makes your brows look more filled out and colored. Get a tint the next time you get your eyebrows plucked or waxed. Do be aware that you may need a patch test 24-hours before. If it’s your eyelashes that you want to focus on, how about some semi-permanent eyelash extensions? They basically make you look like you’re wearing false eyelashes 24/7! They vary in price, depending on how long you want them to last for.

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FlipaZoo Critters For Snuggles And Fun



While wandering around our local Wal-mart store, my daughter and son screeched to a halt as we spotted the display for FLIPAZOO! It’s been a pretty fun experience getting to watch their excitement over this popular children’s stuffed toy!

We were blessed with the opportunity recently to review a FlipaZoo of our very own! We had no idea which one we would receive and after getting to hold and hug those super snuggly FlipaZoo’s at Wal-mart earlier, we couldn’t wait to see which cutie we would get! There’s been a lot of guessing going on between my 9 year old daughter and my 5 year old son to figure out who would get to keep it depending on what arrived. Ready to find out what came?

Well, I’m happy to say that the FlipaZoo that appeared in a large box at our doorstep was a combination that appealed to both of them! One side was a pink cat called Caleb Cat and the flipped side was a gray mouse called Sawyer Mouse. They were both so thrilled with it! Eventually, my youngest won out with the mouse side being his favorite and he is the one who gets to sleep with it each night. His sister plays with it and snuggles on the couch with it as her pillow during the day.

FlipaZoo is advertised in all sorts of places and has even been showing up on Disney Junior! Here’s my daughter posing with the commercial in the background. She was so proud to have a FlipaZoo of her very own and can’t wait to see what other fun animal combos they come out with.

FlipaZoo actually creates some mini versions of these adorable and snuggly stuffed pets, so be on the look out for those too. They’re called Flipzees! You can get one free when you order a regular sized FlipaZoo from their website. Free shipping on orders over $40!

We hope you’ll love the FlipaZoo’s as much as we do! They make a fabulous gift that work for a wide age range of kids – my daughter is 9 and she loves them too!



Providing Teenagers With A Bedroom That Accommodates Their Needs




What we need as teenagers is undoubtedly very different to what we need as children, or adults. So, how can you provide teens with a bedroom that accommodates their needs?

First up, see if you can find a way to answer these questions.

Is there a way you can show that you trust them?

Teenagers place a great deal of importance in how much you trust them. Can you use their bedroom as a way to show that you do? Maybe you allow them to shut the door when they have friends of the same gender over? Or let them manage their own homework schedule?

Is there a way you let them have control of their design scheme?

If is their bedroom, they should have some control over how the room looks. It’s understandable that you may want to be in charge of furniture. After all, you’ll probably be the one paying for it and can consider items you can use elsewhere in the house in future. So, agree on a balance? If you can pick the furniture, they can pick the color for a feature wall for example. Just deter from black, if you can!

Is there a way you can provide them with their privacy?

Teenagers are pretty obsessed with privacy! Is it time to allow them to have a lock on their door, perhaps? Or could you move them to a bedroom further away from the family. How about renovating and doing up the attic or basement?

Secondly, any teenagers bedrooms need the following three things.

A place to sleep

The most important place in any bedroom, is of course, the sleeping area. Give your teenager a dedicated sleeping area. Discourage them from studying in bed, as this can blur the lines between sleep and work. When it comes to making a comfortable bed for them, consider all the different components. Soft bed sheets are always more pleasant that scratchy ones. Also, a supportive mattress and a cooling mattress topper can help.

A place to study

In a separate place to their bed, give them a place to study. Giving them their own study space might really help motivate them to do their homework. It also helps make their bedroom multi-purpose. Teens get distracted easily. This means that doing homework in a communal family area with lots of other bodies and voices might really slow them down or impede them.

A place to socialize

Last but not least, remember this. It is just as important that teens get to chill out and relax as it is for us adults. There are all sorts of hormones racing around their bodies, and they can play havoc with their mood and energy levels. A dedicated socializing space need only consist of a few floor cushions under some fairy lights. Or, if you have more room to work with, a couple of deck chairs or a hammock for a cool vibe. Whatever you use for seating, make sure the space is big enough for both them and at least one other friend (or you!)



Pokemon Go App: What are Poke Stops and Where to Find Them



Pokemon Go App: What are Poke Stops and Where to Find Them

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a terrific time the last day or so taking my children out on walks, bike rides or even driving adventures in the car all for the sake of playing the FREE Pokemon Go App with them. It’s been crazy fun! This new app is very addicting and yet can also be frustrating at times when their servers go down temporarily working out the bugs and improving their server strength (I think they underestimated the popularity of this new app!). Overall though, the new Pokemon Go App is the bomb! My kids ages range from 5 yrs, 9 yrs, and 18 yrs (boys and a girl), and we have all loved the interaction together as a family as we help each other discover new Pokemon for our Pokedex, grab rare items, and learn to navigate the map in our local neighborhoods. Have you ever imagined your kids waking up early (on purpose!) and begging you to take them on walks or bike rides outside early in the morning? I needed someone to pinch me! I was in disbelief, but that is exactly how children all over America and around the world are acting after the release of this new app yesterday.

I, for one, am counting my blessings as I have been dying to find a way to get the kids interested in more fresh air, sunshine and exercise – I just never imagined that would be combined with use of an electronic device in the process. If you are ready to make your kid’s day and wish to surprise them with the best Poke Stops around – check out these tips and enjoy the spoils during your Pokemon Go adventuring!


Where To Find Poke Stops?

When it comes to making the most of your Pokemon Go excursions, planning ahead is key. You can determine which areas of your neighborhood have non profit or monument type locations that will register as Poke Stops or Pokemon Gyms within the game’s map through Google Maps GPS. If you want to drive rather than walk (which in some areas of Florida in the 110 degree heat index I would recommend), you can simply assign a driver, map your course to head towards a mall, theme park, college campus, public library or post office, or a block with several churches or thrift stores on it. These are a few of the potential landmarks that the Pokemon Go App may view as suitable for a Poke Stop or Gym. College campuses and theme parks alone will have anywhere from three to as many as ten Poke Stops and one or two Gyms on the premises!


What is a Poke Stop and What Can You Get There?

What can you find at each of these Poke Stops you ask? Each Poke Stop is in a sense a treasure chest just waiting to be discovered! They give you free items (sometimes rare ones) – anything from potions and revives to pokeballs and Pokemon eggs for hatching baby Pokemon! Use your map feature to locate the 3D icons on the map and click on them as they get closer. You’ll see the image of the company on the center of the circular shape (looks blue or lavendar) and usually the name of the location so you can recognize it and get to it more quickly. Poke Stops tend to be places to find from 3 to ten items – all pokeballs sometimes, and other times a little bit of everything spits out! You just spin the circle image when you arrive at the Poke Stop destination and as it spins these objects/items will come spitting out in little bubbles that begin floating away. Quickly pop each bubble to claim your treasures! Check your items section of your app to see what you ended up with. If you received a Pokemon egg, go to your Pokemon section of the app Pokedex and scroll to the bottom and then swipe to the right – there you’ll see any eggs you acquired since technically they are baby Pokemon waiting to hatch.

Hatching Eggs With Baby Pokemon

Your inventory already includes one incubator, so if you are lucky enough to find an egg at one of your Poke Stops while adventuring, you will want to place it in your incubator right away. This allows it to be utilizing all your traveling (walking, biking, driving – anywhere you move on the GPS) for the purpose of helping to hatch your egg faster. Some Pokemon eggs take 2 miles, some take 5 miles to hatch. You can actually be trying to hatch more than one Pokemon at a time by using multiple incubators at once. You get one infinity use incubator with the start of the app. You can earn other temporary use incubators with certain level ups throughout the game.

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6 Scientific Reasons You Should Smile More Often



Your smile is a more powerful tool than you give it credit for. If used frequently, it can bring happiness, comfort and strength to any of your relationships – as well as yourself. At a scientific level, it does even more than that, meaning it’s important to flash those chops at every opportunity.

So the next time you consider skipping the dentist, consider the ramifications of such an act. Keeping those whites pearly and gums healthy will help you on the road to smiling heaven, no matter your age, gender or race.

So, in an attempt to brighten your day, here are 6 scientific reasons you should be wielding the unparalleled power of a smile!


Smiling makes you look more attractive

Firstly, a quick test. Look at your wife, husband or partner. When do they look happier, prettier and healthier? Is it when they have a face that looks rather grumpy, or when they’re positively beaming?

The answer is the latter, and the same is true of you too. Your smile makes you look friendlier, more approachable and yes, more attractive. To other people, it’s a sign of confidence and happiness, and that’s something you need in everyday life. Even if you don’t feel particularly attractive inside, a smile can set you on the right path.

But if this is the case, ask yourself… why? Is it your teeth, gums, lips? Those not happy with their chops can look into crowns or dentures, and a dental clinic with Injex facilities can make any procedures pain free. Before you know it, you’ll have a smile that makes you feel attractive too! And there’s no greater asset than that.


Smiling decreases stress levels

Have you ever been having a rough day, YouTube searched some funny cat videos and had a good old giggle? No? I don’t believe you. You must have! Whether it’s cat videos, people falling over or something else entirely, the power of a laugh can’t be understated.

That laugh can improve the outlook of your day, and change it from dreary to delightful! Smiling through stressful events and days has been scientifically proven to help you cope with them. It might not sound like it can do much, but a simple smile can reduce stress hormones and stop your heart from pounding.


A smile can boost your immune system

Your body is a complex system of vessels, organs and cells. It’s hard to predict, hard to manage and hard to look after – at the best of times! Your immune system, the part of your body that protects you from diseases and illnesses, is one such thing that’s not under your control. Or is it?

According to scientific research, a simple smile can help your body release a lot more white blood cells than it usually does. These cells are critical to a healthy immune system, helping fight against dangerous infections.

White blood cells actively combat pathogens – the organisms that cause a variety of diseases. These cells are produced by stem cells in the bone marrow, called hematopoietic stem cells. When you smile, the body produces more of these cells than normal, which put up an additional line of defense if you’re feeling under the weather.

So the next time you have a cold? Smile. Feeling sick, or have a headache? You know what to do. There’s a reason that people recommend bed rest and time off work when an illness strikes. It’s because it’s pretty hard to smile at work!


Your productivity will be increased

If we combine all the other benefits of regular smiling to create one happy package, then this good mood can set you on the right track for a working day. If you’ve ever tried to stay productive when you’re down, sad or unhappy, you’ll know how hard it can be. That’s why it’s important to remain positive, especially when you have a lot of work on your plate.

Let’s look at this using an example. Employees at Google headquarters are allowed to ride around on colorful bikes, slide down slides and eat free food. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a workplace ripped right out of a fever dream. All these positive emotions in the workplace lead to smiley employees, which leads to productive employees.

You can try and implement some of that feel-good factor in your own workplace too. If you work from a home office, put up a mood board and decorate it with happy photos and memorabilia. If you work in an office building, choose a seat that provides the best view of the sunlight, or add a funny image to your desktop background.

In short, a simple smile can work wonders for coping with the (often) arduous nature of full-time work. Remember that the next time your boss is in a foul mood!


Smiles catch on

You’ve probably heard this saying before, but is it grounded in any sort of biological truth? Well, yes – yes it is. Whether it’s two strangers or two relatives, a smile can be passed on just as easily as the baton in a relay race.

According to studies of facial movements, smiling releases endorphins which help to relax you and others. And what does a relaxed person do? Smile. A lot.

You’ve probably experienced this in your daily life, without even realizing. When you get on the bus and smile at the driver, they’ll usually be smiling back. If you smile and make jokes with a particularly moody friend, eventually, you’ll break them down. It’s all to do with those chops!

And again, back to the workplace example, a smile can improve your relationships with coworkers. If you’re always moody and grumpy, are you likely to foster a strong chemistry with your peers? Probably not. A smile goes a long way folks!


You will look more approachable

Ever been to a job interview and been absolutely terrified of the grumpy-looking employer? Imagine how different things would be if he had a big, beaming grin. It would certainly have made you feel more at ease, and would’ve reflected positively on the interview as a result.

And, yet again, there’s solid scientific evidence to support this approachability theory. Numerous studies have shown that a strong smile can impact the customer/seller relationship in a good way. This means that if you work retail, for example, a smile will make people buy more things from you.

Of course, there’s more at play than that, but the principle stands. By possessing a bubbly exterior, you increase your likeability and make yourself look more appealing. This can work wonders if you frequently interact with customers in person, and could boost many a sales deal.


For some health benefits, we either have to spend a lot of money or wait quite a long time. Whether it’s pills or surgery, there aren’t that many beauty products that work instantaneously.

But now you know that there are. Smiles are free, easy and unlimited, and they can do a lot more good that you realize. You won’t be able to move mountains or cure blindness, but since when is it a bad thing to inject some positivity into the world?

So, the next time you’re having a rough day, or you notice someone else is down, flash them a smile. By keeping your teeth healthy, visiting the dentist and eating a healthy diet, you can keep this most potent of weapons in tip-top shape. It’s a powerful tool that I encourage you to use!

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Great Wet Summer Fun Ways To Make Kids Smile



Great Wet Summer Fun Ways To Make Kids Smile

Have you ever started the summer with the high hopes that the kids will be happy to be out of school with a long break and will occupy themselves? Not going to happen. “School’s Out” simply means more work for mom or guardian in most cases. I am here to share with you the fun and fabulous ways to occupy your kids or grandkids with wet and water-filled excitement!


Squirt Gun Battles

There’s nothing quite like the imagination of a child. Seeing my son and daughter cleverly imagining they are on an island with pirates surrounding them as they use their squirt guns to battle the invading pirates is quite an entertaining sight. I’m sure your children will be happy to endure some sunshine and fresh air for a chance to battle it out against siblings, friends, cousins, or mom, dad, and uncles for a wet version of the game “capture the flag”!


Water Balloon Toss

Get ready to get drenched on this exciting summer must do! Kids and adults of all ages never seem to turn down a chance for the great age-old game of water balloon toss! Find some type of bucket to hold the water bombs (what my kids like to call them) and fill it with as many as you can.


Keep this outside of course, and invite neighbors kids to come over for an afternoon of snacks and good, clean, wet and wild fun! A referee is usually needed to keep the kids lined up in teams of two with one on each side to toss the water balloons back and forth to. Whichever team lasts the longest with tossing their balloon and not busting it gets a point. Keep score for each team and once the bucket is empty, let the kids know which team won. Give them all an ice cream or popsicle party afterwards to enjoy while drying off.



It’s time to consider taking the plunge in your private swimming pool, purchasing a little kiddie pool, or buying passes to the local community pool. Having the freedom to go take the kids swimming whenever you want to is such a blessing. Beware though – your family pooch may just jump in with you to cool off too!


My little ones love going to swim at both the local Legoland waterpark as well as in their own personal kiddie pool out back. It helps to pick up some pool toys for use in the kiddie pool like a water table too for added activities and enjoyment. Kids will love to use their imaginations scooping and pouring water into cups or little plastic teapots.

So whether you are in the mood for public diving performances, backyard splashes, or a game of hide and sneak with the squirt guns, you can be sure to please your kids and grandkids this summer by using the simple wet and water-filled suggestions found here. Enjoy your summer and may it be a cool one!


5 Simple Confidence Boosting Tips



We all need a bit of a boost at times. Life brings many challenges, and some of them are difficult to face. We deal with loss, disappointment, and stress. This is in addition to problems faced on a global scale. Though we try to remain positive, there are times when things get us down. We feel ‘less than’ and ‘not good enough.’ During those times, there are a few simple things you can do to boost your confidence.

  1. Accept

Sometimes things go wrong. Sometimes we do the wrong thing and make mistakes. This is being human. Accept this quickly and move on. Work out what went wrong, and take steps to remedy it. It’s not about the thing that went wrong; it’s what you did to fix it that counts.

It’s also worth taking stock and working out why this happened. You can then put steps in place to avoid it happening in the future.

  1. Outward Changes

We all have bad days, and some are worse than others. There are times when we don’t feel like getting out of bed, let alone leaving the house. It can take a huge effort of will to put one foot in front of the other. On those days, try anything you can to make you feel a little better.


Though we know that personal growth comes from within, our appearance is still important. Looking great can sometimes give you the boost you need to get you through the day. If you look good, chances are you will feel better too.

There are many things you can do to present a confident exterior:

  • Try a different hairstyle. There are lots of examples and tutorials online.
  • Put on some makeup and a show-stopping, lip plumping gloss.
  • Wear high heels.
  • Wear bright colors.
  • Accessorize your outfit.
  1. Smile

Speaking of outward appearances, try smiling, even if you don’t feel like it. Scientific evidence shows that the simple act of smiling makes us feel better. Smiling affects your brain, relieves stress, and relaxes your body. It is also contagious. Try smiling at a stranger and see if they smile back.


  1. Encourage Others

Help others by boosting their confidence. There are several ways you can go about this:

  • Smile (see above).
  • Verbal praise for something they have done.
  • Written praise in the form of an email or note.
  • A ‘thinking of you’ card.
  • Asking how they are.
  • Offering to help.
  • Suggesting a quick coffee or lunch.

Encouraging others helps them, and it helps you too. It feels good to assist other people and it can be empowering.


  1. Go Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Trying something you haven’t done before can help boost your confidence. You can pat yourself on the back for trying something that you didn’t feel comfortable with. And the sense of achievement you feel can perk up your mood.

The above are simple, confidence boosting tips to make you feel better. However, we recognize that there are some problems that require more than a quick fix. On these occasions, you may need to seek the help of other people. Either a friend, family member, or professional guidance from a therapist or your church pastor may help. But for simple, everyday problems try the above. You might be surprised by the results.

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