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Pangolin Sea Puzzle App for iPad and iPhone for Preschoolers


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REVIEW of Pangolin Sea Puzzle App Full HD Version

Here’s a fabulous new app available for both the iPhone and iPad! This Pangolin Sea Puzzle App is designed to engage children five years and under, but can still be fun for older siblings that are elementary aged. In our household both my 4 year old son and my 8 year old daughter usually share the iPad and play a lot of the same games much of the time. Both of them gave this Pangolin Sea Puzzle app a try and liked it a lot! We found that my youngest played on it the most for longer periods of time as he was completely engaged and loved the feeling of success when he completed a puzzle!


Description from the company:

Sea puzzle, is an under water puzzle game for kids up to 5 years old.
During the enchanting underwater trip, where fish, crabs, cuttlefish, whales are exposed, the game improves coordination, concentration and spacial sight. 



I was very impressed by the unique design for this app and would recommend it to parents who have little ones they want to entertain, and yet still be using something with great educational value. It has tons of sea creatures and underwater elements to explore during the app. The skills the kids are using to complete these sea puzzles are important developmental skills and this app does a super job of keeping kids focused and determined to complete each new puzzle while still having lots of fun! Pleasant music accompanies the app and encourages kids to keep playing and completing new puzzles as well. What a great app!

**Click Here to see a mini video review by my 4 year old son and mommy! (you must activate quick time to view it)

You can try out the LITE version of the Pangolin Sea Puzzle App or make a purchase of the full HD version Today! Enjoy!

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a sample copy and  renumeration in exchange for an honest review. However, I only share items I feel are of value and interest to my family and my readers.


Support Military with iDisciple App from Family Christian Stores + #Giveaway


I’m so excited to share about this amazing iDisciple App that I don’t even know where to start! Special thanks to Family Christian and iDisciple for the chance to receive a subscription in exchange for my honest review. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to share all the wonderful things offered in this app with my readers today!


Well first of all, I am just busting at the seams to tell you about everything iDisciple has to offer, but I am struggling to figure out how to accomplish that in one post! haha! Just setting up the account and getting to choose 6-12 topics I’m interested in was tough as there are so many wonderful subjects to choose from. You can adjust your top 12 at anytime. For starters, I chose items that pertained to building faith and character in children, parenting toddlers and teens, marriage and developing deeper intimacy with your spouse, the teachings of Jesus, the letters of Paul, topical Bible Study, leadership and delegation, and a few others. A flood of resources on these topics immediately became available at my fingertips with resources to read, listen by audio or watch on video! It’s wonderful!


Narrowing down the field of choices is also accomplished by choosing some of your favorite authors or speakers. There are many of my favorites like Beth Moore, Gary Smalley, Dr. Charles Stanley, Third Day, and others that I was able to add to my list of favorites and then saw their personal works on the topical subjects I chose earlier integrating together for the ultimate experience. It’s so neat!

I immediately dove into reading an article regarding marriage that came up by Gary Smalley called “Making Touch Meaningful”.  His writing is easy to understand, very insightful and Biblical grounded. The iDisciple App and the plethora of media resources available through it willl be super to have on hand to share with my family and friends when I need to refer to something on a particular subject.


I can tell already this is going to be an amazing year of learning and growing. I’m looking forward to discovering all the new, creative ways to raise my children in the Lord, ways to worship the Lord together as a family in new ways, and an easier time managing my business life, and developing higher quality moments and memories with my spouse. My biggest excitement is in deepening my relationship with Jesus Christ and all these super resources within the app are constantly being added that helps bless readers like myself with the ultimate experience in growing in our walk with the Lord.

I’ll be sharing future updates with you as I try all the cool features like iDisciple radio, iDisciple channel (video) and the daily devotionals section (which looks awesome by the way!)


