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The Unfortunate Incident Of The Cold In The Summertime


We all associate getting a cold with the winter. Once the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall, so many people end up suffering from the sniffles! But did you know that the common cold isn’t just restricted to the colder months? It’s true that this illness is a lot more prevalent between November and March, but it isn’t unusual for people to go through summer cold-free. In fact, between thirty to fifty percent of the population can expect to be affected by a summer cold.

But there’s no reason why a summer cold should spoil your summer! Here are some great treatments that will get you out and about in no time at all!

Sweat It Out

Lots of people believe in the idea of sweating out their colds. And the summer is the perfect season for this! If the weather is nice and hot, you just have to slip into one of your sun dresses and sit outside in the sunshine. As your body sweats, a lot of toxins will be removed because they are effectively washed out with the sweat! Just remember to stay well-hydrated so that you don’t end up getting dehydrated in the hot sun.

Eat Foods That Decongest The Body

It’s important to watch your diet when you have a cold, whether a winter or a summer one. That’s because there are some foods, such as the dairy food group, that can cause the body to produce more mucus, which will congest the body a lot. But you’ll also be glad to hear that there are also some foods that can help the body decongest itself. These include horseradish, garlic and spicy foods including curries. So go on; treat yourself to that Indian takeaway!

Flush Out Your Sinuses

When you have a cold, you will experience blocked sinuses which can be very uncomfortable indeed! Thankfully, there are a few different ways you can find relief. One is to buy an over the counter decongestant. You just need to sniff the vapor, which will instantly clear out any blockages. But a more effective treatment is to flush out your sinuses with a neti pot. You simply add salt water to the pot and then pour this into your nose. You will find your sinuses are flushed out in no time at all!


Keep Drinking Plenty Of Water

During the summer it is absolutely crucial that you drink plenty of water so that you don’t dehydrate. Once you fall ill with a summer cold, you will need to increase your water intake even further as your body will need to combat the illness as well as deal with the excessive heat. Drinking plenty of water also helps your sinuses stay relatively decongested as the water will help flush them out.

Coming down with a cold in the middle of summer can be a real bummer, but you shouldn’t let it spoil your fun! These tips can help you deal with the illness as quickly as possible!

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DC’s Newest Movie Hit: Wonder Woman


Quality Family Time

Everyone knows one of the easiest and often enjoyable pleasures of summer break is getting to take the kids to the movies. Since we were blessed with a movie gift card, I decided to have a mom and son day out with my oldest who just graduated. There are a lot of great movies out right now, so it was kind of tough to choose which to go see first. I left the ultimate choice up to him as to which movie we went to see knowing I was going to review it anyway no matter which one he picked. He was, after all, the victorious graduate of 2017 and his opportunity to do the honors of choosing what we saw was well deserved.


photo courtesy: DC Comics

Can DC Comics Pull Off An “Appropriate” Movie?

We really wanted to see whether DC Comics could pull off a decent Wonder Woman film without spoiling the movie with too much language, unnecessary brutal violence, or distasteful scenes and attire. We bought our tickets and proceeded to sit through the endless amount of PG13 scary previews that would have been very inappropriate for most children. Thankfully, once the movie started – our fears were put to rest and a very well scripted and action-packed film filled the screen.

We were pleasantly surprised to find the film was not only “mostly” appropriate” with its scenes and attire (or lack thereof), but it was a smash hit as everyone was suggesting as well! Lots of comedy built into the script, intense action, drama, romance and even some impressive cinematography.

One Scene Of Caution

I do not wish to give any spoilers, but for the sake of the parents out there wondering if you should take younger ones, I would use caution and recommend either waiting for the blu-ray to fast forward through one scene ,or just be prepared to cover their eyes when “Steve” is on the island in the beginning of the film and in the natural rock bath. There is some occasional language, but I do not recall a whole lot and that is always something I’m happy about.

