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Apply for HOLIDAY TWEET FEST in OCTOBER and November!

Did you know that there’s a quick and easy way to get your product in front of tens of thousands of possible new customers this holiday season? Imagine a Holiday Gift Guide of endless Tweets and Giveaway Fun! Thousands of followers on Twitter follow my tweets everyday @choosingtolive and with our strategic approach to introducing new products, sharing reviews, and announcing fun giveaways in an exciting and creative way this holiday season, you’d be doing yourself a favor to get on the awesome line up for our first annual HOLIDAY TWEET FEST!

Hurry! This fabulous launch of tantalizing tweets will be going live on October 1st through November 31st sharing high quality products, tasty treats and freebies, irresistible giveaways to enter, and a LIVE Twitter Party showcasing some of the exciting giveaways and special discounts available just for my readers! Have something cool in mind to include in our HOLIDAY TWEET FEST event? Contact Rebecca at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com today and lets get your idea in motion!

Love2EncourageYou is currently accepting applications for inclusion in our HOLIDAY TWEET FEST for any family friendly products or services from companies around the globe. Prices are listed below:

$5 Paypal: GIVEAWAYS or DISCOUNT TWEETS – one tweet sharing a giveaway item or discount of 15% or more to your product or service. MUST include #Ad in character count. (Bloggers are welcome to submit tweets to their holiday gift guides!)

$10 Paypal: YOUR CHOICE – one tweet with optional image and link sharing your wording about your product of choice

$25 Paypal: TWITTER PARTY mention – two tweets of your choice for inclusion in Twitter Party to be held on Friday, November 17th from 9pm to 10pm EST and inclusion in our list of participating sponsors in a follow-up article to be posted on Love2EncourageYou blog and tweeted the next day.

$50 Paypal + $10 Gift Card: TWITTER PARTY SPONSOR4 tweets about your company, product, or giveaway and 1 main tweet included as a mandatory RETWEET by followers entering to win the flash giveaway prizes for the end of Twitter Party. Your company will also receive inclusion at the TOP of our list of participating sponsors in a follow-up article to be posted on Love2EncourageYou blog and tweeted the next day.

$50 Paypal + Review Item: VIDEO REVIEW – YouTube, Blog Post & 2 TWEETS – Your family friendly toy/game/tech or other review item will be video reviewed on a date in October to be shared on YouTube and inserted in a Blog Post and then shared in 2 TWEETS on Twitter. Add 2 shares on Facebook and 1 on Instagram for an additional $15. (You are responsible for shipping a full size item to review which is mine to keep and cannot be returned along with payment through Paypal for options you choose: $50 or $65. Payment required in full in advance of review. All items received will be reviewed and posted during the months of October and November. Items arriving before the Twitter Party on October 20 will be posted immediately. Most items must allow up to 1 week for review.)

How to Apply for Holiday Tweet Fest: Send your interest email to Rebecca at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance for your support of Love2EncourageYou. 10% of all proceeds will be going to help various local charities.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou is reaching out to help needy families and other local charities this holiday season. Therefore 10% of all proceeds from the sales at Holiday Tweet Fest will be used to purchase items to be a blessing to these families and charities.  Your advertising purchase is appreciated.  Any review items received by Love2EncourageYou are only accepted if they are family friendly and if they match the interests and needs of my family and audience here at Love2EncourageYou. My opinions are my own and may differ from your own. However, I believe everything I share has value in the eyes of my readers. Be safe and healthy this holiday season and count your blessings.

Advertising Sale on Review and Giveaway Posts


SPONSORS: Review & Giveaway Posts SALE OFFER!

Hello my sweet friends and followers!

It’s Rebecca here, and I’m coming to you today to offer a very special set of package deals to help promote your product, service, blog, website, or business!

PROMOTIONAL POST: For just $25, you can get your brand highlighted and promoted in a blog post here at Love2EncourageYou and promoted on social media to over 27,000 followers!