You can get even more excited with me about this delightful app that literally is a touch of heaven to me – by taking advantage of the incredible offer they have right now when you purchase iDisciple app to give as a gift through Family Christian Stores. Starting on December 5th, every purchase of an iDisciple membership from a Family Christian store will gift Military Service Members with a subscription to iDisciple and a Military Bible Stick from Faith Comes by Hearing. There are  many reasons why this is so awesome! The Bible stick is military approved and can be worn while in uniform. It is discreet as well. Thousands of soldiers have asked for this and are on a waiting list. YOU can help them today by purchasing a membership to iDisciple and blessing a member of our military at the same time! Buy the app for yourself, and gift one to your spouse, your mom, a friend, or even your teen! It’s that good – I highly recommend it!

iDisciple App is available for purchase HERE. You can get the app through the Apple iTunes store for iPhones and iPads, or through Google Play for Android. Makes a great stocking stuffer.
Family Christian is offering to give one winner a $25 Appreciation Certificate as the prize in this giveaway!
Date: Dec 5 to midnight on Dec 17.
Location: USA and Canada
Age: 18 or older. Void where prohibited.
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Kids Academy Apps on iTunes Continue to Share Educational Value

ABC phonics

Kids Academy has a wide variety of educational children’s apps that cater to Pre-K aged children. As a former Pre-K teacher of many years and currently teaching my preschooler through homeschooling, I have found that using a variety of engaging and entertaining resources or tools to teach basic concepts with toddlers makes things much more fun and easier for the child to retain the information. I invite you to check out these FREE apps from Kids Academy that are currently available through iTunes. I have provided the links for your convenience.


1. Kids Academy App: Preschool – Kindergarten Learning Kids Games Free for Toddler. This app provides a fun interactive way to practice learning to recognize,  trace, or write both ABC’s and numbers.  There is also a cute animated segment where the child can listen to ABC’s being pronounced and watch the fun animal character animations representing each letter. The free version allows for three letters and numbers to be practiced.

2. Kids Academy App: ABC’s Alphabet Phonics & Montessori Learn To Read App for Toddler.  It is hard to predict what will entertain a child the most, but nothing is as fun as playing with mazes and rhyming games with fun colorful animal characters. My 7 yr old laughed as she played the mazes and watched the animations at the end when the dog is rewarded with his prize. You also get to practice tracing and writing ABC’s. We like the “praise” factor when the app will reward the child with saying, “Excellent job or You rock!”.

3. Kids Academy App: Bingo ABC’s Alphabet Phonics Song with Farm Animals Cards for Toddler FREE. I used this with my youngest son in my review. My three and a half year old was the most engaged with the ABC apps overall, yet the Bingo app was still entertaining. My son loves songs and anything involving animals, so he enjoyed singing along to half the BINGO song with the free version of the app titled: Kids Academy App – Bingo ABC’s Alphabet Phonics Song with Farm Animals Cards for Toddler FREE. I think the full version is probably super cute and would keep him engaged for quite awhile. The app is colorful, provides super animation and great sound.


Each app has it’s own positive points in helping teach educational value to the child playing. I can tell the difference at how much they’ve adjusted and even improved the apps in just a few short months since my last review. I noticed the biggest difference is in the animation. These apps are a bit short in free mode, but my three year old still seems pleased with the recent app changes which is helpful in keeping him more engaged.

You will find there are many very useful features available as in-app purchases that you can opt in to buy if you’d like. Coming from a teacher’s perspective, many of the ones involving short or long vowel sounds and writing words I believe would be worth the money to purchase as they give more value and longer playtime in the app to enhance learning. They have all sorts of fun things you can do like mazes, and other activities too. It really depends on what your child would enjoy the most or what your goal is for using this app. I like to think of apps as a great educational tool that is both entertaining and fun while helping my children learn the important skills required for school. It certainly makes mom’s life easier! Now if I could just afford to buy a second iPad so they don’t argue over who’s turn it is – I’ll be all set! haha!

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received renumeration in exchange for an honest review. However, I only share items I feel are of value to my family and my readers.

Alphie The Squid Game App for Iphone, Ipad and Ipod!


