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Beauty Products You Might Want To Avoid

Most ladies like to spend money on the latest beauty products to ensure they always look stunning. However, there are some types of items that can cause a lot of damage, and so it’s sensible to avoid them in most instances. This article will draw your attention towards some of the things you’ll want to consider the next time you head out to your local beauty store to stock up on the latest brands. These items don’t cause problems for everyone, but they can have adverse effects, and that’s why you need to be careful. With a bit of luck, after reading the advice from this page, you will make better decisions in the future.



Perfumed moisturizers


Some people have no issues when it comes to using moisturizers that contain perfume for fragrance. However, those with sensitive skin can sometimes have an adverse reaction to those products. In many instances, they irritate the surface of the skin, and they can even encourage eczema to form. Those who have problems with those items tend to notice red blotches on their skin that can sometimes burn and cause pain. If you have any concerns about products of that nature, just be sure to read all the information on the packaging before using them on your skin. It’s always sensible to use a small amount in a “test area,” and then wait five minutes to see what happens before covering yourself in the cream.


Just be sure to look for moisturizers that say things like:


  • All natural ingredients
  • Perfume free
  • Fragrance free


Shampoo containing sulfate


There are lots of reasons you need to be careful when it comes to the shampoo you use on your hair. Firstly, some products contain ingredients that can damage the hair in many different ways. Items that use sulfate often require some research before you use them on your head. According to writers from sites like, research proves that sulfate can strip the hair of its color damage the hair, and cause skin irritations.


Thankfully, most shampoos do not use sulfate, and so you just need to select a brand that only uses natural and harmless ingredients. The internet is your friend when it comes to discovering the best items and getting the best prices. So, make sure you shop around! Also, be sure to ask your hairdresser about the products they plan to use before letting them loose with your hair. Some professionals know less about this issue than the average lady on the street.


Anything containing formaldehyde


Lots of cosmetics companies use formaldehyde in their products to limit bacteria growth according to That means the beauty items you purchase will stay in good condition for longer than they otherwise would have done. However, apart from being potentially linked to nasal and nasopharyngeal cancers, the chemical can also cause a lot of irritation and adverse effects. Some of the most common products that can contain formaldehyde include:


  • Nail polish
  • Body wash
  • Conditioners
  • Cleansers
  • Eye shadows


So, make sure you always read the small print on the back of the packaging, and never pick up an item if it contains that dangerous chemical.


Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes


According to the National Cancer Institute, many permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes contain more than 5,000 different chemicals. A small number of those ingredients can cause cancer and other illnesses. More than a third of women over the age of eighteen use those products every year, and around 10% of men do the same thing. For that reason, it’s vital that you take the time to research the subject and ensure you never place yourself at risk. Ideally, you should only use products on your hair that don’t contain aromatic amines. That was proven to cause cancer in animals during the 1970s, and experts have many concerns about the effect it has on humans.


As you can see from the information on this page, some of those beauty products on the high-street probably do more harm than good. Considering that, it’s about time we all started to pay more attention to the chemicals we use on our bodies. For whatever reason, most people seem to think that if it’s available at their local store, then it must be safe. Sadly, that is rarely the case, and so we all need to take action to ensure we educate ourselves (and our friends) about the dangers we face. Share this post with people you know, and maybe you’ll save them some pain or discomfort in the future.

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Fall In Love With These “His And Her” Gift Ideas


Buying for a couple can be difficult. What gifts will appeal to both him and her? It’s a challenge that faces many a gift-buyer, but it’s not a difficulty that can’t be overcome. Fortunately, the good people at Etsy, Amazon and a host of other outlets have been working hard to come up with ideas for gifts for both partners, saving you a lot of hassle. Take a lot at some of these cool gift ideas.

Novelty Tea Towel Set

What do couples like to do once they’ve been married a couple of years? The dishes, of course! But the dishes aren’t always a lot of fun. Sometimes they’re downright annoying. That’s why Black Bird Tees, a company that makes tea towels, is trying to inject a bit of humor into the activity. They sell a pair of tea towels: one reads “you wash” and the other, “I’ll dry.” The towels are available on Etsy for around $38.


