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I Am Not Ashamed by PureFlix In Theaters October 21


Time heals many things, but one of the most excruciating situations to heal from is having to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and find healing after the loss of a child. Some of you may remember the tragic events that took place many years ago involving Columbine High School. It is with passion and purpose that I try to bring you the very best in Christian entertainment, resources and tools to help you and your family walk in boldness and light in today’s world. One of these great ministry tools and entertainment is the new movie from PureFlix releasing in theaters this fall on October 21 titled: I Am Not Ashamed. Don’t miss the giveaway below for a goodie bag from the screener!

This film has an incredible message to share with the millions of unchurched teens that exist in America and around the world today. It also shares a message of hope, forgiveness, compassion, and purpose for all those who would join the new movement and rise to the call to say, “I Am Hope”. Let’s all be the HOPE that today’s world needs to experience by living with Jesus Christ shining from within our hearts and being His hands and feet to the masses.

“I Am Not Ashamed” shares the inspiring true story of Rachel Joy Scott.  Rachel Joy Scott is portrayed by actress Masey McLain in the film. Rachel’s story unfolds through a series of life experiences revealing the struggles of an every day teen life in and out of school. Laced through these choices, struggles, and various experiences we soon see the beauty of her heart for Jesus come shining through as she realizes what she truly wants and needs. Somewhere towards the second half of the film is where it really starts to show us great examples of Rachel’s genuine love and concern for others as she eventually dared to “walk the talk” of a Christian life in front of her entire study body at Columbine High School before the tragedy occurs.

The various elements in this film to be leery of for younger audiences are those wrapped around the potential situations a teen could be confronted with such as smoking, drinking alcohol, the general party atmosphere, and other adult situations. “I Am Not Ashamed” is rated PG-13 and parents of children under 13 need to consider treating it as such due to both these elements as well as those involved with the short but necessary scenes showing the tragedy that occurs at Columbine High School.

This film is an excellent resource for teens to watch to help empower them to live REAL for Jesus and not to bend under the pressures of teen lifestyles and worldliness. Rachel’s choices in the film show how important being real and living for Jesus truly is and how much of an impact students can have on each other in school and with anyone they meet.

Because of how quickly today’s society is forcing our young adults into these difficult types of situations and environments, I would even consider recommending parents to potentially show this film to preteens. I would only do so with the approval of a parent who has already watched “I Am Not Ashamed” and is prepared to talk about the situations involved following the movie. You can learn more about this film and potentially find additional resources to help you with this at the “I Am Not Ashamed” website.


“I Am Not Ashamed” is a movie that will reach hearts and lives all over the world, and it is definitely something I believe is worth seeing and showing to teen student audiences and above.  I urge the churches, schools, and other organizations to strongly consider having the entire study body or youth groups watch this film together and have a discussion session following with administrators, teachers, youth leaders, and/or counselors on hand.


My 18 yr old son accompanied me to this early movie screener for “I Am Not Ashamed” and he thoroughly enjoyed the film and felt it will have a huge impact on teens.

In closing, I wish to applaud the courage of the family of Rachel Joy Scott , her friends, and the other families who’s children and teacher were tragically killed during the massacre at Columbine High School. This film is going to be a light to the world, and will hopefully honor the memories and sweet lives of those students and the teacher who lost their lives on April 20, 1999.  May God continue to use you with your own powerful testimony, and the testimony shared through this film to reach more teens for Christ. May God bless you richly.


Please share this post or the link to the #imnotashamed film with others and help spread the word about this great Christian ministry tool for teens in the coming weeks before the release of the film. As a pastor, or business owner, you can reach out on Facebook to PureFlix Alliance for more info on how to become an alliance member and support this film. You can inquire with the lady in the picture above who represents the Tampa area for PureFlix. She’s a huge help with any questions you have.

Adianis Morales – Robles
Alliance Consultant
Pure Flix | Faith + Family Alliance

Mobile 407-417-3744 Email:adianis.morales@pureflix.com


Want to get involved in the “I Am Hope” movement to change the world for Christ? There are many exciting plans and activities leading up to this film where you can get actively involved and rally your church or organization to do the same. Get more info here. 


