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Let’s Talk Mom: Worries We All Experience And How To Calm The Anxiety


Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I think anyone of us can experience, but I also feel it is one of the hardest challenges we will ever face. The issue is, so many of us can feel alone in the journey and feel we are the only ones feeling this conflict of emotions. The truth is, we all experience worry from time to time and motherhood can certainly make us feel anxious. Which is why I thought it would be a wonderful time to share with you some of the most common worries we can all experience, and hopefully ease those anxious feelings in the process. Children are blessings, yes, but it’s also wise for our own sanity to feel comforted that we are not the only ones to worry.

Health concerns

One of the biggest things we as moms can worry about is the health of our children. Any high fever, cough and cold can certainly send our worry emotion into overdrive, especially as a first-time mom. It’s natural to be concerned as to whether your child is healthy or experiencing something nasty which is why it’s always advisable to seek guidance from a local doctor. But It’s understandable that appointments may be in the future, and the truth be told we would like an answer there and then as to the welfare of our babies. This is why phone applications like Babylon could really help put our minds at ease. Getting answers from professionals instead of worrying ourselves over Google search results.


As a homeschooling mom and one child in high school, I can see why school can be such a huge worry to mothers. From wondering whether they are getting the best out of the educational environment to whether they will have friends in their class. Homeschooling means I can control the environment somewhat, but that doesn’t mean to say that the worry goes away. We all want to ensure that our children learn as much as they can in the most positive of manners. If you do feel a little anxious over this then speaking to other mothers or even the school itself could enable you to put your mind at ease a little.

Their development

I don’t think there is any mother out there who won’t worry about the development of their child. Sure milestones and ages are not necessarily important as each child develops at their own rate, but it doesn’t stop us questioning whether everything is fine. Again communicating these concerns will be the only way to put your mind at ease, every child is different after all.


Our own mindset

What mom doesn’t worry about their own mindset? Whether that is feeling crazy by the end of the day, or even feeling the loneliness that can come with motherhood. It isn’t spoken about enough, and it is so important to surround yourself with positive people who will help support you. Especially on those days where you are feeling tired and drained.
Of course, there are so many other things moms concern themselves with such as our inability to catch up on sleep, or our child’s fussiness with eating, but at least we can all agree that a problem can be halved when spoken about. More often than not, it can make you feel much calmer about the situation. Surround yourself with people who care, and make sure you are airing out your concerns and not keeping those anxieties inside.

Share with me in the comments what your top concerns are as a mom or parent and lets all help ease these anxieties together. Many blessings to all the moms out there!

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Making Learning Real: Why Home Education Begins In The Kitchen


Most people have by now made up their own minds on whether or not they like homeschooling. It’s not a debate that is likely to get any less polarized any time soon. Both sides have their positions, and hopefully in most cases can respect the opposite side. So rather than try and convince anyone to change their mind, it may just be worth focusing on the method.

Now, it’s fair to say that there is some good to take from a standardized schooling system. There are fundamentals that kids will learn through that system that prepare them for a future career. What that style of education often lacks, compared with homeschooling, is the practical application.

Here’s an analogy: you may learn from a book what to do if a fire breaks out. But if an actual fire does break out, do you run and look for the book? No, you put it out. When it comes down to it, we all learn more by doing than we can just by reading.

(Please note: This isn’t a recommendation to start a fire so you can teach your kid how to put it out.)

What we can take from this is that your home is a place where so many of the practical aspects of education exist both in theory and in practice. And nowhere is this more evident than in the kitchen. Let’s have a look at how.

Math: Measurements And Sums


One thing you can be sure of about kids is that they like to eat. Early on in life, there is a sense that they just see food appear, but don’t know how it got there. Cooking a meal, such as a pie, is an excellent opportunity to both see that process and learn some math.

