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Supporting Your Partner After They Have Lost a Parent

The pain of losing a parent is one that cannot be understated, and can only truly be understood once you have experienced it for yourself. It is an overwhelming and challenging time, and a time when you need your loved ones to be supportive, helpful and a positive influence. You can quickly find yourself swamped with responsibilities, and you will need your partner to be there for you most of all.


For a partner, seeing their loved one going through such a traumatic experience can be tough. You can feel helpless and separated from them, and this can lead to you taking a backward step when you should be moving forward to take care of them. Here are some useful tips on how to support a partner in the aftermath of them losing a parent.


Be There

The most obvious, and not to mention vital, advice anybody can give when dealing with a partner’s grief is just to be there. You can be as forthcoming or in the background as you like with your support, but your partner should be well aware that you are there to be a shoulder to cry on, or to rely upon for any tasks that they may not be feeling up to doing. Simple tasks such as making phone calls and informing friends and family are enough. It’s incredible how much time and energy you can save your partner by doing this, as it will save them having to keep going through their grief when they should be processing it.



At such a difficult time, it can be easy to smother your partner or become distant as you are unsure just how much your partner wants you around. The best course of action in this instance is simply to listen to what they have to say. If they want to be left alone, give them a little space, and at the same time, if they need you, do lend your support in any way, whether it is emotional support or some tasks need doing. Be prepared to listen and be as helpful as you can. They will thank you for it as time passes and their grief begins to settle.


Take Them Out of Themselves for a While


Once you are in a position to know that your partner is ready to go out and face the outside world, it is a good idea to take them out of themselves for a while. It could mean anything from visiting a museum to having a day out at the zoo, but it definitely needs to be fun and constructive. Something challenging like the Escape Room Milwaukee is popular for would be good. It’s a fun and challenging exercise where you team up to solve mysteries and tasks, within a 60-minute time limit. It could be a great way to get them smiling again while being challenging enough to get them to concentrate on something other than their loss.


Help Them To Focus


Being a supportive partner is much more than being an arm around a shoulder, it is about being able to help your grieving partner to focus on what needs doing in the aftermath of losing a parent. For example, if your mother or father is now widowed, you can steer your partner towards helping them arrange the funeral, organize their finances and any insurance policies that need to be looked at, and help them focus on what needs to be done in the aftermath. It can be tricky and difficult, but it’s essential that grief doesn’t take over their life.


Emotional Preparation Is Important for Families When Moving House

It’s a major step to suddenly pick up your entire life and move to some other place, where you and your family have no emotional connection with. This is perhaps the hardest part after all the logistical stuff is over, to suddenly come to terms that you’re a stranger in your new environment. Emotional preparation is important for families when moving house as developing connections in the new, unfamiliar environment of your new home will take time. But, you can try and make your surroundings feel familiar. There’s no reason why your new neighborhood cannot help rebuild some happy, comfortable connections for you, but of course, it will obviously take time and patience.

Moving day will be hectic, it’s vital that you take time, to emotionally say goodbye to the home and living space you have been encompassed with so that you can feel comfortable knowing you and your family are ready to move on. Not so much as a ritual per se, but there should be a set amount of time, you’re able to go over meaningful things and sort of say goodbye before leaving for your new home. This is especially true for your children or elderly parents if they live with you, as memories for seniors make it tough to say farewell. Children tend to have a hard time letting go of close friends or familiar places too, so giving them some quality moments to work through these emotions in a positive way can help the new journey go that much more smoothly.


Pets, children and gardens


The garden is one of the few places in the home, where you can actually properly stretch and breathe in the fresh air. It’s also where children play, and your pets are allowed to also release some of their energy. As you’re getting prepared to leave the home, have a day to remember the good times in your garden. You could throw a barbecue for all your friends and family, where their children can run around, play with the dog and be happy one last time in your current home. Homes are all about making memories, and the garden is a place for all members of your close circle to come together and enjoy each other’s company before you move. What would be the cherry on the cake, could be to sit in the garden as the sunsets, and enjoy some good food and fellowship with your close family and children, on the night before moving day begins.


