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Apply for HOLIDAY TWEET FEST in OCTOBER and November!

Did you know that there’s a quick and easy way to get your product in front of tens of thousands of possible new customers this holiday season? Imagine a Holiday Gift Guide of endless Tweets and Giveaway Fun! Thousands of followers on Twitter follow my tweets everyday @choosingtolive and with our strategic approach to introducing new products, sharing reviews, and announcing fun giveaways in an exciting and creative way this holiday season, you’d be doing yourself a favor to get on the awesome line up for our first annual HOLIDAY TWEET FEST!

Hurry! This fabulous launch of tantalizing tweets will be going live on October 1st through November 31st sharing high quality products, tasty treats and freebies, irresistible giveaways to enter, and a LIVE Twitter Party showcasing some of the exciting giveaways and special discounts available just for my readers! Have something cool in mind to include in our HOLIDAY TWEET FEST event? Contact Rebecca at today and lets get your idea in motion!

Love2EncourageYou is currently accepting applications for inclusion in our HOLIDAY TWEET FEST for any family friendly products or services from companies around the globe. Prices are listed below:

$5 Paypal: GIVEAWAYS or DISCOUNT TWEETS – one tweet sharing a giveaway item or discount of 15% or more to your product or service. MUST include #Ad in character count. (Bloggers are welcome to submit tweets to their holiday gift guides!)

$10 Paypal: YOUR CHOICE – one tweet with optional image and link sharing your wording about your product of choice

$25 Paypal: TWITTER PARTY mention – two tweets of your choice for inclusion in Twitter Party to be held on Friday, November 17th from 9pm to 10pm EST and inclusion in our list of participating sponsors in a follow-up article to be posted on Love2EncourageYou blog and tweeted the next day.

$50 Paypal + $10 Gift Card: TWITTER PARTY SPONSOR4 tweets about your company, product, or giveaway and 1 main tweet included as a mandatory RETWEET by followers entering to win the flash giveaway prizes for the end of Twitter Party. Your company will also receive inclusion at the TOP of our list of participating sponsors in a follow-up article to be posted on Love2EncourageYou blog and tweeted the next day.

$50 Paypal + Review Item: VIDEO REVIEW – YouTube, Blog Post & 2 TWEETS – Your family friendly toy/game/tech or other review item will be video reviewed on a date in October to be shared on YouTube and inserted in a Blog Post and then shared in 2 TWEETS on Twitter. Add 2 shares on Facebook and 1 on Instagram for an additional $15. (You are responsible for shipping a full size item to review which is mine to keep and cannot be returned along with payment through Paypal for options you choose: $50 or $65. Payment required in full in advance of review. All items received will be reviewed and posted during the months of October and November. Items arriving before the Twitter Party on October 20 will be posted immediately. Most items must allow up to 1 week for review.)

How to Apply for Holiday Tweet Fest: Send your interest email to Rebecca at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your support of Love2EncourageYou. 10% of all proceeds will be going to help various local charities.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou is reaching out to help needy families and other local charities this holiday season. Therefore 10% of all proceeds from the sales at Holiday Tweet Fest will be used to purchase items to be a blessing to these families and charities.  Your advertising purchase is appreciated.  Any review items received by Love2EncourageYou are only accepted if they are family friendly and if they match the interests and needs of my family and audience here at Love2EncourageYou. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own. However, I believe everything I share has value in the eyes of my readers. Be safe and healthy this holiday season and count your blessings.

SuperiorMaker Door Stops and Furniture Pads Come In Handy


Let me introduce you to some of the best doorstops I’ve ever come across! This may sound strange to some of you, but for those of us that have needed them in the past or in the present, you’ll want to stick around and read more.  After years of teaching in the Christian schools and daycare centers, I have come to love useful things such as doorstops. These are SuperiorMaker door stops. I have found they give you the best possible non-slip grip and are extremely effective.

One of the larger doorstops is in the picture above holding the weight and pressure of a heavy school door from a local private school.  You can just plop the doorstop down on the floor and the door will instantly be caught within the doorstop when it leans against it.