Say the recipe calls for half a pint of milk. That’s a measurement right there. If you go to the fridge and take out a pint container of milk, there’s also a sum involved. You need half of that bottle. Now, if you’ve got a recipe that serves four, but there will be six of you eating, you need to do some multiplication to make it work. So before long, your kids can see math in action. It makes it stick more than reading it from a page.

Home Economics: Preparation And Safety

Most schools have a class dedicated to Home Ec. But let’s be honest here, where is the best place to learn about Home Economics if not the home? As well as cooking, the kitchen is a place where you can learn about hazards and preparation. This can all be arranged around the math lesson above if you like.

To make a meal you need the right ingredients, the right equipment and enough time. Preparation is essential, so give your kids a list of what is needed and where it can be found. Get them to arrange it in the center of the table, and do this all by a certain time limit.


Once the meal is prepared, then there is another important thing to do – the cleanup. This is a perfect chance to reinforce the importance of a clean, sterile kitchen and putting things back where you found them. Leaving things out, and bits lying around, can lead to milk going sour, pests showing up, and accidents in the kitchen. No classroom can teach this stuff better than your home.

Biology: Health And Nutrition

Cooking a meal has some lessons to give about some of the key aspects of biology, too. We all know how important it is to eat healthily. Kids know what they like, but aren’t always so good at knowing what’s good for them. If a recipe includes butter, they may look to use more because, well, they like butter. Too much is unhealthy, though, and you can use that to make a point on health.


Each ingredient that you use has its nutritional profile. For example, celery is an excellent food for lowering blood pressure, as The Alternative Daily points out. Garlic has many benefits for health, including the immune system. If you’re going to use making a meal as a learning experience, then it’s best to use one with a lot of ingredients. Pie, or a casserole, will give you a lot of teachable moments.

Geography: Climate And Commerce

In some people’s hands, an onion is just an onion. But in a home lesson, it can become so much more. Where did the onion come from? How did it get here? What did you pay for it and what did the farmer receive? There are a lot of questions there, and a lot of layers. Much like an onion, in fact. Or an ogre. There are facts, figures and details attached to every ingredient you use.


America is a land with varying climates, and many different foods are farmed in various regions of the country. Your potatoes may come from Idaho, your squash from Arizona. Your meat may come from somewhere else again, and it’s possible that your peppers originate from another country.

All of these are a chance to learn about climate – which foods grow in which conditions and soils. And you can learn about different cuisines – why Italian food uses tomatoes so much, the specific spices used in Mexican dishes. Fajita night can even be a chance to use any Spanish food terms the kids may have learned.

It’s amazing how much one seemingly simple process – cooking a casserole or pie – can allow you to teach. Your kitchen is in so many ways the heart of your home, but homeschooling allows you to make it the brain as well. And remember, this is just from preparing a meal.

The other rooms in your house have their own lessons to give. So for that matter does the garden (geography, science, Phys Ed). When you really think about it, the home in homeschooling isn’t just about the venue of the learning. It’s the source of so many lessons all rolled into one. Pretty impressive, when you think about it!

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Reading Rainbow’s Skybrary App Can Help Improve Reading Skills

IMG_2202I can’t wait to tell you about two great Reading Rainbow products – the new DVD “Animal Cafe,” and a new online offering called SKYBRARY! The new DVD, features four episodes from the classic PBS series, while the new web-based SKYBRARY provides access to children’s books and story-driven educational video field trips (500+ books, 150+ video field trips). Your kids or students in school are going to love them both!

IMG_2204First let me share about the incredible Skybrary App or Online site where your kids can read, be read to, watch virtual field trip videos, and interact with cool effects within the books they’re reading! My daughter was so excited when I told her we get to have a subscription to the Reading Rainbow Skybrary app that she jumped up on my lap and hugged me! lol.

IMG_2225She had tried the awesome 14 day free trial before and was so sad when her time was up. This Skybrary experience is a must have for homeschoolers, or parents who wish to give their kids the opportunity to enjoy learning and reading on a daily basis through all the terrific books, videos and interactions on this site. You can use Skybrary on your computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device.

