Bookaboo Kids Show on Amazon is A Rockin’ Good Time!



No matter how old you are, there’s something fun for everyone in the  rockin’ all new  Amazon Original Kids Series on Prime Video called Bookaboo that launches Oct 28th!


This is the coolest, spunky new twist on reading stories live to kids I’ve ever experienced! They’ve come up with such a fun and exciting way to draw kids and adults alike into the plot of each show using popular celebrity guest stars! All the unique attention to that guest star gets even more entertaining as you get to witness them visiting Bookaboo backstage and proceed to deliver clever voice changes to present the book reading for the show.



It all begins with the adorable high tech puppet dog named Bookaboo that outshines some of the best quality puppetry I’ve seen even at major theme parks in Florida! He is the star of the show and presented as a Rock N Roll doggie that’s king of the drums!



He gets his “mojo” going again each time one of the celebrity guest stars read to him a new story each day from the “Bookabag”. His comments and expressions are precious and the antics and sometimes dancing that the guest stars perform during the shows are down right hilarious.



I have not had this much fun watching an educational kids show in years. I love it – and the kids do too! Their favorite part is when BookaBoo gets his Mojo and runs on stage to perform on his drums.  The kids quickly get out their toy instruments on cue and start playing their hearts out! lol. (We were honored to have received some Bookaboo instruments to enjoy as part of  our review while having our Bookaboo kick off party!)


“Bookaboo is an exciting show developed to promote literacy by inspiring parents to read to and with their children and help instill a lifelong love of reading,” said Tara Sorensen, Head of Kids Programming at Amazon Studios. “Each episode incorporates funny storytelling and great books, specifically chosen to capture young viewers’ attention and imagination.”


The entire first season of Bookaboo will be available for Prime members to stream and enjoy using the Amazon Video app for TVs; connected devices, including Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices, or online at, at no additional cost to their membership. Customers who are not already a Prime member can sign up for a free trial at For a list of all Amazon Video compatible devices, visit Bookaboo will also be available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat subscription service designed from the ground up for kids. FreeTime Unlimited is available exclusively on Amazon devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, and a year-long subscription is included with every Fire Kids Edition.


This is a fabulous show with so much to offer! I highly recommend taking the time to enjoy watching with your kids and then get ready to have some exciting times reading books together with your own unique and funny voice changes! Happy Watching, Reading, and Jammin’ with Bookaboo!



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Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family



Here is a different type of parenting book that would be a huge benefit to many. Instead of finding the typical advice you see in tons of parenting books, this unique perspective is drawn from some of the very principles established in God’s Word – 14 principles of the Gospel to be exact.

After reading through each of the fourteen principles that author, Paul David Tripp, shares so beautifully in this book, I found myself relating very much to the need to apply principles 4 and 13. I think these two are something I can very much learn from and need to remember more often. I believe there is an important message in this book that every parent can learn to apply to their lives and in how they interact with their children.

In the midst of folding laundry, coordinating carpool schedules, and breaking up fights, many parents get lost. Feeling pressure to do everything “right” and raise up “good” children, it’s easy to lose sight of our ultimate purpose as parents in the quest for practical tips and guaranteed formulas.
In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Outlining fourteen foundational principles centered on the gospel, he shows that we need more than the latest parenting strategy or list of techniques. Rather, we need the rescuing grace of God—grace that has the power to shape how we view everything we do as parents.  Freed from the burden of trying to manufacture life-change in our children’s hearts, we can embrace a grand perspective of parenting overflowing with vision, purpose, and joy. 
I personally found it very cool that singer/song writer Toby Mac endorsed this book about Parenting using the 14 Gospel principles too! You can learn more of these helpful parenting tools and pick up a copy of this great resource for parenting support and encouragement drawn from many truths in God’s Word that we all need to be reminded of.
Don’t forget to enter our giveaway below for your chance to win a copy for yourself or to give as a gift!
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Prize: One winner will receive a hardback book of “Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family”.

Open to USA residents only.

DATE: Ends on Nov 3rd at midnight EST.

Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.