Two Thumbs Up

Overall, this film does stray slightly from the DC Comic of Wonder Woman, but you’ll have to find out exactly how for yourself by going to see the film.

After enjoying the surprise actor who appears in the film as one of the characters and being pleased with the consistency of the script, I have to conclude that Wonder Woman is a super film to enjoy this summer and give it two thumbs up! Recommend sticking to the PG13 rating for kids though.

What’s your opinion of this film? Let us know what you think in the comments? No spoilers please!

Kate & Mim-Mim: Must See New Episodes


Ready to treat the kiddos to some exciting new shows this summer? You’ll be in for a real treat as some amazing new episodes are launching this month from a preschool friendly brand that I’m sure your child will love!

During the month of August, young watchers from coast-to-coast can “Twirl Away to Mimiloo” enjoying some BRAND-NEW episodes of this hit preK series, Kate & Mim-Mim, which is premiering all month long only on the Disney Junior Channel, starting today – Monday, August 1, at 8:30pm!

This show was inspired by a real-life little girl and her beloved plush toy bunny, and was filled with all sorts of positive messages about the importance of being a really good friend, and the incredible power of “dreaming big.” This vibrant animated show centers on this young, 5-year-old girl named Kate and the unique bond between her and her purple “funny bunny” best friend, Mim-Mim. Thanks to Kate’s outsized imagination, in each episode the friends are transported to the exciting world of Mimiloo, where Kate’s little stuffed toy magically transforms into a larger-than-life playmate, and together they will embark on exciting adventures with their colorful cast of friends.

And, in even more Mim-tastic news, an adorable debut collection of Kate & Mim-Mim toys launches at retailers this August, too! The fun-loving new range of colorful and imagination-inspiring playthings from Just Play features everything from an irresistibly-soft Magic Twirl Mim-Mim that says over 10 fun phrases when a child takes it by the hands and twirls around, to a Kate doll that’s always ready for adventure, from collectible figurines of series favorite characters to surprise bags, and more. The new toys will have little ones ready to dream big and embark on their own amazing adventures, just like Kate! Be sure to “like” the official Kate & Mim-Mim Facebook page for all the latest!

Mon. 8/1/2016 at 8:30pm
Friendship Day” –  When Kate has trouble getting her kite to stay in the air, she looks for the answer in Mimiloo, where it’s Friendship Day! The gang in Mimiloo wants to deliver gifts to all of their friends, but when their delivery plans fly off course, Kate and one special little lemming help solve the problem. “Octo-Mim” – Kate and Mom have run out of bananas, but in Mimiloo, Gobble has the opposite problem—he has so many banana trees, he can’t pick all the bananas with just two arms. Tack offers his Octo-Pack invention to help—but it’s too hard to control, and soon bananas are flying everywhere!

Mon. 8/8/2016 at 8:30pm
Small Blunders” – Kate wants to build a block house. The only problem is that the directions are missing. Then, in Mimiloo, one of Tack’s inventions shrinks the gang down and traps them in Tack’s storage shed. The friends need to get back to the treehouse to return to regular size, but the tools they’d normally use are too big for them now! “Lunar or Later” – Kate and her family are on a picnic and looking for a new place to explore. In Mimiloo, Kate’s friend Rumbly also wants to explore somewhere new—the moon! So the gang boards their rocket ship and blasts off to the moon, where exciting new discoveries await!

Mon. 8/15/2016 at 8:30pm
Sprite Lights” – Kate is making a paper sea monster with Dad, only she doesn’t like the scary frown he drew on it. In Mimiloo, Kate and her friends help some lost water sprites return to the Singing Seas. But that means diving deeper than ever before, and legend says a sea monster lives down there! “Wild Boomer” – The power goes out and Kate is afraid of monsters in the dark. In Mimiloo, when Boomer eats a hopper berry that turns him giant, purple and wild, his friends mistake him for a monster and run away! It’s up to Kate to help them face their fears and discover the truth.