IMG_2227I highly recommend at least trying the 14 day free trial, but believe me … investing the small subscription price is well worth it! My kids are glued to reading right now! They were so drawn in by all the fun stories and videos that they sat as close as they could next to each other so they can see what the other was currently reading and check out two fun books at once! Too cute!

My four year old is now walking around the house telling us about Giant Pandas and Red Pandas eating bamboo 12 hours a day and how cute they are when the cubs roar. Check out this YouTube video I made of my 4 yr old imitating the panda cub on the Reading Rainbow Skybrary App!

IMG_2229The Skybrary experience allows the child to choose their own personal interests for books such as princesses, animals, vehicles, and more. They can even choose a themed “backpack” to store their chosen books in that they checked out and then return their books to the book return when they are done. You can see in the picture that my daughter chose the pretty pink princess backback for hers.

There is even a sticker rewards section that gives the students virtual stickers (after reading a book) that they can drag and place on different themed “islands” to decorate them. My four year old really loves this option and keeps wanting to read more books to earn more stickers! Yay!


I am so grateful for this amazing Skybrary subscription! It has been fun to see the kids blossoming in their reading skills while using it so often. They just LOVE using Skybrary!


My four year old uses the “Read to Me” feature, while my daughter switches often from “Read it myself” to the “Read to Me” feature and vice versa. She even has her little brother sit next to her and reads the story to him and lets him press the swirling spots on the pages that are interactive and they both giggle together watching the motion or action it created.

New Online Service –SKYBRARY
Designed to entice and excite children’s natural sense of curiosity about their world, SKYBRARY delivers an adventure-based unlimited book reading and video field trip experience.
Young readers and pre-readers pilot their own personal hot air balloons among SKYBRARY’S seven unique themed islands, each featuring a wide array of quality literature and video content. These engaging worlds of animals, music, adventure, science, heroes, friends and family feature more than 500 books from esteemed authors and acclaimed publishers, made available to children as “read by myself” or “read to me,” and contain interactive elements that enhance enjoyment while preserving the reading experience. More than 150 newly produced and classic video field trips with host LeVar Burton show children they can “Go Anywhere, Be Anything” as they are taken behind the scenes to places such as the White House, the Los Angeles Ballet, the Grand Canyon and Cirque du Soleil.
SKYBRARY is available at www.readingrainbow.com and offers a 14-day free trial with unlimited access to the complete digital library of books and videos. After the trial period ends, subscription plans are available. SKYBRARY is available from RRKidz.

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a free sample of the DVD and temporary subscription to Skybrary for the purpose of a review.

animal cafe

Now to share about the fun-filled and educational DVD called “Animal Cafe” by Reading Rainbow with La Var Burton! This DVD is a great Back to School item to have on hand for showing to students in your homeschool or classroom. I personally love reading quality books and Reading Rainbow does a tremendous job choosing the finest, high quality and award winning books to present to their readers and listeners during the Reading Rainbow DVD episodes.

These animated stories often feature a main message such as good morals and values, friendship, etc. and they usually have La Var introduce the story in a fun and unique way then he sums it up again at the end. My son and daughter like watching these before bedtime and also during homeschool time when I need them to have a good educational transition activity to calm them down from recess time outdoors or when I’m introducing a new theme in one of our subjects like reading or history.

This new “Animal Cafe” DVD we got to review is a fun filled and educational! LaVar Burton helps kids engage with this entertaining video by introducing each concept or lesson within it and the book the idea or story originates from.  The interesting and sometimes even comical mini lessons he acts out during the episodes can be quite funny, but always worth watching and listening to the point in the story.  One of our favorite episodes was the first one which takes us behind the scenes in areas of NY city and other great learning experiences. The kids were fascinated learning about bats, and the fish markets in NY.

These episodes are filled with suggestions on wonderful books that are packed with educational tidbits on these subjects. I really enjoyed the presentation of each episode and have always felt Reading Rainbow does a fabulous job providing top quality educational entertainment for kids of all ages.