These SuperiorMaker doorstops are also very light weight which is a bonus because other styles sometimes feel very heavy to pick up like you are lifting a brick. I’m impressed with the hollow interior and ridged bottoms for that extra non-slip protection. It helps give that light weight feature which is a big plus.


The floors we tested the SuperiorMaker Door Stops on were shiny, waxed floors and the door stops stood up to the test perfectly giving a flawless performance of durability, strength, and non-skid/non-slip ability. This test was performed on both the large doorstops and the smaller, thinner doorstops and both met our expectations and exceeded them!


The smaller door stops worked well holding the doors open to actual classrooms. These doors are not quite as heavy as exterior doors and main hallway doors we tested the larger doorstops on, but the smaller doorstops were able to withstand the weight of the classroom doors just fine. We enjoyed being able to donate the smaller and larger doorstops to our local private school after doing this review.


Do you know someone who needs doorstops that are reliable and can withstand the weight and pressure of both lightweight and heavy fire-strength doors? Check out the links below and purchase some as gifts this holiday season for your own home, office, or local school as a blessing they won’t refuse. They’ll love these high quality doorstops that are practical and well worth the economical price.

You can buy SuperiorMaker Doorstops or Furniture Pads in a variety of sizes on Amazon:
4 pack Small Doorstops
3 pack Big
100 pack furniture


The furniture pads made by SuperiorMaker are just as effective as the doorstops they produce. I was more than pleased with how easy they were to use and apply. Many homes, offices, workplace showrooms, and other locations have great need for furniture pads – especially if the space being occupied is rented or leased. Protecting the floors is a must. Grab a pack of 100 furniture pads from SuperiorMaker today and relieve your troubles or worries of damaging the floors. You’ll have it all covered safely with the variety of sizes and shapes to choose from to get the job done and keep the floors safe and unmarked by furniture scuffs.

Love2EncourageYou received a free pack of both size doorstops in exchange for an honest review. I only review items that are of value or interest to my family or my readers.

Giving Soaps: Amazing Scents That Make Perfect Sense


It’s time to launch our Holiday Gift Guide 2016 and I can think of no better way to do so than to introduce you to this absolutely AMAZING company called Giving Soaps and their line of bath/spa products! Not only are the products offered completely awesome, but the fact that 20% of their profits goes to charity is a HUGE plus in my book!



This is a company based in the USA that uses all natural ingredients so you know they are safe and gentle for your skin. They pride themselves in staying plastic free (which I’m all for!) and have committed to using reclaimed boxes with shredded recycled paper for packaging filler to protect the products during shipment. This means you have a “Made in the USA” small business with lots of spunk and creativity that is loyal to using 100% plant-derived ingredients (natural) and staying as GREEN as possible to help the environment. The owner appreciates each and every purchase and goes out of her way to put a personal thank you note in every order.



Giving Soaps are amazing scents that make perfect sense and allow you to give in more ways than one this holiday season! When you purchase Giving Soaps products to give as gifts to friends, family, coworkers and loved ones – you are actually giving an incredible gift TWICE! The receivers are both the person you gift the item to, AND the charity that will be blessed to receive 20% of the purchase price! My daughter is in LOVE with these products and was so thrilled when I gave her the Jasmine lotion as an early 10th birthday gift!


These scent-sational soaps, lotions, balms, essential oil blend rollers, and other accessories are all fantastic gifts from Giving Soaps that I personally highly recommend to give to anyone you know or care about. If only there was a way you could lean closer to your computer screen or mobile device and scratch and sniff the powerful and lovely aromas coming from these soaps and lotions! You would be smiling from ear to ear just like I am after taking a whiff of the heavenly scents! I truly love them all!


My top favorites are the Jasmine lotion, Cinnamon and Almond soap bar,  and the Anything Balm that smells a lot like Pumpkin Spice!  The Pictures are just not enough to do these tantalizing bath products proper justice.  Check out some of the other exciting products and what’s to come on their Facebook page!


The friendly and playful aromas of each individual product were carefully planned and created to help you enjoy the entire experience of using these personal hygiene cleaning products and home health remedy alternatives. I can’t imagine anyone using these products and not feeling cleaner, calmer, relieved, uplifted, or energized.