Mon. 8/29/2016 at 8:30pm
Grabby the Crab” – Kate is fish-sitting, but the fish aren’t getting along. In Mimiloo, Tack has a new neighbor—Grabby the crab! Tack wants to help Grabby build his house, but Grabby just does everything himself. But when a mishap puts Grabby’s house in danger, he and Tack will have to learn to work together! “Secret Superhero” – Tack is feeling down about his little muscles…until he’s mistaken for a superhero! Tack takes on the secret identity of Mimiloo Man, with super speed, super strength, and the power to fly! But it’s a lonely job, and Kate and her friends miss having Tack around.

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5 Fun Rainy Day Learning Activities + Bonus


5 Fun Rainy Day Learning Activities + Bonus

If you have kids at home, you know rainy summer days are the worst. The kids quickly get bored of their toys, video games, and television. They start driving you crazy because they feel they have nothing to do. Of course, it is only natural to want to find something to keep their attention, but you don’t want their minds to turn to mush. Below you will find 5 of my top rainy day learning activities that the kids will actually ENJOY doing!!!

Make a rain stick

I know this sounds funny if it is actually raining, but this project is super simple and the results will keep them occupied.



  • 1 paper towel tube (wrapping paper tube will also work)
  • Construction paper
  • Uncooked rice
  • Tape (any type will work, but I recommend Washi tape or decorative duct tape)
  • Crayons, colored pencils, markers, decorative tape (anything to decorate the rain stick)


1. Cut 2 circles out of the construction paper large enough to cover the ends of the paper towel tube with a little left over to fold over

2. Tape 1 circle over 1 end of the tube to create a bottom

3. Pour about a cup of uncooked rice into the tube (2 cups for a wrapping paper tube

4. Cover the other end of the tube with the other circle of construction paper and tape it on

5. Decorate the tube however you want

6. Tip the rain stick and hear the sound of rain as the rice falls down the tube

7. Have fun!


Make a mini tornado

Fun and educational! I had so much fun making these as a kid, and I am sure your kids will feel the same way!


Two 2-liter soda bottles without labels

Enough water to fill 1 bottle halfway up

Duct tape

Food coloring (optional)


1. Fill 1 of the 2-liter bottles up about halfway with water.

2. Put in a few drops of food coloring if you want the water to show more clearly (optional)

3. Put the 2nd 2-liter bottle upside down on top of the 1st bottle with the tops lined up

4. Duct tape the tops together. I recommend several layers of tape to keep the water from seeping out. You can also buy special connectors for the pop bottles for this project.

5. Turn the bottles upside down so the bottle with the water is on top. While holding the pop bottles, make a circular motion like stirring a spoon. The harder you stir, the tighter the tornado

6. Stop the stirring motion and watch the tornado

7. Have Fun!


Home-made play dough

Who doesn’t remember playing with play dough? Did you realize you can easily make it at home? This super easy project will result in fun for the kids (and yourself) for hours!


  • Large mixing bowl
  • 1 cup water
  • 4 cups flour
  • 2-4 tablespoons of cooking oil
  • 1 ½ cups of salt
  • Food coloring
  • Glitter (optional)



1. Pour water into a large mixing bowl

2. Add food coloring to create the color you want

3. Add the flour and salt to the mix. You can stir a little to start mixing the ingredients, but it is not necessary.

4. Add between 2 and 4 tablespoons of oil to the mixture. This keeps the playdough soft and not crumbly. If it seems to dry, you can always add more oil.

5. Add glitter if you choose

6. Begin mixing everything together

7. Knead the ingredients together to create a soft dough

8. Enjoy!

Home-made Silly Putty

Everyone loves Silly Putty. Creating air pockets and popping them is just so much fun. Not to mention the ooey gooey fun that is Silly Putty. This is a super easy project that will keep the kids entertained!