Need a great game app that the whole family can enjoy? Check out Alphie the Squid!  I received a chance to try this app as a review in exchange for my honest opinion.  I learned this game app is not only fun for kids, but even lures and captures the attention of teens and adults! Give Alphie the Squid a try and you’ll get to follow a cute baby squid while it travels through the glorious ocean depths coming up against many obstacles along the way. This baby squid is a fast learner on how to survive the ocean’s various demands. It can camouflage itself, hunt its prey, spray its ink and even use hypnosis against its prey. Once it has finished eating,  it grows bigger and stronger and increases in speed.


I was very impressed with the graphics and animation in the Alphie the Squid game app as well as the various “boss characters” as my teen son calls them that were the predators Alphie had to go up against throughout the game. One of the intense encounters is with sharks. It was also interesting that they touched upon the importance of ocean currents and how that affects the sea creatures daily lives and choices. They need enough strength to handle these currents safely. As a player you will go through different levels having anywhere from one to three stars and must pay attention to how much strength you have to accomplish different tasks. You definitely don’t get bored playing this game! It keeps you on your toes and children seem to love it! I had my friend’s son play it as well as my teen son, my 3.5 yr old son and  7 yr old daughter. I played around with it a bit too. We seemed to be gathering a crowd! lol.

My daughter had so much fun playing this adorable Alphie the Squid game app that she didn’t want to get off! She had been trying so hard to keep getting to the next level. lol. I love that it has such beautifully colored scenery and soothing music playing during the game. There are so many different sea creatures your child will get to see by playing this game. I’m going to be teaching an animal science class this year and I may mention this game to the parents to check out for their kids to enjoy playing and observing the nature and environment that sea creatures live in.

Alphie The Squid is a terrific game for kids and adults alike. It is a great compliment to marine science studies kids may be learning in school or homeschool! I would recommend Alphie the Squid to anyone interested in family friendly entertainment. I give it 4.5 stars out of 5!

For More Information:

Visit the Alphie the Squid Website
Follow all the action on Alphie the Squid on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

You can buy and download this Alphie the Squid game app on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. The first 4 levels are available FREE on Google Play and Amazon. You will need to purchase the game app to get to play the other levels.

Many Blessings,

Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Disclosure: I received a free game app of Alphie the Squid in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own. However, I only share items of interest or value to my readers.

Kids Academy Co Preschool Apps for #iPad and #iPhone


Learning Apps for iPad and iPhone from Kids Academy Co

It’s been a good experience for my 3 year old son to learn and explore educational tasks in the fun learning apps from Kids Academy Co. My 7 year old daughter seems to enjoy them too for extra practice. The have many varieties for your family to try including the three apps included in today’s review.

Disclosure: Please note that Love2EncourageYou received monetary compensation in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of others. However, I only share reviews on items I feel are a good fit for my family and my readers.

  1. Kids Puzzles Preschool Math Games for Girls and Boys

  2. Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games – Free for Toddlers and Preschool Children

  3. Learn To Read & Write Kid’s Puzzles

Here’s a glimpse at each app we reviewed:



Kids Puzzles Preschool Math Games for Girls and Boys: This app gives the student one tracing game (which is adorable) to try with three chances at the writing practice for learning numbers. You get to trace each of the three numbers twice in a row for additional practice. It’s super cute as the child traces over the numbers collecting fireflies that are then placed in a jar for the child once the number trace is complete. Both my children liked this jar with the fireflies game for practicing math. They felt tracing this way was easy to practice and a lot of fun. My 7 year old would have liked the paid version even more to unlock more numbers right away to keep her engaged longer, but my 3 year old loved the free version and just kept playing it over and over again gaining that helpful writing and number practice.



Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games – Free For Toddlers and Preschool Children: This app includes three games. One was rhyming words and pictures with mazes. Another impressive game was learning upper and lower case letter recognition, phonics, and spelling. It kept the kids attention and covered multiple educational skills in language arts. Finally it included the math tracing numbers game with the fireflies like the app above.  All the games in the app have value in education and are smooth and easy for kids to try. The game prompts the child with a pointing hand to click on the word “continue” when ready to go to the next page or section of the game app.