Four Steps That Will Keep You Feeling Fit



Staying fit and healthy these days requires hard work and discipline. You’ve got to make sure you look after yourself so that you get the best life you possibly can. This is something that you need to work toward in your daily life. And your lifestyle can go a long way toward helping you achieve this. Here are four steps you need to follow to a fitter, healthier you.

Take Vitamins Every Day

You’ve got to make sure you take vitamins every day. This adds an extra layer of protection for your body. Vitamins and minerals help to ensure you have a high immune system and works on staving off illness. Nutrients like lecithin are crucial for helping with your mental and physical well-being. And you need to take things like vitamin c, cod liver oil, and Omega 3 fish oil. These are all vital in helping boost your body and keep you feeling fit.

Get Enough Rest

So many of us these days aren’t making sure we get enough rest and recuperation. It’s really vital that you do as much as you can to sleep and make sure you maintain your energy levels. Self-care is such an important philosophy to have, and you have to make sure you are true to your needs. This means getting the right amount of sleep to help you operate at the best possible level. You need to ensure your circadian rhythm is uninterrupted, and that you get plenty of rest. This is crucial for keeping you strong, healthy, and mentally alert.


Eat Well

It seems obvious to suggest that you need to eat well, and yet so many people don’t do it. Your diet is directly linked to your health and well-being. So it’s really important that you ensure you eat well and have a balanced diet. This means you need to make sure you aren’t snacking in between meals, and that you have the right balance of fruit and vegetables. Eating well is extremely important, and you have to make sure you stick to the right sort of diet. Try to avoid things like fad diets as these rarely ever work for very long.

Join the Gym

It’s important that you have regular fitness and exercise. This will help to keep you healthy and ensure that you are burning off the calories on a daily basis. Getting in shape is really important when it comes to your health. And by going to the gym on a weekly basis, you will be able to keep fit and look after your body. You’d be surprised by how much of an effect regular exercise can have on keeping you looking and feeling great. Try to set yourself a schedule or routine for the gym, so you will stick to it.

Time to start that diet
Time to start that diet

It’s hugely important that you make sure you look after yourself on a daily basis. You have to do what you can to make sure you are keeping your body feeling fit. This is how you keep sickness away and make your immune system higher. Keeping yourself healthy is so important, and by using these suggestions, you’ll be able to achieve that.

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Giving Soaps: Amazing Scents That Make Perfect Sense



It’s time to launch our Holiday Gift Guide 2016 and I can think of no better way to do so than to introduce you to this absolutely AMAZING company called Giving Soaps and their line of bath/spa products! Not only are the products offered completely awesome, but the fact that 20% of their profits goes to charity is a HUGE plus in my book!



This is a company based in the USA that uses all natural ingredients so you know they are safe and gentle for your skin. They pride themselves in staying plastic free (which I’m all for!) and have committed to using reclaimed boxes with shredded recycled paper for packaging filler to protect the products during shipment. This means you have a “Made in the USA” small business with lots of spunk and creativity that is loyal to using 100% plant-derived ingredients (natural) and staying as GREEN as possible to help the environment. The owner appreciates each and every purchase and goes out of her way to put a personal thank you note in every order.



Giving Soaps are amazing scents that make perfect sense and allow you to give in more ways than one this holiday season! When you purchase Giving Soaps products to give as gifts to friends, family, coworkers and loved ones – you are actually giving an incredible gift TWICE! The receivers are both the person you gift the item to, AND the charity that will be blessed to receive 20% of the purchase price! My daughter is in LOVE with these products and was so thrilled when I gave her the Jasmine lotion as an early 10th birthday gift!


These scent-sational soaps, lotions, balms, essential oil blend rollers, and other accessories are all fantastic gifts from Giving Soaps that I personally highly recommend to give to anyone you know or care about. If only there was a way you could lean closer to your computer screen or mobile device and scratch and sniff the powerful and lovely aromas coming from these soaps and lotions! You would be smiling from ear to ear just like I am after taking a whiff of the heavenly scents! I truly love them all!