  • Multipurpose Liquid Glue (like Elmer’s)
  • Liquid Starch (I used Sta-Flo)
  • Food coloring


1. Mix the glue with the food coloring until the color is even throughout

2. Pour the liquid starch into the colored glue mixture

3. Stir and let sit for 5 minutes

4. Pull the putty out of the mixing bowl and set it on a paper towel

5. Knead the putty in your hands for 5 to 10 minutes

6. Have fun!


Homemade Lava Lamp

Educational AND fun, this project will add flair to any room. Plus, it gives you quality time with your child or children!


  • Flask or bottle
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Water
  • Food coloring
  • Alka Seltzer


1. Fill the flask or bottle most of the way with vegetable oil

2. Fill the rest of the container with water. The water will sink to the bottom, under the oil

3. Add a few drops of your choice of food coloring. Since food coloring is water-based, it will sink to the bottom of the container and color the water.

4. Beak an alka seltzer tablet into a few small pieces and drop them into the container one at a time

5. Watch your lava lamp erupt into activity! As the reaction slows, simply add more Alka-seltzer

6. Enjoy!

Bonus Activity: Rubber Egg

This is a really neat experiment, but since it takes longer for the results, I decided to include it as bonus. Also, did you know you can write a secret message on the egg that will be there at the end? Before starting the experiment, just boil the egg for 10 minutes. Take the egg out and let it cool, then simply write or draw what you want on your egg with a crayon or small candle. Then complete the steps as listed below!


  • Uncooked egg still in the shell
  • Tall glass
  • Vinegar
  • Patience


1. Place the egg in a tall glass or jar and cover the egg with vinegar

2. Leave the egg in the vinegar for a full 24 hours (See the bubbles on the egg shell? That means it is working!)

3. Change the vinegar. Carefully pour the old vinegar down the drain and cover the egg with fresh vinegar.

4. Place the glass in a safe place for 7 days. Don’t disturb the egg, but pay close attention to the bubbles on the surface of the remaining shell

5. After the 7 days, pour off the vinegar and carefully rinse the egg with water. The outside shell is gone! The egg should look translucent!

6. You now have a rubber egg! Enjoy!


So, now you have all the fun projects and experiments to enjoy with your child (or children) on rainy days. Or even just on normal days. I hope you have fun and enjoy these moments with you kids. The time really does slip by too fast! Let me know in the comments if you want to see more ideas like this!


*This was a special guest post from Melleigha Nichols.


Melleigha “Mia” Nichols is the owner of Social Media by Mia, a social media management company specializing in helping owners of jewelry making and craft companies with their social media needs. When not working diligently for her clients or writing guest blog posts, she enjoys spending time with her husband and their many fur babies at home in Missouri. She also enjoys crafting and making jewelry in her spare time to keep her hands busy. “Idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. Proverbs 16:27

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Great Wet Summer Fun Ways To Make Kids Smile


Great Wet Summer Fun Ways To Make Kids Smile

Have you ever started the summer with the high hopes that the kids will be happy to be out of school with a long break and will occupy themselves? Not going to happen. “School’s Out” simply means more work for mom or guardian in most cases. I am here to share with you the fun and fabulous ways to occupy your kids or grandkids with wet and water-filled excitement!


Squirt Gun Battles

There’s nothing quite like the imagination of a child. Seeing my son and daughter cleverly imagining they are on an island with pirates surrounding them as they use their squirt guns to battle the invading pirates is quite an entertaining sight. I’m sure your children will be happy to endure some sunshine and fresh air for a chance to battle it out against siblings, friends, cousins, or mom, dad, and uncles for a wet version of the game “capture the flag”!


Water Balloon Toss

Get ready to get drenched on this exciting summer must do! Kids and adults of all ages never seem to turn down a chance for the great age-old game of water balloon toss! Find some type of bucket to hold the water bombs (what my kids like to call them) and fill it with as many as you can.