The soap bars have a good lather, and they leave my skin feeling very clean – on top of smelling fresh and yummy all day! I can still smell the beautiful aroma of the Hibiscus and Orange on my hands right now – hours later after washing them this morning!


It is with great pleasure that I announce: Giving Soaps has offered to do a giveaway in November from their incredible product line! Stay tuned to Love2EncourageYou for more details on the launch of this exciting event! We’ll be having an interview with the creator of Giving Soaps and doing the giveaway for one lucky reader! YOU can enjoy being a part of the interview process by commenting below with any questions you may have about the product line, scents used, ingredients, story behind the brand, and how the money is donated. Help us give a warm welcome to Giving Soaps as one of our featured sponsors in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Don’t miss updates on all their social media channels at Giving Soaps and at Love2EncourageYou regarding upcoming events for the giveaway, interview, and other fun facts about the brand and their deliciously scented soap products!

Facebook – Giving Soaps

Pinterest – Giving Soaps

Instagram – Giving Soaps

Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!
Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!


You can contact Giving Soaps at or call 562-367-5608 to ask questions or place an order. Please let them know you found them at Love2EncourageYou. Remember to support worthy small businesses like this one on Small Business Saturday coming up on Saturday, November 26.

**Are you a sponsor interested in promoting your brand in front of the readers here at Love2EncourageYou? Visit our Holiday Gift Guide page and contact Rebecca at for more details to get started today! Affordable pricing and lots of fun events to get plugged into!

22 Helpful Ways to Give Hope in a Crisis


Our Thoughts Are With Orlando

There are times like these when I wish I had unlimited resources to be a shining bright light or blessing in the lives of those I don’t even know. The world is going through so many tragic and horrible circumstances and trials – even in my own backyard of Orlando. In this week alone,  we’ve felt the unbelievable sadness that continues to unfold for all these families as the world mourns the loss of 50+ individuals who were murdered by a terrorist or hate crime act at an Orlando night club and left 50+ others injured fighting for their lives as well. Then just a few days ago we’ve seen the devastating horror story of a 2 yr old boy killed by an alligator attack at a local resort theme park. These nightmares are very real for these families and it pains me to not have the means or opportunity to help them.

Have You Ever Wished You Could Help Others In A Crisis?

It got me thinking though. How often do people feel helpless when sincerely wanting to assist and comfort those going through a difficult trial or tragic crisis? I’m sure we all feel that way! I prayed about all the ways I know  of and have used in the past to help others and bring hope and a blessing to their lives during difficult circumstances. You’ll find a bunch of them here today in the list below. May they guide you to giving HOPE to someone in need.


Maybe you know someone locally going through a serious crisis like this, trauma, health issues, job loss, or loss of a loved one? Know that you have the ability to help get involved in one of these families lives and encourage, support, and comfort them in a critical moment in their lives. As Christians, we have the blessing of hope that comes from knowing Christ as Savior and Lord. Be that light of hope to others today and find a way to share God’s love in a real way in someone’s life who isn’t going to reach out to you – you have to recognize their need and reach out to them.


22 Helpful Ways to Give Hope in a Crisis

Here are 22 practical ways to give hope and help to someone in need during difficult or tragic circumstances:

  1. Pray for them
  2. Be a listening ear and let them talk through what’s happened
  3. Text, call, or email them and let them know you are praying for them and are available to help in any way. Don’t expect them to respond. Sometimes just knowing others are thinking of them is enough and they may not have time to respond to hundreds of messages right away
  4. Bring them a meal or dessert
  5. Bring paper products (the basics) such as toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, paper/plastic cups, plastic cutlery
  6. Send a card or deliver in person and put your phone number and email offering them to contact you if they need ANYTHING
  7. Offer to babysit their kids so the adults can get a nap, mental break, run errands etc. without kids in tow, or go on a much needed date with their spouse or partner
  8. Offer to treat them to lunch or a movie with you to get out of the house and take their mind off things and unwind for a short breather
  9. Donate funds to any Go Fund Me account set up to help support the family during a tragic event or health crisis
  10. Offer to help create a Go Fund Me account on their behalf if they have not made one already
  11. Send an encouraging devotional or Christian book, Christian DVD, or Christian music CD from your local Christian book store or online store. Attach a note or tell them to specifically read a certain chapter you liked, or particular song from the CD that will personalize it for them and encourage them to take the time to watch/listen/or read the item. This can help give hope straight from God’s word through the book/DVD/CD without quoting them scripture directly yourself if that is something that makes them uncomfortable (which may happen with someone who is a non-believer or if they are angry with God at the moment from misdirected anger due to the circumstances surrounding them.)
  12. Send flowers, or deliver a home-made gift of baked goods to bring a smile
  13. Offer to come over for a cup of coffee and a chat, but show up with cleaning supplies prepared to clean their house for them, lawn care equipment prepared to mow their lawn and trim hedges or edge, bring groceries and offer to cook them a meal
  14. Bring already prepared meals marked with labels and instructions for heating to put in their fridge or freezer to get them through a couple of days
  15. Deliver in person or send gift cards by mail for gas stations, and also for fast food restaurants located inside the hospital or near where they live
  16. Send gift cards for a hair cut/color/highlights, a spa experience or massage, a mani/pedi, or other pampering gift/service that could lift their spirits, but they may not normally spend the money on themselves
  17. Give them a Bible if they don’t already have one and a note suggesting where to start reading first
  18. Bible promises books with lists of topical themes and the verses from the Bible that correspond to those topics are a great mini book to carry in a purse or briefcase. These are something  someone could have at their bedside in the hospital to bring hope and encouragement
  19. Invite them to join you for church and offer to take them to lunch afterwards or over to your home for lunch. Let them spend time sharing about the experience they’re going through and really listen for ways you can truly help
  20. Offer to go to their home and feed or walk their pets
  21. Offer to help with clerical services for their home business or assist on their farm if they need it temporarily during this difficult time
  22. When the pain has passed and they are in the time period of healing: Find an appropriate way to make them laugh. Laughter heals – but there is a time for it.  Wait until you know they are ready to receive a welcome distraction from their grief.


“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” – Proverbs 17:22

In Luke 6:31, it shares a great rule to keep in mind with all things. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Think about placing yourself in their shoes. What would you wish someone could come do for you to be a blessing and help you breathe a little easier and comfort you through this terrible time of crisis? If you can relate to what they are going through, I’m sure God will inspire you to come up with many more wonderful ways to be a blessing and give hope and help to the people in your life going through a crisis or trial too. Please share with us in the comments any suggestions you have for people to try in being a blessing to someone during trials. Thanks in advance for your great advice!


Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

The Story Devotional by Max Lucado Offers Light and Hope For Every Day


$5 SALE! The Story Devotional!

Yes, that’s correct – this amazing hardcover book brought to you by the great Christian author Max Lucado is now on sale for a limited time at Family Christian Stores for just $5.00!

Can you believe this amazing value? I’m so thankful for Family Christian Stores! What a fantastic way to encourage someone with a thoughtful gift that won’t hurt the wallet! I also love that with every purchase made, 100% of their profits go towards Christian charities!


I am picking up several of “The Story Devotional” for gift giving this year. Of course they make a fantastic stocking stuffer for your spouse or your mom or dad, but this is not something that you only need to save as a Christmas gift. I use this sort of Christian themed gift to give as a smile, or spot of hope in the lives of those who have recently lost a loved one, are going through a divorce, lost a job, lost a home, recently gone bankrupt, or any other terrible trials.

Life is full of ups and downs, but the kindness and love of a friend during tough times can reap a harvest of a lifetime of friendship. Wouldn’t you love to be there for someone this year no matter what season it is? The Story Devotional book is filled with encouragement and hope. It would also make a great birthday or congratulations gift. I highly recommend stocking up on this tremendous deal and have the resources to encourage many in 2015.


The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People reveals the unfolding, grand narrative of the Scriptures through 31 accessible chapters. Using the clear, accessible text of the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible text, this rendering of the Bible allows its stories, poems and teachings to come together in a single, compelling read.Like any good story, The Story is filled with intrigue, drama, conflict, romance and redemption – and this story’s true!From the foreword by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee:
“This book tells the grandest, most compelling story of all time: the story of a true God who loves his children, who established for them a way of salvation and provided a route to eternity. Each story in these 31 chapters reveals the God of grace – the God who speaks; the God who acts; the God who listens; the God whose love for his people culminated in his sacrifice of Jesus, his only Son, to atone for the sins of humanity.”Features:

  • The story of the Bible – in its own words.
  • Selections from the NIV Bible with short transitions to connect the reader to the continuing story.
  • Events, characters and teachings of the Bible arranged chronologically
  • Timelines of Biblical events
  • New International Version (NIV) Bible text

Product Details:
Ages: 18 & up.
Page Count: 512


Are you attending a family get together, Sunday School party or Homeschool fellowship for Christmas or New Years? Take along this book wrapped and ready for gift giving and put all the adults or older teens names in a hat (18 yrs and older) and have fun choosing a winner at the end of the night as a fun door prize gift!


More Ways To Be A Blessing:

Don’t forget to bless those in nursing homes or hospitals during the holiday this year. We like to visit nursing homes or assisted living centers when we can as it brings such a smile to the faces of those visiting – especially when I bring along the kids. We also like to visit new moms or those having surgery or possibly in others in the hospital due to Cancer or other difficult illness and come bearing a flower, home-made craft or store-bought give that is thoughtful in nature like The Story Devotional book. This type of gift offers others hope throughout the year!

When’s the last time you brought a surprise home to your spouse or decided to bless your pastor or Sunday School teacher? There are lots of great reasons to pick up a copy of The Story Devotional by Max Lucado at this INCREDIBLE price of just $5 at Family Christian stores! Have fun being a blessing!

Feel free to leave a comment and share your creative ideas on ways to use this great book to be a blessing to someone this holiday season or anytime throughout the year.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.


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Great Gift with Character! When the Game Stands Tall DVD #Coupon at Family Christian #Sale

When the Game Stands Tall
Where are all my sports enthusiasts or football fans? We are often watching the big game in this household and I’ve found that our children learn valuable lessons in just observing and asking questions about the game. How many of you just love a great family movie with a lesson that hits home? Here’s your chance to pick up a super gift idea for the special people in your life!
Act quickly and grab a $10 Savings Pass FREE with prebuy purchase of When the Game Stands Tall
Savings pass good toward any purchase Dec. 9 – 24. Some restrictions apply. Not redeemable for cash. For online prebuy purchases, savings coupons will arrive via email release day (Dec. 9).
There are so many great gift ideas available, but sometimes I find it best to give a gift that triggers a heart change, or a character-building moment in the life of the receiver. God blessed me with so many wonderful mentors over the years who helped guide my choices with their love and concern for my future. Some of the many thoughtful acts I remember from them are receiving gifts at the holidays by way of a Christian movie, book, or music . These gifts  would impact my life forever with their lessons on love, faith, hope, and other important topics to strengthen my walk with God and develop my heart to be longing after the Lord and His ways.
When the Game Stands Tall DVD is a true story about love, loss, friendship, and perseverance.A high school team sets a 151-game winning streak under the leadership of coach Bob Ladouceur. But when tragedy strikes, they must find it within themselves to get back up and push forward.Product Details:
MPAA Rating: PG
Run Time: 115 minutes
Released: 12/2014
Catch the spirit of the game with your loved ones and help teach character-building qualities with perseverance, dedication, team unity and hope. Enjoy this gift under your tree or in a stocking this holiday season, and share this wonderful movie with a friend, neighbor or coworker. Would also make a great gift idea for teens to take for gift swaps and pass the gift games in youth group or school functions.

Purchase When The Game Stands Tall on Bluray + DVD for a huge savings! Regularly $40.99 – now on sale for $24.99! Limited Time only, so hurry!

Purchase When The Game Stands Tall on DVD for just $19.99! Regularly $30.99. Price is for a limited time.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Love2EncourageYou received a gift card for sharing this post. However, I only share items I feel have value or would be of interest to my family and my readers.



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Pick Up the Tenth Avenue North – Cathedrals CD and Encourage a Friend!


Come on now … who doesn’t love the group Tenth Avenue North and their powerful Christian music, right? I am just completely thrilled to share with you today the news of how awesome this new album called “Cathedrals” is! A friend of mine had invited me to attend a concert to see Tenth Avenue North recently and I am so bummed I couldn’t go! I would have loved to experience hearing the newest songs live!

However, I did recently pick up a copy of their new cd and I have to tell you – it is fantastic for so many reasons! Their sound, lyric style, voice harmonies, and the very heart and soul of what they are trying to share in this album is very moving and will touch the lives of many who hear it.

From 12/5 through 12/24, you can use the Family Christian coupon to get the CD for an AMAZING deal at only $6.99 and make lots of people smile with joy! I know I’d be super excited to receive it!


With the songs on Cathedrals, Tenth Avenue North encourages us to get off our self-made islands of isolation, to break the chains of shame that have kept us there and to find communion with God and each other. Tenth Avenue North encourages us to realize God’s spirit doesn’t dwell in buildings, He dwells in us – for we are His cathedrals.


Songs on the album:

  • No Man Is An Island
  • Stars In The Night
  • Iesu, Dulcis Memoria (feat. Audrey Assad)
  • Cathedrals
  • I Need You, I Love You, I Want You
  • The Spark
  • Heaven’s Sound
  • Stay
  • We Won’t Numb The Pain/Fire
  • Closer
  • All The Earth Is Holy Ground

Visit Family Christian’s website and listen to a clip of each song or make a purchase!

Tenth Avenue North’s Cathedrals album brings to mind all the truths of God’s promises to be there for us when the going gets rough. We are going to have hardships and tough times in this life, but as Christians we know and believe in the power of God and His everlasting promises to meet our needs. We trust God and realize He shall never leave us or abandon us – no matter how difficult the circumstances may seem. God is always there and we can turn to Him for strength and reach out to His people to give us extra encouragement too.

God calls us to bear each other’s burdens and help make the load a little lighter on all of us. This CD is a great reminder of how much others need us in their lives to be the hands and feet of Jesus – just as much as we need them for fellowship, encouragement and sharing our burdens too. We need to rise to the occasion and be the type of friend in the Lord that others are hoping to find.

Pick up a copy of this cd for someone you’d like to bless Today! This Cathedrals album by Tenth Avenue North is going to be a blessing to the receiver in more ways than you’ll ever know. Don’t forget to use the coupon from Family Christian that either arrived in the mail by their catalog book, or by email if you are a subscriber.  You can really save $ and grab this great cd for just $6.99 from now until December 24th!

Family Christian: When you shop, you give:  100% of our profits are donated to Christian Charities

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Love2EncourageYou will receive a gift card in exchange for sharing this post.


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Support Military with iDisciple App from Family Christian Stores + #Giveaway


I’m so excited to share about this amazing iDisciple App that I don’t even know where to start! Special thanks to Family Christian and iDisciple for the chance to receive a subscription in exchange for my honest review. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to share all the wonderful things offered in this app with my readers today!


Well first of all, I am just busting at the seams to tell you about everything iDisciple has to offer, but I am struggling to figure out how to accomplish that in one post! haha! Just setting up the account and getting to choose 6-12 topics I’m interested in was tough as there are so many wonderful subjects to choose from. You can adjust your top 12 at anytime. For starters, I chose items that pertained to building faith and character in children, parenting toddlers and teens, marriage and developing deeper intimacy with your spouse, the teachings of Jesus, the letters of Paul, topical Bible Study, leadership and delegation, and a few others. A flood of resources on these topics immediately became available at my fingertips with resources to read, listen by audio or watch on video! It’s wonderful!


Narrowing down the field of choices is also accomplished by choosing some of your favorite authors or speakers. There are many of my favorites like Beth Moore, Gary Smalley, Dr. Charles Stanley, Third Day, and others that I was able to add to my list of favorites and then saw their personal works on the topical subjects I chose earlier integrating together for the ultimate experience. It’s so neat!