REVIEW POST only: For $25, You can send a product for me to review that is family friendly, and I’ll share an honest review to my followers in a blog post, on social media shout outs and in a mini video for Instagram, Facebook or Youtube! Get on my schedule NOW before I’m all booked up for the coming months! (Please note, the product must be a full size product and not a sample size. The product needs to be shipped free of charge and it will not be returned.) Email Rebecca at love2encourageyou@icloud.com to send your letter of interest or links to the product you’d like me to consider for review.

Giveaway Post only: For $40, I’ll promote your brand by spreading the word through a giveaway – with a product or gift card that you provide as the prize. I will share within a multitude of private Facebook groups, Google+ groups, and on all my social media and the blog. For additional help spreading the word, I can recruit up to 10 more bloggers to help promote this giveaway and expand the reach to a much larger range of fans for just $50 extra (optional). Your giveaway post will also get inserted into 10+ giveaway linkie lists that blog giveaway fans travel frequently!

SIDEBAR AD: Get your product, business, or blog featured near the top right sidebar at Love2EncourageYou.com! 300×250 size ad for 1 month is on sale for just $5! Email Rebecca at love2encourageyou@icloud.com and I’ll send you a PROMO code to get the regular Super Sponsor $15/mo ad size at that discounted rate!

READERS: Make Your Voice Heard!


It’s a huge help to me knowing what my fans are interested in, and I’m offering to let you share with me in the comments of this post to tell all the sponsors out there what you really want to see reviews or giveaways on! Don’t be shy! Share as many things that interest you. If you want to see some celebrity interviews, travel and activities info, fashion and beauty posts, parenting and family, homeschooling and education, finance and saving money, or whatever else interests you … just share in the comments and we will try to make it happen this year! Are you part of the Love2EncourageYou community of friends and fans on Facebook? Join our group today!


Be sure to keep up with current posts, giveaways, deals, and events at Love2EncourageYou by following us on Facebook and Twitter!


Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway Celebration!


Memorial Day Weekend Giveaway Celebration!

Time for enjoying family and friends, having picnics and barbeques and remembering and honoring our Nation’s Military. There is so much to be thankful for in our lives. It is always a good time to rest and remember – giving thanks to the Lord for protecting our families and our country through many trials this past year. Join with me today in celebrating! I will kick this weekend off with a series of fun giveaways with everything from Christian music, DVDs and Books, to advertising spots and more! Let the fun begin!

Are you a business owner, MLM rep, crafter, or blogger? Need some free advertising for your business or to promote your website? I offer a variety of advertising options in the sidebar or above pages on this website for inexpensive prices – starting as low as $3! Sign up today to get your business in front of my readers right away, then enter to win a Free month of Sidebar Advertising in the giveaway below!

SPECIAL OFFERS just for my readers in honor of our amazing men and women who serve in the Armed Forces!

1. Grab our GOLD Sidebar Advertising on the left sidebar for 1 year of Advertising at 25% off with this coupon code: SAVE25NOW

Regular price $90/yr. Great savings!

2. RARE 1 Time Only Special! 45% off Sidebar Advertising (under Silver Ads) for ?#?business? owners and ?#?bloggers?! Enter code: AWESOMEDEAL


Prize: Enter to win 1 Month of FREE Sidebar Advertising at Love2EncourageYou!

(advertising must be family friendly with agreed upon safe site link, ad copy, and image.)

Location: Open to everyone. Void where prohibited.

Age: Must be 18 years of age or older.

Date: Ends at midnight EST on June10th!


Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook or any other social media site.


Come back often throughout the weekend from May 22-May 25 for a new set of scavenger hunt star boxes to find! Thanks for playing!

Holiday Gift Guide is Coming! Enter to #win Helicopter Micro Kite! #giveaway

Finished Holiday Gift Guide

Get the scoop on how to get your product advertising here at Love2EncourageYou for 2 months with our Holiday Dreams Gift Guide for 2014! Plus, enter to win a brand new giveaway for a Kid’s Micro Kite Toy in a helicopter design!