Keep this outside of course, and invite neighbors kids to come over for an afternoon of snacks and good, clean, wet and wild fun! A referee is usually needed to keep the kids lined up in teams of two with one on each side to toss the water balloons back and forth to. Whichever team lasts the longest with tossing their balloon and not busting it gets a point. Keep score for each team and once the bucket is empty, let the kids know which team won. Give them all an ice cream or popsicle party afterwards to enjoy while drying off.



It’s time to consider taking the plunge in your private swimming pool, purchasing a little kiddie pool, or buying passes to the local community pool. Having the freedom to go take the kids swimming whenever you want to is such a blessing. Beware though – your family pooch may just jump in with you to cool off too!


My little ones love going to swim at both the local Legoland waterpark as well as in their own personal kiddie pool out back. It helps to pick up some pool toys for use in the kiddie pool like a water table too for added activities and enjoyment. Kids will love to use their imaginations scooping and pouring water into cups or little plastic teapots.

So whether you are in the mood for public diving performances, backyard splashes, or a game of hide and sneak with the squirt guns, you can be sure to please your kids and grandkids this summer by using the simple wet and water-filled suggestions found here. Enjoy your summer and may it be a cool one!

5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Active During Summer Break


5 Ways to Keep Your Teen Active During Summer Break

We all know that teens today can often be seen glued to their electronic devices whether it’s texting each other, using social media, or playing games.  During the school year, many teens are involved in different extra-curricular activities such as dance, sports, music lessons, and so on.  What about the summer vacation months when all of that comes to a pause?  How do we keep our teenagers from zoning out on the electronics now that they aren’t spending most of their day in school and their afternoons in their activity of choice?  Yes, there are all of the expensive ways to keep them active such as attending sporting events, theme parks and more, but here are some wallet-friendly ideas to get your teenager up and moving about and still having quality family time on a budget!

active teenager

Bowling and Skating

Probably two of my teenage daughter’s favorite active things to do are bowling and skating.  Most towns have a bowling alley and a skating rink, but if not, there is sure to be one in one of the surrounding cities close to you.  Both activities engage most of the main muscles groups therefore giving your child exercise without them even knowing it!  These are also both great activities to do as a family.  You may not be as nimble on the skate floor as you were back in the day, but it will get you moving as well as give your kid some entertainment watching you try to keep up!  Bowling and skating can generally both be done for under $10 per person in most areas, and the majority of skating rinks and bowling alleys offer specials depending on the time of year and day of the week.



Another great way to get your teen off of the couch and moving is swimming.  If you don’t personally have a pool or know someone who does, a lot of towns have community pools that charge under $5 to swim.  Again, this is another appropriate activity that will engage all of your child’s muscle groups and chances are, they aren’t going to complain about splashing around in the cool water on a hot summer day – just be sure to load up on the sunscreen!  Bring along some water guns or diving rings and have a friendly family competition – chances are you will also meet other families and possibly new friends for both you and the kids!


Nature Walks and Camping

Some even cheaper fun things to do with the older kids this summer would be taking nature walks and camping.  Nature walks may not seem like something a teenager would enjoy but, most teens do enjoy a bit of friendly competition.  Before starting out, set a goal of who can spot the largest variety of wildlife, fauna, or whatever strikes a chord with your teen and let them choose the prize for the winner.  If they get to choose the prize, they will be more likely to be willing and even excited to participate!  Camping is usually one of those love it or hate it things and when you are camping in an area with no cell signal or Wi-Fi connectivity, teens aren’t likely to love it.  Encourage them to still bring their phones or cameras so they can take pictures which they can later use to show off the family trip or maybe even enter into a photo contest. Bring along board games and cards so you can play games when it is too dark to go exploring and don’t forget to bring the s’mores!

not active teen

It Doesn’t Have To Cost A  Lot

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to get your family moving and active.  Simply look around, think creatively, and if all else fails, contact your local city hall and find out what activities are going on in the area in the upcoming weeks.  No matter what you choose to do, engaging your teenager in a fun family activity that doesn’t involve being “plugged in” will be beneficial to everyone physically, emotionally, and mentally and will create memories your teens will one day share with their children.