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Disclosure: Special thanks to PureFlix for the opportunity to view this film at an early screener event yesterday. No compensation was received in exchange for sharing this post. These thoughts and expressions are my own opinions after watching the film and I feel very strongly about sharing this information with the world. May you be blesssed by what you read and the chance to watch the film in October. *This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, or any other social media channel.

**Like this giveaway? August is the month we celebrate the 5th year of Love2EncourageYou blog being in service to the public. I hope you will help join me in thanking God for this ministry and opportunity to bless others with articles and resources to encourage them and their walk with Christ and enriching their families. It has been a huge pleasure to serve you these last five years and I look forward to many more exciting things ahead. More giveaways to come throughout the month of August!

Check out the Mystery and Romance in Grace of God DVD


Sometimes in a world of right and wrong, the grace God gives us and allows the people around us to have during times of trial and tough choices is an amazing thing to witness. In the movie “Grace of God” you’ll find the storyline to be different than you may be used to for a Christian film. It has all the elements of an interesting plot to capture your attention right from the beginning and draw you into the movie as you catch yourself trying to figure out the mystery.

I love to see a film that finds a way to bring the powerful message of redemption and forgiveness to the audience. God’s love is a gift. His Grace is a gift. Alright… I guess you’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself, but I think this is worth watching and sharing with a friend. If you know someone who may need to hear the message of why we believe in God and why people gather at church expecting forgiveness and having a place to belong, then this should be a fun way to enjoy a movie together with an interesting plot. 

Lorenzo Lamas and Erin Bethea play great parts in the film as always, and some of the new actors (at least they’re new to me) did a fantastic job too.  I love how different Lorenzo’s roles were between this film and the other movie I reviewed this week. lol. He does a powerful presentation when he needs to! I’m also always fond of any type of love interest development for romantics out there and found “Grace of God” to do a pretty good job bringing the charm of falling in love from a different perspective.

I am going to be frank with you though on one point –  I honestly think they should have ended the movie about 3 minutes sooner. The movie seems to end very nicely and then they add this last little portion after it as the real ending that seemed to distract from what they just accomplished.  I will be curious to see what you guys think.


Although “Grace of God” was not at all what I was expecting,  I still really enjoyed watching it. It was a refreshing change on what I’m used to with Christian films and it was fun to see the storyline bring in glimpses of what a church functions like and how important and precious the “trust” factor is within the body of Christ. Someone not used to attending church or being a part of a church “family” is not going to be aware of these things and this movie actually does a pretty good job portraying the beauty and treasure that it is to be part of the church family. I think there is more than one message intertwined in the film, but for the most part the message is wrapped up throughout the last half of the film.  I enjoyed the conclusion overall. I just prefer they cut out the last 3 minutes. Guess it’s because I’ve been reviewing movies for so long .

I hope we are continually blessed with film writers and creators who are not afraid to go outside the box of what society thinks is acceptable within a movie. I was happy to review “Grace of God” and thankful to be pleasantly surprised by its storyline and ability to give a great message in specific parts. (Watch for when the pastor is interviewed – it’s powerful!)


Please enjoy purchasing and watching “Grace of God” with your family. This movie is safe for children 12 and older according to the cover art. Would make a great gift for someone at Easter or anytime.

About the movie:
Releases on DVD March 24, 2015
99 Minutes // Genre: Family, Inspirational // Rating:  NR

Having lost his faith many years ago, Detective Bill Broadly is called to investigate the disappearance of the local church’s collection plate. As he questions its various church members, rumors swirl as more congregants learn about the theft. When one unexpected church-goer confesses to stealing the funds, the confession resurrects Broadly’s views on God, and helps him see that through faith and belief there really is rebirth and redemption.

#GraceofGodMovie @Walmart


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Confessions of a Prodigal Son Movie – Calls Youth To The Light of Christ


I’m always delighted when I have the opportunity to review a new faith-based film. Today I get to share with you about “Confessions of a Prodigal Son“. Reviewing faith-based movies, books and other tools  is something I love to do and really enjoy sharing my thoughts and encouraging you in your walk with the Lord by finding helpful  resources to use in your journey.

Confessions of a Prodigal Son is a movie worth sharing with the young teens to twenty somethings in your life. It calls youth to the light and love of Christ. It draws them towards hope and forgiveness that comes from our Heavenly Father who never gives up on us.

Note to Parents: This particular film receives a PG13 rating from me as it has a lot of realistic situations that teens or college-aged may go through and I would caution allowing anyone younger to watch without parent approval. I feel this film is going to be helpful in impacting the lives of youth and twenty-somethings and for that reason I wanted to share it with you and encourage you to utilize resources like this in reaching out to students during those difficult years.

Take a moment to check out the trailer located HERE for Confessions of a Prodigal Son. It will help give you some insight about the film and help you make an informed decision when choosing to purchase and view the movie when it releases on March 31.

I feel movies like this are great to share with teens or youth groups, Sunday School classes, or as family movie night with teenage or older. See God’s hand at work in a mighty way as this film touches your heart and brings a message of … “What is the story of your life? And what makes it worthy of being told?” You have to keep watching all the way to the end of the movie so you can see the impact of the message being given.

Visit the movie website at www.confessionsofaprodigal.com.

Read one reporter’s opinion about the film HERE.

Film Description:
“Confessions of a Prodigal Son – A coming-of-age, modern, retelling of the Prodigal Son story. We follow newly independent Sean as he takes part of his college fund into his own hands and uses it to begin exploring life apart for the rules and expectations he has grown up with – put in place from his (pastor) father. But after meeting a strong and beautiful girl named Ali, Sean soon finds himself having to question what he thought he knew, all while trying to balance a lifestyle of partying and loose living instigated by his troubled best friend Cameron.

We follow Sean on his journey to discovery, through pain, longing and love and he begins to learn that every choice he makes, steers him ever closer to what kind of story his life is going to tell.” – from movie website

I give this film my recommendation coming from a parent of a teen who will be entering his college years soon. I believe the overall purpose of the film was a solid aim at this age group. It can be effective in reaching those who are willing to watch it and hopefully are receptive to it’s message. The beauty of the message really comes down to this – we have a God who loves us and forgives us unconditionally. No matter how badly we mess up our life, God will always be there waiting for us to come back to His arms.

Be blessed my friends as you watch this movie. I challenge each of you: Enjoy the story our Creator is writing with your life and make the choices that will determine a story worth sharing.

Thanks for visiting Love2EncourageYou blog. I hope my reviews are helpful and informative so you can continue your life’s journey closer to Christ and take care of your family.

– Rebecca



New Veggie Tales Noah’s Ark DVD Movie Review & $10 GC Giveaway!


It was a lot of fun watching this adorable film with my kiddos! Veggie Tales does a great job again bringing everyone some fun, family entertainment with a Biblical message in this new hit DVD called Veggie Tales: Noah’s Ark! It’s available now at Family Christian Stores everywhere.

While Noah and his family go through all sorts of trials – as can be expected for this particular story, Veggie Tales throw in lots of singing and comedy in this new style of animation for Veggie Tales characters. It is light-hearted and calm enough for anyone from toddlers to mid-elementary aged kids to enjoy.

Some cute and laughable items during the show my daughter and I would like to share so you can keep an eye out for them:

  • the ark is shaped and colored like a giant orange slice
  • hamster dance during the “No More Rain” celebration song
  • the lion gets his mane braided while they are on the ark
  • the hamster “flying” project
  • ark surfing the wave
  • what happens to the “hot air balloon”

They wrap up this Noah’s Ark DVD with a nice ending that kids will enjoy. This film has everything you would expect from a Veggie Tales DVD plus the charm of their new style of animation, some new characters and catchy tunes to appreciate.


Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou and daughter M of Kid’s Corner Reviews

Quick “Kid’s Corner” Review from my daughter (age 8):  M shares she really, really, really loves it. It’s hilarious! It’s all about fun, and it shares the Bible story of Noah’s ark. It talks about coming in twos onto the ark. The movie shares that everything is part of God’s plan – you just have to trust it. I recommend it to everyone with kids. They will love it!



Noah and his family together with a zoo full of animals take an adventure aboard an orange slice ark. After 40 days and nights of rain, everyone’s faith has been tested, and they’re ready to jump ship. Will they chart a new course, or will they remember to trust God’s promises?

Download the Noah’s Ark Family Discussion Guide >

Product Details:
Release: 02/28/2015


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A Must See! 23 Blast DVD #Review and #Giveaway!

What a truly awesome movie! 23 Blast is on my top movies list this year! You’ve got to see this!

This was an incredible story of passionate living even amidst adversity! Striving to be our best and never giving up is always something worth working hard towards, right? Well in this film you will see the amazing reactions of friends, family, classmates, and others in the lives of the star of 23 Blast as they come to his aid, won’t let him settle for less than a life worth living, and then marvel at his persistence as he gives it his all.

Let no trial big or small stand in your way of living a full life and remember to always be shining for Jesus.

I hope you get the chance to buy this movie and enjoy sharing it with a friend or neighbor. It’s a super movie for football fans especially, but I believe anyone will enjoy watching this terrific film! It’s a great lesson for elementary age to college age students as well. It makes a wonderful gift that the receiver will surely appreciate. The movie is very well written – based on a true story and has awesome actors in it! Let me know your thoughts on the film after you get to see it! I can’t wait to hear!


About the movie:

Rated PG-13 (brief drinking of alcohol on school property)  / 1h 42m


As a typical teenager, Travis Freeman (Mark Hapka) is a local hero both on and off the high-school football field in his small Kentucky town, but in 1997, Travis contracts an infection that destroys his optic nerve and renders him blind overnight. With the loving help and concern of his parents, physical therapist, coach and best friend, Travis demonstrates what true bravery is: He continues to compete on the gridiron and helps his team advance to the state finals.

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Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage #Review #Giveaway


Hello friends! Thanks for joining me again today for another movie review of one of the great family friendly films they carry at Family Christian Stores. Today, I have the honor to share with you about “Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage“.

What a delightful and relaxing movie to watch. This style of presentation from Bill Gaither as he interviews and highlights the life of Joey & Rory is simply adorable. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It was very refreshing and fun! The music is pleasant and uplifting with Christian songs as well as some fun selections that remind folks of the days of the early 1960s. My mom was watching the film with me and she found it quite enjoyable with memories of her days going to the dance after the football game with my dad and dancing together to the song “Let It Be Me”.  She also loved hearing songs like “Paper Roses” and “I Believe in You and Me”.

The movie makes you crave clean eating, hanging out on a farm, and small town living. I totally wish I could visit them during one of their yearly sing-a-long events too! It looked like so much fun!

A very touching and warm-fuzzy type of film. Highly recommended.


Country music sweethearts Joey+Rory remind us that good songs keep getting better with age with Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage. On the DVD, Bill Gaither visits the couple on their farm to discuss these songs, their country music influences, their childhoods, life on the farm and their new baby girl.The couple’s heartfelt harmonies and tender vocals form a perfect marriage with these household favorites that were handed down to them by their parents. Featuring the duo’s old-fashioned, country charm, the recording includes “Coat of Many Colors,” “Rocky Top,” “Paper Roses,” “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue” and many more.

Song Listing:

How’s The World Treating You
I’m Not Lisa
Let It Be Me
Rocky Top
Coat of Many Colors
Hello Love
I Believe in You
When Mama Prayed
Paper Roses
If I Needed You
Back Home Again
Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
King of The Road
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry

Retail $19.99. Pick up a copy today at a Family Christian Store near you or purchase online.  Family Christian has coupons on their website often including the one currently running for Martin Luther King Jr. Day for 40% off any one regularly priced item! Good until 1/19.  Use Coupon Code: IHAVEADREAM



Prize: One winner to receive Joey + Rory Country Classics: A Tapestry of Our Musical Heritage

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