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Peace Begins With Letting Go


Have you ever wondered why on certain days the sky shines so brightly and so warm and wonderful right where you are? Have you ever noticed the shimmering rays of the sun peeking through the clouds as if God is saying directly to you, “I’m here.” ? It’s because HE is there! He is smiling upon you in more ways than you can even count! It’s the simple things in life that bring me a big smile – my children’s happiness, my husband’s approval, the chance to bless a friend or neighbor or stranger, a freshly blooming flower, a sunset or sunrise… and so on. Why do we insist then on fussing so much as moms, parents or spouses about the things in life that really don’t matter much in the long run? It’s in those times we just need to stop and notice the beauty, power and strength of God all around us and pay attention to the hints He is sending us to listen to Him and follow His lead.

I wanted to share with you on this beautiful morning, that the only thing we need to focus on is how we can serve the Lord TODAY, not tomorrow or next year or five years from now, but TODAY – and really focus on WHO HE IS and what HE feels is important in our lives. Getting the chance recently to sell my home and go through the entire process of just “letting go” of something I felt was “mine” was a HUGE step in God reminding me that HIS WILL is usually different than MY WILL. It’s hard as parents, spouses, moms and just as adults in our growing years to think of even considering not owning a home and not having something we can rely on for our children’s futures. BUT… I am  here to tell you there is an AMAZING PEACE that comes when we are willing to LET GO and LET GOD go to work. Even when in the world’s eyes we have something going on that the world says needs to stay in our life to give us stability …. that is STILL just the WORLD talking. It’s not our LOVING, HEAVENLY FATHER who KNOWS us better than we know ourselves and has got a PLAN for our FUTURE that is MORE than we can even IMAGINE! EMBRACE opportunities that come up with GOD AT YOUR SIDE today. If you feel HIM tugging at your heart to do something you’re afraid to try, or to let go of some possession or job that God may be saying it’s time to move on from, just remember … sometimes that first BIG STEP is LETTING GOD TAKE CONTROL of our future. Wouldn’t you rather have it in HIS HANDS anyway? I know that’s where I want to be!!

We are so much more at peace now after letting go of our house and old life and moving to our new city, new home and new life here in a different part of Florida. Are things different? Yes! Is that a bad thing? Absolutely NOT! We are beyond thrilled with all the doors God has opened for us to make new friends, get new job opportunities, see new places and experience new things – it’s all been like a dream. I keep wondering when the visit to this world will end and I’ll have to go back to my old life full of stress and isolation far away from hubby’s work and our church.  I encourage you right now to read Jeremiah 29:11-13 from the Bible. It’s so inspiring to know God is in control and has a plan for our lives! Don’t just take my word for it – read God’s message from the book of Jeremiah in the Bible and believe in His promises. I’m telling you my friends – those promises are true!

Living closer to my husband’s job, and our church family has made all the difference in the world! God knew we would be so much more at peace and filled with contentment. We can invite friends or new people we meet at church to come over to our home for lunch or fellowship after the service every Sunday. The amazing bonus is since we have this new home layout we have enough room and options to entertain more guests and be better hosts! I have always loved creative hospitality and my last home made it easy to do just that. I had no idea God could “top” that set up even more – but that’s exactly what He did! We love our new home and its close proximity to so many things and people in our lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. God knew we would be happier here. He knew it would make us content. We just had to learn to TRUST HIM completely despite what the world might say and be willing to LET GO of the past and our earthly possessions. I wish the same blessings upon you and your families today. May you find the Amazing Peace from Letting Go and Letting God that we are experiencing right now and may it be a great encouragement to you. Take courage and Trust God for your best future!

I would adore hearing you share your experiences with God meeting you where you are and convincing you that letting go and trusting him even more can bring a brighter future full of peace. Please share with me in the comments or feel free to email me and share your story at love2encourageyou@icloud.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Blessings!

– Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Christy Nockels: Let It Be Jesus CD – Just Released! #Giveaway #Review


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful new artist named Christy Nockels! I had the honor of doing a review of her latest album called: Let It Be Jesus. This is a beautiful collection of contemporary Christian tunes that you can certainly expect to hear playing on your local Christian radio station real soon! My family loves the sound of her voice, plus the style and arrangements on many of the songs. There are clear, strong faith-based messages within the lyrics which is what I love the most.

