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Thank you for your interest in these original printables pages and other printable educational activity designs that I have so much fun creating. I served as a Preschool and Elementary Teacher for many years and have been a homeschool teacher for the last 15 yrs. If you have a special request, need to ask a question, or wish to make a purchase, please contact Rebecca at I will be happy to return your email promptly and send you an invoice through Paypal if you wish to make a purchase. ALL printables on this page are non-exclusive as they were designed for bulk classroom use or homeschool/family use. You may print out the max # of pages based on the # of students you purchase for. See below.

Level 1 & 2 – Homeschool/Family Use and Level 3 & 4Classroom Use Printables have a Limited Use License. With each purchased printable, you may print and use these for up to 10 students for Homeschool/Family Use, or you can print and use for up to 35 students for Classroom Use. Please select the appropriate Level of Use when purchasing.

Level 1 (Homeschool/Family Use) single pages are $1.50 each, 4 for $5,  or 10 for $10.

Level 2 (Homeschool/Family Use) themed sets or Games (such as Matching, Bingo, Scavenger Hunt or Mazes) are $3 each or 4 for $10.

Level 3 (Classroom Use) single pages are $2.50 each or 10 for $20.

Level 4 (Classroom Use)  themed sets are $5 each or 3 for $12.


Choose a Combo Pack for just $25 and choose any 30 pages or sets from the list below.

Choose your single pages or themed sets:

  1. Horses single page
  2. Horses educational themed set of 3
  3. Horses Matching Game
  4. Horses maze single page
  5. Horses mazes themed set of 3
  6. Dogs single page
  7. Dogs educational themed set of 3
  8. Dogs Matching Game
  9. Dogs maze single page
  10. Dogs mazes themed set of 3
  11. Cats single page
  12. Cats educational themed set of 3
  13. Cats Matching Game
  14. Cats maze single page
  15. Cats mazes themed set of 3
  16. Frogs single page
  17. Frogs educational themed set of 3
  18. Frogs Matching Game
  19. Frogs maze single page
  20. Frogs mazes themed set of 3
  21. Snakes single page
  22. Snakes educational themed set of 3
  23. Snakes Matching Game
  24. Snakes maze single page
  25. Snakes mazes themed set of 3
  26. Insects single page
  27. Insects educational themed set of 3
  28. Insects Matching Game
  29. Flowers single page
  30. Flowers educational themed set of 3
  31. Butterflies single page
  32. Butterflies educational themed set of 3
  33. Butterflies Matching Game
  34. Superheroes single page
  35. Superheroes educational themed set of 3
  36. Pumpkins pre-writing practice single page
  37. Pumpkins Math/Counting single page
  38. Pumpkins/Fall educational themed set
  39. Halloween Bingo Game (all sets are kid friendly)*
  40. Halloween Matching Game*
  41. Halloween single page
  42. Halloween educational themed set of 3
  43. Halloween maze single page
  44. Halloween mazes themed set of 3
  45. Thanksgiving single page
  46. Thanksgiving educational themed set
  47. Thanksgiving sight words flash cards set*
  48. Thanksgiving Bingo Game*
  49. Thanksgiving Matching Game*
  50. Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt*
  51. Christmas single page
  52. Christmas educational themed set of 3
  53. Christmas Bingo Game*
  54. Christmas Matching Game*
  55. Christmas Lunch Notes*
  56. Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gift Notes
  57. Christmas Scavenger Hunt *
  58. Christmas sight words flash cards set *
  59. Christmas mazes themed set of 3
  60. Fairies and Elves Lunch Box Notes
  61. Fairies and Elves mazes themed set of 3
  62. Fairies and Elves educational themed set of 3
  63. Fairies and Elves Matching Game *
  64. Fairies and Elves Mazes themed set of 3
  65. Football Phonics themed set of 2

READY TO BUY some Classroom or Homeschool/Family Printables? It’s quick and easy! Here’s what you do:

  1. Comment on this page or send an email to


  • your Paypal email
  • the Level you wish to purchase (Level 1, 2, 3 or 4)
  • What age group you wish to purchase for (PreK-K, 1st-2nd grade, or 3rd-4th grade)
  • the numbers or titles of the printable(s) you wish to purchase.

I will send you an invoice through Paypal and upon receipt of payment, you will receive the items sent to your Paypal email within 24 hrs or less.

A Few examples of pages available. Many more! Inquire for custom pages created just for you and your classroom on any educational subject or topic:


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