My top favorites are the Jasmine lotion, Cinnamon and Almond soap bar,  and the Anything Balm that smells a lot like Pumpkin Spice!  The Pictures are just not enough to do these tantalizing bath products proper justice.  Check out some of the other exciting products and what’s to come on their Facebook page!


The friendly and playful aromas of each individual product were carefully planned and created to help you enjoy the entire experience of using these personal hygiene cleaning products and home health remedy alternatives. I can’t imagine anyone using these products and not feeling cleaner, calmer, relieved, uplifted, or energized.


The soap bars have a good lather, and they leave my skin feeling very clean – on top of smelling fresh and yummy all day! I can still smell the beautiful aroma of the Hibiscus and Orange on my hands right now – hours later after washing them this morning!


It is with great pleasure that I announce: Giving Soaps has offered to do a giveaway in November from their incredible product line! Stay tuned to Love2EncourageYou for more details on the launch of this exciting event! We’ll be having an interview with the creator of Giving Soaps and doing the giveaway for one lucky reader! YOU can enjoy being a part of the interview process by commenting below with any questions you may have about the product line, scents used, ingredients, story behind the brand, and how the money is donated. Help us give a warm welcome to Giving Soaps as one of our featured sponsors in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Don’t miss updates on all their social media channels at Giving Soaps and at Love2EncourageYou regarding upcoming events for the giveaway, interview, and other fun facts about the brand and their deliciously scented soap products!

Facebook – Giving Soaps

Pinterest – Giving Soaps

Instagram – Giving Soaps

Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!
Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!


You can contact Giving Soaps at or call 562-367-5608 to ask questions or place an order. Please let them know you found them at Love2EncourageYou. Remember to support worthy small businesses like this one on Small Business Saturday coming up on Saturday, November 26.

**Are you a sponsor interested in promoting your brand in front of the readers here at Love2EncourageYou? Visit our Holiday Gift Guide page and contact Rebecca at for more details to get started today! Affordable pricing and lots of fun events to get plugged into!


Help And Services Available For Hearing-Impaired Workers


Deaf or HoH person at her workplace using a Video Relay Service to communicate with a hearing person via a video interpreter and sign language IMG 2954

When you have a hearing impairment, the prospect of work can be daunting. You may worry about your disability affecting how you do your job. You might also be concerned about how workplaces will treat you. If you suffer from hearing loss, it’s important you know about the help available to you.

Workplaces are required to create accessibility for all disabilities and impairments. They’re also legally required to give equal opportunities to deaf workers. When it comes to doing your job, there are devices, programs, and services which can help. Here’s some of the assistance available for deaf workers you should know about.

Hearing Devices

If you don’t have a complete loss of hearing, then a hearing aid is often the perfect solution. It will enhance your hearing, enabling you to communicate effectively at work. It isn’t just useful for the workplace either. Having improved hearing will improve your quality of life in all aspects.

If you have a loss of hearing, then make sure you see an experienced audiologist. They can fit you with the right hearing aids to help you hear better. It can make a significant difference, both in your work and your personal life.

There are also other devices which can help with your hearing impairment. A Personal Listener can help amplify sounds around you. You can also get TV Listeners which transmit the sound of your television to a personal device.

Government And Legal Help

Companies are legally required to give deaf workers equal opportunities. However, in today’s society, they don’t always live up to this. One study found that over half of deaf workers have experienced discrimination from colleagues or managers. One in four even quit jobs due to discrimination.

If you experience discrimination in the workplace, you don’t have to let it go unheard. The National Association of the Deaf details how you can file a complaint if it becomes necessary to do so. If your business fails to treat you fairly, you can even consider getting the help of a discrimination lawyer.

People who are out of work due to deafness can also gain disability benefits. These government processes can vary around the world, but in most cases, there will be help available to you.


Deaf people can often get an interpreter to help them in their work. They can sign all kinds of information to deaf workers. It allows those with hearing impairments to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Some employers have interpreters working with their company. But in many cases, you can get a personal interpreter. Government schemes often provide support workers for the deaf. Make sure you look into this, as an interpreter can help you with employment and work.

