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FASHION has always been a part of my life. I was privileged to be a model when I was in my teens, and was asked many times during my adult years to model for various companies including large mall clothing store chains – some of which I did participate in. Personally, I used to be a bit shy in regard to sharing photos of myself, although I do love all the poses, the fancy walk and spins we as models get to do on the runway. It’s fun! It has been a huge blessing to be tall and slender all my life – even now after having three children – I count my blessings.ย  I do appreciate the chance to review new clothes, shoes and accessories and share my findings with my readers. I’m open to consider most types of clothing for review and giveaways as there are many sides to my creative and eclectic personality. Although I have to be fair – heavy winter coats just won’t be a good fit for this Florida gal – but I do love a stylish leather jacket on occasion. Personal pics and mini video reviews available for inclusion with most fashion reviews. Currently booking for late September onward. Hint – I LOVE boots!

(photos above were taken in 2013/2014)

Fashion Reviews:

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    1. I love handbags too, but have the same issue. Can’t always spend money on one until I really need it. I always end up asking for them as a birthday or Christmas gift. Then the giver knows I’m super happy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. I miss wearing cold weather clothes, living here in California. I put on the boots though and I think most others wear what they want. I like shoe boots too.

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