5 Tips To Make Your Morning School Routine Easier


5 Tips To Make Your Morning School Routine Easier

Well, it’s that time of year again. Summer is almost over and the school year is about to begin. Chaos is abundant as your kids are dreading the beginning of school. All is not lost! Here are some tips to make the kids’ morning routine easier once school starts.


1. Lay out their clothes the night before. This makes it so much easier in the morning. Instead of worrying about what to wear, they can just focus on getting ready.


2. Make sure their schoolbags are ready. Make sure all books, writing utensils and, most importantly, their homework is already in their bag. Also, make sure the bag is easily accessible and available for a quick grab on the way out the door to school.


3. Have breakfast ready when they wake up. Getting breakfast prepared BEFORE they get up is a good thing, believe me! By having it already ready, you are not rushing around trying to make breakfast and get them ready at the same time.


4. Make lunches the night before. I know not everyone takes their lunch to school anymore, and that is ok. However, for those of you that still send a lunch to school with your kids, save some time and make the meal before you go to bed the night before.

5. Stay positive! A positive attitude can help set the right tone for your child’s school day. If you help start the day on a positive note, they will be in a better mood to get through the rest of their busy day – and so will you.


With these morning tips, your child’s day should get off to the right start. Plus, it will help keep you sane! Hope these tips help and have a blessed day.

Guest Post by Melleigha Nichols


Melleigha “Mia” Nichols is the owner of Social Media by Mia, a social media management company specializing in helping owners of multiple companies with their social media needs. She also has a product review site, Mia’s Product Reviews, and will be launching a family oriented blog soon.

When not working diligently for her clients or writing guest blog posts, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their many fur babies at home in Missouri. She also enjoys crafting and making jewelry in her spare time to keep her hands busy. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. Proverbs 16:27

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4 thoughts on “5 Tips To Make Your Morning School Routine Easier”

  1. Today was the first day of school and the kids and I made it through it. I have also found that life is much easier if we follow a routine . Tag You’re It.

    1. Yay! Congrats on making it through the first day of school! I hope they all had a great experience and enjoyed making new friends, seeing old friends again, and meeting their new teacher. Tag back!

  2. I’ll take the lunch packing one step further and say Pack Your Lunches a Week Ahead! When putting away groceries , go ahead and take an extra 5-10 mins to make and pack a few special lunches and stick them in the freezer. Most things like sandwiches and cut fruit can be grabbed right out of the freezer in the morning and by lunch they are ready to eat! Tag, you’re it!

    1. Love that idea! I’ll have to try it for my teen son and hubby. I like to do what you suggest and take those extra minutes after grocery shopping and use the non-perishables like crackers, pretzels, dried fruit or nuts and set them aside in prepared snack baggies for lunches. I also do that to mini carrots, grapes and other fruits or veggies and have them stored in a drawer in the fridge until ready to grab and put in their lunch. Tag back!

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