Learn To Read & Write Kid’s Puzzles: There are three mini games in this one: Easy Mazes, Rhyming Words (which also uses mazes) and Upper and Lower Case Letters. I’m impressed with the options to trace letters and all the praise and fanfare the game gives the child when they are done. It drops streamers and you see and hear the trumpets blast. Very cute! My son was repeating the cheers of praise saying, “Excellent!” or “You rock!” This free version allows you to play upper and lower case letters to trace. The feature for doing rhymes with a maze is super cute too that the kids seemed to enjoy. It would help young readers practice spelling 3 letter words also. Adorable animal characters and fun sounds help engage kids and hold their attention.

Overall Summary: My children enjoyed trying these colorful and educational apps from Kids Academy Co. Each FREE version app from Kids Academy Co. includes about 3 mini games. Within each free version, they usually include three letters, numbers or 3 chances at writing practice. You can see other free apps or paid versions available from Kids Academy Co. scrolling at the top of the home screen for your convenience if you wish to experience some of their other fun learning apps. You can purchase these apps for a small fee and unlock the full versions of these games. The paid versions of these apps would be an inexpensive and great addition to any homeschool curriculum, or for moms who want their kids to get some daily practice on much needed skills in a fun, entertaining and portable way. The free versions are very helpful and certainly enjoyable for toddlers and lower elementary age kids, but somewhat short. I recommend trying the paid versions for the value and the small cost.

Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Disclosure: Please note that Love2EncourageYou received monetary compensation in exchange for an honest review. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of others. However, I only share reviews on items I feel are a good fit for my family and my readers.

Disneynature – Explore App: Disney Magic At It’s Best!


Experience the wonder of nature

Here’s a noteworthy app to get for your kids or to play yourself! The new Disneynature – Explore app from iTunes was created just in time to enhance the new Disneynature Bear movie coming out soon. You start your adventure with a bear as it asks you to roar like a bear or even grunt. Next it will have you trying to catch fish in a stream with the bear. My kids were completely captivated by it’s use of both the microphone and the camera to interact with the game. You can choose your activities, go on missions and more to learn all about these beautiful creatures!


Great Educational Value

The game proceeds to have butterflies, chimpanzees, lions and other unique animals as it asks you to get up and move around the room or outside in your yard as it asks you to search for things. It gives directions such as left or right, asks you to take pictures of things that are certain colors, and even has you aim at the sky to see tons of butterflies in the sky or on your ceiling.  It has a wonderful educational value! Disneynature – Explore app would be a good addition to a homeschool science program as it also includes tons of tips and info about the animals you are discovering. It even includes a journal mode that would be good for older students.

Play With Supervision

This free Disneynature – Explore app is greatly entertaining for young and old and will be lots of fun both indoors and outdoors – provided you have an adult watching the child at all times. WARNING: This app can cause you to get distracted by the commands and you wouldn’t want a child to walk towards danger because they are so involved in playing the app. Disney stresses that a child must be supervised while playing this app and that needs to be heeded for safety reasons.


Highly Recommended Free App

It is still amazing to me what technology can do and how many fun ways you can create an interactive environment for children to learn and explore and enjoy God’s creation. My kids really love all the unique ways you get to interact both indoors and out with this Disneynature – Explore app. They especially enjoyed the chance to earn pins for discovering different animals or accomplishing missions. Disney really hit a home run with this app! Love it! I highly recommend trying this completely free app called Disneynature – Explore today! Visit your iTunes store and search for “Disneynature – Explore“.

If you enjoyed this app review, please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. We will have more enjoyable posts about apps for children and families to come. Thanks for reading! *Sponsors that have apps related to children, family, business or education, feel free to contact me about a review.

– Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Lego Fusion App: Top Christmas Toy Of the Season


New Lego Fusion App Coming Soon!

*Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this review. My family purchased annual passes to Legoland, FL and as annual pass holders we received a free perk invitation to attend a pre-launch experience of the new Lego Fusion app.

I’ve pretty much learned to hold high expectations from Lego when it comes to newly released toys. The coming release of their new app and building toy called Lego Fusion is no different – we are absolutely doing somersaults in anticipation of it’s release this Thursday, August 14!  What’s all the excitement about you ask? Just read on to  to learn more from our annual pass holder sneak peak experience at Legoland, FL this past weekend. You’ll see a glimpse of what is sure to be a HUGE HIT with kids and adults too! We predict the Lego Fusion app and building kit is going to be a TOP CHRISTMAS TOY this season!! So far I’ve heard it will be available for purchase in stores and online at Lego.com and Toys R Us.

Starting off with your Lego Fusion app experience, it appears you’ll need a tablet or any Android device. Let me suggest starting with the largest screen you can get such as an iPad or iPad mini if available in your household. The game (Lego Fusion App) will become very addictive quickly and you’ll wish you had a larger screen than your phone to play it on in the long run. For those who only have their phones to use the app on, this will get lots of play time from not only your little ones, but most likely from you as well.

Why do I think it will be such a hit? For starters, the app and building kit comes in four different varieties which I personally think was a brilliant move on Lego’s part. For the boys, you have 3 choices with the Town Master, Castle Towers, and Create & Race versions. For the girls, I know they will love the Lego (Friends) Resort Designer version as well as the Town Master version that we got to test as a family this weekend. My daughter loved the Lego Town Master version of the Lego Fusion app so much that we not only stayed at the event right up until the very last minute of our time slot, but she keeps asking us if we are going to pick one up when they release this coming Thursday. Lol. Honestly, it is a total must have as far as my husband and I are concerned. We know how important family friendly games are, especially something that incorporates logic or other educational value such as the new Lego Fusion app and building kits.  As a homeschool parent, I totally recommend this app/kit!


The other reason we feel Lego Fusion is a perfect fit for families and a must-have game this year, is for the simple pleasure of enjoying a game that has somehow successfully grasped the concepts of the popular Animal Crossing video game with the just as popular Roller Coaster Tycoon pc games. Add that to the fun at the beginning of the game when you get to actually build with the legos to start the app experience, and you have quite a fun and imaginative interactive game! We are impressed to say the least!


My daughter began her experience by building a small one wall section of a house with a door. The app then scans your wall and creates an entire house out of it for you to use to begin your Town Master app experience. (If you don’t want to build the wall for your house, you can skip that part and just choose one of the selections they already have available for you inside the app.) Next you get to have a blast exploring the town, collecting coins and buying new buildings that have trade worthy items such as a book stand, or bike shop. The town people have thought bubbles above their heads to let you know what they want or wish to trade. You can help the town’s people by putting out fires (like a fireman), and doing tasks that make their “happiness level” increase. It’s pretty cool and certainly kept my 7 year old engaged the entire time. She didn’t want to stop! 🙂


Overall, the new Lego Fusion App and building kits are getting two thumbs way up from the Love2EncourageYou family. We can’t wait to try the other versions and expect we will enjoy them just as much. I would anticipate this being a major contender in the Top Christmas Toy or Apps of the 2014 Holiday Shopping Season. It is entirely possible that certain kits – most likely the Lego Friends one, will even sell out rather early, so I suggest grabbing them while you can.

Launch dates: (a little bird at Legoland, FL shared with us they anticipate launch for the August ones to be this Thursday, August 14!)

  • Town Master – August 2014
  • Battle Towers – August 2014
  • Create & Race – August 2014
  • Resort Designer (Lego Friends) – September 2014

Have fun this week as the launch of this new Lego Fusion app comes out on Thursday! We invite you to share your thoughts with us too in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear what you and your kids think of these unique app/toy kits!  I’ll be posting more review style posts about these Lego Fusion app/kits in the weeks to come as I am able. Thanks for reading!

Want to learn more and watch some short video teasers of the new Lego Fusion apps? Just visit here to see all four!

– Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

*Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. I chose to review this experience on my own and was not asked to share this. I felt this would be an interesting post to share with my readers. 🙂