Sponsors and business owners: You can still submit products or services for review, giveaway, or just inclusion in our 2014 Holiday Dreams Gift Guide. But hurry, our Holiday Dreams Gift Guide starts October 15 and you’ll want to have your product spotlighted for the full 2 months if you can! We will still be happy to consider products after the October 15 start date, but priority placement will be on a first come first serve basis. Any family friendly products are welcome. Contact Rebecca at love2encourageyou@icloud.com for more info.




Prize: Micro Kite Toy with a helicopter design!

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Dates: Starts October 6th and ends at midnight EST on October 27.

Location: Open to residents of the USA.



Love2EncourageYou is sponsoring this giveaway. Bloggers and website owners: If you’d like to share this giveaway with your readers, please feel free to link to our post.

Sponsors – giveaways are a great way to gain social media followers, bring attention to a product/service and get to know the desires of your customers/readers better. Feel free to contact Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou to get started advertising your product on our site with a product review/giveaway or sponsored post or sidebar ad.

Be sure to visit our Giveaways Page for more great contests and giveaways to enter each week!

Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other social site. Love2EncourageYou will ship prize to the winner. Any bloggers sharing this giveaway are not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Please note I do check for verification on giveaway winner entries. Please follow the rules and we will all have a more pleasant experience. Thanks.

Homeschooling Through the Summer: Praying Mantis or Other Bug?


It has come to my attention that many bloggers take a nice long break over the summer to rest their brains and just enjoy time with the kiddos doing summertime activities. Is there really ever a true break from homeschooling though I ask you? It’s in our nature as homeschooling moms to continue to take advantage of any opportunity that arises to teach a lesson, make a memorable learning moment, or take pictures of the event for later use.

I personally love stumbling across something on an outing that can be turned into a true learning moment. My kids remember these moments later and discuss them with us for further application and retention. For example, while getting something as simple as an ice cream at a brand new local Ice Cream Shop, we found ourselves in a huge discussion about bugs and insects, science and nature. After sitting down at a table to eat the ice cream we had just purchased at an outdoor service window, we discovered my daughter had a rather unusual bug sitting and crawling on her head (thankfully, unknown to her or we would have had quite a scene). My husband first spotted it and asked me to quick get it off of her before she freaked out. I did what any mom would do and got the little green creature off her hair without her seeing  it, and then big brother was like, “Whoa! That is so cool! Let me hold it!” Thankfully she still didn’t notice it, but at I was excited this way I still got my chance to take a picture of it for future homeschooling chats about insects and their habitats, eating habits, etc. 🙂 We had quite the discussion about how much it resembled a stick bug and a Praying Mantis at the same time.  We think it was a youth form of the Praying Mantis or a variation of one. The praying hands were not formed at all – just looked like sticks, but it had that greenish color and body shape of the Praying Mantis that makes us think that is what it was. I figured I’d have my kids do a thorough search online to find out what it truly was. Anyone care to help them out and tell us what your best guess is?

I hope to share lots of new Educational posts and reviews to help teachers and homeschoolers get ideas for their class rooms and monthly curriculum. Thanks for sharing your best guess on what type of insect this is!  My son enjoyed having it crawl up and down his arm. He couldn’t believe his sister never figured out it was originally on her head! Still not quite sure how it got on her head to begin with, but still was fun getting an up close view of this beautiful creature. We let it go safely over in a grassy area so it wouldn’t get run over by a passing vehicle. 🙂

Readers and Bloggers: Have a cool summer activity that is educationally minded? Want to share it with my fans? Email me at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com to be a guest post writer on Love2EncourageYou blog.

Brands/Businesses/Sponsors: Have an educational product or service you’d like to share with my audience? I have over 25,000 fans who’d love to hear about it! Contact me to be included in our Back To School Gift Guide starting July 20 through Sept 10. I can either do a review of your product, share a promotional post, or offer a giveaway to my fans. There is also a JULY special on sidebar advertising. $10 for rest of July for 125×125 size ad mid page under Sponsors/Advertise Here plus you get a paragraph blurb in our Sponsor Highlight Post sharing about your brand at the end of the month. Email me at love2encourageyou@yahoo.com for other quotes on monthly/or year-round ad specials.

Many Blessings,

Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou