An Exciting Mom and Daughter Evening with The Gaither Vocal Band!



Wouldn’t you love to be able to surprise your mom or dad, your spouse, or a friend or loved one with a fun evening of worship with the Gaither Vocal Band?! Well that’s exactly what I got to do for my mother this year for her birthday. Special thanks to Family Christian Stores for the opportunity to bring you a review of the Gaither Vocal Band Concert tonight from Tampa, FL. I’ll be posting on Facebook and Twitter from the event and will share my full review in the next day or so.

Don’t wait for your opportunity to share a fun evening of fellowship, worship and song with that special person in your life who would enjoy a surprise blessing like this. Tickets are available for venues all across the country this year as the Gaither Vocal Band tours America. You can find dates and locations HERE. Prices are very reasonable and I know you will enjoy the top quality music and entertainment we’ve come to love over the years from Bill Gaither and the Gaither Vocal Band and other friends. You won’t want to miss your chance.

I’m off to a afternoon and evening full of fun for a Mom and Daughter Day Out at the Gaither Vocal Band Concert in Tampa, FL. I hope you tune into the Love2EncourageYou Facebook Page or Twitter to see updates on the fun we have tonight! Please make the most of your time with your loved ones in 2015. You need to cherish every moment you can.

You can check out my review of the Gaither Vocal Band’s newest album “Sometimes It Takes a Mountain” HERE.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check the Gaither Concert Tour listings for a concert coming to your area soon!



A Winning Combo: Gourmet Grillware’s Football Griller and Your Party!



What an exciting time of year for many people with Superbowl Sunday coming up quick! The chill of a snowy winter across the country just seems to add to the thrill of having a “homegating party” for the BIG GAME. Now I actually live in Florida where we are in shorts and tank tops most of the time, but I still love a good homegating party! (Since we can’t actually attend the Superbowl for a tailgating party)


Today I’m delighted to share a review and tasty recipe with you using the new Football Griller from Gourmet Grillware! This pan is so versatile and easy to use for so many things. You can use it on your grill outside, on your stove top indoors, as a baking pan in the oven, and it even allows you the freedom to wrap up the leftovers and put them in the fridge or freezer – right on the pan! This Football Griller pan basically can go from freezer to oven to tabletop to fridge.  (One thing to note: they are NOT dishwasher safe.)

Want to learn more about this great new grillware product? Get more details about the Football Griller from Gourmet Grillware.


Cheese Crusted Chicken Strips


-3 boneless chicken breasts (cut into strips)

-onion powder

-garlic powder

-one egg

-1/2 cup bread crumbs

-1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese


After cutting chicken breasts into strips, dip into egg and then dip into bowl with bread crumbs and shredded cheese mixed together. Spray Football Griller pan with cooking spray. Place chicken breasts on pan. Sprinkle onion and garlic powder on top of chicken breasts. Bake at 425 for 15-20 minutes.



Yes, that was an obvious hint in my pictures as to who we hope wins the Superbowl. Hubby is looking forward to the game and wearing his jersey.

I really enjoyed cooking with the Football Griller. It’s such a fun football shape that it adds to your decor for entertaining guests or making your family Superbowl party a big hit! I plan to get one for my Father-In-Law as a gift as he is a huge camper and absolutely loves to grill and to hold tailgate parties during football, and even at Nascar races in the summer!

The Football Griller from Gourmet Grillware is highly recommended.


FIVE people will have a chance to win their own Football Griller with this giveaway! Woo-hoo! It’s so awesome to have a nice gift for the men to win around Superbowl time too! Love it!

Prize: Gourmet Grillware is offering the chance for 5 people to each win their own Football Griller! How cool!

Location: Must be a resident of the USA.


Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received the Gourmet Grillware Football Griller in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own. However, I only share items I feel are of value to my family and my readers. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment.


Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage #Review #Giveaway



Hello friends! Thanks for joining me again today for another movie review of one of the great family friendly films they carry at Family Christian Stores. Today, I have the honor to share with you about “Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage“.

What a delightful and relaxing movie to watch. This style of presentation from Bill Gaither as he interviews and highlights the life of Joey & Rory is simply adorable. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It was very refreshing and fun! The music is pleasant and uplifting with Christian songs as well as some fun selections that remind folks of the days of the early 1960s. My mom was watching the film with me and she found it quite enjoyable with memories of her days going to the dance after the football game with my dad and dancing together to the song “Let It Be Me”.  She also loved hearing songs like “Paper Roses” and “I Believe in You and Me”.