Personalized Aprons

Tea towels aren’t the only thing that is personalizable in the kitchen. According to a blog post entitled, 20 Wedding Gift Ideas for Under $50 on DontPayFull, you can now get his and her personalized aprons too. Aprons are ideal for couples who seem to spend their weekends doing nothing but baking and cooking extravagant meals. Personalized aprons can be printed with whatever message you like. Currently, they’re on the market for around $50.

His And Her Arrow Signs

Sometimes one partner’s stuff starts encroaching on the space of the other and things can get out of hand. That’s why a personalized his and her arrow set is such a good idea. It’s a clear demarcation of boundaries between one person’s stuff and another’s. There’s all sorts of places these little arrows could go, like in the closet, pointing in the direction of each person’s clothes. The arrows are made by Hoast and Toast and they can be picked up on Etsy for around $64.

Table Mug Set

Table mugs are an obvious way to buy something that’ll suit both him and her and will work as a set. Now a company called Neurons Not Included has come up with an interesting concept, just in case you happen to know a pair of married chemists. The mugs are labeled “HIS” and “HERS” using letters from the periodic table. For “HIS” we have hydrogen, iodine, and sulfur. For “HERS” we have hydrogen, erbium, and sulfur. (What’s erbium?) At any rate, if you happen to know a pair of science-lovers then these mugs are the perfect gift for them. Neurons Not Included are selling their mugs for around $24.

His And Her Money Bank

The piggy bank has been a tradition in families for over a hundred years. But the only problem with the piggybank was that once the money was deposited, you had no way of knowing whether it was yours or your spouse’s. Now though Baker’s Farmhouse has come up with a solution. They’ve come up with a tabletop bank, similar in concept to the original piggy bank, but with two chambers, one for him, one for her.

Each of the chambers has been labeled. The money on his side of the bank is for “fishing,” “hunting” and “nights out with the boys.” The money on her side of the bank is for “diamonds,” “shopping sprees” and “dinners out.” What’s more, the bank itself won’t break the bank. Currently, it’s on sale on Etsy for around $12.

His And Her Mailbox

Perhaps you know a couple who refuses to go paperless. Well, if you do, Retro Getgo Vintage might have cooked up the perfect gift idea. Essentially, it’s a mailbox that’s been divided in the middle, so it has two compartments: mail and “famail.” It’s also made out of carved wood and is on sale for around $20.

Luggage Tags

Being married is all about having great life experiences with the other person. As a result, married couples fly all over the world looking for new adventure. The only problem is keeping track of their baggage. Now, though, Leather Made Nice thinks it could have found the answer: leather luggage tags. These tags can be personalized to say whatever you want, but a cool idea is to have them cross reference each other, making them more lovey dovey. At the moment, the tags are selling on Etsy for around $45.


Mason Jar Cups To Go

Mason jars began as a thing on DIY blogs, but now the trend is all over the internet. Everybody seems to want to experiment with them. As a result, a company called Swiss Miss Closet has come up with “his and hers” mason jars for couples on the go.

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Staying Within A Budget Just Got Easier


It has been a fascinating journey on the road to financial freedom. Learning new ways to save money and trying to stick to a budget can be both exciting and exhausting! In today’s modern society there are so many ways you can lose track and derail onto a course that ends in ruin. Between enjoying theme parks and family vacation time to eating out and celebrating family birthdays or holidays, these are some of our biggest budget busters. Those special memory-making moments can sneak up on you with the cost and become detrimental to your pocketbook – unless you learn to plan ahead and spend wisely!


Make a List and Plan of Action

I’m happy to say that I’ve recently discovered a great new way to enjoy my financial freedom staying within a budget and still getting to enjoy spoiling my family on special occasions. I love to be a giver, and the delight I feel in being able to surprise a loved one or friend is worth its weight in gold (not including the look on their faces when they receive the surprise!) I decided to start organizing my family events and holidays in a planner. It’s actually mentally rewarding to jot down lists of items I’ll need to plan the best surprise gifts, outings, or accommodations and destinations for travel adventures.

A Better Way To Shop and SAVE

The great part is, I can do all of this with the click of a button by visiting any one of my latest discovery sites for saving with coupons! Having the ability to shop around from the comfort of my own home and peek at a variety of places that offer coupons or vouchers for as much as 10, 20, 30, even up to 50% off or more is definitely a plus! That’s certainly a better way for me to be investing my shopping time instead of wasting hours at the mall paying full price on most gift items. This way I know whatever I choose will end up giving my family good value and a fair price to stay within our budget.

