11 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Feel Body Confident After Having A Baby

It’s sad to hear that most new moms take 18 months till they feel happy with their body after giving birth. They worry about the excess fat around their stomach and hate the way their breasts change. But it’s normal for your body to change after you have a baby. After all, it’s gone through a traumatic experience, and you should be proud of what it managed to do when you look at your little one. Here are 11 pieces of advice you need to feel more body confident after having a baby.


You could buy a new wardrobe


It’s most likely time to go shopping for a new wardrobe as a way to feel more confident after giving birth. It can put a smile on your face and you will feel a lot more confident in a new outfit that fits your current body shape. There’s no point putting yourself under pressure by trying to fit in your old clothes. You will just feel disappointed when trying to wriggle into your small jeans. You may get back in them one day, but for now, you need to buy some bigger sized clothes. You can go for new styles which will fit your new figure well. Find something to flatter your new curves and show off your personal style. You will also need to buy some bigger shoes in most cases. Studies have found that pregnant women tend to go up a foot size which tends to stick after they have given birth. Therefore, splurge on some cute new heels in a comfortable size which will help you to feel more confident.




You should get a supportive bra


It’s common that your breasts will change after giving birth. They will be painful and will hurt if they are not properly fitted in a good supportive bra.  Therefore, a supportive bra is a necessity for new moms who have given birth. You will also feel a lot more comfortable and feel good in something which fits you well. Therefore, you should also consider getting a supportive nursing bra which will help to reduce your back ache and ensure you feel comfortable during these tender months of nursing or breast feeding. It’s easy to feel down because your breasts don’t look the same as they did before you gave birth. But you need to try and accept your new breast size, stretch marks or other factors resulting from the blessing of pregnancy and birth. You should probably throw away your old bras, and buy some new ones to help you feel happier and more confident about the future. If you do feel down about your body’s changes in the breast area and continue to have concerns, some specialists advise considering a breast lift if the breasts have sagged, or even a reduction if they are now too big. You can talk to clinics for more information such as info from Roxy Plastic Surgery, to see if surgery could be right for you.


You should stop comparing yourself to other moms


New moms often find themselves looking in envy at other mom’s weight loss after giving birth. We are surrounded by pictures of women on social media with their post-baby body. Celeb ladies seem to lose the baby weight within a couple of months. However, you need to remember every woman’s body is different, and you need to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to focus on losing the weight healthily over time. As this article says, you will feel a lot more confident about your body if you stop comparing it to other moms!


You need to watch your diet


You can feel a lot more body confident if you start watching what you are eating. If you are eating unhealthy foods, it will just make you feel worse about how you look. You should stick to eating healthy foods which will help you to lose weight and give you clear skin. Eat a high-nutrient diet which will make you feel and look good. With little time as a new mom to make breakfast, you should start enjoying fresh smoothies and juices every day. They will ensure you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins to make you look and feel good. Avoid fad diets which will just make you feel worse about your body when you don’t lose a large amount of weight quickly. Just start eating healthily to lose weight in a realistic way.


You should go for a haircut


You will be surprised to know how a haircut can make you feel fantastic after having a baby. You should book in for an appointment and get your partner or parent to take care of your baby. Getting a trim will ensure all dead ends are removed and you are left with luscious locks. You will feel a lot happier with your whole appearance if your hair looks beautiful. Even if you can’t afford to go to the hairdressers, washing your hair at home with a good quality shampoo and conditioner will help you to feel better. You should also ensure you have a good tub of dry shampoo at home. That way, you can give your hair a boost, before you have visitors to see your little one in your home.


You could consider a fake tan


Getting out in the sun will help you to feel a lot more body confident. You will get a healthy glow which will ensure your skin looks fantastic. But if there is no sun, you could consider getting a fake tan. As this feature explains, it will not only give you a glow, but it’s also excellent for covering your stretch marks. You will feel a lot more confident if you can’t see them when you are wearing clothes. You can head to a salon for a tanning session, or you can get a product which you can use at home.


You should get some skin care products


You will know that a woman’s skin gets a lot worse when they are pregnant. You can experience breakouts which just keep recurring during the pregnancy. After having a baby, you need to get some good skin care products to help boost your body confidence. You should get a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer which you can use to hydrate your skin and get rid of acne. You should also cleanse your face twice a day to help it glow. With healthy looking skin, you will feel a lot more confident after having a baby.


You should love your new features  


A lot of women dislike their body after they have given birth. They hate their new stretch marks and the size of their stomach. But you need to try and love your new features if you want to feel body confident after having a baby. Embrace your marks as they show that you have become a mother. You need to be in awe of yourself and proud of your new body. You might never have had the chance to have a somewhat larger sized chest before, so enjoy the new feature while it lasts!


You should start some simple exercises


Doing some exercise feels impossible when you have a newborn to look after. But it doesn’t need to be strenuous to be impactful to your body. You should go for a walk around the neighborhood with your baby. You will be surprised that you will feel a lot more confident and happier with your body after. As this article explains, exercise releases good endorphins which will make you feel a lot happier about your body. It will also help you to lose the baby weight over time so that you can love your body again. You could even go to baby yoga which will mean you can exercise while having your baby with you!

You should listen to your partner


It’s a sad fact that nearly half of women feel less confident in front of their partner after having a baby. They try and hide their body when getting changed and ignore compliments from their partner. But to feel body confident after having a baby, you need to listen to your partner. They will love your new body and will be proud of what you went through to have their child. It can be a great boost for your self-esteem when you get compliments from them. So spend time with them and accept their compliments and you will soon feel a lot happier with how you look.


You could head to the spa or have some treatments at home


After having a baby, you are so worried about looking after your little one that you have no time to look good. Therefore, to help you feel a lot happier with your looks, you should arrange a spa day. Go with a family member and spend a few hours at the spa. You can have a quick facial and a massage. You will come out feeling like a new woman. If you can’t find a babysitter, you should complete some treatments at home. You could make a face mask which you can use at home to keep your pores clear.




Remember not to put yourself under too much pressure to look good after having a baby.

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4 thoughts on “11 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Feel Body Confident After Having A Baby”

  1. It always feels good to hear compliments such as wow your looking nice since your babies born keep up the great job but always make time for yourself if you dont you will feel trapped.

    1. That’s good advice, Mary. I agree it’s always sweet to receive compliments after having a baby. Our bodies go through such big changes – everyone needs to have that reassurance they still look beautiful after giving birth, and they really do! Becoming a mom is one of the most exhilerating and rewarding experiences of my life. Now with three (ages 18, 9, and 5) I can definitely say I’d never change a thing. 🙂 Tag back!

  2. It doesn’t help that Hollywood moms seem to lose that excess baby weight so quickly. It puts unrealistic expectations on us normal people. Tag You’re It.

    1. Oh yes, I know that all too well. Mine fell off with the first two, but this third baby did me in for good. lol. At least hubby doesn’t mind the curves. 😉 I suppose if I made an effort to work my abs more I’d feel a little better, but overall I am content with my blessings of children and the new womanly figure that having children brings. It goes with the territory. We all have to accept and be happy with our bodies as they go through sooo much stress when having children. We certainly don’t need to give ourselves unneeded stress after having them trying to worry about why our body won’t go back to the way it was. Just embracing our new look is fun in and of itself! I’m all for a few new pieces for my wardrobe. Right? 🙂 Tag Back!

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