The movie makes you crave clean eating, hanging out on a farm, and small town living. I totally wish I could visit them during one of their yearly sing-a-long events too! It looked like so much fun!

A very touching and warm-fuzzy type of film. Highly recommended.


Country music sweethearts Joey+Rory remind us that good songs keep getting better with age with Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage. On the DVD, Bill Gaither visits the couple on their farm to discuss these songs, their country music influences, their childhoods, life on the farm and their new baby girl.The couple’s heartfelt harmonies and tender vocals form a perfect marriage with these household favorites that were handed down to them by their parents. Featuring the duo’s old-fashioned, country charm, the recording includes “Coat of Many Colors,” “Rocky Top,” “Paper Roses,” “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” and many more.

Song Listing:

How’s The World Treating You
I’m Not Lisa
Let It Be Me
Rocky Top
Coat of Many Colors
Hello Love
I Believe in You
When Mama Prayed
Paper Roses
If I Needed You
Back Home Again
Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
King of The Road
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Retail $19.99. Pick up a copy today at a Family Christian Store near you or purchase online.  Family Christian has coupons on their website often including the one currently running for Martin Luther King Jr. Day for 40% off any one regularly priced item! Good until 1/19.  Use Coupon Code: IHAVEADREAM



Prize: One winner to receive Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage

Location: Open to USA & Canada

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Date: Ends at midnight EST on 1/26/2015.


Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a sample copy in exchange for an honest review. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment.


Tips and Suggestions for Holding a Family Game Night Each Month!



Beginning the New Year with a plan to include new family traditions and quality time together is a great way to start 2015 on the right foot. Focusing on ways to keep your kids and their friends or youth group buddies excited about activities to do together that don’t necessarily involve electronics can be a wonderful blessing to your home, your family friends and the church. Coming up with a list of healthy alternatives to play besides video games or texting could include some of the fun and challenging board games and card games now available at Family Christian Stores with laugh out loud fun and Christian values to boot. Starting a tradition of weekly or monthly Family Game Nights in the home or in churches can potentially bring a renewed sense of unity and increase your family bond.

First, I recommend creating an atmosphere of fun and delight for your family every month by scheduling Family Game Nights on your personal and church calendars. I encourage church youth leaders and children’s program directors to incorporate this as a method to create new friendships among it’s congregation. Help families build bonds with each other through laughter and conversations over game time that will help support the church body for years to come. We have found many creative, strategic, and humorous games at the Family Christian Store that add the element of Christian values and Bible learning into the mix at the same time. We invite you to check out some of the incredible games we reviewed for this post:

Redemption Bible Card Game: 

This well-structured strategic card game created by Rob Anderson of Cactus Game Design is perfect for dads and moms to learn and play along with their kids (Kids must be decent readers) and comes highly recommended by my family. It is available for purchase both in store and online at Family Christian.


We have personally met and enjoy a friendship with the owner, Rob Anderson, of Cactus Game Design and see his passionate vision to continue to create card games and board games that bring families closer together once again. My husband and son have always thoroughly enjoyed this Redemption card game (and still do!) and hubby has loved teaching it to our son and youth groups since 2004. Now 17 yrs old, my son assists in teaching others how to play Redemption as well. (That’s my son in the pic.)

We have believed in the value of this particular game for a long time and have held Redemption tournaments as hosts for over 10 years now including everything from Local, District and State Tournaments in CT, and then later holding many years of FL Local, District, State, and Regional Tournaments. Hubby and son personally play the game in other competitions too and have won medals for ranking among top 3 spots this past year nationally in their respective categories.  If you have kids with a competitive nature who love strategic thinking and desire for them to develop a deeper understanding of the Bible, this game is a must try.

Redemption is currently the second longest active trading card game and because of it’s great family friendly value, it remains something we share and promote to anyone we meet. It is the only collectible card game where every card in print is legal for tournaments with thousands of unique cards available for deck building and tournament play. Plus, knowing every card represents a Bible verse on it helps encourage Bible memorization and learning every time they play!

We’ll be holding open tournaments in 2015 and some will be held at our local Family Christian Store in Lakeland, FL. (See location at bottom of post) Be watching for upcoming dates to put on your calendar. We invite you to bring your family, youth group and pastor to come learn the game.  My husband and son will be happy to teach you.