Spend time packing together


When you’re getting ready to move home, packing is going to be the largest part of the task. By booking a slot with professionals movers, you take away very physically taxing part of the endeavor. The teams will come in and package the heaviest and largest appliances, furniture and fittings in your home so that the lighter tasks can be done with care. Reminiscing with your partner and children, while packing clothes, looking at photos and going through the memories is very cleansing for the soul. You might have had some of the best moments in your home; a newborn baby might have grown up to now be old enough to look at photos of them coming home for the first time. Talking about your possessions and the creative times you had in the home before you move, can be a great way to leave behind any baggage.

Leaving the home you’ve lived in for several years and perhaps even decades can be an emotional rollercoaster. It’s difficult not to, but you develop an attachment to the home you live in because it’s where some of the best moments in your life have occurred. Utilizing some of the ideas mentioned above may help ease the transition as you move and look forward to starting a fresh new chapter in your family’s life.

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Fall In Love With These “His And Her” Gift Ideas


Buying for a couple can be difficult. What gifts will appeal to both him and her? It’s a challenge that faces many a gift-buyer, but it’s not a difficulty that can’t be overcome. Fortunately, the good people at Etsy, Amazon and a host of other outlets have been working hard to come up with ideas for gifts for both partners, saving you a lot of hassle. Take a lot at some of these cool gift ideas.

Novelty Tea Towel Set

What do couples like to do once they’ve been married a couple of years? The dishes, of course! But the dishes aren’t always a lot of fun. Sometimes they’re downright annoying. That’s why Black Bird Tees, a company that makes tea towels, is trying to inject a bit of humor into the activity. They sell a pair of tea towels: one reads “you wash” and the other, “I’ll dry.” The towels are available on Etsy for around $38.


Personalized Aprons

Tea towels aren’t the only thing that is personalizable in the kitchen. According to a blog post entitled, 20 Wedding Gift Ideas for Under $50 on DontPayFull, you can now get his and her personalized aprons too. Aprons are ideal for couples who seem to spend their weekends doing nothing but baking and cooking extravagant meals. Personalized aprons can be printed with whatever message you like. Currently, they’re on the market for around $50.

His And Her Arrow Signs

Sometimes one partner’s stuff starts encroaching on the space of the other and things can get out of hand. That’s why a personalized his and her arrow set is such a good idea. It’s a clear demarcation of boundaries between one person’s stuff and another’s. There’s all sorts of places these little arrows could go, like in the closet, pointing in the direction of each person’s clothes. The arrows are made by Hoast and Toast and they can be picked up on Etsy for around $64.

Table Mug Set

Table mugs are an obvious way to buy something that’ll suit both him and her and will work as a set. Now a company called Neurons Not Included has come up with an interesting concept, just in case you happen to know a pair of married chemists. The mugs are labeled “HIS” and “HERS” using letters from the periodic table. For “HIS” we have hydrogen, iodine, and sulfur. For “HERS” we have hydrogen, erbium, and sulfur. (What’s erbium?) At any rate, if you happen to know a pair of science-lovers then these mugs are the perfect gift for them. Neurons Not Included are selling their mugs for around $24.

His And Her Money Bank

The piggy bank has been a tradition in families for over a hundred years. But the only problem with the piggybank was that once the money was deposited, you had no way of knowing whether it was yours or your spouse’s. Now though Baker’s Farmhouse has come up with a solution. They’ve come up with a tabletop bank, similar in concept to the original piggy bank, but with two chambers, one for him, one for her.

Each of the chambers has been labeled. The money on his side of the bank is for “fishing,” “hunting” and “nights out with the boys.” The money on her side of the bank is for “diamonds,” “shopping sprees” and “dinners out.” What’s more, the bank itself won’t break the bank. Currently, it’s on sale on Etsy for around $12.

His And Her Mailbox

Perhaps you know a couple who refuses to go paperless. Well, if you do, Retro Getgo Vintage might have cooked up the perfect gift idea. Essentially, it’s a mailbox that’s been divided in the middle, so it has two compartments: mail and “famail.” It’s also made out of carved wood and is on sale for around $20.

Luggage Tags

Being married is all about having great life experiences with the other person. As a result, married couples fly all over the world looking for new adventure. The only problem is keeping track of their baggage. Now, though, Leather Made Nice thinks it could have found the answer: leather luggage tags. These tags can be personalized to say whatever you want, but a cool idea is to have them cross reference each other, making them more lovey dovey. At the moment, the tags are selling on Etsy for around $45.


