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Caillou Helps Out DVD by PBS Kids


Check out this wonderful adventure for toddler to early elementary aged kids to enjoy with the new DVD called Caillou Helps Out. (This is a review of the upcoming release on DVD.) Caillou Helps Out will be available for purchase on June 16 for $12.99 SRP.

PBS Kids always brings the best in entertainment and educational value to our homes, and this time is no different. I adore the gentle loving nature of the Caillou show and how it establishes great family and moral values teaching kids learning concepts of all different sorts along the way.


I highly recommend this new DVD, Caillou Helps Out. My kids always end up roll playing the scenes and begging me to help them do some of the activities that Caillou or his sister do in the show whenever we watch this new video – such as making tasty snacks, or wanting costume accessory help so they can play Captain Caillou!


This DVD includes 7 heart-warming stories on the DVD including:

  1. Caillou Makes a Meal
  2. Follow Me
  3. Captain Caillou
  4. High Flyers
  5. Emma’s Extra Snacks
  6. The Untidy Classroom
  7. Smooth Sailing

Movie is approx. 60 minutes * Widescreen


Please consider making a purchase of this great new kids DVD “Caillou Helps Out” by PBSKids starting June 16! Every purchase keeps PBS going and kids growing. Visit PBSKIDS.org/caillou.

The Caillou shows always incorporate lots of cute ways for the DAD in the show to be a great role model and teacher of life skills to Caillou. This DVD would be a fun gift to give your kids close to Father’s Day so they can enjoy watching it together and be blessed by all the fun and adventures father and son do together in the show.



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Reading Rainbow: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie and Other Stories DVD


Now available on DVD – Reading Rainbow: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie!! Check out this fun-filled story book adventure on DVD from Reading Rainbow and PBS Kids!

Join LaVar from Reading Rainbow as he takes you on all kinds of little learning adventures leading up to the reading of some of children’s favorite storybooks! You’ll visit a bowling alley, cooking in the kitchen with LaVar Burton and more! It’s tons of fun on these excursions – my daughter says they are the best part! She loves them!


Reading Rainbow: Starring LeVar Burton

Take a look, it’s in a book, a Reading Rainbow! For over 30 years, this beloved children’s television series has been bringing stories to life. Hosted by acclaimed actor LeVar Burton (Remember Star Trek Next Generation? I loved him in that show!) journey to exciting places and build a lasting connection with your favorite books.

Episodes included in this DVD:

1. If You Give A Mouse A Cookie – Celebrity Reader: Beth Howland

Beth Howland reads If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, the tale of a little boy who offers a cookie to a mouse. Watch as one thing leads to another, showing how actions lead to consequences. Finally, see a domino expert build world class displays. (This totally thrilled both my four year old son and my eight year old daughter!)

2. Owen – Celebrity Reader: Matthew Broderick

It’s easy to get flashbacks while watching Reading Rainbow. Now it’s LeVar’s turn, as he gets in touch with visions of his boyhood. Matthew Broderick reads Owen, about a little mouse who’s very attached to his security blanket and doesn’t want to give it up, even if it means he will be teased when he starts school. ( I was very happy for LeVar Burton making his dreams come true personally by writing his own children’s book and having it published! Now to have the famous actor Matthew Broderick (also one of my favorites) share LeVar’s story called Owen in this video – it must have been a dream come true for LeVar! I love to see those kind of dreams come true!)

3. Two Old Potatoes and Me – Celebrity Reader: Jordan Puryear

Jordan Puryear reads Two Old Potatoes and Me, about a girl who works with her father to reuse two old potatoes by replanting the sprouts to grow a whole new crop. LeVar, working with his daughter, is inspired to make potato dishes from recipes in the book. (Some delicious recipes to try and a lot of fun seeing father and daughter making them together.)

4. Mr. George Baker – Celebrity Reader: Wayne Brady

(Be inspired!) Wayne Brady narrates the story of an elderly man who decides to go back to school to learn to read, even though he is almost 100, and his relationship with his young neighbor as they wait for the bus every day. It’s never too late to make your dreams a reality!