The Redemption Bible Card game comes in starter decks, tins with expansion cards to help improve your deck, and booster packs for those who want to find more power cards and necessities to sculpt and shape the strategy of their deck in different ways. Lots of choices and lots of fun! Try Redemption today and begin an adventure that can last for years to come. We’re going on 10+ years of family fun with this game! You can too!


Apples to Apples Bible Edition

We love this game! We have both the regular and Bible editions and I personally choose the Bible version as our favorite. Even our daughter who recently turned 8 is quickly getting the hang of it. She says she will be the one to beat as she grows in her Bible knowledge. Gotta love her competitive spirit!

Apples to Apples Bible Edition is just incredibly fun the way it was set up and designed.  Many families we’ve talked with all enjoy this game too! It makes laughter and good clean fun easy to have in your home on a regular basis as a family.

Apples to Apples Bible Edition is another great selection from Cactus Game Design that is available at Family Christian and would make a wonderful choice for your Family Game Night. See below for more information about the game play.


Apples to Apples: Bible Edition is the wild party game that provides instant fun for everyone! It’s easy – just deal the cards and you’re ready to play. Select the card from your hand that you think is best described by a card played by the judge (don’t worry – everyone gets a chance to be the judge). If the judge picks your card, you win that round!

Each round is filled with surprising and outrageous comparisons from a wide range of people, places, things and events from our Christian history. Fast moving and refreshing, Apples to Apples is perfect for any get together with family and friends!

Product Details:
Ages: 8 & up.
Players: 4-10

$30.00 at Family Christian

Scrabble: Bible Edition

Have you ever played Scrabble? It’s a fun word game for the whole family isn’t it? If you love Scrabble, then you should LOVE Scrabble Bible Edition even more! I was so tickled when I spoke with Rob and his family the year this game was coming out. They worked on creating this Bible Edition of the game together. Each member of their family chipped in to make it turn out terrific! I was so impressed! How cool would it be to involve your kids and get their input on what makes a game extra fun and add the importance of incorporating Bible learning into the game? I encourage you to give this Scrabble Bible Edition a try. It makes me smile every time I play it.


Celebrate beloved stories from the Bible as you play round after round of America’s favorite word game! Scrabble: Bible Edition features new rules, including a new Bonus Word Guide and a specially-designed game board with new word challenges.

No two games are alike as you draw on your biblical knowledge to spell unique words with spiritual significance!


  • Custom game board
  • 4 Racks
  • 100 Letter tiles
  • Letter bag
  • Instructions with Bonus Word Guide

Product Details:
Ages: 8 & up.
Players: 2 to 4

Bible Bingo
Here’s an adorable way to include even your youngest family members into Family Game Night with Bible Bingo! My 3 year old and his 8 year old sister adore playing this together. We even included their Gramma in a game recently and had little prizes for them to win if they got Bingo first. The game pieces are colorful with easy-to-recognize symbols to help little ones build confidence in their game play. Bible Bingo is extremely affordable at just $8.99! What are you waiting for? Pick up Bible Bingo today, grab some munchies as prizes and let the excitement begin! Your little ones will thank you for it and beg to play again and again!


Bingo! I mean – “Bible!” Bible Bingo puts a new twist on an old classic. Just cover the Christian symbols on your card to form a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line and win! Bible reference verses on each piece make it easy to look up passages while playing a fun family game.
Family Game Night is a great opportunity to pour your heart into your kids. Make it special – make it shine! Show your family they are worth planning ahead and preparing for to make each Family Game Night a memorable one! Some additional suggestions for adding atmosphere and purpose to your Family Game Nights are:
For King & Country at WinterJam2015 in Tampa, FL
1. Pick up a couple Christian music CDs from popular artists to play in the background and create the mood for the evening. Some current top hit suggestions are:

2. Choose a good devotional book to refer to for a short, but meaningful moment of Bible Study and reflection with your family, friends or youth group. Providing an object lesson in association with your mini devotional can be very effective as well. Don’t be afraid to make it something humorous to help make a memory that will stick the point of your lesson in their minds forever.  Some suggested Devotional books are:

3. Open and close your Family Game Night with a word of prayer. There are few things that can establish a better foundation then showing your family the value of prayer.  Helping our children, youth and their friends understand that God is the center of all things and that He deserves our thanks, and our time in continuing to build a close relationship with Him can have a greater impact on our young people than you’ll ever know.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day 40% off coupon

Here’s a 40% Off Coupon good from today through Martin Luther King Day! Now you can grab one of these great games and start your own Family Fun Night traditions for a very affordable price!

The location of the Family Christian Store we frequently shop and will use for holding future Redemption Tournaments in Lakeland, FL:

3700 US Highway 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809

(863) 815-8751

Refreshing and Fun! The Identical movie is a hit in our house! #Giveaway



What an exciting time we had watching this fun and refreshing film titled: The Identical! While having a great night of fellowship with another Christian family in our home, we popped some popcorn and plopped down on the sofas to enjoy an evening of music and good entertainment by watching “The Identical”. We were not disappointed.

This film is filled with lots of elements you would want in a movie. They have just about everything covered: adventure, love, suspense, drama, compassion, humility, laughter, lively music and Christian themes. The singing style of the star reminds you of Elvis, but the storyline includes twists you don’t see coming. It was a very pleasant evening with our friends and nothing made us uncomfortable – just a good clean movie to enjoy. The Christian themes aren’t the main focus, but rather wrapped in as part of the story. It makes it easy to share this movie with others. We really had fun watching it!

About the film:
Rated PG / Approx. 107 minutes
The Identical, starring Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Seth Green, and Blake Rayne is a redemptive movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father’s desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks on a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really us. The Identical is a captivating story about a family restored and a life discovered that lifts your soul and warms your heart.
Check out this special offer from Family Christian —> 
Purchasing the DVD here comes with The Identity Series DVD! (more info on THE IDENTICAL website)
Official Facebook Page for The Identical!
Official Twitter for The Identical!


Prize: One winner to receive a DVD of the IDENTICAL movie!

Location: Open to USA & Canada. Void where prohibited.

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter

Date: Ends at midnight EST on 1/21/2015


Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

 Only one entrant per mailing address, per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you are not eligible to win it again. Winner is subject to eligibility verification.

Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.



Body & Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun, and Fabulous Life #Review #Giveaway


Hello friends and fans! Have I got a treat for you!

Who knows Bethany Hamilton?


How would you like to enter to win an autographed copy of her book “Body & Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun, and Fabulous Life”?!!

One winner will be blessed with this amazing book that I was lucky enough to review from Family Christian Stores. This book is a delightful collection of high quality articles about becoming a fit and healthy young lady who can enjoy living life with a heart for the Lord. It’s filled with beautiful full color illustrations and images, helpful tips and suggestions, delicious healthy recipes, fitness poses and routine ideas, and a layout similar to a magazine style catalog with glossy pages of valuable info on every page! Such an incredibly fun way to bless the young girls in your life – your daughters, granddaughters, nieces, cousins, friends, babysitters, youth at church or anyone else in your life who could benefit from the wisdom and healthy suggestions given from Bethany Hamilton in this awesome book called Body & Soul. Pick up a copy or two today at a Family Christian Store near you or online.


Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has excelled–and she’s done it while overcoming incredible challenges. Whether you know Bethany or not, whether you surf or not, everyone has challenges, and in Body and Soul: A Girl’s Guide to a Fit, Fun and Fabulous Life, Bethany shares some of her core experiences with body, mind and spirit. Sharing her expertise as an athlete, Body and Soul helps young girls develop a healthy lifestyle, understand their changing bodies, gain confidence, and establish a pattern of healthy living starting at a young age.This book includes workouts specially developed for young girls by Bethany’s personal trainer, recipes and information on healthy eating based on “Bethany’s food pyramid”, which follows the Mediterranean diet, and advice on deepening your spiritual health, for a total body wellness book perfect for growing girls. This isn’t a book about Bethany, this is a book about wellness, becoming your best “you”, through physical and spiritual balance, because spiritual health is just as important as physical health.

Product Details:
Page Count: 160

Releases 05/2014
Retail: $19.99


Enter to win an autographed copy of the book by Bethany Hamilton called “Body & Soul”!

One winner.  Must live in the USA or Canada. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Starts 1/12/2015 and ends 1/19/2015 at midnight EST.


Entries will be verified before winner is announced.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a sample copy in exchange for an honest review. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize distribution.



Kick off the New Year in Style: Win a WOW brick from Family Christian #giveaway



Happy New Year!

Let’s kick it off with a fantastic new giveaway from Family Christian Stores!


I’m delighted to continue to bring you great new giveaways, reviews, and encouraging stories to help inspire, and increase your faith in the Lord in this New Year of 2015!


Today we are featuring an incredible giveaway gift of a WOW brick of popular Christian music to 9 winners! Yes, that’s right – we will be giving away not one, but 9 WOW bricks! These contain WOW 2015 PLUS one cd from EVERY artist on the WOW 2015 cd!! 

Christian music is a big part of our lives in this household. We collect and play cds in the home, on our phones, and in the car. Our choice to listen only to Christian music sets an example to my kids and helps them be careful of what they hear and what they set in their hearts and minds.

I encourage my children to memorize scripture and sometimes ask them to set it to a tune in their heads to help solidify it in their memory. Listening to a variety of Christian music from top 40 contemporary Christian tunes to Gospel and even instrumental versions are all welcome and enjoyed on a daily basis here. What’s your favorite type of music genre?



I hope you will find this WOW brick to be a great way to bless not only your family, but maybe someone else you know and care for that would appreciate listening to some awesome Christian music artists.

Sponsor: Family Christian Stores

Date: Giveaway ends on 1/15/2015.

Age: Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years or older to enter.

Location: Must live in USA or Canada to enter.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. I received compensation in the way of a gift card for sharing this post. However, I only share items I feel are of value or interest to my family and my readers.


Make a Difference: Holiday Celebration Giveaway with! #giveaway #giveback



Happy Holidays from!

Get into the spirit of giving this season with all the fun of shopping online for necessities you need, or gifts you’d like to give. It’s great to enjoy all the gift-giving going on at holiday parties with family, friends or coworkers, and still know you were able to “give back” while purchasing those special presents.

Shop and Do Good!

Get Coupons and offers from thousands of stores. Each time you use one, provides three meals for children in need.



Need to pick up some must have clothing, household or outdoor items with all these extra parties and visitors coming over for  Christmas and New Years?  Visit and buy with confidence knowing each deal you use on their site allows a child in need to receive 3 meals for a day. Giving back just got easy.

One deal feeds one child for one day. 

When shopping online you can give back at the same time.

Sign up at today and create a profile. They donate a meal automatically just when you create an account! Bookmark the page and come back anytime to quickly and easily make purchases throughout the year for all your personal needs. You can make a difference in the lives of many children this year!

Follow on their social media sites to stay connected and get updates about hot new deals and promos being offered from top brands!




Time to get EXCITED! has generously offered to bless one of our readers with a special holiday gift of a $100 Amazon Gift Card!


Make a Difference: Holiday Celebration Giveaway with!


Host: Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou Blog

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How to enter: Using the giveaway form below, follow the directions in the mandatory entry to create a free profile at Save1 and be entered in the giveaway. All other additional entries will be unlocked once you complete the mandatory entries.

Prize: One winner will receive an e-gift card for $100!

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Killing Lions: A Guide Through The Trials Young Men Face



What a fantastic combination having both John Eldredge and his son, Sam Eldredge, authoring this book together called “Killing Lions: A Guide Through The Trials Young Men Face”.

John Eldredge is a New York Times Best-Selling author and really out-does himself with his latest book reviewed here today. He gives the readers a special call to action – “The Challenge Before You Is A Bold One: To Accept The Wild, Daring Adventure Of Becoming A Man.”

I was tickled by this book for many reasons. Not only does it bring a great deal of clarity to the challenges a young man faces as he enters adulthood and grows into the man God wants him to be, but it also touched upon so many other golden nuggets of wisdom in an entertaining and delightful way. I would recommend anyone whether young man or young woman, adult or teen – read this and take it’s lessons to heart. They apply to more than just young men, but for those of you with teen sons, or grandsons or nephews that you care about … this is a must read or a must buy as a gift that will help carry them towards a rewarding future of hope and confidence in who they are as a man.

One of my favorite parts was in chapter six when the author shares about loving “choose your own adventure” books when he was younger. I adore those! I like the way he relates to these and things like rpg (role playing) video games and how they offer hints at what the reward or consequences of our choices can be.

I think overall, the design of this book is very clever. It offers thoughts from the twenty something son and then it gives you the response from the dad sharing wisdom and insight into his viewpoints on what the son is going through in his life at that time. It’s a good, easy to read, and enjoyable book filled with helpful advice for sons and fathers to discuss together if able to.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone. Five stars!


Killing Lions was born out of a series of weekly phone calls between Sam Eldredge, a young writer in his twenties, and his dad, best-selling author John Eldredge, where they discuss what it means to enter into manhood. Join the conversation as a father and son talk about pursuing beauty, dealing with money, getting married, chasing dreams, knowing something real with God, and how to find a life you can call your own.

Killing Lions is more than fatherly advice. It is an invitation into a journey: either to be the son who receives fathering or the father who learns what must be spoken. Most important, these conversations speak to a searching generation: “You are not alone. Its not all up to you. You are going to find your way.”

Product Details
Page Count: 208
Released: 09/2014

Retail value: $19.99

Additional Information

  • Product type: Book
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Release Date: Sep 9, 2014

Giveaway Time


Prize: One winner to receive a copy of Killing Lions by John Eldredge & Sam Eldredge!

Location: US & Canada

Age: 18 years or older. Void where prohibited.

Date: ends at midnight on December 29.

Disclosure: I received a sample copy in exchange for an honest review. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media site. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment.



Kirk Cameron and family shine in Mercy Rule on DVD! #Review #Giveaway



It’s that time! Are you ready to plop down on the couch with your feet up? Got a bowl of popcorn on your lap, kids snuggled next to you on each side, and a big glass of your favorite beverage ready to wash down that popcorn while you watch another great movie for Family Movie Night? Bring it on! I’m ready! In fact, that’s just what I’m doing after I share this fun post with you about a wonderful family friendly movie created by Kirk Cameron and his family called: Mercy Rule!  Family friendly movies are truly hard to find and I’m excited to say this one passes the test for any age. Your elementary, preteen and teens will probably understand it the most, but my youngest even sat and watched this with me happily so I think it is safe to say it appeals to all ages.

“Our family is always on the lookout for an exciting new movie to watch together on ‘movie night.’ We look for something fun and inspiring, something that builds our faith in God and our strength as a family. But instead of waiting for a great new movie, we made one! Mercy Rule is one the most exciting movies we have ever been a part of and we are so excited to share it with you.” – Kirk and Chelsea Cameron

Want to learn what Mercy Rule is all about?
Mercy Rule is a baseball adventure for the whole family, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife, Chelsea. Parents and kids alike will be inspired by the story of the Miller family as they learn life’s lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy and trusting God. Co-starring Bas Rutten and comedian Tim Hawkins and written by bestselling author N.D. Wilson, Mercy Rule will teach your family what it means to be a “No Quit Family.” The DVD also includes a family study guide for further discussion of the important messages in Mercy Rule.

I have always enjoyed Kirk Cameron shows, movies and various topics that hit the news. You could say I’m quite a fan just because of his unbelievable depth of effort to preach the Gospel and share God’s truths to every walk of life. He has spoken at Liberty University where I attended college, I got to be on a phone interview with him for his Saving Christmas movie, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all his mini lessons offered in video series he makes for how to be a real evangelist living right where God has you.

You may remember Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains, The Left Behind Series, or Fireproof, but this new family film is a change of pace and one that we welcome more of in the future too!

My daughter and I loved watching this fun, family friendly film together and my youngest (age 3) sat on my lap and watched it with us! We particularly enjoyed the scene where Kirk was able to bring the grand finale all together near the end (you’ll know what we mean when you see it!) as well as a couple fun moments at the ball field, Kirk and his wife out on a dinner date, the family eating ice cream together after a rough day, and seeing the son’s determination to improve his “game”. 

Check out the free discussion guide available to coordinate with the Mercy Rule movie. Some important lessons include topics like: building a family legacy, choosing sides and standing up for what you believe in, taking responsibility, how to avoid or fight envy, and learning dependence upon the people God put in our life for a reason.

Mercy Rule with Kirk Cameron is a really a great movie that will bless you as the viewer and make you thankful for what God has in your life – a family, a home, and friends and relatives that stand by you through thick or thin. Mercy Rule is available to purchase at Family Christian stores and online at It’s currently on sale for just $10! Regularly $14.99.

Keep up to date on the latest sales, special offers, new releases and fun events by following Family Christian on social media:
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Prize: One winner will receive a new copy of Mercy Rules on DVD!

Location: Open to US & Canada

Age: 18 or older

Date: ends at midnight on Dec 28.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a sample copy in exchange for an honest review. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment.



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