The first song on the album titled: Freedom Song, is actually one of my favorites. It has a great tempo, lovely lyrics and a passion within the music that the artist brings out with her emotions and voice during the song. There are many others that tickled my fancy and overall the entire album is pretty good. We were impressed and this is her third solo album, so now I’m interested in hearing her other ones! I hope you’ll take a peek at the info below and learn a little more about Christy and the song titles on the album. It is definitely worth checking out! Enjoy!

About Christy:
As a worship leader for many years, she has been an integral part of Passion Conferences from its inception in 1997.  She’s seen first hand music sweep people into the presence of God in a powerful way. A pastor’s kid, who was born in Fort Worth and raised in Oklahoma, she grew up singing in church. She met her husband, Nathan, in 1993 at the Christian Artists Seminar in Estes Park, Co. They recorded an independent record with fellow worship leader Charlie Hall under the name Sons & Daughters that led to an invitation from Louie Giglio to participate in the first Passion conference in Austin. Christy’s voice gained a national platform when she and Nathan formed the duo Watermark, recording four acclaimed albums before that musical season ended, paving the way for Christy’s solo career. In 2008, the couple moved to Atlanta to become part of Passion City Church where she serves on the worship team with sixstepsrecords labelmates Chris Tomlin and Kristian Stanfill. The following year, Nockels released her acclaimed solo debut, Life Light Up and spent much of the next two years touring with Tomlin and Passion.

S O C I A L • C O R N E R

Pick up a copy of the music today via iTunes!


Check out the song list:

 1. Christy Nockels – Freedom Song 04:27 
 2. Christy Nockels – My Anchor 04:35 
 3. Christy Nockels – Everything Is Mine In You 07:08 
 4. Christy Nockels – The Wondrous Cross 05:54 
 5. Christy Nockels – Let It Be Jesus 05:32 
 6. Christy Nockels – Who Can Compare 07:26 
 7. Christy Nockels – Jesus, Rock Of Ages 04:13 
 8. Christy Nockels – If You Never 04:09 
 9. Christy Nockels – Leaning On You, Jesus 05:29 
 10. Christy Nockels – Find Me At The Feet Of Jesus 05:27 
 11. Christy Nockels – Wonderful Name 06:09 



Prize: one winner will receive a code for a full digital download of the new Christy Nockels album: Let It Be Jesus!

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Check out the Mystery and Romance in Grace of God DVD


Sometimes in a world of right and wrong, the grace God gives us and allows the people around us to have during times of trial and tough choices is an amazing thing to witness. In the movie “Grace of God” you’ll find the storyline to be different than you may be used to for a Christian film. It has all the elements of an interesting plot to capture your attention right from the beginning and draw you into the movie as you catch yourself trying to figure out the mystery.

I love to see a film that finds a way to bring the powerful message of redemption and forgiveness to the audience. God’s love is a gift. His Grace is a gift. Alright… I guess you’ll just have to watch it and see for yourself, but I think this is worth watching and sharing with a friend. If you know someone who may need to hear the message of why we believe in God and why people gather at church expecting forgiveness and having a place to belong, then this should be a fun way to enjoy a movie together with an interesting plot. 

Lorenzo Lamas and Erin Bethea play great parts in the film as always, and some of the new actors (at least they’re new to me) did a fantastic job too.  I love how different Lorenzo’s roles were between this film and the other movie I reviewed this week. lol. He does a powerful presentation when he needs to! I’m also always fond of any type of love interest development for romantics out there and found “Grace of God” to do a pretty good job bringing the charm of falling in love from a different perspective.

I am going to be frank with you though on one point –  I honestly think they should have ended the movie about 3 minutes sooner. The movie seems to end very nicely and then they add this last little portion after it as the real ending that seemed to distract from what they just accomplished.  I will be curious to see what you guys think.


Although “Grace of God” was not at all what I was expecting,  I still really enjoyed watching it. It was a refreshing change on what I’m used to with Christian films and it was fun to see the storyline bring in glimpses of what a church functions like and how important and precious the “trust” factor is within the body of Christ. Someone not used to attending church or being a part of a church “family” is not going to be aware of these things and this movie actually does a pretty good job portraying the beauty and treasure that it is to be part of the church family. I think there is more than one message intertwined in the film, but for the most part the message is wrapped up throughout the last half of the film.  I enjoyed the conclusion overall. I just prefer they cut out the last 3 minutes. Guess it’s because I’ve been reviewing movies for so long .

I hope we are continually blessed with film writers and creators who are not afraid to go outside the box of what society thinks is acceptable within a movie. I was happy to review “Grace of God” and thankful to be pleasantly surprised by its storyline and ability to give a great message in specific parts. (Watch for when the pastor is interviewed – it’s powerful!)


Please enjoy purchasing and watching “Grace of God” with your family. This movie is safe for children 12 and older according to the cover art. Would make a great gift for someone at Easter or anytime.

About the movie:
Releases on DVD March 24, 2015
99 Minutes // Genre: Family, Inspirational // Rating:  NR

Having lost his faith many years ago, Detective Bill Broadly is called to investigate the disappearance of the local church’s collection plate. As he questions its various church members, rumors swirl as more congregants learn about the theft. When one unexpected church-goer confesses to stealing the funds, the confession resurrects Broadly’s views on God, and helps him see that through faith and belief there really is rebirth and redemption.

#GraceofGodMovie @Walmart


625828640162_USA_GRACEOFGOD_3DPrize: One winner will receive a copy of the DVD “Grace of God”!

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Date: Ends on April 8 at midnight EST.


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A Must See! 23 Blast DVD #Review and #Giveaway!

What a truly awesome movie! 23 Blast is on my top movies list this year! You’ve got to see this!

This was an incredible story of passionate living even amidst adversity! Striving to be our best and never giving up is always something worth working hard towards, right? Well in this film you will see the amazing reactions of friends, family, classmates, and others in the lives of the star of 23 Blast as they come to his aid, won’t let him settle for less than a life worth living, and then marvel at his persistence as he gives it his all.

Let no trial big or small stand in your way of living a full life and remember to always be shining for Jesus.

I hope you get the chance to buy this movie and enjoy sharing it with a friend or neighbor. It’s a super movie for football fans especially, but I believe anyone will enjoy watching this terrific film! It’s a great lesson for elementary age to college age students as well. It makes a wonderful gift that the receiver will surely appreciate. The movie is very well written – based on a true story and has awesome actors in it! Let me know your thoughts on the film after you get to see it! I can’t wait to hear!


About the movie:

Rated PG-13 (brief drinking of alcohol on school property)  / 1h 42m


As a typical teenager, Travis Freeman (Mark Hapka) is a local hero both on and off the high-school football field in his small Kentucky town, but in 1997, Travis contracts an infection that destroys his optic nerve and renders him blind overnight. With the loving help and concern of his parents, physical therapist, coach and best friend, Travis demonstrates what true bravery is: He continues to compete on the gridiron and helps his team advance to the state finals.

Follow on social media:
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Expecting Grace in “The Hardest Peace” by Kara Tippets #Review #Giveaway


Hello my friends. Join me in facing and discussing something that touches ALL lives at some point in life. Cancer. Let’s face it boldly, courageously and filled with love for each other with whatever days God gives us to live for Him.

If you or someone you love has ever been touched by the impact or  experience of Cancer, you can appreciate the heart-felt pages written in this new book by Kara Tippett called: The Hardest Peace – Expecting Grace in the Midst of Life’s Hard. There’s a sparkle of light, hope and encouragement found here through the eyes of author Kara Tippet as she shares her thoughts, fears, courage and the grace of God and finding His ultimate peace while dealing with the horror of one of life’s worst diseases – Cancer.

There are many things to enjoy in this well-written book. Topics the author covers, the easy flow of her writing, and I even love that Kara Tippetts has her foreword written by Joni Eareckson Tada. Joni is also an amazing woman, and such an inspiration to me. It actually made me even more interested in reading this book.

Through all the nearly poetic and easy to read pages in this book, Kara touches my own heart the most (as a wife, and mother of three kids) with her section sharing about time and how she and her husband count it quietly – desperately wishing for more of it. Their romantic thoughtfulness and meaningful conversations become priceless. Heavy-hearted, and yet open to completely love each other with whatever time God blesses to give them. This is how couples and parents should spend each moment of their days with their spouse and children. Counting each blessing, each memory, each precious moment for all that it is worth and pouring out love and support to one another in an effort to enjoy life to the fullest and appreciate this very gift of God – life, love, and family.


“Kara Tippetts knows the ordinary days of mothering four kids, the joy of watching her children grow – and the devastating reality of stage-four cancer. In The Hardest Peace, Kara doesn’t offer answers for when living is hard, but instead asks us to join her in moving away from fear and control and toward peace and grace. Most of all, she draws us back to the God who is with us, in the mundane and the suffering, and who shapes even our pain into beauty.Readers will discover how to see the grace of the everyday in all seasons of life and learn to live well even when the living is hard.”

Page Count: 192
Released: 09/2014

Overall, I would recommend this meaningful and heart-felt story sharing about how to face this horrible disease with God’s grace and peace. Read it for yourself or bless it to a friend. The words are powerful and give women going through Cancer hope to face tomorrow.



Prize: One winner will receive a copy of the new book: The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippetts.

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Date: November 13 and ends on November 26 at midnight EST.

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My Top Picks! Holiday Gift Guide with Family Christian Stores #GIVEAWAY




Family Christian Stores



I’m so excited! Family Christian Stores will be holding a lot of great specials over the next few weeks nationwide in stores and online at their website! Now’s our chance to fill the needs for good family value movies, music, and books to read in our homes among other gift items we might find helpful or fun by getting them during these great sales at Family Christian this holiday season.

I had the honor of picking out a few things to review for this holiday gift guide from Family Christian. I wanted to share some of them with you today! Besides the incredible selection of Christian music I bought above as gifts for my son, and for our listening enjoyment in the car when commuting, I found some more awesome deals and products that were too good to pass up!

158475  169312 137776_detail

Here are just a few great must-have deals coming from Family Christian to put on your shopping list…

A Christmas to Believe In - Family Christian Exclusive
I picked up this cd called “A Christmas to Believe In” recently at my Family Christian Store in Lakeland, FL. It’s a wonderful collection of songs by top Christian artists sharing their heart and soul through this fun and inspiring holiday music. (Stocking Stuffer idea)

268613Spirit of Christmas by Michael W. Smith will be on sale for just $7.97 from Nov. 28-30! Woo-hoo! Love it! I am picking this one up for myself and a few family members or friends too. Michael W. Smith is one of my favorite singer/songwriters in Christian music. After seeing him in concert and experiencing the heart-felt devotional and Gospel message he shared with the audience, I knew this was the kind of songwriter I wanted to continue to support for years to come. His ministry is wonderful! (Stocking Stuffer idea)


Casting Crowns Thrive CD for only $3.97 from Nov. 26-28! I am going to be one busy shopping momma that weekend trying to stock up on all these amazing deals on Christian music, books, movies and more. I love to buy gift items that are inspiring and fill the receiver with the hope and love of God.  *Don’t forget – there is also a book out called,  “Thrive: Student Edition” by Mark Hall that you can purchase to go along with this cd and make it a complete gift! (Stocking Stuffer idea)

Jesus Calling by Sarah Young Bible Storybook

The Jesus Calling Bible Storybook for kids is an absolutely beautiful collection of stories from the Bible with images that are illustrated softly and majestically. It is a real treat to read this with my 7yr old daughter. She has so many great questions and this book is so well designed – it simply helps bring up quality conversations about Jesus and the stories of the Bible. It is helping to support concepts in my daughter’s mind about who God is and why the Bible is so important to us as Christians.

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity

Little People Nativity is currently on sale for $29.99! Want to get it even cheaper? It will be on super sale for 50% off from Nov. 26-28! WOW! What a great deal! We have one of these in our home that we picked up last holiday season. My kids simply adore it – not just at Christmas, but all year long!

God's Not Dead on Sale Now!

God’s Not Dead DVD is $17.99/$19.99. What an incredible movie to share with others! If you haven’t already had the blessing of seeing this movie for yourself, you’ve just got to buy one today! Get one for you and one to bless to a friend. This is what sharing God’s message with the world is all about. Highly recommended! (Stocking Stuffer idea)

VeggieTales Beauty and the Beet: A lesson in kindness
Beauty and the Beet is the most precious show! My kids and I watch it over and over. They love to sing along to the songs and crack up at the silly song with Larry. Feel free to read my full review HERE and purchase your copy today! (Stocking Stuffer idea)

Stop by and check out all the great Christian gift items at FamilyChristian.com.


Prize: One winner to receive a $25 Appreciation Certificate to Family Christian Stores!

Location: Open to USA & Canada

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Disclosure: This giveaway is in no way associated with Facebook, Twitter or any other social media site. Love2EncourageYou received compensation by way of a gift card to purchase items for this Holiday Gift Guide review. My choices were that of my own personal interests and may differ from your choices. However, I believe that sharing my heart about what has been a blessing to us is helpful and encouraging to my readers and therefore is worth sharing with my audience. Love2EncourageYou is not responsible for sponsor prize fulfillment for this giveaway.

Loving God and Country with Rhett Walker Band’s New Hit Album: Here’s To The Ones


I’m always thankful to have been born in and be living in the USA, and to have the freedom to worship God and love my family freely. There are so many things to be thankful for, and a multitude of special people in our life and in our country who make life really count.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Passing through life with each year of trial or favor, there are those we each may have developed friendships with that can last a lifetime. People of strength, honor, dignity, and most of all incredible faith and love. At the top of this list should always be the importance and unforgettable love from our devoted spouse, our children, and extended family. We admire and applaud the tireless efforts of the people who sacrifice their time and energy on our behalf – not because we asked, just because that’s what they do and who they are.

This kind of faith, dedication and sacrifice is saluted and honored through the refreshing sounds and heart-felt lyrics I recently heard by Rhett Walker Band in their newest album called “Here’s To The Ones”. This Southern Rock band brings Christian lyrics and love for God and country into the mix in this new fabulous collection of hit Southern Rock tunes!


One of the many things I delight in with Christian music is finding a group or artist that can really relate to their fans through their lyrics. The words in the music of Rhett Walker Band’s last album “When Mercy Finds Me” was so amazing – I wanted to share it with everyone! Catch a glimpse of that incredible album here:

Now, Rhett Walker Band has released another enriching selection of songs in their second album “Here’s To The Ones” that includes the radio single “Amazed,” as well as “Love Like Jesus” and “Better Part of Me,” which takes an honest look at the ins and outs of marriage and supporting one’s spouse.  It is obvious they spent a great deal of time prayerfully perfecting these musical scores and lyric choices before sharing with their audience. Rhett Walker Band’s reach with this album is beyond just a small niche group of listeners. It covers an audience for both young and old. I was so tickled while playing this new “Here’s To The Ones” album to have my neighbor’s son stop by and exclaim, “Oh cool! That sounds like Rhett Walker band! I have a hat signed by all of them back in my room. It’s one of my favorite things.” He actually thought it was neat that I was listening to them and enjoyed their music too.

It seems Rhett Walker bands “cool” sounding music appeals to teens and beyond! Their tunes are catchy and enjoyable leaving the listener smiling and entertained and most likely humming or singing the tunes for the remainder of the day. Best part is though – the words they leave in their listener’s hearts are family friendly and real Christ-sharing lyrics. That’s definitely what I like my family getting stuck in their head! 🙂

Here’s To The Ones by Rhett Walker Band is an album I plan to share with the special people in my life that I want to thank for all they do and remind them that their faith, courage and passion to keep on going in this life is admirable and noticed. It would be a perfect gift when reminding them to listen to the title song, “Here’s To The Ones” and let them know just how special they are to not just me, but to all those whose lives they touch.

Want a way to be a blessing to the special people in your life? Try this idea! You can purchase a copy of the Rhett Walker Band album, “Here’s To The Ones” Today and share it with a friend. Just click on the image below. (affiliate link)

Rhett Walker, Rhett Walker Band, Here's the Ones, cd, Christian music, Southern Rock

I want YOU to listen to the title song, Here’s To The Ones” also,  because YOU mean that much to me too. “The anthemic title track, “Here’s to the Ones” salutes and honors those who work hard to support their families and who stand up for their faith. “

Thanks for being such amazing fans and readers and standing your ground to live for Jesus and love your family and country! Keep up the faith and hope! You’re awesome!

Want to find more great music or Christian gifts for your family for the holidays? Visit Family Christian Stores for a great selection.

Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. However, I only post info I feel is a good fit for my readers. Special thanks to Family Christian for the chance to share with my audience. This post contains affiliate links. This means when you click on the link and make a purchase, this site receives a small commission.

Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You by Stasi Eldredge #Review #Giveaway


Special thanks to Family Christian Stores for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Readers will also be blessed with a chance to win a copy for themselves in the giveaway below!

Have you ever wondered who God truly created you to be? Discover your true inner self with some great insight and reflection in Stasi Eldredge’s latest book, “Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You”.

Based on a multitude of reflective moments including battling food addictions, contemplating her self worth, measuring the impact of a mother’s role in a woman’s life, and adding in some relevant stories from friends – Stasi Eldredge’s book, “Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You” is a wonderful look into the heart of a loving God that dares us to live our lives believing in ourselves – His amazing creation – just the way He planned us to live. It’s emotional, thought-provoking, curious, and in many ways just what the doctor ordered for anyone desiring to see themselves for the beautiful inner worth God instilled inside them. Encouraging to many – but especially to those who may battle weight issues, this book gives a lot of helpful points to bless readers into moving forward towards a better future filled with hope.

Check out this super video clip from the author sharing about the book:


“Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You is a hope-filled book for anyone who wonders if her life will ever change – if she will ever change. In author Stasi Eldredge’s most intimate book yet, she shares her own struggles with self-worth, weight and her past as she shows women how God is faithfully unveiling who we truly are.

Eldredge urges you to lay down your past thoughts about yourself and receive God’s incredible dreams for you instead. We cannot heal ourselves. We cannot become ourselves by ourselves – but we are not alone. The King of love wants to help us reach our potential. God desires to restore us – the real us. As he heals our inner life, he calls us to rise to the occasion of our lives. The most important journey any woman can take is the journey into becoming her true self through the love of God.

Discover your truest self – the woman God created you to be – through Becoming Myself.”

Retails for $22.99 at Family Christian Stores everywhere. You can also purchase the book online today!



Prize: One winner will receive a new hardcover copy of the book “Becoming Myself: Embracing God’s Dream of You” by Stasi Eldredge.

Location: Must be a resident of the USA.

Age:  Must be 18 years or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Dates: Starts 10/21/2014 at 1am and ends at midnight EST on 11/03/2014.

Review and Giveaway of the Highly Anticipated Book: A.D. 30 by TED DEKKER

Ted Dekker, A.D. 30: PreBuy now at FamilyChristian.com

Special thanks to Family Christian Stores for the opportunity to review a pre-release copy of Ted Dekker’s new book: A.D. 30.

This is a really exciting moment for me – to be able to share with all of you this highly anticipated new book from Ted Dekker releasing on October 28! A student from the school my husband teaches at is a huge Ted Dekker fan. When she heard I was getting to review his newest book, she told my hubby how lucky I was. She can’t wait for the release! I’m happy to tell you that her enthusiasm will not be let down.

A.D. 30 is going to surprise you. The very heart of its character development and attention to detail in the story all draw you closer to the surprise guest that appears. I’m sure you can guess who it is just based on the title! A.D. 30 will make you embrace every moment of each page. Filled to the brim in Biblical facts and laced with emotional turmoil, courage and strength of heart  – A.D. 30 is going to capture your attention and not let go. You won’t want to put the book down!

A.D. 30 recreates a real impression of what life was like in Biblical times while helping you see it through the eyes of a woman. Keep in mind that this story is taking place during a time period when a women’s opinion was not valued, so the events that unfold are sometimes intense and keep you on the edge of your seat.



“In A.D. 30, you’ll step back into the year of our Lord, and dive head first into a war that is raging between kingdoms on the earth and in the heart.

The outcast daughter of one of the most powerful Bedouin sheikhs in Arabia, Maviah is called on to protect the very people who rejected her. When their enemies launch a sudden attack with devastating consequences, Maviah escapes with the help of two of her father’s warriors–Saba who speaks more with is sword than his voice and Judah, a Jew who comes from a tribe that can read the stars.

From there, Maviah must secure an unlikely alliance with King Herod of the Jews. It would be a journey filled with great danger. If they can even survive the vast trek across the desert, they will enter into a brutal world run by kings and emperors.

On the way, Maviah crosses paths unexpectedly with another man. An enigmatic teacher who speaks of a way in this life which offers greater power than any kingdom. His name is Yeshua, and his words turn everything known on its head. Though following him may present even greater danger, his may be the only way for Maviah to save her people–and herself.”

Pages: 432
Release: 10/28/2014

If you are a fan of Ted Dekker’s other novels, I’ve been told this book is on a totally different pace than his others, yet completely captures the essence of Ted Dekker’s compelling and entertaining writing style. You will not be disappointed.

Thought-Provoking, Amazing, Passionate, Emotional, Scripture-based, Moving, Entertaining, Courageous, Well-Developed, Intriguing, Applauded, Intense, Inspirational, … my list of words to describe this incredible new book coming out by Ted Dekker could go on and on. I encourage you to buy the book and read the message behind the chapters and see how many other positive, descriptive words you can come up with to share about Ted Dekker’s new novel: A.D. 30. It’s a must read!



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The Romance of Grace by Jim McNeely – Giveaway!


The Romance of Grace

Hello my friends! I welcome you to join me in learning more about an amazing new book in the Christian market by a very talented new author named Jim McNeely. Below you will find some helpful info about Jim and his book: The Romance of Grace. I will be sharing my own personal review of this book with you in another post later this week. Please check out his book on Amazon and consider this very enjoyable read for your book collection. It is available in e-reader and Kindle formats for digital form as well.
Author: Jim McNeely
Blog: www.thereforenow.com
Book title: The Romance of Grace.
Book Description: What if God sees us the way a man sees a woman he is infatuated with, and His main question is not how to make us moral but rather how to get us to fall in love with Him?
In The Romance of Grace, Jim McNeely explores Bible passages that tell us what God really wants for us and what His love means. This is the love of a God who chose to give His life for ours, even carefully retaining His scars into the throne room of heaven and telling us in His very body, “I have gone to great lengths and great costs to say that I forsook all comforts for the love of you.”
Join Jim in his exploration of life in God’s unconditional, redeeming, amazing grace.

Author Bio: Jim McNeely is a teaching pastor and elder at Dakota Creek Christian Center in Blaine, Washington, where he lives with his wife, Betty, and their four sons. Formerly president of New Century Data, with clients such as Lockheed Martin and American Airlines, he now works as a programmer and database administrator in the health care industry.

Top Endorsements:

So often we turn our faith in Christ into a forcing mechanism, which doesn’t work in any event; and if anything, produces disillusionment or hypocrisy. The Romance of Grace is a prophetic book. I believe that unless we heed its call, to put grace absolutely without condition and frontally as the be-all and end-all of the Good News, we will lose completely, and not just in “the eyes of the world” but in the failure of well-intentioned religious lives that tried to love and never knew how.
Paul F. M. Zahl, author of Grace in Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life

It is time, as Robert Farrar Capon put it, to get drunk on grace. Two hundred-proof, defiant grace. That’s what you get here in Jim’s book. You won’t see a list of qualifications, and you’ll get no “footnotes.” What you’ll encounter is grace unmeasured, vast and free. It will frighten you and free you at the same time.
Tullian Tchividjian, Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and author of Jesus + Nothing = Everything

In The Romance of Grace we are confronted with a truth that we may have previously rejected. It seemed too easy to embrace. It lacked obligation on our part and contradicted accusations we have given credence to for the majority of our lives on earth. Yet herein lies the truth—“Not that we loved God, but that God loved us.” This book will help to right the plumb line in your life.
David Collins, author of Out of the Box, founder of Canadian Food for the Hungry International


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