Mason Jar Cups To Go

Mason jars began as a thing on DIY blogs, but now the trend is all over the internet. Everybody seems to want to experiment with them. As a result, a company called Swiss Miss Closet has come up with “his and hers” mason jars for couples on the go.

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Importance of Upholding Marriage Values


Navigating the road of marriage can be difficult. This is even more apparent in light of our modern times. When it comes to upholding traditional marriage values, it’s vital that you work together to make your marriage a happy one. Don’t let your love for each other melt away over time. Marriage can be difficult; there is no disputing that. But, when it comes to upholding your marriage and ensuring that your commitment to each other is unrivaled, there are some things that you need to bear in mind.

Marriage should be an unbreakable bond, a unity between man and woman. Committing to each other, in the eyes of God is not something to be taken lightly.

There are some key things to remember when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, and how you can ensure that your marriage is on the right track.


Loyalty and honesty


Loyalty is imperative in any marriage, whether you are traditional or more modern. Loyalty to each other is the cornerstone of a happy marriage, and it’s vital that you uphold this value to ensure the longevity of your marriage. While people often feel that their relationship has lost its spark over the course of time, it’s important to remember why you are a union. Making the most of each is important. Communicate and talk about your problems. Don’t forget to make time for one another. By doing this, you will ensure that loyalty is upheld in your union.


Viewing your marriage in a realistic way


In the early days, marriage can be exciting and provide a rush. The newlywed phase may wane after a couple of years, but that is no reason to give up on your marriage. What you are left with is an unbreakable bond, loyalty, trust, and intimacy. View your marriage in a realistic way. There may be times where romance is off the cards. Family life is taxing and demanding. But there are ways that you can keep the passion alive. Make time for each other. Send each other small tokens of your affection. Find unique gifts for men and for women, and show your spouse how much they mean to you. Being in a committed marriage means having to be practical. There are times when life will get tough. It’s how you weather the storm and work together as a team. Remember, you are a team, and you need to work together, not against each other. That is what will get you through the more difficult times.


Keeping your faith in marriage
Looking at your common and shared values is important. Your faith should play a significant part of your marriage; after all, your shared values are why you are together. If you cannot remember what these are, take the time out to communicate these. Do you want to accumulate wealth? Do you want to secure a career? Speak to each other about what your shared goals are and make sure that these are in line with your faith so that you don’t lose sight of what is important to you both. It’s important to keep God and faith in your marriage so that you are aware of what the other needs and desires. These values are incredibly important for your marriage, for now, and for the long term.

Share with us how you like to keep your marriage vows alive.  In what unique or helpful ways do you show your spouse you are committed to each other?

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The Blessings of Unity: God’s Best for Our Marriages


In an effort to bring you some AMAZING gift ideas that not only help each of us individually, but in this case will also help our spouses – I invite you to take a deeper look at this wonderful book called The Blessings of Unity: God’s Best for Our Marriages. 

I have been really pleased with all the great practical tips from author, Richard T. Case, some I knew already, but are good reminders – some are new to me! You can never go wrong when trying to produce an enriching future life with your husband or wife. Our spouses deserve our top efforts to grow closer to the Lord and grow closer to them.  Won’t you join me in checking out more ways to bless the bonds of unity in marriage and keep our marriages a top priority in the coming year? That is my prayer for all of us!

Basically this book is a very easy read and extremely helpful to anyone who picks it up. I found the layout to be designed in an organized fashion with tips and suggestions to use towards developing unity with key verses of Scripture referenced and practical ideas and thoughts from the author himself to help us relate it to our own lives and marriages. Why aren’t all books this helpful?! I highly recommend this book as a blessing to new couples engaged to be married – all the way to long term, seasoned married couples like hubby and myself (going on 24 years!)

About the book:
The Blessings of Unity offers insight and ideas for creating godly unity in our marriages centered around two key concepts:
1) Abiding in the Vine and walking in the Spirit, and
2) Learning and applying the concept of unity.
Unity is achieved when a man and woman strive for agreement with God by processing His Will on every decision and in every issue. Through Biblically-centered discussions of discord, division, unity, discipleship, and prayer, and through exploring Biblical examples of unity, Richard Case offers husbands and wives practical and spiritual advice for working together in unity in the Spirit so that they can more perfectly present themselves to God for his divine approval.

