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Many New Services Being Offered! Check them out!

Freshen Up Old Posts with my Photo Match Services: $50 – $200: Need someone to help load your old posts or current ones with some appropriate images to freshen them up? Let me help through my personal stock photo library and use of other free/cheap stock photo libraries to save you a ton of $! Send me a list of links to the posts you want new images for and I’ll send you a package deal with 2-3 images for each post, or purchase my services to load them for you through your website’s back office using my consulting services to help determine which posts or images need replacing.  $50 for up to 10 posts with 2-3 images each. $200 for securing my services to work on loading up to 40 posts with fresh images on your site through your back office.

Matching appropriate pics to articles/posts/PDF’s/eBooks/Newsletters/Web copy – $25/15 images matched.

Copy Writing: $25-$100/article as a ghost writer or white label service.

Exclusive Printables: $35-$100+ for custom detail-oriented printable for your blog or business with focus on reaching your target audience.

Non-Exclusive Educational/Party Printables: ranging from single printables to packages such as Unit Studies or holiday fun. (Types offered vary: educational themes from PreK-highschool, calendar, prints with quotes or beautiful images, business or blog logos, board style games, bingo, crossword puzzles, word finds, cryptograms, lunchbox notes, infographics, social media graphics, and more!)

Social Media Management Services:

Management of any of the following social accounts for small businesses (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. (Larger companies please inquire for a quote):

BRONZE: management of 1 social media account with 3 posts a week, plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $125/mo

SILVER: management of 1 social media account with 7 posts a week, plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $200/mo

GOLD: management of 2 social media account with 1 post daily (3 posts a week), plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $200/mo (Save $50)

PLATINUM: management of 2 social media accounts with 1 post daily (7 posts a week), plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $350/mo (Save $50)

DIAMOND: Choose Any 3 socials/1 post daily/7 days a week/plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $500/mo (Save $100!)

Need more coverage? Add $150/mo for each additional social media account added.

EXPERIENCE/SKILLS: Corporate experience in social media marketing, social media management, sales training/business coaching, copywriting, advertising, public relations, project management, brand management, event planning, graphic design, mobile apps concept development & proximity beacon sales, non-profit grant writing & sponsor/funding procurement, 8 years professional review blogger/travel & parenting blogger, educator, website design & maintenance

2018 Certifications in Social Media Marketing and Advertising for: Social Media Foundations (including Instagram and LinkedIN), Facebook Ads, Facebook Engagement in groups or on pages, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter. Inquire for additional references and experience or visit my profile on LinkedIn.

Current Positions for 2018: Motivational Business and Empowerment Coach and Founder for Rebecca Harmon Coaching, Vice President of Internet Websites Fast: Mobile Apps & Beacons, and Founder/Writer at Love2EncourageYou.

Website Design: Need a WordPress site created for your company/blog? Let me help you with a clean, mobile friendly site that includes an easy to customize theme. I will set up the site and up to five pages for $500. Lots of special features and helpful plug-ins available. Each additional page design created is $75. Monthly basic site design maintenance or adjustments: $99/mo. (Malware removal/cleaning is not included.)

VA Services (Virtual Assistant) -personal remote/online secretary! $35/hr on retainer

Copy writing or copy editor for web, blog, social channels, PDF’s, eBooks, or newsletters. $35/hr (very experienced with children/family/babies/health & wellness/mlm/teaching/homeschooling/gaming/crafts/Christian-Faith-based/outdoors/photography/social media/frugal living/green living/pets/travel/Florida and others)

Moderate Graphic Design (Creative Printables on Educational/Fun/Home topics or custom designs, Social Channel content, Blog graphics, Giveaway Graphics, eBook Graphics, or Website Logos).

Other services: Event coordinator, giveaway creation/promotion, blogger recruitment, business to blogger connections for large campaigns, brand ambassador, reviews/giveaways for your brand, mobile app development

Custom Order Printables or Ready To Purchase Printable  Designs:

Custom orders start at $35 based on number of pages created and how soon the job needs to be completed by. Rush orders add $20 per page.

Ready to purchase “exclusive sets” for blogs or businesses: $35 and up. Visit our Buy Printables page for samples of sets or singles or contact Rebecca at

PARENTS/HOMESCHOOLERS/TEACHERS: Single page printables and sets available from non-exclusive selections that you can print and use with your child immediately from $1- $12 each for anyone (parents, teachers, homeschoolers) to purchase and use with their own kids for homeschooling or classroom use. (Limited Use License: buyer is allowed to use for up to 35 children/students. Please purchase classroom license or additional sets for additional class sizes or students totaling over 35.) Visit our Classroom Printables page for selections and payment details or contact Rebecca at


Here’s a FREE Printable for 4th of July! You may save image and print for your kids this holiday weekend! Compliments of Love2EncourageYou and Learning Blast!


Need pre-written or custom made blog posts or articles?

Take a peek below at samples of my writing:

Email Rebecca at to reserve any of these posts. Send me your email and I’ll send you an invoice through PayPal.

Here’s a LIST of current articles/blog posts ready to send within 48 hours after receiving payment. Cross-posted (also advertised on other sites). ($22 per exclusive article which means 1 blogger only will receive each article.):

List A. 400+ words with no image. $1 per royalty free image.:

  1. Great Baby Products for Infant Sleeping Comfort
  2. Healthy Eating Tips During Pregnancy
  3. Fruits and Veggies That Are Good For Your Eyes
  4. Helpful Fruits and Vegetables For Diabetics
  5. Gluten Free Snack or Meal Options On The Go!
  6. Take Back Control: Organize Your Toddler’s Bedroom
  7. Organizing Your Homeschool Classroom
  8. Best Tips For Organizing A Baby Shower
  9. Fun and Creative Baby Shower Ideas
  10. Learn What Flowers Can Survive In “Your Zone”
  11. Vacation Destinations in or near “your city”
  12. Save Money on Your Next Appliance Purchase
  13. Ways to Save For Your Next Vacation
  14. Fabulous Camping Destinations Not to Miss
  15. Healthy Tips While Training for Your First 5K Run
  16. Healthy Eating Made Simple
  17. Buying Healthy Foods While Staying On A Budget
  18. Where To Find The Best Deals On Business Cards

New Titles! LIST B. These articles below are 500+ words and come with 1 royalty free image. $25 each or 5/$99!:

  1. Preparing Your Home For A New Baby
  2. Potty Training Tips You May Not Have Tried
  3. Simple Soup Recipes Anyone Can Make
  4. Delicious Donut Hot Chocolate Treat Recipe
  5. Help Kids Learn To Read With These Bedtime Rituals
  6. Bath Time ABC Lessons For Preschoolers
  7. How To Train For Your First 5K
  8. Why Parents Are Excited About Playstation Vue
  9. Clever Ways To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids
  10. Must Have First Aid Supplies For Every Home
  11. DIY (Themed) Phonics Game Preschoolers Love
  12. DIY Shaped Flash Cards For Math ( or Spelling, Vocabulary)
  13. Bead Jewelry Party Favors Kids Can Make
  14. Birthday Girl Dream Makeover Ideas
  15. Strategic Board Games Guys Will Play Again And Again

Each pre-written article is a minimum of 400+ words with no image. *Royalty Free Images that match the post appropriately are an additional $1/post. (Please send Paypal payments to:

Family and Christian Themes, Encouragement, Product Reviews & Giveaways, Orlando Travel, E-Store