I have always enjoyed Reading Rainbow, and now to see it with my own children all these years has been such a blessing! I really enjoyed this particular collection of shows in this DVD. I hope your family will be blessed by it too. Reading is supposed to be fun, exciting, adventurous and full of smiles – Reading Rainbow and LeVar Burton accomplish bringing that to life within this DVD.

Get excited about your next bedtime story and pick up this great video called Reading Rainbow: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie from PBS Kids and PBS Distribution to enjoy having the story read to both parent and child! This DVD includes 4 classic episodes from Reading Rainbow. Enjoy this together and make reading and learning fun! Available for purchase on DVD today!


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– Rebecca

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Win the Mia and Me: Discover Centopia DVD #Giveaway! 5 Winners!

Mia and Me giveaway

Greetings friends! I’m totally tickled to be able to bring you this fantastic new giveaway on behalf of PBS Distribution! Today you have the chance to enter to win one of FIVE brand new copies of the exciting and magical Mia and Me: Discover Centopia DVD!


Join Mia and her new friends in this enchanting kids show brought to you by PBS Kids! Encounter unicorns, elves, and other magical creatures as Mia travels from the real world to a fantasy world called Centopia.

In case you missed my earlier post, you can read my review HERE to learn all about this awesome new show from PBS Kids! I am sure your kids will love it!

Enter through the Giveaway Tools form below for a chance to win! Five winners will be chosen via random.org on midnight EST on 5/20/2015. Hurry and enter today and don’t forget to come back daily for the daily entries to help increase your chances of winning!


Prize: Five winners will receive a new copy of the Mia and Me: Discover Centopia DVD!

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Age: Must be age 18 years or older.


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Daniel Tiger: Welcome To The Neighborhood DVD + Puzzle from PBS Kids


Welcome to the neighborhood here at Love2EncourageYou blog! I’m glad to have you join us!

Today, we get to share about this adorable DVD called Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Welcome To The Neighborhood by PBS Kids and brought to us by PBS Distribution. This wonderful collection of three Grr-ific tales will have your Preschool to early Elementary aged children completely engaged with the video and learning some super lessons in dealing with disappointment, not giving up, caring, encouraging and doing something nice for a neighbor.


This DVD is so much more than just a very engaging video for kids – it has a special feature offering printable activities, and coloring pages for your children to learn with and enjoy! It also came packaged together with a sweet little puzzle of the cover art of this Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood DVD! My kids both had fun putting it together while they watched the episodes.

This video is approximately 60 minutes long and is in widescreen.

3 Episodes included are:

  • Daniel’s Birthday
  • Daniel’s Picnic
  • Neighbor Day (a special double episode)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood builds on the legacy of Fred Roger’s pioneering work for and about children. Using the musical strategies in Mister Roger’s landmark social-emotional curriculum, these engaging stories help children develop the key social skills necessary for school and for life.


My little guy was completely glued to the screen and loved watching each of these educational and entertaining episodes of Daniel Tiger. Both my children ages 4 and 8 years old have found role playing and acting out scenes from this PBS Kids series to be lots of fun and one of their favorite things to imagine and play even when the video isn’t on! They both love all the episodes in this DVD, but “Neighbor Day” is extra special and they both agree that one is their favorite – along with the little song in it.

I hope you get to purchase a copy of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Welcome To The Neighborhood for your little ones to enjoy soon! This DVD with bonus Puzzle makes a great gift! Beside, great family friendly shows are hard to find – this one gets a big thumbs up from me!

– Rebecca at Love2EncourageYou

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Emmy Award-Winning SciGirls TV Show by PBSKids Launches 3rd Season! #Science

Greetings friends! Today’s the day!

I’m delighted to share with you the exciting news that a brand-new season of the groundbreaking, Emmy Award-winning SciGirls TV series is debuting on PBS KIDS today – April 15th!