($13.43 on Amazon, paperback)

About the author/ministry:
Before his current role in developing retreats and serving this ministry, All for Jesus, Richard Case worked for many years with Fortune 500 companies in management and consulting roles. He holds a BS in Management and Finance from Bradley University, an MBA from the University of Southern California, and a seminary Masters degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Richard has been a featured speaker at conferences and seminars; he has hosted a radio show and is a published author. Richard and his wife, Linda, answered the call from the Lord to Abide in Him through the Spirit. Together, Richard and Linda have started up several churches that remain strong today, and have served as interim pastors of troubled churches, bringing reconciliation and new vision to these situations. Richard and Linda began conducting marriage retreats in 2001. Richard and Linda currently live in Castle Rock, CO.

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The Best, Unique Gift Ideas


Looking for a unique or unusual gift? Maybe you’re tired of giving the same kinds of things, or perhaps you’re buying for someone that’s a little more tricky. If you think out of the box there are plenty of great gift ideas that are rewarding to give. And are so much more personal than chocolates, flowers or vouchers. Here are a few to get you started!


An Experience Day

Experience days are great for people who don’t care for material things (so any traditional ‘gift’ you give them won’t be quite right). Or for people who already seem to own just about everything and are impossible to buy for. You can tailor this to exactly what they like. It could be anything from a day at a spa to a ride in a hot air balloon, or tickets to a test drive in a muscle car. If they are a fan of shows, how about tickets to the theater? It could be anything from Lion King tickets for a spectacular Broadway show, or something at a local theater instead. Brainstorm the kind of things they like and choose accordingly, get it right and it could be the best gift they’ve ever received!


Something Handmade

Whether you’re on a budget or just want to create something from the heart, a handmade gift can be a good way to go. There’s no shortage of incredible, inspiring ideas to choose from online, or you could utilize one of your skills. For example, if you’re a keen baker you could whip up some amazing homemade treats. Put them into a cute box or tin and you have a really thoughtful gift. The same applies if you’re in any way crafty or inventive. It could be a handmade candle or even a hamper you have put together yourself. The effort spent on it will be obvious, and it’s bound to go down well with whoever you’re gifting to. When you make something yourself you know you’re giving something that’s totally unique.


A Personalized Gift

Tons of talented artists and designers offer their services online and create great personalized pieces. Personalization doesn’t have to just mean putting a name or initials on a piece. It could be with a birthstone, or a piece of art created from a map showing a special location. There are so many ways you could go with it, but having something personalized definitely makes it that bit more special. These days you can have photographs lasered onto necklace pendants. You can even have technology like tablets engraved with a special message. Think about it, and work out a way of choosing a gift that has some kind of personal element.
Regardless or whether your budget is big or small, when it comes to gift giving it’s definitely the thought that counts. These ideas show that you’ve really thought about the person you’re buying for and haven’t just picked up something generic off the shelves.

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11 Pieces Of Advice You Need To Feel Body Confident After Having A Baby

It’s sad to hear that most new moms take 18 months till they feel happy with their body after giving birth. They worry about the excess fat around their stomach and hate the way their breasts change. But it’s normal for your body to change after you have a baby. After all, it’s gone through a traumatic experience, and you should be proud of what it managed to do when you look at your little one. Here are 11 pieces of advice you need to feel more body confident after having a baby.


You could buy a new wardrobe


It’s most likely time to go shopping for a new wardrobe as a way to feel more confident after giving birth. It can put a smile on your face and you will feel a lot more confident in a new outfit that fits your current body shape. There’s no point putting yourself under pressure by trying to fit in your old clothes. You will just feel disappointed when trying to wriggle into your small jeans. You may get back in them one day, but for now, you need to buy some bigger sized clothes. You can go for new styles which will fit your new figure well. Find something to flatter your new curves and show off your personal style. You will also need to buy some bigger shoes in most cases. Studies have found that pregnant women tend to go up a foot size which tends to stick after they have given birth. Therefore, splurge on some cute new heels in a comfortable size which will help you to feel more confident.




You should get a supportive bra


It’s common that your breasts will change after giving birth. They will be painful and will hurt if they are not properly fitted in a good supportive bra.  Therefore, a supportive bra is a necessity for new moms who have given birth. You will also feel a lot more comfortable and feel good in something which fits you well. Therefore, you should also consider getting a supportive nursing bra which will help to reduce your back ache and ensure you feel comfortable during these tender months of nursing or breast feeding. It’s easy to feel down because your breasts don’t look the same as they did before you gave birth. But you need to try and accept your new breast size, stretch marks or other factors resulting from the blessing of pregnancy and birth. You should probably throw away your old bras, and buy some new ones to help you feel happier and more confident about the future. If you do feel down about your body’s changes in the breast area and continue to have concerns, some specialists advise considering a breast lift if the breasts have sagged, or even a reduction if they are now too big. You can talk to clinics for more information such as info from Roxy Plastic Surgery, to see if surgery could be right for you.


You should stop comparing yourself to other moms


New moms often find themselves looking in envy at other mom’s weight loss after giving birth. We are surrounded by pictures of women on social media with their post-baby body. Celeb ladies seem to lose the baby weight within a couple of months. However, you need to remember every woman’s body is different, and you need to stop comparing yourself to others. You need to focus on losing the weight healthily over time. As this article says, you will feel a lot more confident about your body if you stop comparing it to other moms!


You need to watch your diet


You can feel a lot more body confident if you start watching what you are eating. If you are eating unhealthy foods, it will just make you feel worse about how you look. You should stick to eating healthy foods which will help you to lose weight and give you clear skin. Eat a high-nutrient diet which will make you feel and look good. With little time as a new mom to make breakfast, you should start enjoying fresh smoothies and juices every day. They will ensure you are getting enough nutrients and vitamins to make you look and feel good. Avoid fad diets which will just make you feel worse about your body when you don’t lose a large amount of weight quickly. Just start eating healthily to lose weight in a realistic way.


You should go for a haircut


You will be surprised to know how a haircut can make you feel fantastic after having a baby. You should book in for an appointment and get your partner or parent to take care of your baby. Getting a trim will ensure all dead ends are removed and you are left with luscious locks. You will feel a lot happier with your whole appearance if your hair looks beautiful. Even if you can’t afford to go to the hairdressers, washing your hair at home with a good quality shampoo and conditioner will help you to feel better. You should also ensure you have a good tub of dry shampoo at home. That way, you can give your hair a boost, before you have visitors to see your little one in your home.


You could consider a fake tan


Getting out in the sun will help you to feel a lot more body confident. You will get a healthy glow which will ensure your skin looks fantastic. But if there is no sun, you could consider getting a fake tan. As this feature explains, it will not only give you a glow, but it’s also excellent for covering your stretch marks. You will feel a lot more confident if you can’t see them when you are wearing clothes. You can head to a salon for a tanning session, or you can get a product which you can use at home.


You should get some skin care products


You will know that a woman’s skin gets a lot worse when they are pregnant. You can experience breakouts which just keep recurring during the pregnancy. After having a baby, you need to get some good skin care products to help boost your body confidence. You should get a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer which you can use to hydrate your skin and get rid of acne. You should also cleanse your face twice a day to help it glow. With healthy looking skin, you will feel a lot more confident after having a baby.


You should love your new features  


A lot of women dislike their body after they have given birth. They hate their new stretch marks and the size of their stomach. But you need to try and love your new features if you want to feel body confident after having a baby. Embrace your marks as they show that you have become a mother. You need to be in awe of yourself and proud of your new body. You might never have had the chance to have a somewhat larger sized chest before, so enjoy the new feature while it lasts!


You should start some simple exercises


Doing some exercise feels impossible when you have a newborn to look after. But it doesn’t need to be strenuous to be impactful to your body. You should go for a walk around the neighborhood with your baby. You will be surprised that you will feel a lot more confident and happier with your body after. As this article explains, exercise releases good endorphins which will make you feel a lot happier about your body. It will also help you to lose the baby weight over time so that you can love your body again. You could even go to baby yoga which will mean you can exercise while having your baby with you!

You should listen to your partner


It’s a sad fact that nearly half of women feel less confident in front of their partner after having a baby. They try and hide their body when getting changed and ignore compliments from their partner. But to feel body confident after having a baby, you need to listen to your partner. They will love your new body and will be proud of what you went through to have their child. It can be a great boost for your self-esteem when you get compliments from them. So spend time with them and accept their compliments and you will soon feel a lot happier with how you look.


You could head to the spa or have some treatments at home


After having a baby, you are so worried about looking after your little one that you have no time to look good. Therefore, to help you feel a lot happier with your looks, you should arrange a spa day. Go with a family member and spend a few hours at the spa. You can have a quick facial and a massage. You will come out feeling like a new woman. If you can’t find a babysitter, you should complete some treatments at home. You could make a face mask which you can use at home to keep your pores clear.




Remember not to put yourself under too much pressure to look good after having a baby.

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My Coke Rewards Scavenger Hunt


A Few Of The (Many) Questions You’ll Have When You’re Expecting


When you find out you are pregnant, so many things rush through your mind. Along with the hormonal impact of pregnancy, this time will throw at you a lot of questions. There will be feelings of excitement, euphoria, doubt, anticipation, anxiety and more besides. It’s good news, obviously, but it does make you question things. And getting yourself ready for the birth and beyond looms large in your future.

It’s fair to say that no number of placatory words will stop this from being a nervous time. For good reason, doctors advise you not to tell anyone until you’re into your second trimester. And although that’s sound reasoning, telling it to an expectant mother is lighting a fuse. Then there is the fact that you have to consider everything you do – work, eating, sport and so on – in the context of the life that you are protecting.

Everyone has some questions when they know they’re expecting, ranging from the basic to the complicated. And while there will always be more questions, a few answers never go amiss.

How Should I Tell Everyone?

As noted above, the right time to tell people is when you’re into your second trimester. You may be bubbling to tell them now, but it’s good to follow that advice. Plus, waiting for the when allows you to plan the how.

Organizing a party for close friends and family is a good idea. Get everyone a little gift – browse around for a few ideas or look into handmade trinkets. You can even craft something yourself if you’re feeling creative! When they open their gift, they’ll see inside that they’re about to become an uncle, a grandma, a big brother. Don’t use this method to inform the dad, though. That’s just cruel.


How Much Can I Really Plan?

As with other major occasions in your life like a big move or a wedding, planning is essential for a change like this. However, with a pregnancy you need to be prepared for the fact that some things cannot be completely pre-planned.

You’re going to have some physical reactions to being pregnant. Hormones will make you, at times, a little forgetful or scatter-brained. But you can certainly plan for appointments, prepare a bag for the hospital, baby-proof the house and so on.

When Should I Be Concerned?

During pregnancy, your body will react to the fact that you’re carrying a child inside you. Some things will happen, inevitably, that might make you feel really worried. Most of those things will in fact be completely benign, but it’s reasonable to seek medical advice on them.

The truth is that a lot of entirely standard symptoms can look and feel like something worse. If you have excessive bleeding, a fever, or a severe headache, call the doctor as you may have an issue that requires intervention. If you are worried, for any reason, call someone – midwife, family doctor, anyone – for more advice. It is better to be safe than sorry.


There is no point in denying that your pregnancy will take you on a rollercoaster ride, some of it blissful and some of it nerve-wracking. But be sure to ask for and accept the help of those around you and, before too long, you’ll be looking ahead to life with your little one. Enjoy every moment and be sure to share your special memories with the ones you love.


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Family Vacation Planning Made Simple


Are you celebrating a special occasion this summer? Have you been tasked with arranging a break away with your extended family? If so, you’re probably feeling both excited and stressed. It can be tough to please everyone and logistics for group travel can be a nightmare. If you’re looking for a hassle-free guide to organizing a trip, look no further. These simple steps will hopefully make the planning process a piece of cake.


Choosing a date and location

Perhaps the first things you need to do are choose the date and location. Send a message around everyone who is invited and see when people are available. You can use apps and software programs to show dates that suit everyone. Once you’ve got a date in mind, you should also have numbers. You can then start talking about possible destinations. Encourage everyone to share ideas and see which options appeal to most people. If there isn’t a clear winner, hold a vote and go with the majority.

Transport and getting around

Getting a large group of people from A to B can be tricky. But not if you plan ahead. If you’re traveling to a resort, campsite or holiday park, you can book a transfer for everyone. If you’re going to a city for the weekend, you could charter a bus. Check out for ideas and prices. If you can book group travel beforehand, you can usually save money. It’s also much easier to organize private travel than to hire a series of taxis or get everyone on the same local bus or train.



