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Hello dear friends and followers! Let me just thank you for your patience while I’m enjoying vacation time with my husband and children. We are very excited about continuing to build our family relationships and make them stronger each day. Today’s guest post is a fantastic way to learn more tips on this topic. Special thanks to Erika from Prey Species for sharing with us once again! Blessings, Rebecca @ Love2EncourageYou

Life with baby can be pretty hectic,
especially since it’s our first and the learning curve is high. It
feels great to finally be building the family we’ve always dreamed,
but it can also feel almost impossible to carve out a few minutes to
take a shower, let alone time for sharing family togetherness. As a
mom of a 6 month old, I offer the following list of ideas and tips
that my husband and I work towards to keep family first.

1 – Be intentional as a parent and as a spouse. My
husband and I each have a vision of our ideal family life. We have
created a shared plan based on those ideals and have physically
written down a list of goals to enable us to achieve them.

2 – Unplug! In our modern society, we spend a fair
amount of time tuned into the world around us through the news, radio,
TV programs, and computers. My husband and I make the effort to turn
off the electronics; yes, even Facebook and my blog and tune in to
each other.

3 – Make time for your partner without the baby. For
my husband and I, this precious time is often just for a few minutes
while the baby sleeps or plays in the exercauser. We have learned to
take advantage of the moment, because for us trying to schedule
specific time has been more frustrating than helpful.

4 – Share the baby; in good times and bad. We try
very hard to make sure both of us are getting to enjoy being parents
by making certain that we are both spending time with the baby when
she is happy and receptive, not just when she is tired, cranky, or in
need of a diaper change.

5 –Work towards having at least one family meal together
Trying to have a calm and enjoyable dinner at the
table can be tricky, especially with a new youngster on the scene, but
my husband and I have still managed to have dinner together every
evening. There are times we are eating take out on the floor in our
pajamas to accommodate an unhappy baby, but it’s manageable.

6- Take care of yourself. This one took some time
for me to admit, but I’m much better able to focus on the needs of my
family, when I am well rested, well-fed, and healthy.

7- Make family time routine. In the mornings, when
my baby is often at her best, I make sure I take the time to read her
a book or sing her a song. When hubs walks through the door in the
evening I do my best to greet him, baby in arms, with a huge hug and
kiss before spilling out the trials and tribulations of the day.

8-Take responsibility for your own actions and how you
interact with those closest to you.
I have noticed that
when I make my best effort to be happy and pleasant, my husband and
baby are much more likely to be happy and pleasant in return. I can
actually see my little one reading my facial cues!

9 –Find things you can do together even as a young family.
For me, this time is one of the most precious we spend
together as a family. We sit on the floor and roll a ball, take a
walk, or blow bubbles. The resulting laughter and joy is worth the

Not all of these things happen at our house everyday or even every
week. A teething baby, taxes being due, and a shift in my husband’s
work hours can derail our best intentions. Being flexible and not
overly discouraged when we cannot accomplish each of these items has
been the key for us in maintaining our sanity as new parents and not
becoming so overly discouraged that we don’t try again.

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Wishing you joy in parenting and life,

Erika ~ Prey Species

Erika is a writer, entrepreneur, educator, and veterinarian with an
educational background in business, psychology, and physical science.
Her whole world changed the moment she held her first baby in her
arms, and she’s been a full time mama and wife ever since. Prey Species is a blog
focused on enjoying the dramatic transformation from full time working
professional to happy homemaker. Each day is an adventure!

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  1. I think the hardest adjustment is going from zero kids to one. Each addition gets easier! Sounds like you are doing a fabulous job at getting your new life figured out!

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