We had the honor of getting some really cool swag as part of this amazing launch of the new SciGirls 3rd season! My daughter loved demonstrating her pin and poster in this cute video!

The eagerly-anticipated third season is all about citizen science and features 6 all-new episodes starring real girls who are seriously into science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM! Along with their mentors, they are on a mission to inspire and empower girls everywhere to take up the charge and become the next generation of female scientists and engineers. The new episodes will air weekly on PBS KIDS (check local listings), and will also be available online nationwide starting April 15 at http://pbskids.org/scigirls/.


 It was so much fun watching my kids light up and get ideas about Science when watching episodes of SciGirls that we were thrilled to be able to share about the new episodes for the 3rd season! To show my support, I am proudly wearing this awesome and super soft SciGirls T-shirt compliments of our sponsor for SciGirls.

I’m sure you are going to enjoy this new series of episodes from SciGirls! Each half-hour show follows the SciGirls as they embark on sci-sational adventures from coast-to-coast, making incredible discoveries and performing unique experiments – all in the name of the latest STEM frontier, citizen science! And as the SciGirls go from tracking toads to observing butterflies, counting clouds to learning about urban ornithology and more, viewers at home can tag along on each of their incredible science-based expeditions and learn more about how they can make a difference, too!

NEWS FLASH! Check this out! To coincide with the start of the new season, SciGirls is unleashing mobile-friendly upgrades to its engaging website, too. Complete with two new games and interactive videos, the site enables fans to connect with fellow STEM explorers and further supports the SciGirls mission, which is nothing short of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math – helping to turn sci-viewers into sci-doers! My kids totally LOVE all the fun games and interesting things to learn on the website! We highly recommend you give them a try! Your kids will enjoy them and learn something new too!

I hope you’ll join us in supporting this fantastic PBSKids series and look forward to hearing about your own SciGirl adventures with your little ones! Please share with me in the comments. I’d love to hear about them!

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PBS KIDS presents Wild Kratts: Shark-Tastic on DVD!


Can you believe this adorable smile? That’s what happens every time I turn on the Wild Kratts from PBSKIDS! My son just adores this show and he was more than ecstatic when the package arrived from PBS Distribution with an early release copy the brand new DVD called Wild Kratts Shark-Tastic coming out on April 14! He was so excited to sit in his special chair holding his giant hammerhead shark stuffed animal while watching the new adventures the Kratt brothers go on in this delightful and educational series of episodes.


Both my 8 year old daughter and my 4 year old son enjoy the Wild Kratts because its not only really cool to see them live in person and then change to animated form to go on the full adventures learning about animals, but they love using their imaginations and acting out the scenes and silly antics the Kratt brothers do in these shows. It’s so much fun! I even enjoy watching the episodes and learning from them as an adult!


The new Shark-Tastic has several great sea creatures featured in the DVD and one in particular really seemed to capture the kids attention and having them rewind it. The scene where the Kratt brothers actually feed a live Octopus just mesmerized them. They are now dying to have me take them to an Aquarium! How cool is that? Thank goodness spring break is next week so we can consider making that wish come true, right? Shhh… don’t tell my kids! It’s a surprise!


You’ll find all sorts of great educational material embedded within each episode of these Wild Kratts adventures. I know you will see your kid’s interests in animals and their habitats and “creature powers” blossoming right before your eyes in no time. These episodes are addicting! You can’t watch them just once! lol.


Please grab your copy of the newest Wild Kratts adventures on DVD and pick up Shark-Tastic for your family to enjoy!



from PBS Distribution April 14

PBS KIDS Series WILD KRATTS Helps Kids Learn Science
by Exploring Animals and Their “Creature Powers”


SHARK-TASTIC” includes four episodes of the PBS KIDS hit series WILD KRATTS, two of which are bonus episodes! From learning about the favorite prey of great white sharks, to gaining insight into how dolphins communicate, kids will be exposed to fascinating facts about sharks and other sea creatures in this fun-filled DVD. Animals highlighted in these four stories include a hawksbill turtle, dolphins, a tiger shark, a giant pacific octopus, great white sharks, a bowhead whale, a manta ray and many more.