Broaden Your Search

There are lots of great bargains out there to grab using coupons online for loads of practical everyday items too! You can find some for getting garden products and lawn care items, to acquiring some pretty impressive coupon vouchers towards buying your next TV.  I’ve learned that sometimes to get the best deals, you need to consider buying from companies not only within the USA, but in many areas around the globe who offer delivery to the US. I’m just happy I don’t feel trapped into spending as much anymore when I want to be a blessing to someone. Shopping from home or on your mobile device is a much better way to go these days and finding the right places to save can mean all the difference.

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Smiley Happy Children: Top Tips For Healthy Family Teeth


Ensuring your children have healthy teeth throughout their childhood and into their adult life is an important part of being a parent. Anyone that has suffered from a severe toothache will never want their child to experience the same pain. Good practice with regards dental hygiene is something we all want to pass on to our kids, and it can start at a young age.

It’s all in the routine

Developing a brushing and flossing routine while your child is young teaches them that it’s a very normal practice of day-to-day life, and something which can benefit mom and dad too. Cleaning teeth when you all wake up, and again before you all go to sleep, makes it far more difficult to forget, and it cements it as part of their morning and nighttime routines. Allow them to brush their teeth on their own with supervision as they get older, maybe trying to make it into a fun activity too.


Get regular dental checkups

Everyone in the family needs regular dental checkups throughout their life. Not only are they checking for cavities and gum health, but in children, they will check that their teeth are developing properly as infants, that there’s enough room in their jaw, and that there will be no problems further down the line. Taking your child to the dentist from a young age teaches them that there is nothing scary about a dental hygiene check, and so it will help to establish good practices as they get older.


Develop your home remedy repertoire

Teething problems, abscesses, and toothache are common in many households, and sometimes it’s not possible to visit a dental practitioner immediately after onset. Having a repertoire of home remedies allows you to treat painful problems in your kids and yourself without having to necessarily see a dentist. Websites such as are full of great ideas for how to deal with all manner of dental problems with just the things you keep in your pantry.


Keep sugary drinks to a minimum

Avoiding teaching bad habits to kids is one of the best ways to ensure their dental health into adulthood. By offering too many fizzy, sugary drinks, sweets, or chips, not only does it put the health of their teeth at risk immediately, but also in later life. Water or milk are the best drinks, especially while their teeth are still developing, but also as they get older.


Be a good role model

Good dental hygiene habits start really young, and they’ll pick most of their habits up from mom and dad. After all, they look up to you both and tend to want to copy you. If they see you brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing after meals, and drinking water, not soda, they’re going to learn all the right lessons from you as you teach them the importance of good dental health.
Teaching your kids the right lessons for good dental hygiene has to start young. Just remember to practice what you preach, and there’ll be great family teeth all around.

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Treat Yourself: Beauty Products You’ll Fall Head Over Heels With


Christmas is over, and Valentine’s Day is firmly upon us, so it seems like the perfect time to treat ourselves or the women in our lives. Beauty products are the perfect gift for ourselves at Valentine’s Day, whether you’re single, or you just fancy something new to congratulate yourself for sticking to your resolutions so far. The beauty market has boomed in recent years, and there’s just so much to choose from now. If you’re looking for a treat for yourself this Valentine’s Day, look no further.

A rich new moisturizer

Our skin has been taking a battering over the winter months. Dry air, high winds, and central heating all cause havoc on our complexion, which is a great excuse to splurge on a rich, moisturizing skin cream to repair all of the winter’s damage. One moisturizer which is guaranteed to put your skin back to normal, and leave the most beautiful natural glow, is Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream. Makeup artists and celebrities rave about it, so it’s definitely worth the price tag.

A romantic palette

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and everything is meant to be romantic and covered in love hearts and flowers, why not choose a new item of makeup that reflects this? Kat Von D and Too Faced have teamed up to bring us the most adorable heart-shaped eyeshadow palette, the Better Together Ultimate Collection. With 12 eyeshadows, an eyeliner, and a mascara, you’re getting loads from your money, and a beautiful product as well.

A floral perfume

Spring is just around the corner, and in the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, why not treat yourself to a beautiful, elegant floral perfume. Maison Margiela’s Replica Promenade in the Gardens is like a stroll through a rose garden in a bottle. Floral notes are great for springtime, and this one particularly will carry all the way through summer with the spiciness of patchouli and sandalwood.

Anything in the sales

To be honest, the reason Valentine’s Day is so great is because most shops still have their sales on, so you can treat yourself without feeling too guilty about the cost. Shopping online for gifts is a great way to make the most of the deals, so have a look at Fingerhut gift ideas, as well as the sites for Bloomingdales and Nordstrom until you find something that takes your fancy, at a quarter of the price.

A spa visit

After the stress of Christmas, you’ve earned yourself a spa visit. A massage, facial, and a mani-pedi are an absolute must after the party season. Check out Elemis spas across the country for the ultimate day of pampering. There’s no better Valentine’s gift for yourself than that of relaxation.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for treating your loved ones; you also deserve a treat as well. There are some stunning beauty gifts on the market, so give them a go and let me know what you think.

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Winter Fashion Trends For Men – Keep Him Trendy When It’s Cold


Arguably, there are two ways in which men go through the winter months of the year: There are the men who rely on their old jumpers and the Norwegian hand cream that they got for Christmas the year before, and those who hope for the best and wear tight tee-shirts all year long. Often, while women know how to adapt their fashion to wear the appropriate clothes to survive the colder months, men tend to care a little less about it. But thankfully, you can help your male partner, friend or relative to face the cold months in style with these few tips. Why not find your inspiration for a useful and beautiful Christmas gift in here too?

Invest In A Warm Coat

It is not uncommon for many men to continue to wear their fine leather jacket or their favorite denim as sole protection as the snow covers everything in a white coat. Fortunately, the fashion trends for the winter season 2016/2017 are heavily inspired by outerwear so that every man should find a coat to their liking. The 1980s bomber jacket is back and is now fully embellished for a slightly edgy touch. For those who prefer more classical shapes, the duffle coat is the most popular coat this season, and it has the advantage to keep everyone warm and cozy. From standard colors in dark blue, gray or black, to more vibrant shades such as copper or green, for example, the duffle coat is flying on a wind of renewal and original classicism that will please many trendsetters.


Buy Him Specialist Skin And Beauty Care

Men’s skin is sensitive and can get very raw with the winter cold. Often, shaving can irritate the skin and make it more susceptible to suffer from cold temperatures and the wind, leaving the face very red and sore. Thankfully, you can find in shaving balms that are full of vitamins to moisturize the skin and protect it in winter. If you are looking for serious advising on shaving care and products, you should pop into your local barber in town to discuss the different products Also, if your man is not a shaver, this is no excuse not to protect his facial hair against the cold. Use the opportunity to review beard oil with an expert barber to find the product the best adapted to his needs.


A Cozy Alternative To The Christmas Jumper

The winter season has brought many trends for men so that everyone will be able to find a style that fits their personality. For the young and dynamic man, layering a shirt or a long sleeve top with a knitted polo shirt is the best way to keep insulated as the temperature dips. This is also perfect to make a bold color statement with a sometimes a little dull office wear. For the man who prefers to wear jumpers, the revival of the 1970s roll neck jumper is still very trendy. Don’t worry if he doesn’t like the feeling of a tight collar around his neck. Funnel necks have made a stylish arrival in the winter fashion: They look at their best combined with a tight pair of jeans. Why not review some of the essential knitwear fashion for men?

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How To Get Ready For The Festive Season Glam

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It’s official; the holiday season is upon us. Whether you’re excited for the festivities to begin, or are a little apprehensive, there’s no reason for you not to enjoy the glamour that comes with it. It’s always smart to stick to the standard healthy tips will all know and love, but during Christmas, there’s a little more we can do.

Getting ready for the festivities relates to preparing your body. Not only do you need to be ready for the food that you’re about to consume (along with any alcohol that could be consumed), but you’re likely to be really busy too. So, to get through it all in style, here’s how to do it…

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

First up, you’re going to want to stay hydrated. Water is so good for your skin, as well as your health. If there’s a risk that you’re going to have a lot on, be rushing around or having a few late nights, it’s time to up your water intake. It’ll help to keep your skin looking as flawless as possibly for the festive season, not to mention keep you healthy despite the delicious foods you’re likely to devour.


Detox Your Hair

Having great hair is something we all love. Some days, our locks are luscious and lovely, others they’re dry and depressing. So, to whip them into shape this Christmas, a detox is on the cards. Everything from hair masks to nourishing oils should be on your shopping list for the Holidays. You might even consider treating yourself to a new look for the season and say hello to a new you this New Years.

Plan Ahead

Next, you’ll want to plan ahead. Get your outfits arranged ahead of time. You know what events you have coming up, from parties to casual gatherings, so by planning ahead, you’ll save yourself a world of worries. If you’re going to get through the festive season full of glam, is an essential step that cannot be overlooked. You’ll know exactly what you’re wearing and when, rather than rummaging through your closet at a moment’s notice.

Add The Finishing Touches

Now that you’ve got your outfits in line, you’ll want to think about the accessories too. Even if you’re not a big jewelry wearing, it’s fun to make a change for the festive season. And where’s the glamor without jewelry? Whether you pull out a few simple classics or go all out with a lot of bling, the finishing touches are so important. You can even find earrings for sensitive ears if you’re worried about wearing them for hours on end.


Practice Makes Perfect

And of course, you’re only ever as glamorous as your hair and makeup. If you’re looking to pull out all the stops this year, you might be tempted to try something new. But, if you do, practice before the big day. Head to youtube and trial hair and beauty looks that you think you might like. It’s a good idea to get used to any new techniques, so you can be issue free when the real time comes.

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Pictures on Gold: Lovely Heart Locket With Laser Photo – See Coupon



Imagine your favorite photos and pictures engraved permanently into 14K gold, Sterling Silver or Rose Gold. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift for grandparents, new mothers, or a gift to your wife or daughter? exclusive Locket designer lets you create custom lockets. The process of lasering the photo into the locket is exclusive to Pictures on Gold.

You can also add engraved messages. The lockets are waterproof, scratchproof and come with a lifetime guarantee! No need to cut up your treasured photos!

I know I would personally love one of these lockets with my three kids images and hubby’s image inside. My daughter most likely would love one with a pic of her two parents and then her two brothers. You could include images of loved ones who’ve passed away in honor of their memory too. I just believe this is a fantastic gift idea for many family members.


I’m excited to share that Pictures on Gold is kindly offering a special Discount Coupon just for my readers! Check it out below:

My readers get to save!
Save on customized Lockets from Pictures On Gold! Just in time for the Holidays! #lockets .@usfg

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Giving Soaps: Amazing Scents That Make Perfect Sense


It’s time to launch our Holiday Gift Guide 2016 and I can think of no better way to do so than to introduce you to this absolutely AMAZING company called Giving Soaps and their line of bath/spa products! Not only are the products offered completely awesome, but the fact that 20% of their profits goes to charity is a HUGE plus in my book!



This is a company based in the USA that uses all natural ingredients so you know they are safe and gentle for your skin. They pride themselves in staying plastic free (which I’m all for!) and have committed to using reclaimed boxes with shredded recycled paper for packaging filler to protect the products during shipment. This means you have a “Made in the USA” small business with lots of spunk and creativity that is loyal to using 100% plant-derived ingredients (natural) and staying as GREEN as possible to help the environment. The owner appreciates each and every purchase and goes out of her way to put a personal thank you note in every order.



Giving Soaps are amazing scents that make perfect sense and allow you to give in more ways than one this holiday season! When you purchase Giving Soaps products to give as gifts to friends, family, coworkers and loved ones – you are actually giving an incredible gift TWICE! The receivers are both the person you gift the item to, AND the charity that will be blessed to receive 20% of the purchase price! My daughter is in LOVE with these products and was so thrilled when I gave her the Jasmine lotion as an early 10th birthday gift!


These scent-sational soaps, lotions, balms, essential oil blend rollers, and other accessories are all fantastic gifts from Giving Soaps that I personally highly recommend to give to anyone you know or care about. If only there was a way you could lean closer to your computer screen or mobile device and scratch and sniff the powerful and lovely aromas coming from these soaps and lotions! You would be smiling from ear to ear just like I am after taking a whiff of the heavenly scents! I truly love them all!