Wherever you’re going, there’s likely to be options when it comes to accommodation. Have a look online and weigh up the pros and cons of different types of lodgings. If you’re staying in the city, you may find that apartments work out cheaper than hotels. If you’re going for an outdoor adventure, you could consider camping or renting out some log cabins. You may be able to take advantage of group saver rates, so enquire before you book. Booking online can often save money.


Cost is a priority for most people when it comes to planning a vacation. Try and make sure that you give people a clear idea of cost as soon as possible. If you can, pay a deposit and then the rest closer to your departure date. This will enable your party to spread the cost of the trip. It’s usually easier to ask everyone to transfer money to your account and make a single payment. This way, you don’t have to collect cash from everyone and then pay into your account before making the payment.

Family vacations are all about making memories and enjoying quality time together. The last thing you want is to be stressing out about finding hotels or getting everyone to the destination at the same time. Plan ahead, do some research and take advantage of group perks. Weigh up your accommodation options and look for deals online. Consider your travel options and think about booking a group transfer or hiring a bus. Get the main things sorted as a priority. Then you can relax and look forward to a memorable break.

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Romance on a Budget


Romance on a Budget
We often see or hear about grand gestures of romance in books and movies or on television and think , “Oh, I wish I could afford to do that for my significant other!”  What is often understated is that when it comes to romance often, less really is more.  Little things that show thought, planning, and personal time invested are ways to be romantic while spending little to nothing.

Everyone wants to know that their special someone thinks of them and likes to see evidence of their thoughtfulness.  Does your lady love enjoy flowers?  Don’t spend a lot of money at the florist!  Delight her instead with a small bouquet of wildflowers tied with a string or ribbon and a short handwritten note.  This is a small gesture showing you were thinking of her during the time you were apart that is basically free! Is your man someone who enjoys watching sports?  Watch a game with him occasionally.  He’ll appreciate you showing an interest in something he likes and who knows, you may even come to enjoy watching the games yourself!
In today’s society we have a 5 year plan, a life plan, a business plan….where is the romance plan?  It brings joy knowing that your significant other took the time to sit down and plan something specifically tailored to YOU.  Ladies, your husband or partner may not talk about the stress his job takes on his body.  Even a desk job creates strain in the neck, back, and shoulder muscles and the mental drain a desk job can have can be exhausting!  Plan a special evening for your husband or partner by cooking his favorite supper eaten by candlelight and give him a good massage before you go to bed.  Knowing that you took the time to plan such a special evening will make him feel appreciated and cared for.


Guys take your wife on a picnic.  Find a nice spot that you know she will enjoy, (even if she isn’t an outdoor person you can clean the house and make a picnic area inside), pack a basket or cooler with a nice picnic and surprise her.  (Obviously you want to already have the car packed or, if you have a nice backyard where this will be taking place you can already have the picnic set up!).  The time you took planning the picnic and how to keep it a surprise will bring her joy and probably a much needed break from work or taking care of the house!


Taking the time out to invest in the actual romancing of your spouse or partner adds a whole new dimension to the romance.  Men, a lot of women just enjoy spending time with you having conversations discussing your dreams and goals together or telling funny things about your days to each other.  Go for a romantic walk together. Or, turn out the lights, lay out some blankets and light some candles. You could also put a log in the fireplace to cozy up to and set a romantic mood for the evening.  Relax and reconnect with your wife while enjoying some chocolates or the treat of her choice.

Women, you know that sporting goods store that your husband or partner likes to browse around and always comes back with a wish list a mile long?  Go with him!  Listen to him as he tells you about his wish list.  Even if you won’t remember everything he told you in two weeks, the fact that you took the time to go with him, look, and listen as he explains the details about that fishing pole or scope for his hunting rifle that is on his wish list shows that you are willing to invest your time in him and his hobbies.
There are countless ways that you can romance your spouse or partner while spending little to no money but through spending thoughtfulness, time planning, and time invested together.  The examples given here are just the tip of the ice berg so, take a few minutes and make a list of the things that you know your spouse likes or things that bring him or her joy.  Then, start planning ways to romance them on a regular basis and enjoy seeing the delight in their eyes as you show them you care with the grand gesture of giving care and attention to the little things that make them happy!

What fun dates have you created to romance your spouse on a budget? Share with us in the comments below! (keep it G – PG please.) We can’t wait to learn fun new ways from you to bring spark into our marriages or relationships on a budget!



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