I immediately dove into reading an article regarding marriage that came up by Gary Smalley called “Making Touch Meaningful”.  His writing is easy to understand, very insightful and Biblical grounded. The iDisciple App and the plethora of media resources available through it willl be super to have on hand to share with my family and friends when I need to refer to something on a particular subject.


I can tell already this is going to be an amazing year of learning and growing. I’m looking forward to discovering all the new, creative ways to raise my children in the Lord, ways to worship the Lord together as a family in new ways, and an easier time managing my business life, and developing higher quality moments and memories with my spouse. My biggest excitement is in deepening my relationship with Jesus Christ and all these super resources within the app are constantly being added that helps bless readers like myself with the ultimate experience in growing in our walk with the Lord.

I’ll be sharing future updates with you as I try all the cool features like iDisciple radio, iDisciple channel (video) and the daily devotionals section (which looks awesome by the way!)


You can get even more excited with me about this delightful app that literally is a touch of heaven to me – by taking advantage of the incredible offer they have right now when you purchase iDisciple app to give as a gift through Family Christian Stores. Starting on December 5th, every purchase of an iDisciple membership from a Family Christian store will gift Military Service Members with a subscription to iDisciple and a Military Bible Stick from Faith Comes by Hearing. There are  many reasons why this is so awesome! The Bible stick is military approved and can be worn while in uniform. It is discreet as well. Thousands of soldiers have asked for this and are on a waiting list. YOU can help them today by purchasing a membership to iDisciple and blessing a member of our military at the same time! Buy the app for yourself, and gift one to your spouse, your mom, a friend, or even your teen! It’s that good – I highly recommend it!

iDisciple App is available for purchase HERE. You can get the app through the Apple iTunes store for iPhones and iPads, or through Google Play for Android. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
Family Christian is offering to give one winner a $25 Appreciation Certificate as the prize in this giveaway!
Date: Dec 5 to midnight on Dec 17.
Location: USA and Canada
Age: 18 or older. Void where prohibited.
Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a subscription in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own. I only share items I feel are of value or interest to my family and readers. This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media site.

Join Us! Help A Girlfriend 2014 Event: Lady of Destination #Giveaway #Charity

HAG flyer


Hello ladies!

Join us for an incredible day of fun, food, shopping, giveaways, and Christian encouragement! Help  support this wonderful Christian charity called Help A Girlfriend by purchasing a ticket for you and a friend to attend this exciting event coming up on Saturday, November 15, 2014. I will be there at the event as well!

Tickets are $15 and include a $5 voucher towards your lunch purchase at the event. Event is located at the Sun-n-Fun Pavillion near Lakeland Airport.

Lots of interesting vendors will be there with booths set up so visitors can relax with some pleasant shopping along with a chance to win a couple drawings for various cool baskets of goodies! Speakers, skit and other awesome programs are planned during the event for your enjoyment. The famous Pass the Pumpkin will be at 4:15pm! Don’t miss this lively game!

Please use the flyer above for details or visit the Family Christian Store in Lakeland, FL to purchase tickets. You may also purchase tickets by calling one of the two representatives on the flyer.

Be sure to support the needy by bringing non-perishable food items or canned goods to donate at the event and be entered in a special drawing!

I look forward to seeing you there! – Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Follow Help A Girlfriend on Facebook for more information.

Enter to win 2 Tickets to the Lady of Destination Event sponsored by See below for details!


Prize: One winner will receive two tickets to the Lady of Destination Event at the Sun-n-Fun Pavillion in Lakeland, FL for November 15, 2014. Sponsored by Help A Girlfriend. $30 value! (Winner’s tickets will be available at the check in desk the day of the event from Belinda Hill.)

Location: Open to US lower 48.

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Date: Starts 10/1 and ends on 11/6 at midnight EST.


Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. Love2EncourageYou and other participating bloggers are not responsible for prize delivery. Winner must pick up prize in person at the event. Love2EncourageYou received compensation to share this post. Special thanks to Family Christian Stores and Help A Girlfriend. However, I only share items I feel would be of value to my family and my readers.