In each episode of WILD KRATTS, creature teachers Chris and Martin Kratt take kids and their families along on extraordinary animal-powered adventures. The show transforms the Kratt Brothers, creators of the award-winning KRATTS’ CREATURES and Emmy-winning ZOBOOMAFOO, into animated versions of themselves, allowing the real-life zoologists to visit wild animals in their little-seen habitats and showcase key science concepts along the way. WILD KRATTS airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings).

Check out all the cool games and learning apps available from Wild Kratts series at PBSKIDS.org as well. My kids love them!

Thanks for visiting today friends. Please check out our other PBSKIDS DVD reviews and tell me some of your favorite Wild Kratts episodes or favorite PBSKIDS characters in the comments below. Don’t miss visiting our Giveaways Page for some PBSKIDS movie giveaways on occasion too!

– Rebecca


Kid-Friendly and Full of Fun! Caillou’s Furry Friends DVD by PBS Kids!


REVIEW & GIVEAWAY of Caillou’s Furry Friends DVD by PBSKIDS!

Experience the joy, laughter and learning of Caillou’s silly antics and adorable ways playing with pets and other furry friends as this DVD shares these precious moments through the eyes of a four year old in PBS Kid’s “Caillou’s Furry Friends”!

Episodes Included:

  • Dog Dilemma
  • Caillou’s Cricket
  • Caillou’s Cross-Hop
  • Kitty Conundrum
  • Lost and Found
  • Play with Me!
  • Caillou Roars

Special Features include coloring pages and Activities! This video is approx. 58 minutes long.


20150215_185410_resizedPreparing your little one for the world of pets, outdoor critters and other animals can be both fun and challenging. We recently bought our children their very first pet and the ups and downs of teaching basic care, careful handling, and maximum playtime has been a true learning experience for both my four year old son and my eight year old daughter.  Watching this adorable representation of Caillou going through both common mishaps and lots of creative playtime with the world of furry friends was a delight and enriching experience for my two little ones. They loved many episodes and giggled numerous times or even would rewind certain parts.


Kids Corner Review with M: My daughter “M” (age 8) shares that she loved the episode called Dog Dilemma because it teaches about how much fun it is having someone new in your life to play with or spend time with. Caillou’s friend got a new dog and started spending all her time with the dog which made Caillou sad. He missed playing with his friend, but she no longer had any time for him. One day Caillou’s parents agreed to watch the dog for Caillou’s friend and Caillou got to see why his friend loved the dog so much and that made him not be jealous anymore. Caillou’s friend made sure she balanced her time more and tried to go play with Caillou on a regular basis too.


Caillous Furry Friends

Sponsor: PBS KIDS

Host: Rebecca at LoveEncourageYou

Prize: 2 winners to receive a new copy of  Caillou’s Furry Friends DVD!

Location: Open to US & Canada.

Age: Must be 18 years or older to enter.

Date: Ends at midnight EST on 3/31.

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It’s Here Math Fans! The new Peg + Cat Rocks! DVD #Review


Just released! The newest DVD of Peg + Cat! You’re going to love this creative and fun-loving collection of episodes from PBSKids big hit show Peg + Cat! My kids adore all the comical phrases and silly antics of Peg + Cat!  They share ways to count by tens and ones and help children grasp the concepts of counting in higher numbers with ease. You won’t be disappointed with this newest edition in the collection of Peg + Cat DVDs titled: Peg + Cat Peg Rocks – Solving Really Big Math Problems! It literally does ROCK! We love it!!


As a homeschool mom and wife to a Math teacher, naturally I absolutely give a huge thumbs up for anything Math related and this new Peg + Cat Peg Rocks DVD offers sound instruction in a fun and engaging way that kids can understand and absorb. A big thumbs up from me! But don’t just take my word for it, here it from the real source and critics for kids cartoons – kids! Here’s my daughter’s review in her own words:

 I Do What I Can – The Musical is my favorite episode! It features 23 tunes for this amazing Peg + Cat cartoon. It teaches about counting by 30 by 2s. It can also probably teach you a few things about good deeds.

