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Love2EncourageYou is a PR2 blog and has 28,000+ fans across social media. I run promotions using directories, social media shout outs, blogger campaigns, and giveaways to encourage more traffic coming to Love2EncourageYou. Our ads are affordable for any budget. You can sign up today and pay using your credit card via Paypal. Take advantage of all the tourism traffic coming to the site and our Gift Guides to help promote your brand! Get your ad listed with us for just pennies a day!


 Visit our Gift Guide page for more details on advertising options.

Gift Guide Themes available to be featured in are: Homeschool/Educational Products Gift Guide, Christmas/Holiday, Video Game Gift Guide, Toy Gift Guide, Apps Gift Guide, Fall Gift Guide, Winter Gift Guide, Valentine’s Day, Spring Gift Guide, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Baby, Kids, Teens/College Age, Wedding, Summer Fun, Birthday Gift Guide, or Back To School.

Gift Guide pages are visible to the public while the event is active (usually 6 weeks long) and will include YOUR product image and a link to your product/service plus a permanent review post (if purchased separately) on Love2EncourageYou! All Gift Guide Entries will be rotated in the sidebar in an AD at Love2EncourageYou on each page refresh to attract attention to the gift guide and your products.

If you have interest in having me review a product, write a sponsored post, run a giveaway campaign, give shout outs on social media, or create and share a press release for your company, contact Rebecca at love2encourageyou@icloud.com or just order your choice of services below and pay through Paypal. I also offer professional social media management, consulting, graphic design, printables, and copy writing services. See below for fee structure.

*Love2EncourageYou is celebrating over six years of happy service to sponsors like you. Your gift guide items will be promoted to our fans across social media with up to and beyond 28,000 fans plus extended reach with additional media blasts for up to 100K fans potentially viewing your products. Audience is mostly women with college background and some children. This includes moms, homeschoolers, educators, small business owners, bloggers and more.

Affordable Advertising:

$50 Gift Guide Spot:  Inclusion in your choice of one of our many gift guides available throughout the year. Each unique theme targets specific groups that often follow my blog and give you great SEO keyword search and traffic. Send me the pic and link to your company product purchase page or Amazon/Facebook/Etsy page plus a mini description you would like shared about it for inclusion in the Gift Guide. You may offer a discount/coupon code or giveaway also. (Permanent Product Review posts are available for an additional $25 plus full size product to review.) All gift guide entries will be shared on Facebook and Twitter to over 20,000+ fans with potential reach to over 100,000+. Additional social media blasts available for $15 each – see below. Each gift guide entry will also receive a sidebar ad rotation in right sidebar for duration of the gift guide event.

$15 Social Media Shout Outs: Just want a shout out on social media? Send me the pic and link or mini description you want shared on social media and I’ll do a shout out on Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram

$15-$25/month – Sidebar Ad: have your product image and link to your website, Amazon purchase page,  or Facebook page posted as an Ad in right sidebar at 300×250 pixels for $25/mo or an Ad in left sidebar at 150×150 pixels at $15/mo.

Important info regarding product reviews or giveaways: You provide a full size item for review and pay for shipping. Item will not be returned. If offering a giveaway – You also provide an optional giveaway prize item that you will hold until the giveaway has ended and then ship to the winner’s address after I provide you with their shipping details. Email Rebecca at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com with name and link to item you wish to have reviewed and I’ll send you an invoice through Paypal. Please remember to include your Paypal email.

$50 Mini Video Reviews: are available (and highly recommended) showcasing your product or service to be shown on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Video clip will also be embedded within your Review/Giveaway post on Love2EncourageYou blog. See our “Important info regarding review or giveaway posts” above for more details.

$75 AMAZON Sellers Video Package: This is a great way to get video reviews in front of new readers without having it on your Amazon page site. You could share link to my blog post in your newsletters sharing my video review of your product to buyers. Link to video review will be included in the review blog post. Send product for review. You may also send stock images of your product(s) or your brand logo that I will use with my review images to help create a video slideshow that will be on social media and link included in the blog post. You will also receive a 150×150 sidebar ad in left sidebar for 30 days and 3 social shares on Facebook & Twitter and Instagram.

$50 Non-Review Video Ad Package – Your product video embedded within a permanent blog post with 3 shout outs on social media for $50: Just want a quick video ad with shout outs on social media without the cost of sending a review item or holding a giveaway? Send your video file ad for me to share with my readers within a blog post at love2encourageyou. Social shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to over 21,000+ fans.

$50 Sponsored Posts – Using Your Writer: You provide a well written (positive tone) post including one link to the product/service to be published on my site. Must be family friendly content and no malware/phishing links/references to alcohol/drugs/tobacco/gambling/etc. Disclosure will be included.

$100 Sponsored Posts – I Write For You on my site: I will publish a well written (positive tone) organic style post including your one link to the product/service. You send over your needed details including the link, keyword focus, and images. (Must be family friendly content and no malware/phishing links/references to alcohol/drugs/tobacco/gambling/etc.) Disclosure will be included.

Other services available:

Copy Writing: $25-$100/article as a ghost writer or white label service.

Printables: $15-$100 ranging from single printables to packages such as Unit Studies or holiday fun. (Types offered vary: educational themes from PreK-highschool, calendar, prints with quotes or beautiful images, business or blog logos, board style games, bingo, crossword puzzles, word finds, cryptograms, lunchbox notes, infographics, social media graphics, and more!)

Freshen Up Old Posts with my Photo Match Services: $50 – $200: Need someone to help load your old posts or current ones with some appropriate images to freshen them up? Let me help through my personal stock photo library and use of other free/cheap stock photo libraries to save you a ton of $! Send me a list of links to the posts you want new images for and I’ll send you a package deal with 2-3 images for each post, or purchase my services to load them for you through your website’s back office using my consulting services to help determine which posts or images need replacing.  $50 for up to 10 posts with 2-3 images each. $200 for securing my services to work on loading up to 40 posts with fresh images on your site through your back office.


Here are my kids ages and some suggested categories our readers may like gift items in:

My 3 kids:   Boy – 6 yrs, Girl -10 yrs, and Teen Guy – 19 yrs.

I accept review items of all kinds that are family friendly and suitable for my readers. Some suggested categories include: video games, toys, food, fashion, kid’s fashion, shoes, household, electronics, iPad or iPhone or Google Android apps, entertainment, or any items for kids, women and men. My whole family is willing to assist in reviews. I prefer gift items in the following categories but will consider all offers: technology, video games, apps for iPad, toys, jewelry, food, beauty, movies, kitchen, fashion, shoes, home, children’s books, educational items, Christian themed music and books, auto, outdoor living or tools, educational, health and fitness, anything for Kindergarten to College-age, or other gift items.

Please  contact Rebecca at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com  if you’d like to have your family friendly product(s) included in any of our 2017 HOLIDAY Gift Guides here at Love2EncourageYou blog.

Social Media Management Services:

Management of any of the following social accounts for small businesses (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or Pinterest. (Larger companies please inquire for a quote):

BRONZE: management of 1 social media account with 3 posts a week, plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $125/mo

SILVER: management of 2 social media accounts with 3 posts a week, plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $225/mo

GOLD: management of 1 social media account with 1 post daily (7 posts a week), plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $200/mo

PLATINUM: management of 2 social media accounts with 1 post daily (7 posts a week), plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $325/mo

DIAMOND: Choose Any 3 socials/1 post daily/7 days a week/plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = $500/mo


Need more coverage?

Choose any one social/2-3 posts daily/7 days a week/plus reply comments or deleting negative comments/spam, and using relevant hashtags = SALE: $400/mo (2 socials = $650/mo, 3 socials = $900/mo, 4 socials = $1,150/mo, 5 socials = $1,400/mo)


Inquire for additional references and experience. I most recently served as a Social Media Marketing Director for a large indoor shopping center/flea market. I create, coordinate, advertise, and launch special events including charity events. I’ve worked in corporate for companies selling MLM health related products, Christian books, tech accessories, a non profit charity, children’s music, coupon and deal’s site, apparel, and children’s fitness products/services.

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