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Emotional Preparation Is Important for Families When Moving House

It’s a major step to suddenly pick up your entire life and move to some other place, where you and your family have no emotional connection with. This is perhaps the hardest part after all the logistical stuff is over, to suddenly come to terms that you’re a stranger in your new environment. Emotional preparation is important for families when moving house as developing connections in the new, unfamiliar environment of your new home will take time. But, you can try and make your surroundings feel familiar. There’s no reason why your new neighborhood cannot help rebuild some happy, comfortable connections for you, but of course, it will obviously take time and patience.

Moving day will be hectic, it’s vital that you take time, to emotionally say goodbye to the home and living space you have been encompassed with so that you can feel comfortable knowing you and your family are ready to move on. Not so much as a ritual per se, but there should be a set amount of time, you’re able to go over meaningful things and sort of say goodbye before leaving for your new home. This is especially true for your children or elderly parents if they live with you, as memories for seniors make it tough to say farewell. Children tend to have a hard time letting go of close friends or familiar places too, so giving them some quality moments to work through these emotions in a positive way can help the new journey go that much more smoothly.


Pets, children and gardens


The garden is one of the few places in the home, where you can actually properly stretch and breathe in the fresh air. It’s also where children play, and your pets are allowed to also release some of their energy. As you’re getting prepared to leave the home, have a day to remember the good times in your garden. You could throw a barbecue for all your friends and family, where their children can run around, play with the dog and be happy one last time in your current home. Homes are all about making memories, and the garden is a place for all members of your close circle to come together and enjoy each other’s company before you move. What would be the cherry on the cake, could be to sit in the garden as the sunsets, and enjoy some good food and fellowship with your close family and children, on the night before moving day begins.


Spend time packing together


When you’re getting ready to move home, packing is going to be the largest part of the task. By booking a slot with professionals movers, you take away very physically taxing part of the endeavor. The teams will come in and package the heaviest and largest appliances, furniture and fittings in your home so that the lighter tasks can be done with care. Reminiscing with your partner and children, while packing clothes, looking at photos and going through the memories is very cleansing for the soul. You might have had some of the best moments in your home; a newborn baby might have grown up to now be old enough to look at photos of them coming home for the first time. Talking about your possessions and the creative times you had in the home before you move, can be a great way to leave behind any baggage.

Leaving the home you’ve lived in for several years and perhaps even decades can be an emotional rollercoaster. It’s difficult not to, but you develop an attachment to the home you live in because it’s where some of the best moments in your life have occurred. Utilizing some of the ideas mentioned above may help ease the transition as you move and look forward to starting a fresh new chapter in your family’s life.

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Peace Begins With Letting Go


Have you ever wondered why on certain days the sky shines so brightly and so warm and wonderful right where you are? Have you ever noticed the shimmering rays of the sun peeking through the clouds as if God is saying directly to you, “I’m here.” ? It’s because HE is there! He is smiling upon you in more ways than you can even count! It’s the simple things in life that bring me a big smile – my children’s happiness, my husband’s approval, the chance to bless a friend or neighbor or stranger, a freshly blooming flower, a sunset or sunrise… and so on. Why do we insist then on fussing so much as moms, parents or spouses about the things in life that really don’t matter much in the long run? It’s in those times we just need to stop and notice the beauty, power and strength of God all around us and pay attention to the hints He is sending us to listen to Him and follow His lead.

I wanted to share with you on this beautiful morning, that the only thing we need to focus on is how we can serve the Lord TODAY, not tomorrow or next year or five years from now, but TODAY – and really focus on WHO HE IS and what HE feels is important in our lives. Getting the chance recently to sell my home and go through the entire process of just “letting go” of something I felt was “mine” was a HUGE step in God reminding me that HIS WILL is usually different than MY WILL. It’s hard as parents, spouses, moms and just as adults in our growing years to think of even considering not owning a home and not having something we can rely on for our children’s futures. BUT… I am  here to tell you there is an AMAZING PEACE that comes when we are willing to LET GO and LET GOD go to work. Even when in the world’s eyes we have something going on that the world says needs to stay in our life to give us stability …. that is STILL just the WORLD talking. It’s not our LOVING, HEAVENLY FATHER who KNOWS us better than we know ourselves and has got a PLAN for our FUTURE that is MORE than we can even IMAGINE! EMBRACE opportunities that come up with GOD AT YOUR SIDE today. If you feel HIM tugging at your heart to do something you’re afraid to try, or to let go of some possession or job that God may be saying it’s time to move on from, just remember … sometimes that first BIG STEP is LETTING GOD TAKE CONTROL of our future. Wouldn’t you rather have it in HIS HANDS anyway? I know that’s where I want to be!!

