Be the Best with These Gifts for Him on Big Anniversaries



What do you get a man when a big anniversary rolls around? You’ve been married 10, 20, maybe even 50 years, and you want to mark the occasion. Women often end up with jewelry, whether it’s a new ring or a pair of diamond earrings. While some men might appreciate jewelry or something else to wear, not all of them will. Coming up with ideas can be tough, even if you’re trying to think of a gift for someone you’ve been in love with for decades. Just asking him is one approach, but if you want your gift to be a surprise, you need to come up with some ideas on your own.


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A Watch

A gold watch is a traditional gift for someone retiring, but it’s perhaps not given as much as it might once have been. It’s an excellent choice for a big anniversary, especially if you’re considering spending more on something that will last. A good watch can last a long time, and even become an heirloom that gets passed through the generations. While smartwatches are handy, they’re unlikely to be handed down to your great-grandchildren. Before investing in a watch, think carefully about whether it’s the right choice. If he doesn’t usually wear one, it could end up just sitting in a box.


Jewelry definitely isn’t just for women. Men have always worn jewelry too, from rings and necklaces to piercings. You’ll know better than anyone whether your partner is the sort of person to wear jewelry, though. If he is, there are lots of options for what you could get him for a big anniversary. Any old piece of jewelry might not be that exciting, but if you want to get something special, there are some exciting choices. For example, check out the gold chain necklaces at If you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, you can give a gift that’s something to treasure for a long time. You might also think about a ring – if you get one, why not him too?



You might class cufflinks as a type of jewelry, although others might not see it the same way. Cufflinks are always a smart accessory to add to a suit, or just a dress shirt and pants. They come in all types of designs, from formal and simple to quirky and silly. While you can buy some cheap, novelty cufflinks for a few dollars, you can also get something of better quality. A pair of monogrammed cufflinks could be a good idea. There are some fantastic designer options, like the examples at

Something Personalized

Personalizing a gift is always a smart choice for a special occasion. You can personalize and customize just about anything you can think of. It could be some kind of jewelry or accessory, or it might be something he can put in his office. You can personalize pens, paperweights, wallets, glasses, or any gift you think someone might like. It gives you the chance to pick any gift you think your partner will love and make it extra special by turning it into something just for them.



Practical Gifts

Some men are much more practical than others and would rather have something they can use than something that looks good. There are some useful gifts for the more practical man that he’s sure to use all the time. For example, a personalized pen knife can come in handy on a camping trip or while working around the house. You can even get something like a personalized hammer for men who love to do DIY whenever they get the chance. A gift can be special and practical at the same time.

Buying an anniversary gift for the man you love doesn’t have to be hard. If you know him well, you should be able to think of something he’ll love.

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Save The Lost: Glow in the Dark YOUTH Group Game




Have you ever hoped to connect with your teens or the kids in the youth group on important topics like Salvation but weren’t sure how to break the ice? Here’s a unique and super fun way to do just that! Introducing the game: SAVE THE LOST! This fast paced action game is fully interactive for youth to get their energy out in a dark environment with glow in the dark components and exciting game play for all to enjoy! It plays somewhat similar to a capture the flag style activity, but much more impactful and significant when it comes to using in a youth group at church or at a camp. This fun family oriented game can be a huge hit at birthday parties, family reunions and block parties or graduations.



Watch this video to get an idea of just how much energy and enthusiasm these kids have for this game!

VIDEO – See the game in action: v=Z9RqmIJ7reQ
OFFICIAL RULES – Learn how it works:


My son and I enjoyed sharing this game and donating it to our youth group at church. They LOVED Save The Lost! They enjoyed it so much they want me to buy more of the wrist bands to add even more players and expand the challenge! They played it again at a youth LOCK-IN event during Spring Break too and said it was a blast! An AWESOME way to help kids connect with the truth that Jesus is the LIGHT and is the WAY to be SAVED.

With the lure of social media and video games, it can be hard to get youth off the couch and active. It can also be difficult to get them to focus on their Bible study when all they want to do is go play with their friends.

This new, glow-in-the-dark adventure game helps solve both these problems. “Save the Lost” gets youth to experience Christian principles while giving them a reason to have physically active fun.

To no surprise, I’ve heard the game has been a big hit with youth leaders and students alike—reflecting on profound Biblical principles that teach about avoiding temptation, finding redemption and showing them how to help others do the same— all while being a delightfully exciting and fun game to play.

“The strategy that took place in the game involved everybody, and everybody was playing together,” says Jeff VanWagoner, another youth leader involved in testing the game. “Everybody would strategize as a whole group against the Tempters—regardless of whether or not they’re friends.”

Here are some other comments and testimonies from the Christian youth leaders who tried this game, Save the Lost:

“I know you may be skeptical and think, “OH, Another cheesy Christian game!” but let me tell you my kids LOVED it! I am a youth pastor in the heart of Hollywood, CA and my kids had a blast with this” — Michael B, Hollywood CA

“We used this game for our church youth group activity with boys aged 13-17 and they all had a fantastic time. There are multiple variations on the structure of the game which allowed them to pick and choose which they enjoyed the most. The technology worked amazing when we used it in a darkened gymnasium, and also outside as it turned dusk. The message of the game was evident to the boys, but not overbearing” — Laurn V, Riverton, UT

“This is the best game I have ever owned! I’m a youth leader at my Church…so I ordered it and I was amazed by how great this game is!! No joke my youth all loved this game and have discussed playing all Sundays after church! — Andrew A, Rio Roco, AZ


I highly recommend purchasing this game for your next youth group event, family reunion or as a great way to have fun and be a positive impact at your son or daughter’s graduation party coming up! Paul King is the creator and teacher for this game and has done an amazing job on customer service – even helping me find additional items to go with the game when we wanted to expand the number of tempters for a bigger challenge. He is awesome and will be more than happy to assist you with anything your youth group, homeschool group, or Christian school needs to enjoy the game and make an impact on the lives of today’s youth.

Blessings to you as you embark on this exciting journey together to SAVE THE LOST!

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Amazing Amazon Find: TopEs iPad Mini Case – Car Shape – Shockproof




Amazing Amazon Find: TopEs iPad Mini Case – Car Shape – Shockproof

I love to find fun little tokens to give my kids from Amazon every once in awhile and here’s a really adorable iPad Mini Case that I stumbled upon! It comes in either pink, blue, green, or yellow (we got the blue one for my son) and works well as a shockproof protector to the device. The car shape is simply precious and my son’s face lit right up when he saw me put it on the iPad mini! He instantly burst out saying, “It’s a car!” lol. He was so excited about this new case, and mom was particularly happy that now his iPad mini will be safer from drops and accidental trips while walking with it on some of these more interactive apps and games he plays with.


The iPad Mini case currently sells for $16.99 and has Amazon Prime for free shipping. It is made of silicone that is flexible and easily allows you to manipulate it to insert the iPad mini inside its frame. The product is very well designed and lines up perfectly with the power button and volume controls as well as the cut outs for the camera, headphone plug in, and other necessities on the device. I am extremely pleased with this case and can’t get over how darling it looks when my son is holding it and playing games on it. The built in handle makes it much safer and easier for him to carry the iPad Mini with him when we go out as well.


I was pleasantly surprised to see the case also is free standing on any flat surface. Sometimes my son likes to watch mini videos on his iPad Mini from various apps like Disney Junior and being able to prop the iPad Mini on the table or a desk is helpful so his arms don’t get tired holding it. Sometimes he ends up drifting off to sleep at night while watching a show.


Overall, I’m extremely happy with this iPad Mini Case by TopES If you’ve ever found yourself searching for a good case that’s fairly inexpensive to give to your kids (works on iPad Minis 1, 2, or 3 or retina models according to their description) I recommend giving this one a try! I just love it!


Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a free sample of this product in exchange for an honest review. I only shares items that are of value or interest to my readers. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own, however I try my best to offer honest and helpful tips and opinions that will benefit buyers in making purchases safely.


That’s A Wrap On Great Present Ideas



Do you constantly find yourself struggling to choose a gift for people? If you do, you’re going to love this post. On here, we’re going to look at presents that absolutely anyone would adore. Boy, girl, old, young, you should definitely see a smile if you give these gifts.


A Gift Basket Will Make A Happy Camper

Baskets are great because they can include everything and anything, from delicious cheeses to adorable newborn baby items. You can even get baskets online that include socks, mugs and of course, chocolate. If you know a chocoholic, you can’t go wrong with a basket filled with their favorite sweets.

You can also get personalized baskets to ensure that they match the receiver of the gift perfectly.



Massage Away Those Troubles

Perhaps, you’re thinking about buying an experience as a gift rather than an item. If you are, you can’t go wrong with a massage. Even people who are reluctant about getting one at first love how they feel afterward.

Most describe it as an experience where their troubles simply melt away, and they feel refreshed. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who you know has been feeling stressed and anxious lately. Send them off to get a massage, and they’ll seem a lot better the next time you see them.


Because They’re Worth It

Alternatively, you can look into buying a present related to style and looks. If you’re looking for a style gift that is unisex, hair clippers are the perfect option. Hair clippers can help you prepare your own style at home without the aid of a professional. This is an attractive idea for a lot of people, but it’s particularly popular with men.

Men usually don’t bother spending a fortune on their hair and tend to just shave it off and then let it grow back. They can do this more easily if they have a set of their own hair clippers and will definitely thank you for the convenience of this option.



Take Them To The Future

VR isn’t a new idea, but it has recently become more affordable. Now, it can be the perfect budget gift for anyone who loves to grasp a glimpse of the future. For instance, you can get a Google Cardboard kit for under twenty dollars and have something that a friend could receive hours of enjoyment from. Just make sure that they have a phone that’s compatible with this little, simple piece of tech.


Save Them A Fortune

Have you ever experienced the horror of dropping and breaking a cell phone? If so, why not help a friend protect a fortune by getting them a new phone case. You can get lots of different varieties online to suit every type of personality. You can even get phone cases now to make the tech look like their favorite Disney character.
No matter who you’re buying for, we’re sure they’d love any one of these gifts. Although, if you’re still stuck for ideas you can’t go wrong with just going simple and getting them a gift card for their favorite store.

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Fall In Love With These “His And Her” Gift Ideas



Buying for a couple can be difficult. What gifts will appeal to both him and her? It’s a challenge that faces many a gift-buyer, but it’s not a difficulty that can’t be overcome. Fortunately, the good people at Etsy, Amazon and a host of other outlets have been working hard to come up with ideas for gifts for both partners, saving you a lot of hassle. Take a lot at some of these cool gift ideas.

Novelty Tea Towel Set

What do couples like to do once they’ve been married a couple of years? The dishes, of course! But the dishes aren’t always a lot of fun. Sometimes they’re downright annoying. That’s why Black Bird Tees, a company that makes tea towels, is trying to inject a bit of humor into the activity. They sell a pair of tea towels: one reads “you wash” and the other, “I’ll dry.” The towels are available on Etsy for around $38.


Personalized Aprons

Tea towels aren’t the only thing that is personalizable in the kitchen. According to a blog post entitled, 20 Wedding Gift Ideas for Under $50 on DontPayFull, you can now get his and her personalized aprons too. Aprons are ideal for couples who seem to spend their weekends doing nothing but baking and cooking extravagant meals. Personalized aprons can be printed with whatever message you like. Currently, they’re on the market for around $50.

His And Her Arrow Signs

Sometimes one partner’s stuff starts encroaching on the space of the other and things can get out of hand. That’s why a personalized his and her arrow set is such a good idea. It’s a clear demarcation of boundaries between one person’s stuff and another’s. There’s all sorts of places these little arrows could go, like in the closet, pointing in the direction of each person’s clothes. The arrows are made by Hoast and Toast and they can be picked up on Etsy for around $64.

Table Mug Set

Table mugs are an obvious way to buy something that’ll suit both him and her and will work as a set. Now a company called Neurons Not Included has come up with an interesting concept, just in case you happen to know a pair of married chemists. The mugs are labeled “HIS” and “HERS” using letters from the periodic table. For “HIS” we have hydrogen, iodine, and sulfur. For “HERS” we have hydrogen, erbium, and sulfur. (What’s erbium?) At any rate, if you happen to know a pair of science-lovers then these mugs are the perfect gift for them. Neurons Not Included are selling their mugs for around $24.

His And Her Money Bank

The piggy bank has been a tradition in families for over a hundred years. But the only problem with the piggybank was that once the money was deposited, you had no way of knowing whether it was yours or your spouse’s. Now though Baker’s Farmhouse has come up with a solution. They’ve come up with a tabletop bank, similar in concept to the original piggy bank, but with two chambers, one for him, one for her.

Each of the chambers has been labeled. The money on his side of the bank is for “fishing,” “hunting” and “nights out with the boys.” The money on her side of the bank is for “diamonds,” “shopping sprees” and “dinners out.” What’s more, the bank itself won’t break the bank. Currently, it’s on sale on Etsy for around $12.

His And Her Mailbox

Perhaps you know a couple who refuses to go paperless. Well, if you do, Retro Getgo Vintage might have cooked up the perfect gift idea. Essentially, it’s a mailbox that’s been divided in the middle, so it has two compartments: mail and “famail.” It’s also made out of carved wood and is on sale for around $20.

Luggage Tags

Being married is all about having great life experiences with the other person. As a result, married couples fly all over the world looking for new adventure. The only problem is keeping track of their baggage. Now, though, Leather Made Nice thinks it could have found the answer: leather luggage tags. These tags can be personalized to say whatever you want, but a cool idea is to have them cross reference each other, making them more lovey dovey. At the moment, the tags are selling on Etsy for around $45.


Mason Jar Cups To Go

Mason jars began as a thing on DIY blogs, but now the trend is all over the internet. Everybody seems to want to experiment with them. As a result, a company called Swiss Miss Closet has come up with “his and hers” mason jars for couples on the go.

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Staying Within A Budget Just Got Easier



It has been a fascinating journey on the road to financial freedom. Learning new ways to save money and trying to stick to a budget can be both exciting and exhausting! In today’s modern society there are so many ways you can lose track and derail onto a course that ends in ruin. Between enjoying theme parks and family vacation time to eating out and celebrating family birthdays or holidays, these are some of our biggest budget busters. Those special memory-making moments can sneak up on you with the cost and become detrimental to your pocketbook – unless you learn to plan ahead and spend wisely!


Make a List and Plan of Action

I’m happy to say that I’ve recently discovered a great new way to enjoy my financial freedom staying within a budget and still getting to enjoy spoiling my family on special occasions. I love to be a giver, and the delight I feel in being able to surprise a loved one or friend is worth its weight in gold (not including the look on their faces when they receive the surprise!) I decided to start organizing my family events and holidays in a planner. It’s actually mentally rewarding to jot down lists of items I’ll need to plan the best surprise gifts, outings, or accommodations and destinations for travel adventures.

A Better Way To Shop and SAVE

The great part is, I can do all of this with the click of a button by visiting any one of my latest discovery sites for saving with coupons! Having the ability to shop around from the comfort of my own home and peek at a variety of places that offer coupons or vouchers for as much as 10, 20, 30, even up to 50% off or more is definitely a plus! That’s certainly a better way for me to be investing my shopping time instead of wasting hours at the mall paying full price on most gift items. This way I know whatever I choose will end up giving my family good value and a fair price to stay within our budget.

Broaden Your Search

There are lots of great bargains out there to grab using coupons online for loads of practical everyday items too! You can find some for getting garden products and lawn care items, to acquiring some pretty impressive coupon vouchers towards buying your next TV.  I’ve learned that sometimes to get the best deals, you need to consider buying from companies not only within the USA, but in many areas around the globe who offer delivery to the US. I’m just happy I don’t feel trapped into spending as much anymore when I want to be a blessing to someone. Shopping from home or on your mobile device is a much better way to go these days and finding the right places to save can mean all the difference.

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Enter to Win a Stay at Duns Castle or a HomeAway(R) Vacation!


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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is coming to theaters on March 17! I am excited to bring you this incredible opportunity for a chance to enter to win some fabulous prizes in honor of the film!

To celebrate Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, we’re giving you a chance to win a stay at Duns Castle for you and 20 guests. Plus, five runners-up could win a HomeAway® vacation.


I’ve been a long time fan of Disney films and of the Beauty and the Beast movie and storyline. This will be such a treat to see the real live action version when it releases in theaters in a just a short time. I’m looking forward to finding out what types of awards this film wins in the coming year too for all the music, costumes, make-up, scenery, and special effects too. Should be a great outcome with such a wonderful script to follow along with it!

How many of you plan to go see it at the theater? Share your thoughts about this cool sweepstakes too in the comments below.

Here is the link to click on to enter. (Disclosure: Please note that I will receive a small monetary compensation when you enter.)

Thanks for visiting love2encourageyou! Enjoy Disney’s Beauty and the Beast film with your family!


Importance of Upholding Marriage Values



Navigating the road of marriage can be difficult. This is even more apparent in light of our modern times. When it comes to upholding traditional marriage values, it’s vital that you work together to make your marriage a happy one. Don’t let your love for each other melt away over time. Marriage can be difficult; there is no disputing that. But, when it comes to upholding your marriage and ensuring that your commitment to each other is unrivaled, there are some things that you need to bear in mind.

Marriage should be an unbreakable bond, a unity between man and woman. Committing to each other, in the eyes of God is not something to be taken lightly.

There are some key things to remember when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, and how you can ensure that your marriage is on the right track.


Loyalty and honesty


Loyalty is imperative in any marriage, whether you are traditional or more modern. Loyalty to each other is the cornerstone of a happy marriage, and it’s vital that you uphold this value to ensure the longevity of your marriage. While people often feel that their relationship has lost its spark over the course of time, it’s important to remember why you are a union. Making the most of each is important. Communicate and talk about your problems. Don’t forget to make time for one another. By doing this, you will ensure that loyalty is upheld in your union.


Viewing your marriage in a realistic way


In the early days, marriage can be exciting and provide a rush. The newlywed phase may wane after a couple of years, but that is no reason to give up on your marriage. What you are left with is an unbreakable bond, loyalty, trust, and intimacy. View your marriage in a realistic way. There may be times where romance is off the cards. Family life is taxing and demanding. But there are ways that you can keep the passion alive. Make time for each other. Send each other small tokens of your affection. Find unique gifts for men and for women, and show your spouse how much they mean to you. Being in a committed marriage means having to be practical. There are times when life will get tough. It’s how you weather the storm and work together as a team. Remember, you are a team, and you need to work together, not against each other. That is what will get you through the more difficult times.


Keeping your faith in marriage
Looking at your common and shared values is important. Your faith should play a significant part of your marriage; after all, your shared values are why you are together. If you cannot remember what these are, take the time out to communicate these. Do you want to accumulate wealth? Do you want to secure a career? Speak to each other about what your shared goals are and make sure that these are in line with your faith so that you don’t lose sight of what is important to you both. It’s important to keep God and faith in your marriage so that you are aware of what the other needs and desires. These values are incredibly important for your marriage, for now, and for the long term.

Share with us how you like to keep your marriage vows alive.  In what unique or helpful ways do you show your spouse you are committed to each other?

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Smiley Happy Children: Top Tips For Healthy Family Teeth



Ensuring your children have healthy teeth throughout their childhood and into their adult life is an important part of being a parent. Anyone that has suffered from a severe toothache will never want their child to experience the same pain. Good practice with regards dental hygiene is something we all want to pass on to our kids, and it can start at a young age.

It’s all in the routine

Developing a brushing and flossing routine while your child is young teaches them that it’s a very normal practice of day-to-day life, and something which can benefit mom and dad too. Cleaning teeth when you all wake up, and again before you all go to sleep, makes it far more difficult to forget, and it cements it as part of their morning and nighttime routines. Allow them to brush their teeth on their own with supervision as they get older, maybe trying to make it into a fun activity too.


Get regular dental checkups

Everyone in the family needs regular dental checkups throughout their life. Not only are they checking for cavities and gum health, but in children, they will check that their teeth are developing properly as infants, that there’s enough room in their jaw, and that there will be no problems further down the line. Taking your child to the dentist from a young age teaches them that there is nothing scary about a dental hygiene check, and so it will help to establish good practices as they get older.


Develop your home remedy repertoire

Teething problems, abscesses, and toothache are common in many households, and sometimes it’s not possible to visit a dental practitioner immediately after onset. Having a repertoire of home remedies allows you to treat painful problems in your kids and yourself without having to necessarily see a dentist. Websites such as are full of great ideas for how to deal with all manner of dental problems with just the things you keep in your pantry.


Keep sugary drinks to a minimum

Avoiding teaching bad habits to kids is one of the best ways to ensure their dental health into adulthood. By offering too many fizzy, sugary drinks, sweets, or chips, not only does it put the health of their teeth at risk immediately, but also in later life. Water or milk are the best drinks, especially while their teeth are still developing, but also as they get older.


Be a good role model

Good dental hygiene habits start really young, and they’ll pick most of their habits up from mom and dad. After all, they look up to you both and tend to want to copy you. If they see you brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing after meals, and drinking water, not soda, they’re going to learn all the right lessons from you as you teach them the importance of good dental health.
Teaching your kids the right lessons for good dental hygiene has to start young. Just remember to practice what you preach, and there’ll be great family teeth all around.

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Four Encouraging Thoughts for College Students










Four Encouraging Thoughts for College Students
Whilst studying at university, there are going to be times where you’ll be in need of some encouragement. University life is not always easy, and when you’re feeling stressed and anxious under the pressure of essays, reports, and exams, there will be times when you might even consider giving up. Here are some points to think about if you’re looking for some encouragement and motivation at college.
You Can Make a Change
Regardless of the degree program that you are studying, your college years are a great opportunity to make a change in your field. Perhaps you’ll discover something important when conducting research or your studies in counseling for substance abuse could help many individuals change and improve their lives. Whenever you’re feeling down about the amount of work that you have to do, one of the best ways to give yourself a boost is to think of all the great things that you’ll be able to do in the world once you graduate.
Improve Your Future
Studying for a degree benefits a range of people – those who’ll you’ll work for or with in the future, and first and foremost, it will benefit you. When you’re feeling like it’s all getting too much for you at college, imagine what your future is going to look like without a college degree – will you still be able to pursue the career that you’ve chosen through an alternative route? Will you have the same earning potential? Often, it’s essential to have a college degree in order to follow many career paths.


Meet New Friends
When studying at college, whether you’re based on campus or studying at home, there are many opportunities to meet new friends and socialize. As social creatures, humans need to interact with others in order to function properly, and no matter how stressed or anxious you are locking yourself away and refusing to speak to people is more likely to make you feel worse. If you’re feeling down about college or lonely whilst studying social work and substance abuse online, remember just how many people there are at college just waiting for you to meet them!
You Can Do This
Many students begin the first semester with high hopes, but by the time it gets to their final year of study, things often change. Practicing self-love is a great way to encourage yourself and give your motivation and self-esteem a boost at the times that you need it the most as a student. For example, being sure to eat nutritious foods and exercise regularly will help you to feel better from the inside out, both mentally and physically, giving you the energy and strength that you need to face your college workload and responsibilities.
At college, encouragement is often needed, as students can quickly become discouraged when under a lot of stress. You can encourage yourself by changing your outlook on student life and being sure to take good care of and nurture yourself.


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