The Girl Group Problem episode teaches about different shapes such as pentagon, triangles and rectangles. It can also teach the meanings of tough words such as upside down, flip over, slide and turn around.

In the Mega Mall Problem episode it teaches about attributes and how to recognize them. Attributes used in the episode were pink, circle and trapezoid. Peg + Cat use them to find the teens in time for their performance in the mall – the zebra guy show.

I recommend this new DVD because it’s amazing and has lots of new episodes! I love to dance to the songs! I hope you like it.

  – M (age 8)

Peg + Cat Peg Rocks: Solving Really Big Math Problems is now available for purchase for $12.99. Be sure to visit PBS.org for more Peg + Cat fun!

20150213_153801_resizedThanks for visiting and enjoying this Kids Corner and Mommy Review on Peg + Cat Peg Rocks DVD!

We have many more exciting kids DVD reviews coming this week. See a sneak peek of just a sampling of what else is to come in the image below!


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Caillou Family Favorites Replays Often In This House! #Review

Caillou 25th Anniversary


In our constant search for family friendly viewing on TV, it is always refreshing to be able to lean on our solid favorites like PBSKIDS who always come through with flying colors to provide real value in family friendly entertainment. Our most recent DVD & book review is for the exciting new Caillou’s Family Favorites DVD and Book Gift Set! What a delightful surprise to my kids when this arrived – it was like Christmas early!

We absolutely adore the Caillou series of episodes on this DVD. It covers so many wonderful topics that both my 3 yr old and my 7yr old enjoy.  My daughter likes going on the Caillou portion of the pbskids.org website afterwards and finding fun games to play after watching the videos from the Caillou’s Family Favorites on DVD. Quite often she asks for me to replay the Caillou Family Favorites DVD so they can watch the episodes again right away! I love that they are learning, asking questions, laughing and role playing things they see in the Caillou episodes too.

My daughter’s favorite episode is the one called “Caillou’s Surprise”. During the episode Caillou accidentally breaks his mom’s favorite cup. His grandmother helps him make a new cup out of clay and he paints it for her as a surprise replacement to the one he broke. My daughter was completely fascinated with the whole episode and thought it was such a nice way to make up for the accident.

The book was an adorable companion to the video series and my 3 yr old enjoyed this the most. He really likes reading the many Caillou storybooks we’ve collected and he loves this one just as much.

We give this gift set a huge thumbs up for family friendliness and terrific engaging topics covered in the DVD and book. Grab this gift set for your children this holiday season! They will love it! I also highly recommend Caillou’s Holiday Favorites!


Additional Details:

“The gift set features the DVD “Caillou’s Family Favorites,” which includes four episodes (14 adventures), and a 48-page beautifully illustrated special edition double storybook, which features “Training Wheels” and “Captain Caillou.”

For 25 years, Caillou has been inspiring generations of preschool children to grow emotionally and to explore the world around them by learning, having fun, and using their imagination. CAILLOU airs weekdays on PBS KIDS (check local listings). Join Caillou in celebrating his 25th anniversary with this fun-filled family DVD and double storybook collection.

“CAILLOU’S FAMILY FAVORITES DVD + BOOK” released  on October 14. The DVD run time is approximately 100 minutes. The gift set SRP is $14.99. The DVD contains special features including interactive games, coloring pages, and optional Spanish audio.

Caillou is a 4-year-old boy who delights in the small wonders of the world around him, embellishing everything he sees with his rich imagination. Thanks to his vivid imagination, ordinary, everyday events quickly become exciting adventures in which Caillou can play “make-believe.” CAILLOU is designed for preschoolers and focuses on role-playing and “make-believe.” CAILLOU is produced by DHX Media.”

Disclosure: Love2EncourageYou received a sample copy in exchange for an honest review. However, I only share items I feel are a good fit for my family and my readers.