We are so much more at peace now after letting go of our house and old life and moving to our new city, new home and new life here in a different part of Florida. Are things different? Yes! Is that a bad thing? Absolutely NOT! We are beyond thrilled with all the doors God has opened for us to make new friends, get new job opportunities, see new places and experience new things – it’s all been like a dream. I keep wondering when the visit to this world will end and I’ll have to go back to my old life full of stress and isolation far away from hubby’s work and our church.  I encourage you right now to read Jeremiah 29:11-13 from the Bible. It’s so inspiring to know God is in control and has a plan for our lives! Don’t just take my word for it – read God’s message from the book of Jeremiah in the Bible and believe in His promises. I’m telling you my friends – those promises are true!

Living closer to my husband’s job, and our church family has made all the difference in the world! God knew we would be so much more at peace and filled with contentment. We can invite friends or new people we meet at church to come over to our home for lunch or fellowship after the service every Sunday. The amazing bonus is since we have this new home layout we have enough room and options to entertain more guests and be better hosts! I have always loved creative hospitality and my last home made it easy to do just that. I had no idea God could “top” that set up even more – but that’s exactly what He did! We love our new home and its close proximity to so many things and people in our lives. I wouldn’t have it any other way. God knew we would be happier here. He knew it would make us content. We just had to learn to TRUST HIM completely despite what the world might say and be willing to LET GO of the past and our earthly possessions. I wish the same blessings upon you and your families today. May you find the Amazing Peace from Letting Go and Letting God that we are experiencing right now and may it be a great encouragement to you. Take courage and Trust God for your best future!

I would adore hearing you share your experiences with God meeting you where you are and convincing you that letting go and trusting him even more can bring a brighter future full of peace. Please share with me in the comments or feel free to email me and share your story at love2encourageyou@icloud.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Blessings!

– Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

Bloom where you are planted


Greetings my sweet readers!

I’m delighted to share that we are finally settling into our new  home and new city here in Florida. It’s hard to believe how fast this summer and fall have flown by with all the hard work and preparation that goes into showing, selling and closing on a home. We are very glad that is behind us! God is so good in all things though and we are very thankful for His unbelievable provision in all things great and small. He made a way in every circumstance to help us get through without too much stress. Lesson to be learned? God’s got this! Don’t worry or stress about anything. He is bigger than all problems that may pop up and show their ugly face. If you can hang in there, say a prayer and BELIEVE that God is BIGGER than any attack the enemy can send your way, then you will find an amazing peace that passes all understanding. I bet you’ll also find your current trial will suddenly seem very small compared to other things people are going through. Our God is an AWESOME God! He can and WILL be there for you through any circumstance. Trust in the Lord and you will see His miracles come shining through the darkest hours.

It was a joy to be side by side some terrific friends that helped us pack and load the truck during our move to our new home, along with making some new friends from our church near the new house that so kindly volunteered to help us unload the moving truck. A very special shout-out to one family who went beyond the call of duty and not only helped unload the truck, but sent family members to watch my kids, disinfect my cabinets in the kitchen, unpack kitchen items, bought the kids lunch, blessed us with toiletries and other essentials you need when first moving into a place, and let me take a full van of teens to the old house to finish last minute packing and loading of the truck for a second round. What a blessing this family has been to us! You KNOW who you are! 😉 We are forever grateful to EVERYONE who helped us in any way – through prayer, food provisions, financial help, packing, moving and physical labor. You are ALL simply the BEST! May God bless you in a mighty way for all your sacrifices of love towards our family. My only hope is that you will allow us to be there for you one day in your time of need too. You have all been such a treasure to our hearts through your friendship and love.

I’ve always loved the phrase, “Bloom where you are planted.” But it wasn’t until recently when I was forced to make a decision to sell our home that we loved tremendously and move to a new home and new city and new life, that I realized that phrase can be applied to many things. In my new environment – we know not only are we to try to be happy in all circumstances in our life whether rich or poor, in sickness and in health, but we are to strive to live for Jesus and trust in Him no matter how strange or different the new circumstances or environment may seem. Blooming where we are planted could mean to you – being the best you can at a new job and reaching out to coworkers or customers. Maybe it means to another the chance to show their talents of cooking, baking, sewing, craftiness in art, and share with neighbors near their home or in their church. For my family, we were already trying to bloom while stretching ourselves across two different cities and we found it quite difficult. Now God has blessed me with a chance to do it more successfully by only having to bloom in one. We were concerned how things would turn out in some ways, but knew God was directing us to this area for a reason. I’m happy to share we love our new home, our church and hubby loves his job and my son loves his school and college he is dual-enrolled in. The little ones seem to love the neighborhood and all it has to offer. Plus God already dropped a new job on my lap that I can start to stretch my wings and fly with, so as they say – Bloom where you are planted. Realizing God’s plan for our life and taking that step of faith to sell our home has made all the difference. Sometimes you just have to let go and let God! I’m making my new home and city our new garden to thrive in so I can bloom where I’ve been newly planted. 🙂 May God bless us with opportunities to touch hearts and lives in His Name.  I hope He blesses you with the opportunity to do the same.