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Ok ladies, here is a product I’ve definately been waiting for! An invention that helps you color only the roots when applying hair color, besides other helpful uses. It’s called: Roots Only. This specially designed applicator comb is the perfect hair color helper for women who always need a hand dying their hair at home. I know I usually try to find a friend who can assist me as its hard when we get older or have a bad back to apply hair color effectively on our own. I don’t have family living close by, so I have to either spend a fortune at the salon to have it colored (which ends up being once a year with my hair looking horrible the rest of the year) or I have to brave attempting to color it myself and hope I do it right. Now there’s a solution to this dilemma…Roots Only! 🙂

I gave the Roots Only applicator comb a try and found it really simple to use! It works great with a variety of liquid hair products! There’s really not that much involved at all. You just unscrew the cap and fill the bottle with whatever product you wish to apply. I’m so thankful for this invention!

Personally, I just love the story behind how this incredible product was born. I encourage you to visit the Roots Only website to read about the birth of this neat product idea. It’s very inspiring! 

Another helpful use of this unique applicator would be when needing to apply medicated shampoos on children for lice. The applicator can also apply liquid oils and other scalp solution products making the Roots Only applicator comb useful for just about any hair type. Our family will mainly be using Roots Only when applying medicated dandruff shampoos on a regular basis (with two regular dandruff shampoo users in the household), and of course for applying the bi-monthly hair color (for mom) to just the roots.

Overall, I’m very impressed with the way this applicator works using the hollow teeth with the holes at the end to apply the color or medicated shampoo right where you need it most. It’s quick and easy to use. I love it! Visit Roots Only and learn more about this amazing product.

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