Take Advantage of Every Moment With Your Kids


Isn’t it wonderful to be a parent? We are so blessed each and every day with all sorts of incredible opportunities to give love, guidance, snuggles and hugs, and at times – even discipline (when needed) to help mold the character of our children as they grow and learn to be respectful members of society. Being a parent is sometimes a tough road, but we need to keep focused on all the joyful, happy moments of being together that parenting offers.

Take Advantage of Every Moment With Your Kids

Just yesterday, I was absolutely exhausted as I went through the day giving instructions, bathing the kids, cleaning, cooking, guiding their actions as they squabbled or argued over something, and tried to help give their dad a fantastic Father’s Day. Somewhere during the chaos of these moments, I caught a quick glance at my youngest sitting quietly looking disappointed and I jumped at the chance to make his day. His favorite thing in the world is to read with mommy. He loves books and truly enjoys learning to read himself as he improves little by little every day! Giving him the choice to come snuggle with me and read his newest phonics books collection from Lego called Lego City Phonics, I saw the beaming smile I love jump right back on his face! These are the moments I treasure!


Give Quality Time and Attention

It is so worth it to me – no matter how tired we are, to give of ourselves – to our families and children – with all we have and offer them the life they always dreamed with parents THAT CARE. It doesn’t have to a life filled with riches, big house, lots of cars, lots of toys, or fancy vacations – all our kids usually want out of us is QUALITY TIME and ATTENTION. Really! Ask any child of yours what they treasure most from you – it’s most likely going to be that you truly listen to them, snuggle with them or give hugs and kisses, play games with them, act goofy with them and make them laugh.


Even Teens Crave One on One Time

Do you have a teen?  Even the teens crave one on one time with you whether you realize it or not. Anytime they try to show you a meme on Facebook they think is funny, want to share a game, trading card, or video on YouTube they love, or want to have you read a short passage from a book they’re reading – it’s all extremely important that you stop what you are doing and give them your full attention! When it comes to teens – it’s also extremely important to them that you love them unconditionally and show them respect in return.


Work Can Wait 5 Minutes

These are those moments – your chance to show your children (no matter their age) that you truly love them and that what they have to say, or what they desire to do with you is MORE IMPORTANT to you than anything else in the world. Work can wait 5 minutes. Dishes can wait 5 minutes. Your favorite show on TV can definitely wait 5 minutes (or til the next week when you can watch it free on the computer). NOTHING is as important as giving your kids the TIME and ATTENTION they deserve RIGHT NOW. If you see an opportunity or are offered a quick moment for snuggle time, coloring time with them, game time, sharing favorite quotes or funny memes with your teen – you JUMP to the chance!

Trust me… you’ll thank me in a few years for all the warm and happy memories you shared and the relationship you have with your kids will be that much closer because they know YOU CARED enough to stop and SPEND TIME with THEM. Our children are precious! We as parents need to recognize those special moments when life can WAIT and our kids deserve every ounce of our attention and love.

Tell me… what are your favorite parent/child memories where you stopped everything and went out of your way to give your kids the time and attention they deserved? Share with me in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you!

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