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Would you like to encourage others?

Here you’ll find an ongoing list of the many wonderful ways people can be an encouragement to others. Whether it’s your spouse, your family, your friends, your coworkers, or even your boss …uplifting others and being a bright spot to help them through a tough time in their life, or just a rough day – can mean the world to them. Shine for Jesus and bless those around you daily. Love2EncourageYou hopes to make this section of the site full of many helpful resources to use for encouraging yourself and others in your life. May you truly be blessed.

How does one go about being an encouragement to others? Sometimes it can be as simple as that state of being who you are – an encourager, or someone who genuinely cares for another and wishes to uplift their heart and mind at that moment. Encouragement can also be carried out by something that we go out of our way to do for another. Many times it’s in the words that we thoughtfully say to our fellow man that help encourage their heart and keep them going that day.

Here is a starter list with a few ways to consider being an encouragement to one another:

  • Leave a note with words that lift the spirit and bring a smile.
  • Be there as a listening ear and support when going through a trial or loss.
  • Let your speech be sensitive, considerate, thoughtful, and wise in all circumstances.
  • May your eyes be observant to the needs of others, and may your heart be filled with patience and kindness.
  • Giving words of praise for a job well done (especially when one’s day has been difficult) can be like words of gold!
  • Purchase a thoughtful gift – maybe even one from the Christian book store – to bless to someone in need of encouragement and give them the tools they need to stay encouraged throughout the year. Music, books, devotionals, a new Bible, family style movies and so much more is available to be used as a blessing and a reminder of how much our God loves us.


17 thoughts on “Encourage Others”

  1. I am grateful to God for his precious Son, Jesus. That through him we have eternal life. I have been given a loving family and am blessed beyond measure. My Grandpa told me “accept Jesus as your Saviour, you won’t be sorry”, and I haven’t been! Thank you Vicki

    1. I had to use some words of encouragement for my 19 year old daughter today. she is in a bad relationship and I talked to her with many encouraging words. I hope she listens to mom 😉

  2. It is true! Sometimes it helps when there is someone who gave words of encouragement. A quick word of hope can brighten up someone’s day. We may never even know it but we could have saved a life with those words of encouragement!

  3. This is so true I had someone who just completely brightened my day yesterday by telling me how good of a job I was doing, people are so quick to complain anymore but rarely take the time to praise or encourage. Great post! Makes me want to spread some love

  4. Great thoughts! I know when someone takes the time to think of me and write a note of encouragement or praise, it is so meaningful. I try to send notes often. People don’t expect to get letters in the mail anymore!

    1. I agree, Cheryla. It means a lot when someone takes the time to write you a note of encouragement or send a smile. I am thrilled just to get sweet comments from people like you. 🙂 Whenever a friend thinks of me and sends a direct message on Facebook or tweet on Twitter, I am thankful. I very rarely get a message shared with me through an actual hand written letter, but those are truly the best! I do have one very sweet friend who sends a card at each birthday and holiday quite faithfully. She does it for many and I just can’t thank her enough for that sweet ministry to myself and others. It always brightens my day. 🙂 I am sure your time and thoughtfulness to share a note of encouragement with your friends or loved ones will speak volumes to them and be a blessing at just the right time. Thanks for visiting today and sharing with us.

  5. That is really great to read! We often forget we should encourage others because we are so focused on ourselves and pass other people by. Here’s to hoping we can all encourage one another!

  6. This is a good post to remember on Thanksgiving.–specifically to encourage others to remember others not so fortunate, rather than buying so many holiday deals and sales. People really are more important than possessions.

  7. I would like to encourage us all to pray for peace for this world and to give and bless the Hungry as well as Our Wounded Warrior Project. God Bless us all.

  8. I have some friends going through some tough times. We sponsored Christmas for their family this year and it was a great feeling helping them out and taking one less worry out of their lives.

  9. These suggestions are so good to remember. I find that often we treat complete strangers with more respect than we treat those whom we love. Great list. I personally need to try harder also.

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