Winter Fashion Trends For Men – Keep Him Trendy When It’s Cold


Arguably, there are two ways in which men go through the winter months of the year: There are the men who rely on their old jumpers and the Norwegian hand cream that they got for Christmas the year before, and those who hope for the best and wear tight tee-shirts all year long. Often, while women know how to adapt their fashion to wear the appropriate clothes to survive the colder months, men tend to care a little less about it. But thankfully, you can help your male partner, friend or relative to face the cold months in style with these few tips. Why not find your inspiration for a useful and beautiful Christmas gift in here too?

Invest In A Warm Coat

It is not uncommon for many men to continue to wear their fine leather jacket or their favorite denim as sole protection as the snow covers everything in a white coat. Fortunately, the fashion trends for the winter season 2016/2017 are heavily inspired by outerwear so that every man should find a coat to their liking. The 1980s bomber jacket is back and is now fully embellished for a slightly edgy touch. For those who prefer more classical shapes, the duffle coat is the most popular coat this season, and it has the advantage to keep everyone warm and cozy. From standard colors in dark blue, gray or black, to more vibrant shades such as copper or green, for example, the duffle coat is flying on a wind of renewal and original classicism that will please many trendsetters.


Buy Him Specialist Skin And Beauty Care

Men’s skin is sensitive and can get very raw with the winter cold. Often, shaving can irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to suffer from cold temperatures and the wind, leaving the face very red and sore. Thankfully, you can find in shaving balms that are full of vitamins to moisturize the skin and protect it in winter. If you are looking for serious advising on shaving care and products, you should pop into your local barber in town to discuss the different products Also, if your man is not a shaver, this is no excuse not to protect his facial hair against the cold. Use the opportunity to review beard oil with an expert barber to find the product the best adapted to his needs.


A Cozy Alternative To The Christmas Jumper

The winter season has brought many trends for men so that everyone will be able to find a style that fits their personality. For the young and dynamic man, layering a shirt or a long sleeve top with a knitted polo shirt is the best way to keep insulated as the temperature dips. This is also perfect to make a bold color statement with a sometimes a little dull office wear. For the man who prefers to wear jumpers, the revival of the 1970s roll neck jumper is still very trendy. Don’t worry if he doesn’t like the feeling of a tight collar around his neck. Funnel necks have made a stylish arrival in the winter fashion: They look at their best combined with a tight pair of jeans. Why not review some of the essential knitwear fashion for men?

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