Don’t miss starting the new school year off right and picking up a copy of the “Animal Cafe” DVD by Reading Rainbow for your kids or your classroom (if you’re a teacher). I highly recommend purchasing 6 months or a year’s worth of Skybrary App to enjoy throughout the months and watch your kids imaginations and interest in reading soar!

New DVD – “Reading Rainbow: Animal Café”
The four episodes and books featured in this DVD are “Animal Cafe,” read by Martin Short, “The Tortoise and the Hare,” read by Gilda Radner, “Ludlow Laughs,” read by Phyllis Diller, and “Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message,” read by Nicholson Earl Billey. Airing on PBS from 1983-2009, and hosted by LeVar Burton (“Roots,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) for its entire 26-year run, the program garnered more than 200 awards, including 26 Emmys and a Peabody Award. To learning about comedy in one episode, to profiling people who have occupations in the evening and early morning in another, LeVar takes children on fun-filled learning adventures they won’t forget.
“Animal Café” will be available at Target and other retailers starting June 30, 2015. The DVD run time is approximately 120 minutes and its SRP is $6.99. This DVD is available from PBS Distribution.

Emmy Award-Winning SciGirls TV Show by PBSKids Launches 3rd Season! #Science

Greetings friends! Today’s the day!

I’m delighted to share with you the exciting news that a brand-new season of the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning SciGirls TV series is debuting on PBS KIDS today – April 15th!

We had the honor of getting some really cool swag as part of this amazing launch of the new SciGirls 3rd season! My daughter loved demonstrating her pin and poster in this cute video!

The eagerly-anticipated third season is all about citizen science and features 6 all-new episodes starring real girls who are seriously into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM! Along with their mentors, they are on a mission to inspire and empower girls everywhere to take up the charge and become the next generation of female scientists and engineers. The new episodes will air weekly on PBS KIDS (check local listings), and will also be available online nationwide starting April 15 at http://pbskids.org/scigirls/.


 It was so much fun watching my kids light up and get ideas about Science when watching episodes of SciGirls that we were thrilled to be able to share about the new episodes for the 3rd season! To show my support, I am proudly wearing this awesome and super soft SciGirls T-shirt compliments of our sponsor for SciGirls.

I’m sure you are going to enjoy this new series of episodes from SciGirls! Each half-hour show follows the SciGirls as they embark on sci-sational adventures from coast-to-coast, making incredible discoveries and performing unique experiments – all in the name of the latest STEM frontier, citizen science! And as the SciGirls go from tracking toads to observing butterflies, counting clouds to learning about urban ornithology and more, viewers at home can tag along on each of their incredible science-based expeditions and learn more about how they can make a difference, too!

NEWS FLASH! Check this out! To coincide with the start of the new season, SciGirls is unleashing mobile-friendly upgrades to its engaging website, too. Complete with two new games and interactive videos, the site enables fans to connect with fellow STEM explorers and further supports the SciGirls mission, which is nothing short of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math – helping to turn sci-viewers into sci-doers! My kids totally LOVE all the fun games and interesting things to learn on the website! We highly recommend you give them a try! Your kids will enjoy them and learn something new too!

I hope you’ll join us in supporting this fantastic PBSKids series and look forward to hearing about your own SciGirl adventures with your little ones! Please share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear about them!

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The All New Educents Marketplace is Here!

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace

Hello Friends! Check this out! I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, Educents was a website for parents and educators to take advantage of daily deals. But those deals expired.
.. And there were only 50 deals available at once… I wanted saving money to be even EASIER. Kate and Kaitlyn agreed. So they created the new Educents Marketplace. It’s even easier to discover
affordable educational resources that make learning FUN!