What suggestions do you have for budget-friendly activities for teens this summer? Leave a comment and share with us.


Love2EncourageYou Contributor: Liz H.

Guest Blogger/Skilled Virtual Assistant: Introducing Liz H! She’s a  Christian mom of 2 (infant and teen), skilled in copy writing, typing, organization, book keeping, and research. Virtual Assistant for hire at reasonable rates. Themed blog posts for sale at $15/post including 1-2 pics. You can contact Liz H. at!

Family Vacation Planning Made Simple


Are you celebrating a special occasion this summer? Have you been tasked with arranging a break away with your extended family? If so, you’re probably feeling both excited and stressed. It can be tough to please everyone and logistics for group travel can be a nightmare. If you’re looking for a hassle-free guide to organizing a trip, look no further. These simple steps will hopefully make the planning process a piece of cake.


Choosing a date and location

Perhaps the first things you need to do are choose the date and location. Send a message around everyone who is invited and see when people are available. You can use apps and software programs to show dates that suit everyone. Once you’ve got a date in mind, you should also have numbers. You can then start talking about possible destinations. Encourage everyone to share ideas and see which options appeal to most people. If there isn’t a clear winner, hold a vote and go with the majority.

Transport and getting around

Getting a large group of people from A to B can be tricky. But not if you plan ahead. If you’re traveling to a resort, campsite or holiday park, you can book a transfer for everyone. If you’re going to a city for the weekend, you could charter a bus. Check out for ideas and prices. If you can book group travel beforehand, you can usually save money. It’s also much easier to organize private travel than to hire a series of taxis or get everyone on the same local bus or train.



Wherever you’re going, there’s likely to be options when it comes to accommodation. Have a look online and weigh up the pros and cons of different types of lodgings. If you’re staying in the city, you may find that apartments work out cheaper than hotels. If you’re going for an outdoor adventure, you could consider camping or renting out some log cabins. You may be able to take advantage of group saver rates, so enquire before you book. Booking online can often save money.


Cost is a priority for most people when it comes to planning a vacation. Try and make sure that you give people a clear idea of cost as soon as possible. If you can, pay a deposit and then the rest closer to your departure date. This will enable your party to spread the cost of the trip. It’s usually easier to ask everyone to transfer money to your account and make a single payment. This way, you don’t have to collect cash from everyone and then pay into your account before making the payment.

Family vacations are all about making memories and enjoying quality time together. The last thing you want is to be stressing out about finding hotels or getting everyone to the destination at the same time. Plan ahead, do some research and take advantage of group perks. Weigh up your accommodation options and look for deals online. Consider your travel options and think about booking a group transfer or hiring a bus. Get the main things sorted as a priority. Then you can relax and look forward to a memorable break.

Disclosure: I’m excited to share that Love2EncourageYou is bringing you this content as a collaborative effort with other parties to contribute high quality content and fun topics to bring you a smile! Lots of great topics and themes coming in the days ahead on a variety of helpful subjects. Please note: I only share articles that I feel are of value or interest to my readers.

Important Skills Kids Learn While Playing Board Games


It’s been so much fun having hubby off to play with the kids and spend lots of quality time together so far this summer. We are a huge advocate for playing board games, card games, imaginative play, puppet shows, talent shows, karaoke, reading books out loud, and many other fun ways to instill elements of family togetherness, laughter, logic, reasoning, and a dozen more great qualities!

Important Skills Kids Learn While Playing Board Games

You know those times when you recognize your child really wants and craves your attention, but you are just not sure what to play with them? That’s the perfect moment to reach for a board game! Children can learn so much just by following basic directions and rules of the game. Skills and qualities you desire to see in your child can add up quickly – even if you play just one game with them!


