Chuck E. Cheese in Lakeland, Florida – One of the Best!

It has been my experience over the years that kids need to let their energy out in one way or another and one of our favorite places to do this and still allow the parents to relax is by going to a Chuck E. Cheese. We have tried them in NH, CT, MD, NJ, VA, and FL,  and our hopes are to enjoy this Chuck E. Cheese in Lakeland, FL as our little ones continue to grow. We love their pizza. Their salad bar is always kept fresh and tasty, and the service there is great! We have observed birthday parties there although we have not held one of our own there yet. Each family who did experience it seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

We have been very impressed with this particular Chuck E. Cheese facility as it is very clean, nice clean bathrooms, and I’ve not run into a problem with games malfunctioning or being out of order. They seem to rotate a Chuck E. character to come out during birthday parties or every so often to thrill the kids in the room. Their selection of prizes for the kids to earn with their tickets is phenomenal and always enough to please my excitable 5 year old daughter and even my teen son – he usually gets candy. 🙂

The arrangement is set up great with the playland for the younger ones to crawl around and go down the slide, some easy to enjoy moving  rides for the preschoolers and little tots, and enough big kid games like basketball, race car games, and my son’s favorite – Jurassic Park, to encourage even your preteen to teen children to have a little fun while the family is there.

Overall we give this facility a “10” for top rate service, variety in games, tasty food, and pleasant atmosphere. Hope you can stop by and try them out some time!

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