My top favorites are the Jasmine lotion, Cinnamon and Almond soap bar,  and the Anything Balm that smells a lot like Pumpkin Spice!  The Pictures are just not enough to do these tantalizing bath products proper justice.  Check out some of the other exciting products and what’s to come on their Facebook page!


The friendly and playful aromas of each individual product were carefully planned and created to help you enjoy the entire experience of using these personal hygiene cleaning products and home health remedy alternatives. I can’t imagine anyone using these products and not feeling cleaner, calmer, relieved, uplifted, or energized.


The soap bars have a good lather, and they leave my skin feeling very clean – on top of smelling fresh and yummy all day! I can still smell the beautiful aroma of the Hibiscus and Orange on my hands right now – hours later after washing them this morning!


It is with great pleasure that I announce: Giving Soaps has offered to do a giveaway in November from their incredible product line! Stay tuned to Love2EncourageYou for more details on the launch of this exciting event! We’ll be having an interview with the creator of Giving Soaps and doing the giveaway for one lucky reader! YOU can enjoy being a part of the interview process by commenting below with any questions you may have about the product line, scents used, ingredients, story behind the brand, and how the money is donated. Help us give a warm welcome to Giving Soaps as one of our featured sponsors in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide!

Don’t miss updates on all their social media channels at Giving Soaps and at Love2EncourageYou regarding upcoming events for the giveaway, interview, and other fun facts about the brand and their deliciously scented soap products!

Facebook – Giving Soaps

Pinterest – Giving Soaps

Instagram – Giving Soaps

Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!
Giving Soaps gives 20% to charity with each purchase!


You can contact Giving Soaps at or call 562-367-5608 to ask questions or place an order. Please let them know you found them at Love2EncourageYou. Remember to support worthy small businesses like this one on Small Business Saturday coming up on Saturday, November 26.

**Are you a sponsor interested in promoting your brand in front of the readers here at Love2EncourageYou? Visit our Holiday Gift Guide page and contact Rebecca at for more details to get started today! Affordable pricing and lots of fun events to get plugged into!

4 Things You Should Do Before Clothes Shopping This Weekend


We all love a good shopping day every once in awhile. You get to buy some great new clothes which you can then wear out on a daily basis. It’s also a must when it’s time for a new season to stock up on some great new clothes! However, it’s easy to end up making the wrong decisions when you go out clothes shopping. Therefore, here are four things you should do before going clothes shopping this weekend.


Check Out What You Have In Your Wardrobe Already

A lot of us end up purchasing items that we don’t actually need when we go shopping. Therefore, it ends up sitting in our wardrobe and never gets worn. So before you go shopping at the weekend, you need to look through your closet to see what you currently have. That way, it will stop you buying a brand new pair of jeans when you have a perfect pair already at home. It will also show you what you are missing from your wardrobe so that you know what to buy this weekend!

Look Online To See If There Are Any Good Deals

So many stores now have their own website where they have all their products on show. Therefore, you need to get online and have a look before you go to the store. You might spot some deals which might only be online and can get clued up on the latest trends. Also, you should look online on sites such as ShopItToMe to see if there are any sales in certain stores. That way, you know where to go for the best bargains. You can also find some great voucher codes which you can use with the top brands such as a Macy’s Discount. That way, you can spend up without worrying about breaking the bank!

Check How Much You Have To Spend


You should also make sure you know how much you have to spend before you go shopping. You don’t want to make a purchase and then have to take it back as you forgot about the bill you need to pay next week! Therefore, you should look on your bank before you go and decide on a budget for your next shopping trip. You might want to take the amount in cash, so you don’t have to keep handing your card over to make a purchase and lose track of how much you have spent!

Get In A Good Mood


You might be surprised to know that going clothes shopping can affect your spending habits. As this article says, if you go shopping when you are feeling emotional and down, you are more prone to make impulse purchases. And impulse shopping is one of the main reasons for people getting into money trouble! Therefore, always try and be in a good mood when you head out to the store, and be careful to spend wisely!

Remember you don’t have to spend a lot when you are out clothes shopping. Window shopping can be just as fun and means you are more likely to make better decisions on your purchases!

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