10+ Things Kids Can Learn Through Board Game Play:

  • Patience by waiting their turn
  • Following directions – understanding which direction to move in
  • Cooperative play – working together as a team (when the particular game requires it)
  • Counting (possibly even adding or subtracting or multiplying)
  • Reading skills (reading directions, reading game play requirements on the board or cards involved)
  • Calm, quiet time activities are important too (some kids only want to go, go, go and move their bodies constantly – playing a sit down board game can show them they can have fun even when sitting still)
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Strategy (figuring out game strategies, planning ahead to where to move their piece next)
  • Geography or map reading skills (depending on the game being played)
  • You can still have fun without using an electronic device (Even though we are huge fans of things kids can learn through video games, apps, and computers too! It’s important kids learn that being unplugged and spending quality time in a board game or other activity with the family is just as fun!)


Take Time With Your Child or Teen Today

Take time with your child (or teen) today, or sometime this week and offer to play a board game or card game with them.  This one on one time with you is precious to their hearts and means the world to your child. Teens will also appreciate that you stopped your day to spend time with them. They see you as being willing to invest quality time with them in a way that is meaningful in their eyes and that is the best gift of all. There are many exciting games out there that your child will enjoy learning how to play with you – even cool strategy games for adults and teens such as Ticket To Ride (shown in pic), Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Splendor, and many more.

Be your kid’s hero this week and spend time playing a board game with them! Laugh, learn, and love these cherished memories together. You’ll wish you had more of them when they are old enough to move out one day!

Tell me your favorite board games for young or old that you love to play together in the comments below. Help others learn about new favorite games to try out with their kids!

Top Tips To Lose Weight For Busy Parents


As a busy parent, it can be a heart-wrenching struggle to do everything you want to do for your kids every day. You would sacrifice anything and pay any sum to make sure your children had everything they needed and more. But this can often mean you are sacrificing time for yourself. Taking care of you is just as important as taking care of the little ones. But how on earth can you ensure you’re fit and healthy when you’re juggling, careers, housework, and the kids every day?

Losing weight is never easy when you’re always rushing around. It makes life easier to grab convenience foods like snack bars, candies, or fast food. After all, you need to eat something just to keep going! But sometimes how much you eat could be more of a problem than the foods you’re eating. There is little harm in the odd treat or snack bar. If you need to lose weight, just eat fewer of them. You could divide a snack bar in two so you can have half in the morning and the other half in the afternoon. That way, you have something to eat at half the calories.

You can also choose to serve slightly smaller portions. This will reduce your calorie intake as well as the amount of fats or sugars that might come with the meal. Batch cooking can help with this as you can make more smaller portions out of a giant batch. Freeze them in microwavable pots for later in the week or even next month. Smaller dinner plates can really help with this method for losing weight!

Every moment with the kids is so precious. And there are times when you can feel there simply aren’t enough of them. Make every moment count and get out there with them. Being active with the kids helps you all improve your fitness and increase your energy levels. Best of all, it’s great fun running around, cycling, kicking a ball or playing basketball with your children. There are tons of great activities you can choose from. Why not ask them to pick some?


Healthy choices aren’t always practical ones. They can be more expensive or just take too long to prepare. If you need a kickstart to your weight loss program, why not try a natural supplement like Garcinia Cambogia XT? There are many different natural supplements, and each will help you with different things. Some offer a metabolic pickup. Others are great if you’re trying to increase your stamina. Many can be used successfully to help you achieve the weight you’re working toward. And when you start to see results you could be more motivated to keep going!

Busy parents can feel like they’re always on the go and that can make them feel tired all the time. But pushing yourself into some extra exercise can actually increase your energy levels. Not only does it help pick up your metabolism, but it will help improve the quality of your sleep. See what you can add to your lifestyle this week to help boost your weight loss.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou is sharing this content as I  collaborate with others to contribute and bring you the best possible content filled with value and interest! More new and varied topics and contributors on their way!  Lots of great themes and topics on a variety of helpful subjects coming soon. Please note: I only share articles that I feel are of value or interest to my readers.

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