Thousands of new products – Educents Sellers can now offer ALL of
their bestsellers on the new Educents Marketplace. There’s a wide variety of worksheets, lesson plans, educational apps and toys. Shop The Young Scientists Club, Scholastic, Workman Publishing, Alpha Omega Publishing, Life of Fred books, hundreds of printable units created by educators, and more! I have purchased many items through Educents and still use them today!
Offers that NEVER expire – Sellers can offer our favorite educational products year-round. Once a deeply discounted Daily Deal expires, you can still find that product available on Educents at the lowest price.


Discovery – It’s easier to search on Educents. Search for your kiddos’
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Follow your favorite brands and Sellers – The “Follow Me” feature lets me add my favorite Sellers to a list. Click the heart on
the Seller Storefront. You can also see which Sellers are the most popular with other shoppers!


The Educents Marketplace is exactly what I want
it to be — the best place for parents and educators to find the resources I NEED at an affordable price.

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Exploring Space Facts While Homeschooling Little Ones #Giveaway


WonderWorks MayJune2013 476

In my experience as a Preschool and Elementary teacher over the years, I have found that many different types of creative play can be presented while trying to teach important lessons to children. One of my favorite things to elaborate on with my own kids in homeschooling has been exploring new ways to help them digest the concepts of outer space, the planets, and our solar system. Do you know how challenging, and yet rewarding that can be?

We dove right into this subject with a variety of key factors in place as we launched our unit on space exploration:

  • Keep it fun
  • Use lots of hands on learning
  • Repeat the facts
  • Answer questions – no matter how many
  • Allow creative alternatives to traditional learning
  • Incorporate modern technology

Needless to say my kids have literally been having a blast! We have studied the planets, our solar system, various types of space exploration, different types of space vehicles: from rockets to moon rovers to space shuttles,  and so much more.

Creative Study Methods To Cover Space Exploration Unit:

  • Kid-sized rocket building craft to use as a play space ship
  • a variety of carefully selected books about Space from our library, or book stores
  • many helpful websites that were navigated together providing insightful details through video, audio, printable worksheets, and learning games
  • Creating a space station and space shuttle using K’nex, Legos, and Duplos
  • Building the planets and our solar system using playdough or clay
  • Drawing the solar system and its planets using chalk on the sidewalk, patio or driveway
  • Painting a picture of planets and allowing creative freedom for kids to draw themselves in the cockpit of the spaceship
  • Designing a planet and a rocket on Light Bright
  • Using space shuttle and astronaut toy figures and vehicles in sandbox play to pretend they are on the moon
  • Dress up clothes – big boots, space helmet from costume


Fun Hands On Field Trips For Studying Space Exploration

Field trips also are important for solidifying facts outside of what just “teacher mom” is sharing with them.

  • We visited Air Heads Trampoline to help them get a little bit of an idea what it might be like to walk around on the moon or with little gravity. We also took them to a bouncy house place with inflatables to give a similar yet different experience. It was interesting hearing the questions and responses my daughter had in regards to discussing weightlessness in a non-gravity environment in space.
  • We visited Seaworld in Orlando – specifically for the purpose of going into their new Penguin encounter exhibit where it is super cold inside because we wanted the kids to understand how cold it can be in space. We had studied a section about the space suits the astronauts wear and that they are very complex – allowing for proper temperature inside the suit as well providing oxygen to breathe. The kids learned that this helps keep our astronauts alive in extreme temperatures. (Read my other review of this beautiful park.)
  • We also explored the space exploration section of Wonder Works in Orlando which has an actual astronaut suit you can stand behind and put your face in the helmet to get your picture taken in! There was a space capsule with all the buttons and sounds to listen to and sit inside as well as another cool hands on exhibit they enjoyed. Read my full review HERE.
  • We topped off our Space unit with an actual full day trip to the Kennedy Space Center! I can’t even begin to tell you all the exciting things they experienced there that day! It was amazing! From indoor attractions to a giant playland themed about space, to getting to eat actual space ice cream – it was an unforgettable trip! Read my full review HERE.