Slugs and Bugs TWITTER PARTY and Sing The Bible GIVEAWAY


You’re Invited to the BIG EVENT!

Slugs and Bugs Twitter Party!!

Join us for an entertaining hour of “faith, family, funny” with Slugs and Bugs lead artist Randall Goodgame! As a former songwriter for VeggieTales, Goodgame has shepherded the Slugs & Bugs brand into a popular resource for families all over the world. You’ll enjoy hearing more about this delightful, family-fun music from Slugs and Bugs, plus have the chance to win some great prizes including cds, dvd, and the Grand Prize: a copy of the newest album “Sing The Bible” and a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

DATE/TIME: Tuesday, October 7th from 9pm-10pm EST
LOCATION: Join us on TWITTER using  hashtag #SlugsandBugs
Hosts: @SlugsandBugs, @Choosingtolive (Love2EncourageYou)
Cohosts: @flfostermom, @Janellcp, @PeaofSweetness

Hooray for “Family” Music

Slugs and Bugs is known for making music the whole family can enjoy together. Sing the Bible with Slugs & Bugs breaks new ground with a collection of word-for-word Scripture songs that is reminiscent of Paul Simon’s Grammy winning mold-breaker “Graceland,” but is also something totally new.
The fourth installment in the popular Slugs & Bugs series, “Sing the Bible” is surprisingly catchy, even without natural rhyme schemes and traditional verse structures. On six songs, Goodgame is joined by the Grammy-nominated African Children’s Choir.  “Alien” (Deuteronomy 14:21), features hilarious spoken dialogue from Sally Lloyd-Jones, best-selling author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, and on “For Us” (1 John 3:16), Goodgame shares lead vocals with his daughter, Livi Goodgame. “Deuteronomy 6:5” includes the surprising vocal contributions of Count Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Wolfman… and some singing bumblebees.  

“These songs were written to help families learn scripture together,” Goodgame says. “My grand hope is that these Slugs & Bugs songs will help fasten God’s word to the heart of all who listen. The musicians on Sing the Bible are some of the worlds best, but they did a masterful job of keeping the focus first and foremost on lifting up Scripture.” 
Goodgame has penned selections for Caedmon’s Call, VeggieTales, Jason Gray and Ginny Owens, among others. Along with award-winning singer/songwriter Andrew Peterson, Goodgame recorded Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies in 2007 to an overwhelming response from parents. Goodgame, who now helms the series, released A Slugs & Bugs Christmas (2010) and 2011’s Slugs & Bugs Under Where?, as well as a Slugs & Bugs Vacation Bible School curriculum before releasing Sing The Bible in 2014. His popular Slugs & Bugs LIVE concert for families tours in and out of the country all year long. 

 A Special Reason to Listen and Make a Purchase…

Slugs and Bugs is giving back. For the entire month of September, 100% of the profits from Sing the Bible sales benefit Restore Academy in Gulu, Uganda. Goodgame traveled there in 2012 and met many graduates that would not be able to afford college tuition. Slugs and Bugs will give a helping hand to next year’s graduates through their September sales of Sing the Bible. Randall shares, “Since college tuition is much cheaper in Uganda, the sale of just 40 CDs could cover the cost of an entire semester. Would you prayerfully consider picking one up for yourself and another for a gift – during September we can help Ugandan children reach their potential while getting some great new music.”
Will you help Slugs and Bugs reach their goal to raise $4,000 to help these students?
Click on this image to listen to clips of the new “Sing The Bible” album. You’ll be convinced!

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Remember to mark your calendars to join us for this exciting coming event: Slugs and Bugs Twitter Party on Tuesday, October 7th from 9pm-10pm EST.

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Prize: One winner will receive the newest Slugs & Bugs album, “Sing The Bible” by Randall Goodgame.

Date: Starts September 26, 2014 and ends October 7th at 10pm EST.

Location: Open to residents in the USA.

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter or other social sites. Love2EncourageYou will ship the prize to the winner on behalf of the sponsor. Other bloggers sharing this giveaway are not responsible for prize fulfillment.