Software And Apps

Technology has made many matters easier for those with hearing impairments. Windows Accessibility Options has features which use visual alternatives for sounds. Mac computers have similar options.
Smartphones also have features to help the hard of hearing. Things like vibration alerts can make a big difference. There are also various smartphone apps designed for people with hearing issues. These can help you in your daily life, both in work and beyond.


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Kate & Mim-Mim: A Christmas Wish



It’s a delight to experience the joys of the Christmas season through the eyes of a child! Recently we’ve been blessed with an opportunity to review some incredible Christmas holiday videos from SkipRope. Today I’d like to share the adorable adventures in Kate & Mim-Mim: A Christmas Wish.

Stories Include:

  • A Christmas Wish (extended adventure)
  • Snow Bowling
  • Chilly the Snowman
  • Bonus Music Video: Winter Wonderland

Join Kate and Mim-Mim with their friends in Mimiloo as they use Tack’s letter launcher to send their Christmas wishes to Santa! When the letter launcher malfunctions, can Kate and Mim-Mim save Christmas? (This episode is one of my kid’s favorites as Kate shows great love for her friends and is unselfish by sacrificing her own opportunity to tell Santa her Christmas wish in order to let her friends all get their wishes to come true.)


In addition to this Christmas adventure, this DVD features more exciting tales with Kate and Mim-Mim going snow bowling, getting stuck inside an ice cave, and trying to find their friend Chilly in order to prevent the Winter Waterfalls from melting! (This episode finds the friends helping out their buddy, Chilly, the cute little snowman who is searching for his lost nose.)

Kate & Mim-Mim follows 5 year old Kate and her toy bunny Mim-Mim as they travel to the fantasy world of Mimiloo, where Mim-Mim comes alive as a larger-than-life playmate! Together with their friends Lily, Gobble, Tack, and Boomer, Kate and Mim-Mim tackle a new challenge every day, set off on amazing adventures, and help the different friendly creatures they meet along the way.

My kids loved the ending of the first episode as a special guest appears to lend a hand and bring a smile to all. Kate & Mim-Mim A Christmas Wish is a fun, family-friendly adventure video that your Preschool or early elementary age child should love! It currently retails for just $6.99! Buy a copy today on Amazon to entertain your little one and enjoy the coming holiday season. Can’t beat the price when you’ve got free shipping with Amazon Prime.


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Have any favorite kids or family holiday movies you love to watch? Share with me in the comments below. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.


A Great Place To Find Stocking Fillers



It might seem a bit extreme planning for Christmas in October, but with a limited amount of weeks left it’s actually a really sensible thing to do! If you’re on a budget especially, you’ll need to start early to make sure you can cover everything in time. One place where it’s easy to make savings at Christmas is on stocking fillers. These fun little extras don’t need to cost much but are a nice way to show family members that you’ve really thought about them.

Instead of buying traditional gifts for friends, you could opt to give them stockings filled with little treats instead. This is a fun alternative and is likely to save you money overall too. If you can find a voucher or discount code such as eBay Coupons at Many Coupons, this will reduce the cost even further. Here are some of the stocking fillers you can buy from eBay, all which cost just a few dollars each.

Dress Jewelry

You can get fun, cute looking dress jewelry items from eBay. From necklaces to rings to earrings- these kinds of pieces dress up any outfit and would be perfect for any fashion lover you’re buying for. Whether it’s a teen daughter or other female friend or relative. The great thing about eBay jewelry is you can find really unique and unusual pieces that you’d just never spot on the high street. Plus there’re absolutely masses of it so you can find something for just about any style and taste.

Candles and Wax Melts

Yankee wax melts and mini sampler votive candles make fantastic little stocking fillers for anyone who loves homely items. You can get them in a wide range of scents, and the good thing about buying on eBay is they work out a little cheaper than buying from a Yankee store. You can buy bigger bundles of ten, twenty or more which is useful if you’re putting together a lot of stockings. You could split them up, mix and match and put a few in each. If you’re including wax melts, make sure the person you’re buying for has a wax burner. If not you could include one of these too. The official Yankee ones are around ten dollars, but you can buy others for much less which will do the exact same job.