WonderWorks MayJune2013 488

The kids got to experience all sorts of hands on learning at both of these terrific science center locations. I highly recommend visiting both! It doesn’t hurt to visit a bouncy house either – those are just plain fun!

Overall this unit on Space Exploration has been one of the most delightful and fun ways to see my kids eyes light up while they are learning. I am determined to create more enriching units for us to study this year that accomplish a similar agenda filled with lots of great field trips, hands on activities and just plain fun! When you love to teach and you love to learn – anything is possible in reaching the heart and mind of a child. I may just have some future engineers on my hands now! Happy Homeschooling my friends!

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Prize: Kennedy Space Center Souvenir Journal ($5.95 value)

Location: Open to residents of the lower 48 states in the USA.

Age: Must be 18 yrs or older to enter. Void where prohibited.

Date: 11/05/2014 to midnight on 11/19/2014.


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WRITING CONTEST: Fall inspirations and Playful Pets


ALL NEW for October at Love2EncourageYou!

A Writing Contest!


October Writing Contest: Join this unique writing adventure! Grab an imaginative spark from the title, “Fall Inspirations and Playful Pets”,  read the entries ahead of you, then create your own fun addition to keep readers looking forward to more! You can make it poetic, have it rhyme, or write any way you like. Just keep it family friendly please. Entries are short and sweet – only 150 characters so ANYONE can easily enter. Share your entry post with friends and invite them to vote for your entry by clicking like on it. Invite others to play along too! Remember there are 3 different ways to win! Votes only count as one prize winner, so don’t hesitate to enter. Ends 10/21 midnight EST.


3 winners will be chosen on 10/22!

1 winner with most votes wins Fall-Themed Kid’s Craft Pack and 2 SOCIAL GRAMS

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Must be 18 yrs or older to enter. Open to USA lower 48.

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Homeschooling Through the Summer: Praying Mantis or Other Bug?


It has come to my attention that many bloggers take a nice long break over the summer to rest their brains and just enjoy time with the kiddos doing summertime activities. Is there really ever a true break from homeschooling though I ask you? It’s in our nature as homeschooling moms to continue to take advantage of any opportunity that arises to teach a lesson, make a memorable learning moment, or take pictures of the event for later use.

I personally love stumbling across something on an outing that can be turned into a true learning moment. My kids remember these moments later and discuss them with us for further application and retention. For example, while getting something as simple as an ice cream at a brand new local Ice Cream Shop, we found ourselves in a huge discussion about bugs and insects, science and nature. After sitting down at a table to eat the ice cream we had just purchased at an outdoor service window, we discovered my daughter had a rather unusual bug sitting and crawling on her head (thankfully, unknown to her or we would have had quite a scene). My husband first spotted it and asked me to quick get it off of her before she freaked out. I did what any mom would do and got the little green creature off her hair without her seeing  it, and then big brother was like, “Whoa! That is so cool! Let me hold it!” Thankfully she still didn’t notice it, but at I was excited this way I still got my chance to take a picture of it for future homeschooling chats about insects and their habitats, eating habits, etc. 🙂 We had quite the discussion about how much it resembled a stick bug and a Praying Mantis at the same time.  We think it was a youth form of the Praying Mantis or a variation of one. The praying hands were not formed at all – just looked like sticks, but it had that greenish color and body shape of the Praying Mantis that makes us think that is what it was. I figured I’d have my kids do a thorough search online to find out what it truly was. Anyone care to help them out and tell us what your best guess is?

I hope to share lots of new Educational posts and reviews to help teachers and homeschoolers get ideas for their class rooms and monthly curriculum. Thanks for sharing your best guess on what type of insect this is!  My son enjoyed having it crawl up and down his arm. He couldn’t believe his sister never figured out it was originally on her head! Still not quite sure how it got on her head to begin with, but still was fun getting an up close view of this beautiful creature. We let it go safely over in a grassy area so it wouldn’t get run over by a passing vehicle. 🙂

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Many Blessings,

Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou