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I’m so thankful to have the opportunity to introduce to you today – a very smart, sweet and creative lady that I had the pleasure of meeting about a year ago by the name of Lynn Messersmith. She has a fabulous career working as a Scentsy Director and enjoys all the aspects of sharing this wonderful product with the world. I guess you can say she enjoys helping others make the world a sweeter smelling place!

Lynn recently shared with me her story of how she chose to join Scentsy and become a consultant. It is surprisingly similar to others I have heard before. She believed in the Scentsy products and business so much after just learning about it, that she signed up right there on the spot and started her own Scentsy business – before even owning a Scentsy warmer! She just loved the idea of Scentsy! She’s now been a Scentsy consultant since August 2010 and became a Director October 2011! Congratulations Lynn!  Hearing about her experience and that of others has convinced me that Scentsy, as a product and a business, are so overwhelmingly useful and worth believing in – that anyone interested should jump at the chance to join and become a Scentsy consultant. Why not love what you do and enjoy making money at the same time? It’s easy when you can honestly stand behind the products you share.Working for Scentsy just makes sense. 🙂

Scentsy products as a whole are such a neat concept. The idea of being able to improve the mood of the day, or the scent in the air by the simple twist of a button as you turn on a Scentsy warmer and enjoy your favorite fragrance… now that’s a gift! I would know…after three kids and loads of dirty diapers, being blessed by a cute device that safely warms scented wax bricks (without a flame!) and fills my home with the aroma of delicious sweet-smelling fruit flavors – that makes the Scentsy consultant my hero!

My delightful treat to share in a review with you today is the fun and adorable Cupcake warmer by Scentsy! This full size warmer boasts a pretty pastel pink and green cupcake shape that looks simply precious and has lots of warm light shining through the uniformly placed holes on the base when lit. The party atmosphere is ready with this warmer around! It’s just so cute!

I got to try the scrumptious scent of the Snowberry Scentsy bar to place in the warmer and boy was it a hit! Just look at this beaming smile on my daughter’s face! She absolutely loved the excitement of having our own Scentsy Cupcake warmer and enjoyed watching me open up the box and put a piece of the Snowberry scented wax brick in the warmer tray. She was so fascinated with the whole thing. She loves to smell yummy scents like her mom. 🙂 Even the teen boys that come over to hang out with my son noticed the delicious fruity smell and wondered where it was coming from. My husband actually liked it so much that he announced …”I’m activating the Cupcake!” Lol!

I highly recommend both of these products from Scentsy to enhance the scent of the air and the look of your home. They are eye-appealing and smell wonderful! Please stop by Lynn’s Scentsy Store and see what you’d love to purchase for your home. You can also follow her on Facebook to receive updates on monthly specials or announcements on upcoming products being released. Here’s her username: @4everflameless on Twitter if you’d like to follow her there too!

Thanks, Lynn, for a fun time getting to know you a little better and the blessing of trying out some of your awesome Scentsy products! Thank you also, on behalf of my readers, for the amazing opportunity to win a $50 Scentsy Gift Certificate to purchase Scentsy products from you!

Disclosure: I received free products in exchange for a review. My opinions are my own. I follow Ethical Blogger Standards.

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  2. I would but the My Wish solid perfume and a full size doodlebud warmer I think hehe Theres sooo much to choose from, and this is the bring back my bar month so Im a bit torn on what I would get lol


  3. I would buy a Full Size Warmer & im not sure what else! Ive wanted to buy some Scentsy stuff for so long but ive never had the extra money for it! Thank you for the giveaway!

  4. I would get the Wonky Plug-In Scentsy Warmer and the La Paz Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer. And of course would have to get some scents to go with them. Yeah I know it adds up to more than the $50. That’s OK I have been dying to give Scentsy a try. Good excuse to. 🙂

  5. i have been a Scentsy lover for about 2 years now (i even asked for scentsy stuff for Christmas ) i REALLY want to try the solid Perfume and the new crinkle warmer and then some lovely scentsy to smell my house up

  6. I just got a new scentsy warmer but need more scents for it. I’d get some of the fragrance bars or bricks. The home sweet home and clean breeze seem like they’d smell good


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