Novelty Items

It wouldn’t be a Christmas stocking without a few fun novelty items. You can find everything from mini puzzles and Rubik’s cubes to slinkies to random entertaining gadgets and gizmos. A fun way to pad out your stocking and give your recipient a chuckle on Christmas morning,

Personalized Gifts

eBay Is the perfect place to go for personalized gifts. You can have just about anything engraved, stitched or painted with a person’s name. Personalized things always seem that bit more special. You can get things like little cosmetic mirrors, mini wall plaques, keychains and so much more personalized really cheaply which all make fantastic.

Where do you buy your stocking fillers from?



How You Can Get Involved With Fall Festivals



Fall is such a wonderful time of year! It’s a break from the summer heat and a time of refreshment with cooler temps, Fall colors, and new opportunities. One of the many ways our family enjoys getting involved in Fall activities is by checking out the many events approaching at our local church, my oldest son’s school, the library, or our homeschool group.


Get Involved With A Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat

This time of year there are many unique activities going on that you and your kids can enjoy being a part of as well as lending a hand!  Is your church or school holding a Fall Festival or Trunk or Treat this year? You can offer to help out and pitch in with your time and talent or financial blessings. These are huge events that take a lot of time and organizing on the part of the leaders. They can use all the help they can get when it comes to volunteers and candy/prize donations or food items.


Ideas on Ways To Donate

What can you donate with your financial blessings or things you already have lying around the house? You can be a big player in the donating department simply by donating bags of candy, bottled waters, baked goods to sell at a bake sale during the event, or even offering to lend your snow cone machine, cotton candy machine, old fashioned popcorn maker, or other novelty food appliance.


Share Your Talents or Craftiness

There are lots of other ways to be helpful too. Are you handy with puppets? How about Twisting balloon animals or face painting? You could donate your time and talent by decorating your car to serve during the event as one of the stops for Trunk or Treat, or offer to perform a mini puppet show or give out balloons to the kids as they arrive. Another option: come up with a cool game creation as a stop in the Fall Festival for the kids to play and win prizes at – either to donate  for someone else to run, or offer to run the game yourself during the Fall Festival.

However you choose to get involved, just find a way you can plug in. Some may enjoy helping with organizing or contacting volunteers as a way to assist. Others may just want to help out with directing traffic that evening for parking. Whatever you do, have fun and know you are being a blessing to your local church or school and to your community. Besides – doesn’t hurt to be a great role model to your own children!


Take It Easy: Low-impact Fitness for Gentle Workouts



There are many ways to keep fit. You can do things where the main purpose is to be physically fit, like weight lifting. Or you could engage in activities where being fit is a nice byproduct, such as playing a team sport or hiking. Everyone likes to keep active in different ways. Some people enjoy going to the gym, while others like to stay home or adventure into the outdoors. While some people like to go hard and heavy, other people would prefer to keep their exercise more gentle. You can still keep fit if you engage in a low-impact physical activity and it can often be better for you. If you want to work out without putting too much strain on your body, there are many things you can try.

Why Low-impact?

You might be wondering why you would choose to do low-impact exercise. There are a number of reasons it could be better for you than more strenuous activities. Firstly, low-impact exercise is great for all ages. Many people choose it as they get older because it’s easier on their joints and other parts of their body. Other people might choose to stick to low-impact exercise because of a health condition. This could include anything from pregnancy to arthritis or asthma. Low-impact exercise can still be good for your cardiovascular system and your muscles. It could be the perfect choice if you have been inactive for a long time and are trying to get healthy again.



Swimming is excellent for giving you a full-body workout that’s not too hard on your body. Of course, it can be a very strenuous activity. But if you’re not competing or pushing too hard, you can take it as gently as you want to. You can choose a stroke that suits you, whether it’s a slow and steady breaststroke or a faster front crawl. The water helps to support your weight and your movements. This makes swimming ideal for gently working out your joints. It also provides extra resistance so you can build your muscles. You’ll use different muscle groups, and you’ll get aerobic exercise too if you go fast enough.

Water Exercises

If you like the water, but you’re not a fan of swimming laps, there are other options you can consider. Some of these include aqua aerobics or Aqua Zumba. These activities can be low-impact but also help you to get a good cardio workout too. They often use extra items, like weights or foam pool noodles to make things more fun. Usually, you will be standing in water up to about your waist or a little deeper. There’s a variety of moves incorporated, and you’ll get to work out to music too. It’s a great social activity if you find swimming laps a little lonely.



Cycling can be a good low-impact exercise too, but you have to be careful. It’s much easier on your ankles and knees than something like running. However, you could risk injuring yourself if you don’t have the right bike. Your bicycle needs to be the right size, and the seat and handlebars need to be adjusted correctly too. One of the great things about cycling is that it gets you around and you can do it in all weathers. If you’re not willing to brave rain or snow, though, there’s always cycling inside. You can read spinning bike reviews to find out which ones are best to have at home. Or you could go to the gym and take a class or just spend a while on one of the bikes there.


Walking is another low-impact activity that can get you around. Making an effort to walk more in your daily life can help to improve your overall health. You can decide to take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk the last mile to your office. Leaving the car at home sometimes can be good for your mental health, as well as your physical health. A walk can be much more relaxing than getting in the car and maybe being stuck in traffic. Of course, you can also set off on walks for the fun of it. Find a beautiful trail, climb a mountain, or perhaps consider Nordic walking.


Dancing gives you lots of options to exercise in a low-impact manner. You have lots of styles to choose from, and they can all give you a great workout. It’s an excellent social activity too. You can take a class where you dance with a partner or you can do something where you dance on your own. Even just dancing around your house or following along with a workout DVD can help you get moving. Some forms of dance are a little more high-impact than others. You can try out some different styles to find out what you like.



Yoga is a very popular form of exercise for anyone looking for low-impact activities. It comes in a variety of forms so you can try out different versions. You can even do yoga on water, on top of a stand-up paddle board. Yoga can help to improve your flexibility and overall fitness, but it also focuses on wellbeing. It can assist you with your mental health too, teaching you to meditate and improve your mood. It can also help you get better balance and strength.

Tai Chi

Tai chi can also improve similar aspects of your health to yoga. It is a very gentle form of exercise so it would be incredibly difficult to do yourself any damage. Like yoga, it can help you with your mental well-being, as well as your physical health. You won’t get a cardio workout from doing tai chi, but it will help you get stronger and more flexible. It’s very popular with older people, but anyone of any age can try it out. It’s especially enjoyable when you do it outside.
Low-impact exercise is ideal for helping you keep fit while avoiding injury. If you prefer your workouts to be gentle, try one of these top activities.

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VA Services, Articles or Printables for Purchase


Hello my friends,

As you know, I love to do all things creative. In a matter of words, I am an extremely addicted artist in the realm of digital art, photography, graphic design and printables. I also love, love, love creative writing – including writing books and blog posts. Research doesn’t phase me one bit and I love to dive into deeper articles when writing for corporate companies or when hired as a ghost writer for developing quality articles, web content, white papers, ebooks, or guides.




With all these skills, someone asked me why I don’t advertise my services more often. I guess I didn’t realize there was such a great need for someone who has a strong work ethic and yet loves to play with art and graphic design software, who’s a former teacher that loves to make  educational worksheets and printables, and is completely flexible in her availability with a homeschool/work-from-home schedule. I currently advertise in Facebook groups with my content for sale, but if you wish to purchase from me here directly – feel free to contact me at or visit my Facebook page: PrintablesandArticles2Buy.

Sample Pinterest Collage Image for Amazon Round Ups:


Sample Lunch Box Notes Printable:


If you are looking for a VA (Virtual Assistant) to help you with writing content for your site, I have a long list of experience in various topic areas that I can help with – plus a dedication to scouring the web for needed resources when applicable. I’m happy to assist with the busy holiday rush coming upon us. Very detail oriented. Contact me TODAY and let’s get a schedule of posts, social media meme’s or graphics, printables, Amazon round ups, or other content in the works. Let’s get it out there for you quickly to delight your readers and draw more traffic to your site this holiday season.

You can find some of my current pre-finished articles and printables available for purchase HERE on various subjects and themes to buy immediately, or you can hire me to work for you on monthly basis through packages, custom pieces, or one time projects.

Current Prices and Packages Available:

VA Services – I can offer content writing, online research, rewriting or refreshing current posts to become evergreen, printables creations, graphic design and social graphics creations, photography, memes, social media management, ghost writing of any kind, educational printables for homeschoolers/teachers, stock photo match ups to posts and white papers or ebooks. $15/hr or project based. Post styles listed below. Marketing services also available.

Packages available for purchasing regular, dependable delivery of fresh valuable content for your site!

Pre-written articles – prices vary (most are $15-$25/post depending on length or topic popularity)

Pre-written Amazon Round Up with Pinterest collage image: $15 for 15 links, $18 for 20 links, $20 for 25 links, $22 for 30 links

Package of 5 Holiday Themed Printables (already prepared): $100 *Custom packages available at $125-$150 per 5 printables

Package of 6 Amazon Round Ups (already prepared with 20 links each and Pinterest collage image) $100

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Elf on the Shelf photos: Good for use on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Blogposts. Sized to fit each platform by request. $8 per photo or $15 for pack of 4 social media sizes of same/similar shot. Buy a pack of 5 different photo scenes of Elf on the Shelf antics (single pixel size) for $35. Samples available. Email Rebecca at

Custom Articles:

$20 per Amazon Round Up with Pinterest collage image & up to 25 links

$20 per 350 word custom article

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$30 per 700 word custom article

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Current Monthly Packages:

RED: (Basic Starter Package with Pre-Written Article Selections/NO printable): includes 2 pre-written articles (350-500 words) and 1 Amazon Round Up (with free Pinterest collage image and up to 20 links) from my library of currently available articles and round ups sent once every month. 3 Total Selections. 2 Month Minimum purchase: $50/month x 2 months. *Payment expected prior to sending articles.

GREEN (Pre-Written/Created Selections): includes 4 articles  (350-500 words) from pre-written title list + 1 single page printable (educational, game, home decor, etc.). This makes 5 total selections of your choice from my library of currently available articles and printables. 3 Month Minimum purchase: one time payment via Paypal of $299 (save $16), or 3 payments of $105 (total $315). Each payment expected prior to sending articles.

BLUE (Custom Creations): includes 4 custom articles on themes of your choice (mutually agreed upon) and 1 customized printable (up to 3 pages total for educational packs, games, or lunchbox notes etc.). This makes 5 total selections of your choice customized to your topics of preference for each article and the printable. 3 Month Minimum purchase: one time payment via Paypal of $325 (save $20) or  3 payments of $115 each (total $345).

BLOG LOVE package: I have 28,000 fans across social media here at Love2EncourageYou. I will use my resources and time to sprinkle lots of love on your blog and share my traffic and readers with you! Send me your blog site link and  I’ll comment on 10 recent blog post links with a thorough 3 sentence comment each. Send your Twitter account link and I’ll click through to visit and retweet 10 tweets for you. Send me your Facebook page link and I’ll like and comment on 10 recent posts. 30 actions for $25. Buy 2 Sets at $25 each and receive a FREE sidebar Ad! (runs for 30 days)

VA Beck and Call Package: Need someone who’s readily available on a moment’s notice most of the time and isn’t afraid to jump into any project? Hire me to be your helper for a variety of tasks from chore threads to editing, and anything you need written or created. Choose to pay by the hour for short term projects in RUSH mode at $20/hr,  or $480 per month for 10 hrs/week  or 40 hrs per month at ($12/hr).

Social Media Management Package: I prefer to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, but I can also cover Google+ or YouTube if needed. I can create graphics to represent blog posts you’ve recently published or have scheduled and resize or create graphics to represent them in proper pixel size for each individual social media platform when scheduling social shares for each account. $150/month  for 1 account. Each additional account is $75 extra per month. I’ll post once daily to your account at these rates. I’m flexible to consider other arrangements.

Contact Rebecca Harmon at or to get started working together today!


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