Kids, Teens and Adults are Wide-Eyed for Wonderworks! Review and Giveaway

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Special thanks to WonderWorks for providing free entry to the attraction in exchange for an honest review.

Smiles, giggles, and wide-eyed wonder is what I observed most in my 6 year old daughter as we took her to visit WonderWorks in Orlando, Florida. WonderWorks has over 100 interactive exhibits that excite both kids and adults alike! Even our teen son and his friend went bolting through the unique spinning tunnel entryway and headed off in anticipation of lots of hands on fun. The atmosphere alone shouts, “relax, stay awhile, and have a good time”.

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As we journeyed through the different floors full of hands on mini-attractions, I witnessed adults with huge smiles and eyes glowing with pride as they competed in some of the various challenges some exhibits offer. The adults were testing their skills both against each other or their own children. Everyone seemed to be having such a terrific time no matter what room I was in or where I turned. There is just so much to do at WonderWorks – you can spend all day there!

WonderWorks MayJune2013 473 WonderWorks MayJune2013 443

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From a Mom’s point of view: I have been to WonderWorks several times now over the years, and I find it is very appropriate for people of all ages. Moms with babies can even bring them along with a stroller if they wish and use the elevator to get from floor to floor if they need to. Personally though, I prefer to just carry little ones thru the rooms and have another adult or older teen there to help take turns holding the smaller child if you get tired. I chose not to bring my 2 year old this time around because we wanted to give some quality time to our two older children during this visit, but there are things younger kids can do if you do want the whole family experience.

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The Bubble Lab is always a big hit for any kid or adult. I’ve watched some 60-70 year olds having fun with the grandkids making huge bubbles too! Come test the Bubble Factory for yourself – it’s addicting! Lol!

WonderWorks MayJune2013 440WonderWorks MayJune2013 429


The Hurricane Hole was very cool! For those of you who have been on it before, you may like to know that they really improved it with some cool enhancements such as a window to view or simulate the rainstorm outside during a hurricane and the tree branches breaking, etc. It made it a much more enjoyable experience.

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Some of the top highlights for my 6 year old daughter were:
– The Bubble Lab
– Disaster Zone (especially Google Earth exhibit)
– The Space Zone (Including the Astronaut Space Suit, Mercury Capsule and more.)
– The Light and Sound Zone (she loved just about EVERYTHING here!)
– The Wonder Brite (Giant Lite Brite)
– The Arcade (especially the air hockey)
– The 4D Theater (We saw/rode the Canyon Coaster)
– And many more!

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She probably spent most of her time in the Space Zone section where she tried out all of the exhibits and was pretending to launch into space inside the Mercury Capsule. Her imagination just soared as she was acting out the sequence for a launch, watched the mini video playing inside the Mercury Capsule, and played the video game simulation. It was hard to get her to leave so another child could have a turn. Lol.

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My 15 year old son and his friend enjoyed the following the most:
– Laser Tag
– Ropes Course
– 4D Theater
– Shooting Gallery
– Arcade
– Wonder Coasters
– The Light and Sound Zone
– Mind Ball
– Tesla Coil
– The Wonder Brite (Giant Lite Brite)
– How Cold Is It? (Titanic)
– Far Out Illusion Gallery
– Bed of Nails
– Disaster Zone (especially the Hurricane Hole)
– Inversion Tunnel

WonderWorks MayJune2013 495WonderWorks MayJune2013 413

WonderWorks MayJune2013 478

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The Tesla Coil was especially fascinating to my teen son as he loves the Medieval time period with gauntlets and such. Having a picture of him getting struck by “lightning” with the Tesla Coil made for a pretty cool picture he thought. 🙂

WonderWorks MayJune2013 396

WonderWorks MayJune2013 392

Anyone up for challenging themselves to some new heights? This is a fantastic ropes course and they have all sorts of safety measures plus a worker up there to help you if for some reason you get nervous. The teen guys were flying through it – they had such a great time!

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WonderWorks MayJune2013 522

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Here are some pics of the teens having a blast doing the Laser Tag! It was so funny as the other kids in their group they were against during the battle were all so young. The younger kids kept coming out from around corners during the game declaring with pride, “I got one of the teenagers! I got him!” Lol. It was very amusing to see the teens trying to be stealth-like and hide from all the little guys.

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XD Theater 4D at WonderWorks: – per their website –

“The XD Theater 4D extreme motion simulated thrill ride featuring three movies—Canyon Coaster, Haunted Mine and Robotics on Mars—will be featured on a rotating schedule throughout the season.

The 12-seat theater takes visitors along on an amazing adventure that transcends time, space and imagination by combining the 3D film with special effects and full motion seats.

Guests enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience created by a variety of motion simulation that ranges from subtle sensations to intense vibrations. All combined, the XD Theatre 4D experience virtually transports audience members from their theatre seats into the big-screen action and adventure.

*Must be 40″ tall to ride.”

We had a total blast riding the 4D theater with the Canyon Coaster movie. My daughter joyfully said after it was over, “Again, again!”

WonderWorks MayJune2013 529

WonderWorks MayJune2013 507

We’re looking forward to going back again soon and having a chance to ride one of the other two movies they offer on a rotating basis. This one was so much fun! You’ve gotta try it! 🙂

If I had to wrap up this review with just a few main thoughts, it would be to encourage you to plan on spending the day or at least several hours at WonderWorks to make the most of your visit. You really should allow yourself to spend quality time there with your children and try to be a kid yourself as you enjoy the fun and family style entertainment together that this unique attraction has to offer. There is plenty to do and loads of smiles and laughs along the way. 🙂 I highly recommend WonderWorks to all my readers. Stop by on your next vacation to Florida!

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23 thoughts on “Kids, Teens and Adults are Wide-Eyed for Wonderworks! Review and Giveaway”

  1. Wonderworks sounds absolutely incredible! So many different fun activities. If I were a kid I wouldn’t know what to do with myself or what to do first! All the photos are great! They look like they’re having the time of their lives.

  2. Seemed like a very interesting place to visit and discover wonders of what things are out there! Thanks for sharing this! I would love to visit the place someday!

  3. My son loves the bed of nails (we’ve been to the Pigeon Forge location but would love to go to the Myrtle Beach one next).

    1. That is a pretty cool interactive exhibit. My son loved it too. I hope you get to visit the one in Myrtle Beach. That would be great! I’d love to compare them all myself sometime. The Orlando one is wonderful!

  4. I’ve lived just a few miles away from WonderWorks (in Orlando) for nearly 10 years now, and I never knew all the cool things this place has. The Bubble Lab looks so much fun.

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